Customer Reviews: Music From Another Dimension!
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VINE VOICEon November 21, 2012
Talk about a yin and yang "comeback album."

On the plus side, producer Jack Douglas (Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Draw the Line) is on board. And the band, when in classic Aerosmith mode (as on the opener "Luv XXX") can still deliver the goods.

On the downside, the loathsome "outside songwriter" hacks are back: Diane Warren ("We All Fall Down"), Desmond Child ("Another Last Goodbye") and Jim Vallance ("Legendary Child"). The Warren song is syrupy slop, as is the Child song, but at least Vallance song rocks, in a Bryan Adams kind of way. You're almost waiting for Tyler to croon about how he got his first real six string at the five and dime. Why is it SO IMPOSSIBLE for these guys to go into a room somewhere and crank out a dozen or so Tyler/Perry/Whitford tracks?

It's not the idea that every Aerosmith song needs to rock the paint off the walls. After all, we all loved "Dream On," "Seasons Of Wither," "Home Tonight," and other "ballad" tracks back in their glory days, right?

The objection I have to the outsiders is that they're hacks. That's it, songwriting hacks "crafting" lightweight pop pap that is radio airwave-friendly. That said, this album is still about 1000 times better than Just Push Play, an album so truly loathsome that at any time following its release you could get seemingly endless used copies on Amazon for under a buck.

There's been a lot of grousing about the Carrie Underwood track, but what can I say? It's much, much better than the aforementioned tracks penned by Warren and Child, and it does in fact have a nice "classic Aerosmith" sound...well, maybe until Carrie takes her first lead vocal. But it's STILL not the worst track on the album.

It's not easy being an Aerosmith fan, especially when I count the hours I've spent driving around in my car listening to Rocks. I think we'd all like the band to deliver a new album that just sends it flying out of the park like THAT one did, right? And I don't mean rubber-stamping past glories...look at how many times Neil Young has had a wobbly album or two and came roaring back with something like this year's Psychedelic Pill?

Songs like "Lover Alot" have that old Toxic Twins swagger, but good grief, they go from that one right into the Diane Warren song.

THREE stars. Not FOUR, not FIVE, but THREE. I'm not saying this is a BAD album, I'm just saying they can do BETTER, because they've already DONE better. When you've been GREAT, "good" just ain't good ENOUGH.

If they can deal with the inter-band squabbling and personal dramas for another few years, and LOSE the hacks, JUST LOSE THEM, maybe they still have a five-sar album left in them. Maybe not. But in an age where the American Music Awards name Justin Bieber the "Performer of the Year," a three star Aerosmith album is better than no Aerosmith album at all...right?
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VINE VOICEon November 27, 2012
Cut the old guys some slack, please! They are still tuneful, they are still comin' up with some sassy and interesting lyrics, and they are still handling well the chords and runs we so love. What more could you ask from these elderly gents who still know how to rock?

I had no expectations, so I wasn't disappointed. I'd like to see what Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, One Direction and Justin Bieber are doing in their 70's. Steven Tyler is a master, as is Joe Perry. They deserve respect and not pity. They've pulled out their genius through time and it has stood the test. So it isn't the "old Aerosmith," or the "new Aerosmith." It's ludicrous for anyone to expect them to sound like they did 40 years ago, and overly optimistic to expect them to create something very new at their ages. Who does that? Not even Picasso. Gold is gold and Aerosmith is definitely gold!

I wanted something pretty and I wanted something wild on this album. "Oh Yeah," may not have been wild enough but it almost was and I enjoyed its humor. "What Could Have Been Love" and "Another Last Goodbye," are to be savored for their poignancy and wisdom. I can't imagine a 20-something writing these songs or singing them convincingly. Speaking of which, "We All Fall Down" rocks us nicely into that feel-good upliftment that so many recent singers have created (Jason Mraz, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga) and which fans need.

If you've ever liked Aerosmith and have no ax to grind or ridiculous expectations, you won't go wrong buying this album.
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on February 25, 2015
I'm a longtime, passionate fan of Aerosmith. I was born one month after "Rocks" was released and as a child of MTV's golden era I followed their comeback (when many had already written them off). From 1987-1994 their music poured out of my stereo more than any other band or artist, and not just their MTV era music; I grabbed Pandora's Box quickly after its release. I saw them 2x on the Get A Grip tour. Then, things started to change...more filler, less Aerosmith. After two decades of sounding less and less like the band I had worshiped (in album form, at least), I heard they were making an album with Jack Douglas, their classic era producer. I was very excited, and when "Legendary Child" came out, I was counting the days. Well, needless to say (since most of the other reviews already have), this album turned out to be a teaser of what could have been.

You can't go into a studio with the producer who you made your most classic and well-loved material with and expect it to sound like your classic material when you invite a circus of additional personnel. I don't hate this album, but it frustrates me because the hints of classic flavor show that they still have it in them to make a great album if they would just write and record an album as a band, the way they used to. The only listenable tracks, in my opinion, are Oh Yeah, Beautiful, Out Go The Lights, Legendary Child, Street Jesus and Lover Alot. That's six tracks out of FIFTEEN. No offense to Diane Warren or Carrie Underwood, but they have no place on an Aerosmith album. Even Desmond Child (who has written a a lot of great Rock tracks and some of Aerosmith's biggest hits) should have been left out of this one because I think he's a creative crutch for a band that needs to re-ignite the collaborative capacity among its members. In summary, this is an album with a few highlights, sprinkled over a heap of songs that are massively underwhelming.

As with any other band I love, being a fan doesn't mean I'm always going to like what they're doing but I never give up hope on them. These guys are GIANTS, they're my Led Zeppelin and they're still KILLING IT live. I think Steven needs to get a solo album out of his system because I see that as a huge part of the problem with the last few albums; he's trying to infuse his non-Aerosmith ideas into their sound and the guys are just going along with it. There were so many reasons the guys had for why this album wasn't a success, but none of them were the truth. They're not functioning as a band in the studio, they're handing over too much creative control to outsiders. Look at the writing credits on "Toys" and "Rocks", then look at the credits for every album from Nine Lives until now (even after Pump) closed.

If I could quarterback their next one, I'd have Joey, Brad and Tom go into a studio for a few weeks and lay down some groundwork for about 10-12 tracks, then have Joe and Steven come in and stir the pot with either Nick Raskulenicz or Brendan O'Brien and choose 10 solid tracks for an album they'd feel confident playing in its entirety among their classic setlist.
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on November 7, 2012
I am listening to "Music From Another Dimension" for the second time and, as with most new releases by older groups, it's growing on me. Sure, it doesn't sound like "Rocks", but why should it? That was almost 40 years ago! Can you believe that? These guys are 60+ years old and like me and YOU, yes YOU, they have aged and changed and so has their music. Great? Maybe not, but present day Aerosmith? Oh yeah! I saw them live recently and they still rock! Soon we're not going to have the pleasure of listening to anything new from classic groups like this because they're going to retire.

No break down of the tracks from me. Some are good, some not so good, but I buy CDs for everything that's on them and I'll listen to all of them. All 15 of these songs will join the 17000+ on my Ipod which includes the rest of the Aerosmith catalog. Do I like the ballads? Yes. I haven't created an Aerosmith image that excludes songs like "Can't Stop Loving You" or "Don't Want To Miss A Thing". Why does everybody hate that song?

As for Amazon's service, I received this CD on the day it was released. In all the orders I have placed through Amazon I have never had a problem.
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on November 27, 2012
I bought this because I love older 'Smith. Even found small redeeming quality in 'Get A Grip'. They truly lost their way now. Don't get it. But I still cant give it a 1. maybe out of pure respect? or maybe because I am not a total 'die hard' Aerosmith fan. If I was, I would be heartbroken and wish for a 0 rating for this return CD.

They should have waited longer.

Bad in 2 regards. they are trying to relive their 80's early 90's ballad filled hit-streak (but failing miserably), and they really left their ba**s behind on this. There isn't much passion where there should be, even in the soft tracks (which compile 80% of the CD). The cheese factor is strong here. Sounds very 'by the numbers'. Add the fact that Tyler's voice is overbearingly on top in the mix, and that there is no real punch to the tracks except for the sound quality and you get this uninspired, directionless offering. Its a pretty boring mess. An extremely hyped and 'polished' mess. Especially for us old fans.

I bought it because it was cheap and I figured, with so many songs and liking most of the bands stages, a few songs had to be keepers. Not the case. I mean of 15 tracks not even 3 or 4 good songs? Its nothing offensively bad, just very very very safe. no real substance or swagger you would expect from the band. I wont be going back to this one very often because i don't remember most of it.

Oh well, its only money.. But save yours and if you want decent Aerosmith look elsewhere. Buy 'Rocks' or 'Live Bootleg' from the 70's, 'Rock In A Hard Place' from the 80's or 'Pump', 'Get a Grip' for later stuff, not this. Don't be fooled by the pretty package. Not good.
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on September 3, 2014
I have waited a very long time to review this CD; reluctant to slam it after a first listen. Joe Perry has recently stated in the press that he is very disappointed in the public's reception to this album, and the lack of publicity that the album received from the record company. As a Aerosmith fan for close to 40 years, it simply amounts to the fact that this album is not very good. The spark that gave us 'Rocks', 'Toys in the Attic', 'Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump' is missing. Yes, the classic crunchy guitar riffs are ever present, and a few songs--at certain points-sound very similar to 'Draw the Line' and 'Sweet Emotion.' You have to wonder if the riff between Tyler and the band has permanently wounded the song writing team that brought us those classic Aerosmith tunes from the albums mentioned previously. By the way, what is up with six ballads??? Come on, this is supposed to be rock and roll.
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on September 6, 2014
Too Many Production Company enchanments to the sound, which weren't even musical effects. Too much jivin around and not enough hard rockin'. Too much Jivin. Too much celebrity-soul-singing. Not enough harmonics. Not enough rhythym. Not enough melody. Not enough thick gritty guitars reverberating from all over the place. Not enough thunderous, ballistic drumwork. Not enough "Yak-Yak-Yak-Yak" by Steven Tyler. Too much weird sound effects that don't even rock. and finally, TOO MUCH TALKING at the beginning and end. It's there worst studio album, even below Honkin' On Bobo. Still, it gets three stars because it's worth hoping around from track to track.

Hard Core Aerosmith fans Must have it, but everyone else can wait till they've collected the rest of their studio discography, now fifteen albums counting this one. If you happen to love all their ballads, then go ahead and get this anyway; it's loaded down with six out of fifteen tracks.

I believe a great album results, not just by the good stuff that's on it, but the Other stuff that's LEFT OFF. Although it's loaded with an album's worth of great music, unfortunately, it also includes some of their least inspiring and Hollywood produced teeny-bopper-pop-fluddery imaginable. Some of the tunes are as sappy as as "Hole in my Soul" from the nineties album Nine Lives, or "Fly Away from Here," from last decades Just Push Play. Except there's no rockin' ballads like "Sunshine" and "Jaded" [on JPP] ... (or) "Full Circle" - "Fallen Angels" - "Kiss Your Past Goodbye" - "Ain't That a Bitch," [on NL] which could stealth under the hard rock radar back then. The album simply breaks the cardinal rules of a Well-Produced hard rock album: too much non harmonic "Hollywood" sound effects. A listener like myself wants to hear Aerosmith, not a Steven Spielberg movie clip the producer decided to "add" on a whim, perhaps to thicken the songs out. Even if the band concocted that stuff, it still comes across as unoriginal with tons of "alien" material littering THEIR album. I disdain the choruses that sound unlike Aerosmith in every conceivable way.

So, You pop this CD into Your laptop or PC, and Your "RythmBox Music Player" software rips it to the Hard-drive. Nice! You can now listen to it anytime you like, which You finally admit that half of songs You indeed WILL BE listening to, a Lot. You think Your software is really innovative because: You thought You had lost track 9, "Can't Stop Lovin' You" It just wasn't there with the rest of Your tracks under "Aerosmith" What happened to track 9? Well, later You discover that it's put All-By-Its-Lonesome under another Artist listing, "Aerosmith & Carrie Underwood" You pat yourself on Your back figuring Rythmbox is a truly COOL music organizer because its FREE, Open Source and never advertises, and It successfully isolated that culprit song away from the rest of Aerosmith's tunes. "Cool" You figure, Smiling hardily.

I'm listening to those Aerosmith tracks now... Wow, it COULD have been another jewel of an album with only eight, maybe nine tunes. I figure: LUV XXX, Oh Yeah, Out Go the Lights, Legendary Child, Street Jesus, Lover Alot, Freedom Fighter, and heck, one ballad that passes due to a gritty Aeosmith guitar sound, "Closer" Okay, and they could bleed it over into the mostly instrumental "Something" to finally end the album. If they trimmed all the ballads off, they could have saved them for another album next year, then kept Eight Tracks, expanded the rhythm and guitar harmonics out to achieve a long enough album length, forty minutes.

"Beautiful" is catchy, so much potential, but it's Aerosmith mostly hipping off, which destroys it. The other tunes are cry for me ballads: "Tell Me" "What Could Have Been Love" "We All Fall Down" "Another Last Goodbye" all somewhat catchy to pretty good, but they spoil the other parts of the album. So the listener is a hedonist one minute, a rapper the next, then crying a ballad six times in between. When Sony Music fell down the slippery slop on Nine Lives, they just kept going down WITH BALLAD FEVER.

My ears think an Aerosmith album should sound much like Joe Perry's self titled 2005 album, but with Steven Tyler on lyrics. I'm only writing this Review, just know, because saw them perform in Atlanta last week, and I'm guessing there hasn't been that much excitement here since Sherman marched through. It was a revival for fans! So I hope they get off their solo-sidejobs and finally do THAT new album now that they've heard their fans complain:

Dear Aerosmith -- please don't try to please two generations of audiences with a single CD anymore. Give US something new with one release, then give THEM something new on another, but not on the SAME plate of food. Thanks for "Music From..." but I just don't like the ice-cream-glitter served up on the same plate as my meat dish. Consistency is the hallmark of a fantastic album. The production fluff (yet again) brings the listening experience down on the Knees-of-blueArmy-Despair, no Falling In Love to lift it up. It's like a fine plate served with cotton-candy and ice-cream for the kids, AND for the adults: steak, chops, stuffin', and the long-string-bean. Thanks -- FAN

I'm still not done with the complaining! The worst part of it all is the album kick-off start, not with music, not even with some cool harmonic pizzaz, but with something unworthy even of an Aerosmith commercial advertising the concert that's coming to town. Oh, I read through the CD liner notes about it, and that's the Producer, Jack Douglas, speaking "hip" to us listeners, apparently trying to repeat 92's Get A Grip breakout with Steven Tyler's sage advice. Message to producer: You can explain the album on TV, alright, else join the chorus. And we are not that easily impressed with Hollywood "sound affects" anymore, unless its a V-coder, amp distortion or something harmonic that spells R-O-C-K. It isn't the nineties anymore, okay?

Music From Another Dimension, therefore, instantly comes across as a commercial production created by a record label, not a hard rock album created by Aerosmith.

Aerosmith still sounds great musically, but the new lyrics are like saccharine, and the production is full of Hollywood Style Gimmicks rather than what I want (sound effects produced by a hard rock band) I liked their Get a Grip album, but they still keep trying to replicate their 90's Get a Grip's formula, now more than ever, stretching it's style wider than ever before. This music is all over the place.

I'm hoping they wrap up their steller careers with a few short consistent (even repetitive sounding) albums with about eight tracks that bleed into each other. (They've got several styles of audiences to please before they retire) So the question is, could they come up with 24 new songs before they retire, and please each group, one at a time? I think it would be a commercial success; Aerosmith could have sold twice as many copies with only eight of their hard rocking tracks on this CD. Then sold twice as many again with the other tracks the following year.

So, the big flaw in Music From Another Dimension for me is that it sounds too eclectic, when what I really want to hear from Aerosmith is something harmonically consistent and band generated. I want to get in a particular mood and stay there from first to last track. If that's what you like though, this may be perfect for you. It does a little of everything, and to me that's disappoiting.
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on November 29, 2012
I think there is such a thing as too much filler on this album. Jack Douglas is a great producer, however I don't want to hear his introduction on LuvXXX every time I listen to the album. The same can be said for the intro to Street Jesus. Too many ballads, especially Diane Warren's Another Last goodbye. All in all an ok album. Not great, not what I would have expected, but ok.
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on November 29, 2012
I find that most of this album is really very good. There are multiple uptempo songs that rock out raw and hard (Luv XXX, Lover Alot, Legendary Child and more...) and a few slower heavier songs that are quite good as well (Closer, Something, Oasis in the Night). Yes there are too many ballads, at least 3 too many, however, with the extra tracks provided on the deluxe version(s) of this CD one gets all together somewhere around 60-70 minutes of solid rock 'n roll, (subtracting 3 ballads). There isn't nearly enough of that coming out any more these days. Of course paying extra for the deluxe variants of this CD is annoying but that's how it is. Finally, the mix on this CD is better than I've heard from Aerosmith in a long, long time. It's raw but still well balanced and doesn't sound overproduced. A major improvement over the last two studio albums of original material - Nine Lives and Just Push Play....

The criticisms of this album appear to me to be far out of proportion. Aerosmith has changed, all bands change. There will never be another album like Rocks or Toys in the Attic. That being said Aerosmith can still rock hard and raw (especially live, take a look at "You Gotta Move" - DVD). In fact, I would say that they sound better live in their older years than they did when they were younger. This is probably due to a number of reasons: a measure of sobriety leading to improved musicianship, longer variations/jams on songs in concert, and the better sounds systems available today.

Give the new album a listen. Rip the songs to a music file and delete the sappy ballads and you're left with a damn good rock 'n roll record.. Enjoy!!
My two cents anyway.....
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 23, 2013
I am a longtime fan of the band and was looking forward to a new release. Unfortunately this album follows the trend over recent years of Aerosmith albums that are seeming to be lacking in effort and trying to be 2012 cool as opposed to being Aerosmith cool. Most songs on here lack any memorable lyrics that make you want to press repeat on your stereo. There are some decent tunes here but not what I expect from a band that has had so many quality albums and songs.
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