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on December 15, 2012
Listening to Dos! as I write this.
Even though Uno! had already exceeded my expectations, Dos! was even better.
Just to start with the packaging--beautiful. Cover goes perfectly with the other albums in the trilogy, great pictures of the band on the insert, the lyrics are displayed both neatly and creatively and overall, it looks very nice.
The music (sorry if I get too in depth here):

See you tonight -- is catchy sweet, heartfelt. I think its the perfect intro to the harder album of the three, even though this is a soft song.
F*** Time-- I personally find it impossible to listen to this song without laughing. It's a crazy, absurd (in a good way) song
Stop When The Red Lights Flash -- fast paced, great guitar work (yay Jason White and Billie Joe), very garage-rocky feel
Lazy Bones -- The lyrics of this song are so twistedly beautiful. If you buy the album for one reason, let it be this song.
Wild One -- One of those romantic-swaying-to songs for me. Great bass line, too
Makeout Party -- for fans of the Green Day side project Foxboro Hottubs. This is such a retro garage-rock sound, you can't help but think of "The Pedestrian" or "Stop Drop and Roll"
Stray Heart -- Awesome song, but after listening to Tre!, I see why it was originally supposed to be on there and not Dos! Doesn't fit perfectly in the lineup, but still a masterpiece. (the music vid is great too, you should check it out, if you haven't)
Ashley -- Perfect for after a bad break up. full of that classic angst of Green Day.
Baby Eyes -- Classic rock n' roll, always the best lyrics (Billie Joe Armstrong is a lyrical genius)
Lady Cobra -- Another Foxboro Hottubs sounding one. upbeat, fun and spunky
Nightlife -- probably my least favorite on the album, but uses interesting lyric overlap
Wow! That's Loud -- I love the riffs on this song, there just so Green Day
Amy -- Puts me on the verge of tears. Its a really beautiful tribute to Amy Winehouse

Well, if you read through my entire fan-girl analysis of Dos!, it's really a great album. I would recommend it to any punk or alt rock fan.
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on November 25, 2012
I've been a Green Day fan since 1994, and I own every album (as well as a bootleg of Woodstock '94). I think that there first 7 albums are excellent. Their 8th, "Shenanigans," was just ok. The they hit an inspired peak with "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown." These latest three albums have been released 3 1/2 years after "21st Century Breakdown," and they've returned to their origins with 2 1/2 minute songs about love and anguish. Green Day fans will find something to like here, but don't expect "!Dos!" to compare with their best albums.

"See You Tonight," "Lazy Bones" and "Amy" are my favorite songs on this album, and I think they are quite good.
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Better late than never right? I slept on the second Green Day of the album of the year Dos, despite purchasing it when it materialized in November. Regardless, ¡Dos! is consistent with Uno if not more enjoyable and innovative in some respects. Every cut grooves, even "Nightlife," a cut in particular that is slower than the multitude. A contrast to the first album, there seem to be more risks on Dos, which should be apparent to both fans and casual listeners. Unfortunately for Dos, its sells have been even less spectacular than that of Uno - about half to be exact of Uno's debut. A shame, given Dos may offer more triumphs.

"See You Tonight" is a surprising start, lasting all of 1:06 serving as a prelude or intro. There is strummed rhythmic guitar and a brief vocal performance. The introductory cut definitely gives off an air of mysteriousness and unpredictability. The real affair begins with the grooving "F*** Time," which is completely different from anything on Uno. Instead of delivering an ultra quick, punk-savvy tempo, the band opts for a bluesier mid-tempo cut, borrowing its harmonic sensibilities on the chorus directly from the blues idiom. Keeping its punk appeal alive, none needs to look any further than the title to see the sensibility of the band's revivalist style.

"Stop When The Red Lights Flash" is consistent, opening within pummeling drums and keeping the guitars heavy, dirty, and driving. It may not quite reach the compelling appeal of the opener, but it's both succinct and enjoyable, something that bodes well in Green Day's favor on Dos. On the catchy "Lazy Bones," Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals are particularly well produced, most notable on the first verse where he has plenty of space to sit atop the production. "Lazy Bones" also allows for the biting Armstrong to get in his tough, punk talk (there is a reason for that parental advisory warning folks). Four tracks in, it's all good.

"Wild One" is a mid-tempo hit from a first listen. Well written and catchy, Green Day are on autopilot on this, arguably Dos's valedictory moment. While there is no consistent chorus, there are some key repeated portions such as "She's my wild one..." and "She gave up on Jesus, for living on Venus...," both followed with various lyrical variations. "Makeout Party" speeds the tempo back up, finding frontman Armstrong delivering one of the album's more feisty performances. It may not be quite the likes of Uno's superb "Let Yourself Go," but it rocks for sure. Never underestimate the power of an addictive groove and snarling punk-infused vocals.

"Stray Heart" keeps the tempo going and finds Armstrong in top-notch form. "Everything that I want, I want from you/but I just can't have you/everything that I need, I need from you/but I just can't have you" Armstrong belts on the the ultra catchy hook. Pleasant despite the circumstances of the songwriting, this may be the happiest "Stray Heart" ever. "Ashley" doesn't let up or concede one iota of momentum, driving even more than "Stray Heart." The brighter vibe of "Stray Heart" is abandoned for minor key sensibility, in which Billie Joe Armstrong asks 'Ashley' such pointed questions like "...are you running around? now you're crying at a bloody murder!" and "...are you bumming around? Now you're crying on my cold shoulder!" He also declares she's no bleeping "saint." Green Day at it's best.

"Baby Eyes" drives within its brief 2:21 duration ("I pulled the trigger from the shooting stars/I am the motor in your crashing car...") as does "Lady Cobra," which features a simple but effective harmonic progression. The guitar solo is a highlight here as are the background vocals, adding even more color to the cut. "Nightlife" slows things down, but not like a ballad - there is still a strong, discernible rhythmic groove. Sensually-charged, Lady Cobra adds a bizarre rap, something we definitely haven't associated with the band ("What's that I hear? You want to go for a ride? Well, don't be afraid boy to come inside...") It's definitely interesting - and to each his own. I definitely dig the groove - jury's still out on Lady Cobra's seductive, whispered rhymes.

"Wow! That's Loud" is just that. Additionally, it is the album's lengthiest cut at just shy of 4 ½ minutes - Green Day know how to keep things brief. "Amy" closes the effort with Armstrong accompanied only by electric guitar. More of a notable statement like Uno's "Oh Love," "Amy" finds the band opting for more serious fare than what constitutes the majority of Dos. It's solid and Armstrong performs it well, but I wouldn't call a 'favorite.'

All-in-all, Dos is solid and enjoyable album. If you have grown accustomed to 'heavier' Green Day, this is not it. This album like ¡Uno! avoids the depth of either American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown. Some will laud that, others will scrutinize it. Personally, I fall between both extremes. I do believe, regardless, Dos is a solid album, weird Lady Cobra raps or not.
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on March 8, 2013
I got "Uno" and it was a pretty decent pop-rock album that succeeded for the most part in what it was supposed to accomplish. When I popped in "Dos", I wasn't expecting the old Green Day or even "American Idiot"-esque quality music; I just wanted to hear some good tunes.

Don't get me wrong, "Dos" has some really good songs on it and the musicianship is really good across the board but there are some songs here that are either not fully thought-out or are just a complete waste of time. This album is 39 minutes and for 5 songs to be sub-par, it pretty much narrows it down to an EP. I actually almost felt cheated the first time I played this album the whole way through; it took me 2 more listens to appreciate a couple of the tracks more.

The following songs here are the ones that I really think should've been left off:
"F*** Time" (kind of a blues rock number that has potential but never really takes off), "Make-out Party", "Stray Heart" (this also had potential but the lyrics feel generic and everything feels forced), "Lady Cobra", and "Nightlife" (I understand this is supposed to be experimental or something but it fails miserably and should've been a B-Side at most).

One thing I'll say for this album is that the songs have more edge to them than the ones on "Uno" for the most part. Also, the good songs on this are really good. Songs like "Lazy Bones", "Wow! That's Loud", and "Amy" are really amazing songs. The band really should learn a lesson here with this album: quality over quantity. If they keep releasing albums as uneven as this, I might not bother with Green Day anymore sadly.

If you're a die-hard fan of Green Day, you'll most likely pick this up regardless of a review.

If you're a casual Green Day fan, there a couple good songs on here but I wouldn't recommend buying this new at full price; I would buy it used at the price that an EP costs.

Mediocre with flashes of greatness.
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on April 17, 2017
Two thumbs up from my daughter, one of her favorites!!
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on December 27, 2012
Well of course I bought these discs out of order.
Out of the three, I bought this one first and just loved it!

The songwriting is superb, and the musicianship is solid and consistent.
I can not believe after all these years that Billie Joe and company continue to write relevant songs with delicious hooks!
Tre Cool is drumming like a man possessed. The production is like you are hearing every song first take, and brimming with energy.

I had a young guy in my car telling me how Green Day had sold out and no longer had what it takes.
After 15 minutes of DOS he was begging for a copy. Don't ever count these guys out.
70 million records sold and still counting can't be a mistake.

Buy this disc and take a fun drive.
You will love the tunes and look forward to the next one out!!!
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on December 18, 2012
The second installment of Green Day's Trilogy has some fantastic songs - and a few that aren't so great. I'm not going to bore you and insult your intelligence by "grading" each song, but I think the general consensus is that "F Time" is simple-minded and lame, and there are 2 or 3 others that are pretty easy to skip - which ones depend on personal taste. But the rest of the songs on Dos more than make up for it. One thing I like about this CD is the diverse influences - great punk rock(Lazy Bones, Baby Eyes), acoustic (Amy), 80s metal rock (Make Out Party), 60s rock (Stray Heart)and even a little John Lennon influence (Wild One). "Nightlife" has strong urban influences that many reviewers have panned, but given the theme of the song I like it and think it works.
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on November 25, 2012
I'm a HUGE Green Day fan, and I really like ¡UNO! and ¡DOS! a lot! I'd probably be giving this 5 stars if they weren't coming on the heels of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown - both of which I think are BRILLIANT. ¡UNO! and ¡DOS! aren't quite up to those standards - but those are pretty darn high standards! If you like Green Day, these albums won't disappoint - except that they are a bit short... I'm glad I've bought them during their first week of release when Amazon sells them for five dollars. I'm looking forward to getting ¡TRE! on December 11th - so I can listen to all three of these releases back to back to back!
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on November 25, 2012
4 albums in 4 months to me spelled some good, some bad. Especially as the albums releases moved along, I expected things to get watered down a bit but to my surprise, I'm enjoying DOS! as much as UNO!

Big Green Day fan so it would have to really be a stinker for me not to like it but I REALLY like it. Not your typical storyline album like American Idiot or 21st Century...good variety with diverse mix of sounds akin to the early years with new flavors. This is the third album I can hear influences from the Beatles.

Nice work again boys.
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on November 24, 2012
I think it is safe to say that old school sound I have been craving. Well, I am not getting that from this new Green Day trilogy.

'Dos' is a good listen, don't get me wrong. It is definitely a Green Day album, just not that Green Day that introduced themselves to us in the early 1990s. 'Dos' can be called an innovative album because while that old Green Day sound may not be there, the old early punk sounds of the early 1960s are there. There even some very small links to the Green Day of old in the songs 'Ashley', 'Baby Eyes' & 'Lady Cobra', as a whole...energetic and fun. 'Nightlife'on the other hand, probably the worst song they ever recorded. Trying to put hip-hop in a Green Day record is like trying to put vinegar in a hot fudge doesn't work!

This album is still keeping my Green Day fandom very much alive. The fact that they pulled away from the whole rock opera motif was a positive thing. I am curious what 'Tre' will be giving us, even more so because instead of January this album is being released a month early. So, for now enjoy this new Green Day album.
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