Customer Reviews: R.E.D.
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on November 8, 2012
To R&B complainers: "YES, Ne-Yo's first album was strictly R&B, YES this album is not strictly R&B. Does that make this album worse, NO!"

Ne-Yo has taken a steady approach and perfected the formula of evolving as an artist while not straying too far from his base. Even with the pop/trance songs, they are not over the top with sounds that feel like you're getting stabbed in the eardrum. Instead, they have the right melodies/sounds that make them enjoyable tracks. R.E.D. shows how he has grown as an artist. Releasing a remake of "In My Own Words" would've lead to criticism for sounding too familiar, while also releasing an album that's too different would've been criticized also.

His foundation that you are familiar with is still there if you have an ear for his music.

Best songs so far-
Cracks in Mr. Perfect. Lazy Love. Miss Right. Be the One. "Stress Reliever". Carry On. Should Be You. My Other Gun. Alone With You. But as we all know, it's the tracks that are initially overlooked that become your favorites over time.

(Not going to diss similar artist that released albums this year that pale in comparison, but they should really go to the drawing board!)

-5 star Guaranteed buy! Much needed.
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on November 6, 2012
The mid tempo semi-biographical Soul groove "Cracks In Mr. Perfect" opens Ne-Yo's fifth album "R.E.D". It's a lush song with lovely harmonies on which he lists his shortcomings: "After this song you're gonna love me for my honesty or you're gonna hate me ... 20k on champagne in the club, then 20k more just because, that's 40k in just three hours". Cathartic it may be, it's also a great song. Following is the even more beautiful "Lazy Love" which is sensual and incredibly catchy. For more songs in a similar tempo, we have "Miss Right", the falsetto-sung "Jealous", the finger snap-laden "Stress reliever", the guitar-driven Country-ish "She Is" with Country star Tim McGraw, "Carry On (Her Letter To Him)", and the brilliant Beatles-esque "Alone With You (Maddie's Song)", an ode to his daughter Madilyn produced by Salaam Remi.

Not everything is slow though, current top 10 single "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)" is Euro Disco geared at the dance floor, as are "Forever Now", "Shut Me Down", and the rather generic pair of "Unconditional" and the iTunes bonus "Burning Up". The best of the lot is the Calvin Harris-assisted "Let's Go" with stabbing synths and an anthemic feel with Ne-Yo in fine vocal form.

"Don't Make Em Like You" features Wiz Khalifa and sounds a lot like "Miss Independent". The lovely "Be The One" is Techno with slowed down beats and it works very well. The Salaam Remi-produced "Should be You" features Fabolous and Diddy and is a brilliant mid tempo groove, while "My Other Gun" is breezy retro Soul with pseudo martial beats and a Lauryn Hill feel, similar to "Crazy Love" from his criminally underrated "Libra Scale" album.

Mr. Perfect may have some cracks, but he does offer a good time.
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on November 9, 2012
I was very excited to get this cd when I heard "Let me love you". I listened to the samples on Amazon and decided to purchase it. I can say they I am not disappointed. I think that the definition of a true artist is their ability to transform their music and still remain relevant and current. I noticed that a few of the tracks have techno beats but that does not change the quality of the music. I think it is unrealistic to think an artist's music is not going to change. R&B from the 70's does not sound the same from the 80's, 90's, 2000's....etc. A few artists such as Mary J Blige and R.Kelly have been able to transcend and evolve with the music industry. Ne-yo is a very talented singer and songwriter and this is a good cd in my opinion. He always makes classy music that does not degrade or objectify women. It would be very easy for Ne-yo to follow along with other male r&b artist and make degrading music. I applaud him for making a sexy, sophisticated current R&B cd!!!!!!
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on November 10, 2012
I first heard of Neyo's new musical venture through one of my local newspapers. Neyo was being interviewed and he seemed to express a goal to create music that would appeal to people from various backgrounds. His message resonated with me because I personally believe that music is meant to be multi-cultural and universal. I enjoyed the fact that many of his songs seamlessly meld R&B, soul, electronica, and dance influences into his creations. As with millions of other people, the exciting "Let's Go" (featuring Calvin Harris) was my first introduction to R.E.D. "Let Me Love You" (Until You Learn To Love Yourself), "Miss Right", "Don't Make Em Like You" (featuring Wiz Khalifa), "Be The One", "Stress Reliever", and "She Is" (featuring Tim McGraw) are some of the catchy songs that are on this cd. "R.E.D" by Neyo is best if you are open to listening to love themed music that combines R&B, dance, and electronica influences.
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on November 7, 2012
This here is Ne-Yo's best album yet. This is an R/B album with a definite mix of Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, and a sample of country. This guy has truly came back to his true potential of being an artist. Trust me when I say, MJ would have had a number one album working with this guy. So far, my favorite album is "Miss Right" and the song "She Is" is a duet with Tim McGraw, which is awesome. Trust me, this album is a "MUST-BUY!!!"
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on December 29, 2012
I really can not believe how much musical genius is packed into Ne-Yo's albums. I got this one the day after Thanksgiving for 4, and I wasn't even really aware he had a new album out until I saw the sale. I feel so luck to have discovered this. It's a mix of R&B and Dance tracks which fits my taste nicely, others may be upset about the hybrid album but in today's world you've got to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, especially when a majority of people rip the album off the internet without paying a dime!
These songs give off the type of melody from the 90's R&B era with some added tech sound. My favorites:
1. Lazy Love
2. Miss Right
3. Don't Make Em Like You

And if you find yourself liking this album, try Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman (2008), it's really good but this new one tops the books with almost every song sounding like it could be a hit single!
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on November 29, 2012
I was hesitant about buying this album because even though the lead single, "Let Me Love You," is insanely catchy, it's more of the same generic pop/techno music that has inundated the music industry recently. Ne-Yo has always been known for his smooth, sensual R&B, but at first it seemed like he had finally sold out. I'm glad to say I was wrong. Every other track is full-on hip-hop and R&B, except maybe "She Is," which for some reason features Tim McGraw. I guess I should thank Nelly for that? Either way, I enjoyed the album, though it doesn't quite stand up to "Year of the Gentlemen," my favorite Ne-Yo album of all.

Favorite tracks:

"Be the One"
"Stress Reliever"


"She is"
"Cracks in Mr. Perfect"
"Lazy Love"
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on May 13, 2013
I think this is one of his best CD's. I may be partial but he has a nice voice to listen to in the car or a home. I can understand what he's singing, also. That's a major plus. There are some songs that are too sexual so I skip those as you will find in many artists CD's. That's why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. If you don't mind those songs it'll be a 5 for you.
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on August 24, 2015
I love ne-yo and I love this album. Figured I would buy the deluxe version and I am happy with it but the only issue i would have is why such a huge case and booklet for a deluxe version? I would have been happy with just a regular cd and booklet
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on January 9, 2013
I'm a big Ne-Yo fan. He comes from a different place with his lyrics and sound than most others in the R&B game. I feel he's just more relatable. He says what most people are thinking or experienced from the ladies. The good tracks definitely outweigh the so-so, with the definite standouts of "Cracks in Mr. Perfect", "Lazy Love" & "Let Me Love You....". I approve!
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