Customer Reviews: Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage
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on November 13, 2012
Accompanied by the London Philharmonic, this has to be her masterpiece. I just played it all the way through. Here are the tracks in order:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - lovely with perfect enunciation, crystal clear vocals and wistfulness
Winner Takes It All-- stunning work, emotive, powerful
Send In The Clowns- Best version I have ever heard
Music of the Night-- seductive, powerful- her soprano voice soars and her perfect enunciation again amazes
Bring Him Home-- she sings this beautifully, but be prepared for a tear jerker
Memory-- Clear as a bell in her vocals and shows off a nearly two octave range-- fabulous!
As Long As He Needs Me-- Sleeper of the CD! FANTASTIC- BLOWN AWAY BY THIS! powerful and passionate vocals- this is the stand out track on the cd-I cannot recommend this track more highly.
All I Ask of You---She sings in her highest lyric soprano on this one- outstanding duet with Donny O!
Out Here on My Own-- Can understand why she says this is a favorite- change of pace a bit- when she sings "Baby Be strong for me"- it is very sexy indeed.
YNWA-- Interesting arrangement, and Susan hits the highest notes with ease
This is the Moment-- The best duet ( imho) on the album- her voice and Donny's blend so perfectly

This album fulfills the promise of the audition. Susan is in all her glory-- there is drama, and she uses her powerful voice when needed, her highest ranges, which have been missing on her other CD's, her seductive voice, and her introspective tones -- in other words, it is many shades. It is a MUST HAVE CD for ANYONE who enjoys great music and a one of a kind voice! Kudos to all involved!!
Run, do not walk, to buy this CD for everyone you know
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on November 13, 2012
Had to download this as soon as the mp3 was released at midnight. I've got the cd on order and will be able to compare the sound on the 2 soon. For now, I'm just overwhelmed with the power and versatility in these songs. She does "Bring him Home", effortlessly and powerfully--no straining on the high notes like many male singers. "Winner Takes It All" is heartbreaking. She can take another artist's version of a song like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", sing the exact same notes, but the timbre of her voice gives it a completely different sound. (BTW, her produces says she did "Rainbow" in one take. No wonder she finished the album 2 weeks ahead of schedule.) There's a good blend on all the duets, although I prefer the ones with Donny. I know "You'll Never Walk Alone" is associated with football/soccer in the UK, but she recreates the original inspirational impact of the song. I wish she'd sing it in New York and dedicate it to the victims of the hurricane.

Even if you're not fond of show tunes, I think you will be impressed with her voice itself.
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on November 13, 2012
Almost all the music I have at home lies in the pop category. I've always had an eclectic taste and chosen music that appealed to me. I've had my favorite artists and groups over the years just like most people. But, no artist has ever affected me like Susan Boyle. That being said, I'm not fond of musicals and do not purchase this type of music. This album was going to be a stretch for me.

HAVE I EVER BEEN SOUNDLY GIVEN A LESSON! I do have an appreciation for a beautiful voice as well as wonderful orchestration. Susan's magnificent voice is front and center throughout each song in this album and the orchestration does not detract, but enhances throughout. An occasional choir only gives the listener chills at the right moment. Susan's new producer, Biff Stannard, seemed to know when to let a song center on just Susan's voice and then build on it. They are a great team.

Pop girl didn't have one song she didn't like. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was my favorite until I decided they were all my favorite. I have not thought about Donny Osmond in years, but that guy can sing! The two duets with Donny are wonderful, and I am a new fan! And, I think I have fallen in love with Michael Crawford too. I dearly loved the intimate, seductive quality of Music of the Night. I could almost see the seduction taking place, and wasn't sure I was supposed to be there. What a masterful duet! Bring Him Home! -- Wow! Really stark brginning with just Susan's voice and gradually building -- beautiful. I was driving when I heard As Long As He Needs Me for the first time, and my jaw dropped. I realized I was going 80mph! Awesome! Out Here On My Own could be a single it's so good -- bluesy/jazzy -- smokin' voice -- really wonderful! I positively could NOT pick a favorite song they are all so good.

So....from someone who is NOT a fan of musicals and really thought she would not like show tunes, I can say Boy Was I Wrong!!! The songs are from musicals spanning many years and they made some excellent choices. This album shouldn't be missed.
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on November 13, 2012
I got up early to download the mp3 album from Amazon and can't stop listening. Quite simply, Susan Boyle's voice is so beautiful, so pure. She just seems to get better and better. The selection of songs is superb. As the title says, this album includes the greatest songs from the stage. Every track I listen to, I think it's my favorite and then I come to the next one and think the same thing. Impossible to choose a favorite.
Also, how wonderful to have the great Michael Crawford on this album with the sensational duet of "Music of the Night". He has a voice like no other; he is acting and singing at the same time. I also love the duets with Donny Osmond "All I Ask Of You" and "This Is The Moment".
All in all, I am thrilled with this album and I believe anyone who loves beautiful music will enjoy it immensely. Also a great gift for Christmas as my friends will discover when they unwrap their presents from me!
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on November 13, 2012
If ever you thought you may have slightly enjoyed listening to Susan Boyle before, then you must NOT miss this new album! Even familiar old 'warhorses' can sound new again when la Boyle applies her own special kind of vocal magic to them. With every single song on Standing Ovation, she has not only surpassed her three previous album efforts, and managed to produce an entire album of the kind of songs/style of singing she was absolutely born to do, but she has also given to the world a true gift: the type of album so many of us have longed for from her ever since discovering this incredible songstress via a BGT audition video from back in April 2009 which went viral on YouTube.

It's impossible for me to select a real favorite, or least-favorite song here--all eleven of the selections are top-notch in both quality and musical interest. No 'boring filler material' in ear-shot! Susan uses her voice on each song like a rare, finely-tuned instrument: now quiet and almost sadly 'spoken', now bold and full-voiced but never 'mannered' or overdone at all. Just--interesting, varied, tasteful, with no histrionics necessary. The three duets all sound remarkable, maybe a little 'different' than what we've heard others do with them before, and as for the other eight songs, no matter how many times one has heard others perform them, you'll come away from a good listening thinking "this is just a bit different and I LIKE it!"

For me, the least familiar of the songs was 'Out Here On My Own', that the wonderful Irene Cara sang in the movie version of Fame. I liked it then--hearing what Susan has chosen to do with it is turning it into a sort of 'almost-favorite' for the moment. And I'll mention the Les Miz classic 'Bring Him Home', as it's a 'male' song seldom recorded by a female singer--but Susan makes it work, and the result is both spine-tingling and stunning.

In short, these are 'songs written for the musical theater' (and in a couple of cases, for movies) which should appeal even to folks who generally think they do not care for that genre at all. Give it a try--and please trust me when I say that none of the album's sound clips I listened to before hearing the songs in total prepared me at all for what I was about to discover--a real gem of a listening masterpiece, complete with plenty of built-in goosebumps and chills galore.
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on November 13, 2012
In this album, Susan Boyle fulfills the promise of her amazing audition. In her audition, we heard the raw and powerful voice, in this album, that voice has been honed to perfection. There is no fluff, no "throw-aways" here. Every song in this album is exquisitely performed. She is Nancy declaring her poignant love in "Oliver" as she sings the moving "As Long As He Needs Me", Nettie inspiring and encouraging with "You'll Never Walk Alone" in "Carousel"; Desiree despairing over a wasted love as she asks "where are the clowns" from "A Little Night Music". "Music of the Night", her duet with Michael Crawford is a stunning musical seduction. She is a tattered and worn out Grizabella singing "Memory" in "Cats". She portrays perfectly the grit and determination of the character in "Fame, the Musical" as she declares she is "Out Here On My Own"; Abba's "The Winner Takes it All" is filled with pain and resignation; "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", the leading track perfectly provides the promise of what is to come and is sung as a moving nod to Eva Cassidy's arrangement, but, my opinion, with a lushness not heard in Ms Cassidy's rendition. "All I Want" and "This is the Moment", both duets with Donny Osmond are highlights of the album with a perfect musical chemistry between the two. Finally, there is "Bring Him Home" from "Les Miserables". She begins this song with nothing but her pure and crystal clear voice, and makes it a moving prayer that touches your very soul.
The orchestration is the perfect accompaniment and one can literally see Miss Boyle center stage performing to perfection these musical theater classics.
I believe that this album is a must have for any music lover, and will become a classic, providing musical joy and enjoyment for years to come.
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on November 13, 2012
I have to say first that this cd was eagerly anticipated by me. Especially when I heard early what the song line up would be. That being said, when I understood that 'Over the Rainbow' was one of the songs I was a little worried. Having grown up with the Judy Garland version it worried me that anyone else singing this would be a cheap knock off but Susan Boyles version is sensitive and different enough to make it her own. I really enjoy this version, it seems refreshed and new. 'The Winner Takes It All' is touching and poignant. 'Send In The Clowns' was not one of my favorite songs, but I realize after hearing this version it was not the song but the singer that can make a song special. I have a whole new opinion on this song and enjoy it as part of the whole. 'The Music Of The Night' Featuring Michael Crawford is elegant and rich and hauntingly beautiful. Bring Him Home is extremely emotional and touching. In the song 'Memory' Susan shows her range and control. As Long As He Needs Me was one of my favorites, it is the Susan Boyle we fell in love with in the BGT audition, where she belts it out with so much raw emotion you can't help but feel it deeply affects her on some level, it certainly does you. 'All I Ask Of You' featuring Donny Osmond was the one I was most excited to hear as it is one of my favorite songs. It does not disappoint and in fact I had to wipe tears from my eyes listening to it, it is so touching. Donny and Susan's voices blend in an perfect crescendo. 'Out Here On My Own' is another song that Susan sends you on an emotional roller coaster with, she was meant to sing this song. 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is a powerful song that Susan shows amazing range in. It seems a hard song to sing but her voice is liltingly strong all the way to the end, she has some beautiful notes in this. 'This Is The Moment' featuring Donny Osmond will always remind me of Susan's trip to the states and being able to sing with her idol on Dancing With The Stars and in Las Vegas at the Flamingo. They own this song for me.
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on November 13, 2012
Beautiful music, and amazingly beautiful voice. If only more good singers would put out collections
of real standards...but, noooooo...most so-called music isn't even melodic. Here is a beautiful
assortment of standards, for real music-lovers to enjoy.
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on November 14, 2012
I came to work early with this album. Put in on the computer and was in heaven listening to it. Students who come to my classroom early, I shushed as they came in. When it was over, they said "play it again". They LOVED this music. This was HS students!!! They loved this album. Susan's voice wins over everyone.
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on November 13, 2012
This album is Susan Boyle's best to date in my admittedly picky view. Arrogantly labeling myself as a real music lover, I quickly shy away from artificial noise music, repetitive lyrics and unnecessary vocal acrobatics. While I have never had to shy from Susan Boyle's music, this album is so spectacular as to practically shut me up.

Susan's almost miraculous take on Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Memory leave me staring at my speakers, wondering how does she do that. Her ability to express such a variety of emotions and her remarkable vocal expertise just eclipses most other offerings.

One could write all day about the feelings evoked by The Winner Takes It All, Bring Him Home, As Long As He Needs Me, Out Here On My Own, and You'll Never Walk Alone. Susan's voice leaves no doubt that these songs touched her and then she touched me. Big time. Every song has something special, and the variety contributes to making this album a winner.

The duets with Donny Osmond are a treat I never expected. He is so perfect with her and she with him. Amazing vocal blending in this collaboration. The Music Of The Night with Michael Crawford is a whole new experience in hearing Susan for me. Clearly playing the role and loving it.

I feel a bit helpless that one can only give five stars to this amazing album. A must have for those who love this type of music and probably for a good many who just don't yet know they love it.
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