Customer Reviews: Hiteker TL50Z10AH-TP 50-Inch 1080p 60Hz LCD TV (Black)
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on November 27, 2012
Hit the lottery unlike the negative reviewers here who lost said lottery and rate Amazon and not the product. Got the TV delivered 20 min ago. Here's my short but VERIFIED review:

1. TV has 0 branding on the front. I could slap a Samsung sticker on it if I wanted to.
2. The TV actually has the power outlet pointed downwards which I wondered why my last 5 TV's decided to still have it pointing out the back.
3. The remote looks bad but works. Who cares.
4. The sound isn't that bad like everyone complains about. No vibration like someone else said. Plus, anyone who buys a 40"+ tv and plans on using built in sound vs a home theater is crazy. Unless it's a tv that is going in a play room.
5. Picture looks fine to me.
6. The stand seems sturdy, the screws that go into it though strip easy so be careful =)
7. HDMI inputs are on the side of the tv and are tight. Meaning, a normal HDMI head fits flush up against the tv. So if you have a cable with the big black ferrite connector close to the top, it's going to be tight.
8. The TV's interface menu is quick and is laid out well if that matters.

For my first off brand tv, this was a steal and I am very happy with it.
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on December 5, 2012
I bought this TV with the thought that I would make it my secondary TV. I have a 42" Panasonic Plasma (4 years old) in the living room, still so much better of a picture than most of the LCD's. So I was surprised when I turned it on expecting lots of motion blur because of it's 60Hz refresh and watching NFL it was not an issue, then watching some basketball again no problems, then golf again no problems. So I switched to other non sports programs again good picture. Keep in mind I still feel that the picture quality and colors are better on my plasma but it was far better than expected. Being that my plasma is in a room with 7 windows it gets lots of glare so for the time being I've decided to move the plasma to a secondary room and make this 50" my main TV.

I have a nice surround sound set up so I never bothered turning on the TV to listen. I would probably say it sucks but that's just because I've yet to hear a thin TV have good sound. Thus I have surround sound.

The only complaint I have is that the bolts on the back for wall mounting appear to be insufficient, but it will hold fine I just would have liked to see something a little bigger.
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on January 3, 2013
For 529.00 this 50' was a steal!!! I hooked it up and the picture was just a beautiful as my 47' Vizio....not only that but we were able to hook our surround sound system up through our cable box and it was arrived surprisingly quick....I have to say this is by far the best purchase I have made online, ever...I would recommend this to any & everyone looking to get a lot of TV for a lil bit of money...not only that, but with the free super saver shipping, I saved an additional 50$ plus I saved abother 30-40$ on taxes I would have paid in has 3 HDMI so we were able to hook up our gaming will not be disappointed if you purchase this, it also comes with a limited 90 day manufacturers you have nothing to it and ENJOY!!!
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on June 13, 2013
I must say that I am impressed with this TV. I love the fact that it doesn't have a logo on the front, it's just nice and sleek looking. Also, like some other reviewers have stated, the picture quality is superb. I haven't noticed any motion blur whatsoever, be it an action movie, comedy, cartoon, etc. I for one, think that the sound quality of its built in speakers is quite laudable. Better than my old LCD, by all means! And, I must again agree with some other reviewers on here in stating this: if you don't like it's audio, you should probably have (or acquire)some decent home theater speakers anyways. With the money you can save on this unit, why not splurge a little for decent audio?

All in all: I would absolutely recommend this TV. I love the way it looks, the picture quality, the sound, and most of all... the price point! I was most impressed.
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on December 26, 2012
I was thrilled when I was able to snatch one of these on black Friday gold box deals for only $288. That is a whole lot of TV for that price, so far it has been superb, the sound is good and after a few adjustments the picture quality was great. I had family memebers come over and everyone was watching the basketball games on Christmas day and they couldnt believe me when I told them how much I bought the TV for, they estimated around $700-$800. I've learned not to always go by reviews by others especially if they have never purshased said item, amazon has a amazing return policy which allows you to try out the TV for 30 days if your not satisfied send it back free of charge on them. I'm happy with mines and hope it last for quite awhile if not square trade was only $40 for 3 years of warranty.

I really hope this review helps,
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on December 8, 2012
This HDTV is a bargain for $500. As an AMAZON gold box deal at $288, it's a steal! Please notice that of this date, not a single negative review has "Amazon verified purchase" below the title.

After installing this HDTV (which has no brand markings on the actual HDTV),I did a side by side comparison with my Samsung 1080P/120Hz HDTV. After a few adjustments in the easy to navigate windows, the picture on this HDTV looked almost identical to the Samsung. In full 1080P mode, the picture quality was excellent. You will not be disappointed.

Sure the best way to listen to a HDTV is through a good sound system, but the speakers in this TV are fine. No rattles, no muddy sound, just the sound you would expect from a flat screen HDTV (remember there is not much space to mount speakers in a FLAT screen HDTV so don't expect booming bass).

This HDTV is easy to set up and connect to cable, DVD, a computer, or other sources. It has three HDMI ports so connecting multiple source devices is a breeze. This HDTV does not have an optical connection for sound, but it does have a digital coax output that works fine. It will easily scan through the cable channels to find all unscrambled analog and HD channels and it finds them all the first time. It takes several scans for the SAMSUNG to find all the channels. The FCC requires cable companies to carry the unscrambled HDTV transmissions of all local stations. The FCC doesn't prevent the cable companies from putting the HD channels in weird locations and moving them around and Charter cable does this frequently. The ability to do a fast auto scan for channels is very helpful.

Here is another really amazing aspect of this HDTV. My Samsung remote control also works with this HDTV for most functions such as power, volume control, source/input and the up/down channel functions.

The remote control supplied with this HDTV is fine. It is not cheap and flimsy as the negative reviews have described it. It doesn't have lighted buttons and the solid feel of expensive remotes, but it works well and is no different then the remotes supplied by many "brand name" HDTVs.

Bottom line, this HDTV is a bargain at around $500. If you were lucky enough to snag the AMAZON gold box deal, congratulations!

Update: (One Year later) This TV is still working perfectly. It has become my main TV and it performs flawlessly. The Hiteker remote has one minor issue. When changing inputs with the remote, it sometimes takes several button presses to change inputs. New batteries don't solve the problem. All other remote functions work flawlessly. The remote from my Samsung HDTV changes the input on the Hiteker so I know it's the remote supplied with the Hiteker. This is not a major issue, just a minor bug in the remote. A great TV and after a year, I am still very satisfied. I'll update this review in another year.
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on December 12, 2012
I was lucky enough to get this on Amazon's Thanksgiving day sale (yes, they do have TVs to ship, it's not a scam). Set it up in the basement so I could get the Wii out of my living room, and hooked up the old Blu-Ray. There is only one old-fashioned AV hookup, so if you have a Wii and a VCR, you will need an A/V switch box or some other solution.

So far, it's been great. The remote is simple (I consider this a plus), the connections are great for a wall mounting, and the sound is OK for a flat panel. The picture doesn't seem as sharp as my other HDTV, but it isn't bad, either. (I haven't tried playing with the settings yet.)

The Wii looks OK, but the VCR looks terribly blocky. Not the fault of the TV, of course, just a note.

The box it came in was in good shape, but it's not a heavy-duty box at all, and only about 5 inches deep, so there is a risk of damage there. It had the normal 4 blocks of foam at the corners, and a loose piece of 1" foam in front of the screen itself. Not much protection for such a big-ticket item. (My old 55-inch TV came in a huge, thick cardboard crate that was about 18 inches deep.) But this one was easy for two people to carry, and I had no trouble hefting it up onto the TV stand by myself once it was out of the box.

Even at the current price, it is a pretty good deal. I'm happy.
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on December 15, 2013
Decided to try not being a label "" and go with a inexpensive tv wirh dwcent reviews. Have no idea what those people were thinking. I moved a smaller RCA LED TV to put this bigger tv in family rm, and immediately saw the difference. This tv has blurry edges, picture is no where near as crisp as my RCA. Also had a Sony Plasma and it had a better pic as well. Sound sucks. Put it on the highest volume and still could barely hear it over my space heater.
The remote looks cheap and has minimal functions, tried adjusting the color balance and could barely adjust it. But I decided what the heck, for the price and size I'll keep it... then while we're watching it (haven't had it a full week!) The sound goes out!!!! I double checked that it wasn't the cable box, changed channels, turned it off and on. NOPE, no sound. I turned the TV off, then back on... sound returned! And so will this no name tv.. be returned! Why would I want a replacement? I'm not wasting my time taking rhe risk of having to return another TV.
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on May 8, 2013
I got this TV during the 2012 Black Friday sale for $280, it was one of the best deals I ever got. I have waited a while to write the review because I wanted to see how the TV would hold up. We have used this TV in our living room as our main TV since Dec of 2012 and so far it has been excellent. The picture is sharp on HD channels, We watched the Life of Pi HD Blue Ray not too long ago and it was breath taking on this TV. Colors are rich and bright. Sound is great. I know the sound bar on our TV can go up to like 60 and we usually have it around 19-23 and thats with 4 cats, a parrot, and a 11 year old boy running around the house and you can still hear it just fine and clear when sitting at normal distance from the TV. Watching non-hd channels isnt too bad. When you first switch to a non HD channel you can definitely tell a difference, but after you watch it for a bit its like watching a normal tube TV and you dont notice anymore.

We also noticed the TV was set on 780p and we had to manually go in to our cable settings and set it to 1080p. So some of you who arent getting an amazing picture might want to check your cable settings to make sure its on 1080p.

As someone else said it has no branding on it, so when all my friends come over they always ask me who made the TV and comment on how nice it is. My one friend who is a major name brand buyer "has to have all the top of the line name brand items" is extremely jealous of how nice this tv is and what I paid for it.

I had no issues with shipping. It was shipped fast, delivery company called twice to confirm delivery. The delivery guy who came was extremely nice, knowledgeable and helpful. He helped set the tv up exactly where we wanted it and everything.

We have use the HDMI port without any problems and attached our laptop to the tv and used it as a monitor without issues, and its pretty awesome as a monitor! The HDMI slot was fine and not too close to other slots, we dont have the issue of it scraping the case when we insert the HDMI cable on it.

The only downside I had was the remote kinda sucked, but we had a universal remote from comcast so we didnt need the remote that came with it anyway.

All in all if they go on sale again this Black Friday 2013 for $280 or less Im going to buy another one if I can. Heck Ill buy 2 more if I can. One for the bedroom and one for my son!
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on December 5, 2012
For $288 this is most definitely worth the money. This TV has great picture and the sound is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The sound is similar to that of name brand TV's audio, which still doesn't say much.

However, the set I received had a quiet buzz or hum when it was on, it had one dead pixel in the top left, and had a dark band going across the middle of the screen that was about 2 inches thick. The first two complaints were not a big enough deal for me to return it, but the dark band running across the screen was noticeable on every color background except black. It was noticeable during videos and you could even see it on the "No Signal" screen, so it was not the source's problem.

I will be getting a replacement set soon, and I will update the review based upon the new set I receive. If the new set still hums and has a dead pixel but no banding, I would give it 4 maybe 5 stars, because for the price it is well worth it. $400-$500 seems like a fair price for this TV especially if it is your first LCD.


I got the replacement extremely fast, as in UPS picked up the old one and the next day I had the new one. Same buzz, still a single dead pixel, and the banding is still there. The band is now on the lower half of the screen as opposed to the upper half/middle. This band is a little less noticeable and I don't feel like going through the hassle of returning it.

Regardless, I'm still happy with my purchase as it has a great picture and a great price.
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