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on January 2, 2016
I was debating between this and a Dyson, but after reading reviews, comparing specs and pricing decided to go with the Shark. I've only used it twice so far, but truthfully, my plush carpet (about 3 years old) actually FEELS better. When I walk on it, it feels plush again. I didn't notice any difference with my berber, except that the dust cup was pretty full the first time (less the second time). I had just used my old sweeper one week ago (I first used the Shark on Thursday). So far, I'm impressed!
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on May 30, 2016
I bought this item about 3 years ago. I think the design is good and it has good suction, seems to really work well. I think I underestimated what grade of vacuum I needed; I have 2 cats, a dog and lived in the woods when I got it. It seemed to do a really good job going deep into the carpet, but the inner hose would get clogged and be very difficult to clear sometimes. Eventually the hose split inside the vacuum where the head pivots. I didn't really look over their warranty but got curious when I saw 5 years. I am not sure if this applies to amazon purchases or not, but in this case the rep was very understanding and helpful.

I actually called just to order parts to try to fix it myself, instead the rep says she will give me a new vacuum under warranty and all I have to do is return the old one and pay $20 shipping. I see mixed reviews on customer service but my experience was far above average and credit should be given where credit is due. Shark is sending me a brand new vacuum and for that I thank them.

On the actual product itself in this case I think it could be a great buy but if you have lots of pets I would go bigger. This product will certainly get the pet hair but the hose just seems to clog. If you don't have pets I just can't see how this won't meet your needs; it seems to really have good power. If you have the vacuum already and have the hose clogging on you, maybe vacuum slower and empty the canister often, also maybe make a few passes without the brush roller on so its not just cramming hair up the tube then turn the rollers back on for a deeper clean. If you are looking for a medium price point vacuum I think you should look over Shark and the reviews and I think if you go direct they opt you in for the 5 year warranty with no signing up.

I am very happy that I hardly had to try to get a replacement vacuum; not sure what makes me special if others had problems but thanks again to shark. Very pleased that I don't have to invest in a new vacuum right away and looking forward to using it when it comes.
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on January 5, 2016
WOW is not a strong enough word to describe our satisfaction with this vacuum. Love the looks, feel, weight, maneuverability, and suction of this machine. Let me state what some might not like about it though...small cleaning width (a plus for us) and the construction and materials used lead me to believe it won't take much abuse and would not be good for any business or commercial use. We love it so the only thing now is how long it will last.
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on July 22, 2014
This product works very well. I really like the swivel steering and the headlights for carpet cleaning. I think it could have performed better on hard floors, and the extension wand attachment has poor suction. The other attachments that came with it work great, and it is awesome at cleaning out cracks and corners that a broom can't reach. The thing sucks up so much that I have to empty the dust cup a few times during my usual cleaning! I have pets, and it really helps pull the thick layer of fur off the carpets and furniture, not to mention my long hairs. I haven't had the chance to use it in my car yet, but I think it will be great for cars because the wheels detach from the vacuum to make it lighter and easier to carry around. It comes apart easily to clean, and it is very simple to use once you have familiarized yourself with all of the buttons (which there are many). I did expect it to feel a little lighter, but it is not heavy, it can be easily picked up with one hand, or it is easy to roll for those who can't lift anything. This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on March 26, 2018
O thought I was pretty good withbthe vacuuming, with 2 cats and all....but this vacuum couldn't even finish the living room due to pulling so much dirt and crap up. I could see a difference between this vacuum and my last one immediately, and thisbnone is clearly the winner. I love the empty out canister (I had a bagged vacuum before), and how simple it is to switch from floor cleaning to the accessory wand.
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on January 22, 2018
Nov 2013 and it finally choked up. For the price I guess it was ok. Don't think I do Shark again.
1. Filters quickly clog and cause suction to go down.
2. Sweeper head kept stopping causing a high pitched whine.
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on July 26, 2015
This is remarkable! Has so much power and I would not trade it for anything! You have to love no bags, and runs on all types of carpet as well as floors. Best one I have ever had.
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on February 2, 2013
First thing I noticed was the lightness of the Shark. It is so easy to maneuver (even for us weaklings!) The suction was fantastic and the dirt it picked up was lets say - more than embarassing. All the attachments were easy to use and emptying the canister. All the filters worked magnificently & since it was my first time using it I washed the filters which were horrifyingly filthy. They came out clean, dried easily, & popped esily back into place ready for the next times use. I love it! A very smart purchase for anyone.
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on January 1, 2018
Replacement for the exact same vacuum. Had the other one about 4 years and used it on a regular basis. It was, literally, put through the paces on carpet, floors and using attachments. A hose broke on the older one and I am pleased that I found one exactly like it. It is light enough to carry easily up or down stairs and does a great job vacuuming. I'm always amazed at the stuff this machine picks up!
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on February 14, 2017
I love love love this vacuum. It's easy assembly and disassembly, easy to clean and take care of, and it does a great job suction-wise. Don't buy any extra parts to go with it, it comes with all the attachments you will need.
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