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on February 15, 2015
Purchase this mat in May 2013. The mat provides great comfort for standing. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold its shape/remain flat or flush to the floor over time. I noticed the problem within the first 4 months, but didn't expect it to keep getting worse. The mat "curling" creates a significant tripping hazard in the kitchen. As you can see from the images, from a distance an individual walking toward the mat wouldn't necessarily notice the hazard. However, up close, it's clear that it's easy for ones foot to get caught. When your working with knives, hot pans, etc this creates multiple opportunities for hazardous situations. I tried to work around it at first, but it's just too much of a risk. Mom almost fell, but caught herself on the counters edge. I'm going to replace the mat with one of better quality so the edges don't curl up.
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on June 3, 2012
First let me say that THIS IS NOT A GEL MAT. I think that some reviewers are getting confused because it is made by GelPro, but the description clearly states that this is a foam mat. And personally, while I would love to have a GelPro gel mat, they cost a big pile of money that I don't have. Second, I don't know why anyone thinks it should be thicker or softer except that they don't know how anti-fatigue mats work. This mat is meant to give slightly and then provide support, and that's exactly what it does. More cushion wouldn't be supportive, and more thickness would increase the possibility of tripping over the edge. And depending on who it belonged to, that would range anywhere from annoying and inconvenient to seriously dangerous.


This mat was a much needed and long overdue purchase. My husband and I both get sore backs from standing on our tile floors, and this mat has worked wonders. It is also attractive and easy to clean, doesn't migrate around the kitchen, the edges stay down, and our cats don't seem driven to play with it they way they have kitchen rugs. I'm planning to get another one to put in front of the stove.

UPDATE Nov 10, 2013

Still good. No wear where we stand, no dull or squishy spots. Still provides good support. This is a product that does what it's supposed to do and looks good doing it.
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on March 9, 2013
Things you need to know before buying:

1. The mat covering doesn't have a "polished" look; in essence, it looks like the top part was printed out by an average printer and glued to the bottom section.

2. The pattern on the mat is difficult to discern from the pictures. Think scales -- like scales on a lizard -- and you'll get the idea. (I have the green version.)

3. The material on the bottom is smooth (not sticky or rough). This will cause the mat to slide every once in a while when you step on it. Just re-adjust its position and carry on.

4. As mentioned in another post, this IS NOT a gel mat. Some friends of ours have a gel mat, and those contour exactly to your feet (think gels that go inside your shoes). THIS mat just provides a soft area to stand on so that your hardwood/tile floors don't cause your back to ache.

5. The cushion in this mat does its job: you'll definitely notice a majority of your aches and pains going away as you wash dishes/cook dinner (what I use it for).

6. The mat seems to be of solid construction. I've had this mat for about 2 months now, and there appears to be no signs of wear and tear whatsoever.

All in all, it's a decent product. The fact that it looks "scaly" and the print job seems average at best (see points #1 and #2) will make me replace this product some time in the future -- purely due to decorative value. For now, however, it does a good "functional" job of alleviating back aches, so I'll use it for a while until we re-do our kitchen.

'Hope you found this helpful!
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on June 23, 2013
We purchased two of these mats for our kitchen. For about 6 months, they were great. Then the edges began to curl. By 8 months, the beveled edges had curled up to the point that they were no longer safe. We kept tripping over them. They are now in the trash. I would not recommend these to anyone. They are dangerous.
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on November 1, 2014
"I own two of these, in a different color "Toasted Leather Grain", apparently no longer available. Were fine about a year until both started curling up around the edges.... all the way around to lift up about a half-inch. Causes a trip hazard."

I was contacted by GelPro customer service who obviously reads the reviews and believes in standing behind their product well after the warranty. They replaced both of my 2 year old mats with new improved ones! Thanks you GelPro! These new ones are a lot nicer, the edges are formed downward so they hug the floor, and there is much less slippage on the floor. Much better! Thanks again!
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on December 14, 2013
I ordered the mat in November of last year and have had it on the floor in front of the kitchen sink ever since. Initially it was great: attractive, comfortable and east to keep clean. I liked it so much that I wanted to recommend it as a 5 star purchase, but, I've learned through experience that longevity should play a role in the rating system. We used the mat for a little less than 6 months before leaving for our summer home in the northeast. When we returned, we found that the mat had lifted somewhat around the outer edges. It didn't seem a major concern at first, but after finding that we were catching our feet on it and tripping over the edges, we began to see it a safety threat, both to us in our seventies and our visiting grandchildren, who are toddlers. I called the company to see if they could suggest some way of treating the mat to make it level again. According to the the information I had read online, I don't think that we had been careless with the mat in any of the ways listed. The customer service rep was very personable, took all my info and said that she would refer the concern to the people in charge and I would be hearing from them very shortly. Well, in fact, I did not hear from them shortly, nor did I hear from them at all. I don't know if any other customers have had the same problem with the mat or with the company, but for me, it was a real turn-off.
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Color: Lattice Java|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
Two things contributed to my interest in giving this mat a try when I was offered it for review. 1) As my wife and I age, it gets harder to stand at the sink and wash dishes, etc., and 2) We recently had the kitchen and dining room floors recovered with a laminate that looks like natural wood. In an effort to protect both our bodies and our floors, we had tried a couple of mats, but found them unsatisfactory - usually too thin and/or too small.

Unlike all the others, this mat from NewLife is both larger (20" X 32") and MUCH thicker than any of the others we have used. Filled with 3/4" of foam, it feels like it was made for our feet as the foam inside conforms to our personal beings. It does not hold those impressions, however, and returns to its even shape immediately on moving or stepping off it. The lattice top design is a perfect compliment to the wood-look flooring - and to my feet :-)

It is really both comfortable and attractive and while it costs more than some others, in my estimation, it is well worth it!
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on June 20, 2016
The underside of the 20x32 mat seemed unfinished, unlike the 20x48 size I purchased. It was like a hard foam where you can see the hole patterns. The larger mat had a smooth finish underneath and seemed to be heavier/sturdier because of the smooth finish and loved that one!
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on August 18, 2017
The edges started curling on our three yr. old mats months ago, They are a tripping hazard. I thought they had a lifetime warranty. They do not. The company offered 50% off and we would have to pay shipping. When I pulled up the website I see an offer for buy one GelPro classic and get one free. So I recommend that you do not buy this mat. We ordered a Gorilla Grip mat with a lifetime guarantee. I hope we do not have to test their warranty. Love the cushion mats and do not want to be without. They really help alleviate back and leg pain. I hope this helps.
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on July 19, 2015
I have 3 of these, so I do like them. One is in the guest bedroom, where I stand a lot to sing and record. The other two are in the kitchen. They're very comfortable. However, the edges stick up quite a lot, and I'm often tripping over them. I'm afraid that one day I'll really trip badly and fall, hit my head on the hard kitchen counter or floor. I've tried taping them down NUMEROUS times and weighing them down. Nothing helps. So that's a big drawback if you intend to use them on your kitchen floor. I wish I could put them all over my house - it would make walking so much more comfortable (as long as they didn't stick up).
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