Customer Reviews: HP Pavilion g6-2218nr 15.6-Inch Laptop
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on November 23, 2012
Great price. This laptop is good for students & mom's (with 3 zillion kid's photos). I suggest you get something better if it's for business or gaming. Be of the windows updates freezes the laptop when updating. It will stop at 13%; eventually refresh. Look on windows forums for instructions on how to uninstall drivers, re-run updates and you'll be fine. It was very frustrating and help was limited.

Also, if you're new to using Windows 8, plan on a learning curve. It's not going to be a plug & play experience. Give it time, eventually you'll grow to like it. Have another resources for getting information like an iphone or second laptop so you can google your questions as you learn the new system. Have fun!
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on November 29, 2012
I got this one on Cyber Monday. It comes with Windows 8. Now, Windows 8 apart, because its still new and has its own issues. Give it time to become stable. The build quality is fine enough. Even though it is plastic, it is sturdy. The keyboard is buttery. Easy to use and smooth. One thing i like to most on it is the display and the built in graphic chip. Its better than the ones used in Dell.

Usually HP laptops have problems with heating but most of these are with intel processors. The one that comes with AMD do not have such issues. Weird but true. The processing is fast. Easy setup and lightning quick browsing(Use chrome). I would suggest others to buy this one for sure if they are looking for a budget laptop.


Using it for 2 weeks, i decided to remove the Norton antivirus that comes with it and installed the Windows Security Essentials/Defender. It has improved the performance that way and we really dont need to buy a antivirus. Loving the display more, no update problems as mentioned in certain comments. I did not install any tiles app apart from the ones that come along. Uninstall-ed Skype for windows 8 and installed the desktop version. I really dont see why do we need tiles on laptop.More widgets would have been good instead of tiles.

Netflix watching is cool. Didnt try any gaming yet but since this is a basic one, i am not expecting anything big. Will give my next update after a month. As of now, i love this as a HP Product. Windows 8 needs a lot of catching to do.


Almost a month, i am impressed with the laptop. Also i found out what is causing the updates being stuck at 12% in my case. It was the Anti virus tool and Windows Defender clash. The norton one that is coming with this laptop for 3 month subscription is not required at all. So ensure that before installing any updates, uninstall the Norton and restart it once. Then install the HP updates and followed by Microsoft updates.

I bought another of this same laptop as my dad required one too. He loved it too. Also windows 8 performance is improving slowly. But i really dont understand the use of Tiles on laptop.
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on November 30, 2012
We finally decided to upgrade to a laptop after our 5 year old desktop with Windows 7 Home premium started showing signs of wearing out. After much research I finally decided to go with the HP G6. Comparing prices in the market it was the lowest with the most features. I had used HP products before and I have always had good luck. I paid for two day shipping and it arrived at 6:00 PM the second day. There is very little in the box other then the laptop, power cord, and quick start guide. It did arrive fully charged which was a plus since I was able to power up as soon as it was unpacked. There is a LOT of plastic covering the laptop that takes a little bit to peel off but did a good job of protecting the laptop. My intial opnion of the lap top is that it seemed very sturdy and well built for the price. The screen seems a little flimsy and I find that I am being very carefull when opening and closing it becuase of that. The display is very sharp and bright and pictures and video look pretty good for a laptop at this price. The laptop is self comes with quite a few programs so you will have to explore which ones you need and the ones you want to delete. It was very quick to connect to my WIFI and download speeds are as quick as my destop was. This laptop does have blue tooth and I did connect my phone to it to try it out. Connecting my phone allowed me to make a call using my computer, but when someone called my phone it did not ring thru the laptop? I may need to explore that some more as I was only testing it and really did not spend much time with it. Over all HP did a great job on this laptop at this for the bad.

Microsoft really.....I mean REALLY???? You had over three years to develop your new operating system and this is what you come up with??? I was really looking forward to trying windows 8 and now I am longing for windows 7. I am fairly techanically savey, but this new OS has me scratching my head! I always thought then when you upgraded your OS it was so it would make your computer run better and using it easier, I was wrong. The first thing I will warn you about is DO NOT USE WINDOWS UPGRADE!!! When you receive the laptop and finally figure out how to use it you will find there is several windows updates that need to be completed, dont bother!!! After three failed attempts that kept my laptop locked up for a couple hours at a time I gave up. I did some research and this is not a HP problem, its Windows 8. They also got rid of Windows Media Center, or at least I can not find anything that resembles it. I had our previous desktop set up to stream thru out XBOX 360 and it worked just fine. When I tried to set up my new laptop to do the same it quickly became apperent that rules had been changed. I am not going to go into a lot of detail but needless to say once I figured it out it does work pretty slick. The only piece of advice I am going to give you is make sure to download XBOX 360 smartglass to your laptop, it makes it much easier. No start screen...okay. This has been beaten to death in the media and there is even apps you can purchase so you can have your start screen. Change is good, keep telling yourself that as you try and figure why you have a "desktop" screen and a "tile" screen. I personally like the look of the tile screen and I have it set up for the apps I use the most. But to gain acess to the control menu, network setup, or drive map I have to go to my desktop? It seem like the "tile" screen is a combination of the old program menu and your desktop shortcuts. I want to mention that I have only had this laptop for three days and maybe I still need to experiment with the settings so I could be wrong about this. I know this is the new direction for the Windows OS and it will take some getting used to. Its kind of like going from driving a Chevrolet Impala to trying to drive the Space Shuttle, okay maybe its not that bad but you get the idea. There is a HUGE learning curve between Windows 7 and Windows 8 so be prepared for that.

Final Review
HP G6- A solid 9.5
Windows 8- 3.5
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on December 10, 2012
I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop on this fantastic deal. It's lightweight but sturdy, is lightening fast, has bluetooth and all the features I wanted.... What's not to love?!?! It has Windows 8. I've heard some grumping about Win 8 but I think it's awesome! And, no, I did not get used to not having a Start button in the bottom left but guess what? There's an app for that!! Now I have it. I think Microsoft intended for the Start menu to look and work more like a cell phone menu. It works but it's a new concept for a pc and took some getting used to. That shouldn't be a problem for a typical computer user, though, you just figure it out as you go and Google the rest. ;-) But now that I have my Start button back I think it's the nutz! I love having an 'app page' on my pc. It's just too cool! B-)
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on December 3, 2012
I am very pleased! I bought this computer on cyber Monday and took advantage of the super saver shipping, but then regretting having to wait a whole week! I was so excited! Everything went really smooth when I set up the computer, no glitches or freezes like other customers wrote. Windows 8 is very new, I have a windows phone, but this is way different. I like it, though. It really does take some getting used to. There is so much I don't know how to do, which is weird for someone of my generation, but I'll learn! The laptop itself is very light, even with the battery in. The size is perfect, and it has a really sleek look. Overall, I would definitely buy this computer again, and it is such a great value for the money.
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on February 10, 2014
I quite like this machine. I got it about 13 months ago, and it is still going strong. I especially like the fact that it has a full number pad, because I work with numbers a lot. That is a huge time-saver for me. As for the OS, well, I still haven't figured out Windows 8 and now I'm on to Windows 8.1 (thanks for the free upgrade), but that's probably not HP's fault. This is a product that has done what it said it would do, and I'm pleased with my purchase.
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on January 23, 2013
When my 3.5 yr old laptop died right before Christmas I did a quick A prime on this...... Really just needed basic MS Home Office and web browser. Did not realize it came with Windows 8..... not real impressed with that and so far it's so new there is little user experience type help. After a month it died after a required Windows update....continual reboot cycle. Since it ships with NO software, I had to spend1.5 hours with HP support before they finally shipped me reinstall disks.

The reinstall was 4 CD's and took almost 4 hours. Completely wiped it out,,,,,luckily I had most of my important stuff backed up - there was no way to backup personal files even though the instructions say there would be.

So I went out and bought a macbook..... this one is going to the kids.
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on January 18, 2013
I needed an inexpensive laptop after my 8 year old HP Dv1000 died. This machine didn't cost much more than the estimate to replace the bad fan in the old machine. The only problem is Windows 8 - it is ill-suited for a computer without a touch screen and makes everything awkward. I wish HP would pressure Microsoft into adding a setting to eliminate the silly tiles and just go to the desktop. All that said, most everything that doesn't require the start button works about the same and it is very stable, boots up and shuts down quickly.

This model saves a few $ by using an AMD processor but it feels about as fast as a Core i3. Since XMAS I've seen a few comparable models with a little more disk, or Intel processor (if you care) or a 14" form factor (easier to use on a plane) for a about $350 which is $20 less than I paid so you might find you have more options for the money, but this really works fine and does the job.
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on November 25, 2014
Works fine for about, hmmmm, 4 months? Then is stupid slow and get viruses like nobody's business. I also HATE the new windows on it. Worst operating system ever created. Really wish I didn't waste the money. IT's been a year and a half now (roughly) since I bought it, and I simply just don't even use it anymore.
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on February 2, 2013
The computer seems to work fine, but it is slow to boot. It came loaded with a lot of useless apps and no useful software such as office, word, excel, etc. Windows 8 makes using the touch pad very difficult. You have to be very careful to keep your finger within about a one inch circle in the middle of the pad in order to avoid opening multiple programs or apps which is very annoying. This also makes closing the computer very difficult. Apparently, I have fat fingers because it typically takes me three or more tries to turn off the power. Because of the large number of apps that came preloaded, the number of automatic updates is also ridiculous, often delaying the opening or closing process by several minutes. Not for the novice user.
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