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on December 2, 2012
Christina Aguilera's new album is her most cohesive album in my opinion, though it is her least experimental album probably since her debut. But I understand why she played it safe, given the complaints she always gets about her albums being all over the place and too overwrought.

The standouts in my opinion are Lotus, Army of Me, Make the World Move, Your Body, Let There Be Love, Sing for Me, Blank Page, Just A Fool and Empty Words (on the deluxe). I love the light, ethereal vibe of Lotus (intro). It really sets the mood for the album. Army of Me is such an empowering song and very radio friendly. Make the World Move is a great collabo with Ceelo, though I wish there was more of him on the track. I love the pounding of the beat and it feels as if she brought that Back to Basics vibe to this current era. Your Body should have been a smash single, The beat is sick, fresh and very hard, hip hop sounding with a nice electro vibe, plus her vocals are insane. The bridge is a thumping, declaration of Ms. Aguilera.

Let There Be Love is a sleeper song. When I first heard the album, it sounded like filler to me since it has a generic "club" beat. However, once I saw her perform it live it really began to stand out to me. What stops it from being another generic club track is her voice. Similar to Whitney Houston, Christina knows how to take subpar material and give it new life.

Sing for Me reminds my why I became a Christina fan. Again, like Whitney and Etta James, she is a fearless singer. When Christina sings, "when I open my mouth, my whole heart comes out..." I get chills. Blank Page is one of her most sincere ballads. She sings it from such an honest place and it is so soulful without needing to riff from the top of her range to the bottom. I'm impressed.

Just A Fool just might be the best Pop duet I've heard in years. Blake and Christina harmonize so well and again, the vocals are from such a sincere place, they really highlight the lyrics. Empty Words really deserves to be on the actual album, another heartfelt Christina ballad. I love the lyrics to this song and it is also really catchy. Kind of reminds me of a P!nk or Kelly Clarkson ballad.

All in all, I see this album having longevity if Christina and her team play their cards right. Just A Fool is destined to be her biggest hit in a long time!
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on December 16, 2012
I rated this album four stars because it is a really good collection of songs. As promised, Christina has released a collection of songs that is totally different from the previous albums work. She expresses a lot of thoughts about being strong and rising above criticism and hate. It's good see her being this strong through all the hate she unjustly receives from media and fans alike because she has the nerve to be happy in her own skin. My favorite tracks are Circles, Blank Page, Just a Fool, Make the World Move, Let There Be Love, Light Up The Sky, and Sing For Me. The entire album is very good. I can listen to it from start to finish. The only reason I didn't give it five stars were the remaining two songs on this deluxe edition; Shut Up and Your Body remixed. Those two are both throw away songs that don't give anything to an otherwise great collection, I'm looking forward to the next sound she tackles.
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on November 21, 2012
I say this as someone who is not a Christina fan: I bought this album on a whim because I thought the single Your Body was catchy, and I love it. I have been playing it over and over. This is one of those albums that was made to be played LOUD and it's a blast. I have discovered my car's actually got sub-woofers! I suspect Christina Aquillera might be able to sing over top of taiko drums, live.

The record is very, very powerful. The Lotus Intro uses imagery more typically associated with the phoenix to declare a fresh start (and let's be serious: she had some personal issues in the last couple years and this album is a major bounce-back). There's a little autotune sfx in that song's background vocals, but it's just used to create an etheral feeling and doesn't detract. Autotune is not used much elsewhere. Army of Me is a self-empowerment rocker that Kelly Clarkson probably would have liked to record.

Once the war is won the party is started with Red Hot Kind of Love, and then Cee-Lo Green drops in for Make the World Move (though his part doesn't stand out too much, it's more of a cameo backing vocal really). Those two songs have what I call a baroque bombastic party feel with drums and horns that make me think of Mardi gras revelry. I guess when you have as big a voice as Christina you have to find material that you don't overpower and these are good examples of that. After that we're up to the single Your Body and then the celebratory Let There Be Love which continues the party vibe.

The album shifts downtempo with power ballad Sing for Me and Blank Page. Those are about the only 2 songs on the album that don't leave a strong impression on me, but more standout material quickly eclipse them. The tempo shifts up with a bit of Rihanna-esque dancey funk with Cease Fire and Around the World. Circles picks up a harder, more rock edge with a little autotuning that gives some of the backing vocals an "over the loudspeaker" quality. The album moves toward a climax with the building Best of Me which extols the virtue of remaining strong. Finally Lotus finishes with a duet with Blake Shelton, Just a Fool. Blake's vocals really stand out and we end up with a classic and very effective "he says/she says" power duet.

Overall, the album is simply amazing. Christina has her signature power vocal style but the material suits her voice and supports her. The style is overall pretty dancey - as in she's going to make you get up and move, not necessarily club style, though there is some of that. There are some great rock influences too. It took a while to move past listening to the first songs over and over and it was great when I found the whole album to be so consistent. Final thought: I should probably have bought the deluxe edition because I want some more of this.
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on March 23, 2013
I have followed Christina Aguilera's career since she first hit the radio in the late 90's and everything she's done since then has been a true measure of talent, rather than just a reliance on auto-tune and catchy pop beats. I lost interest in her career after her album "Bionic" was a disappointment.

I picked up this album when it was on sale for $1.99 and I was willing to take a chance on it after hearing "Just A Fool". I'm so glad I got this album! The first song, "Lotus Intro" is ethereal and empowering all at once, and Christina's strong vocals take a backseat to her honest lyrics about leaving pain and loss behind to release her beautiful, artful soul. This album isn't just about trials and tribulations, though it does touch on it without feeling too heavy.

"Lotus" has a collection of fun pop songs that make you want to move and sing along. Her melodies rival the best pop songs on the radio right now and I'd much prefer to hear her music on the airwaves other than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. I wouldn't change anything about this album, it's a perfect composition; fun, ethereal, honest, and artful. Christina's voice is just getting better and she experiments with it on this album. Sometimes, it's soft and understated, other times, it's a force of nature.

I highly recommend this album to new and old fans alike. You won't be disappointed!
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on November 30, 2012
First off- I never write reviews....not sure why, I just dont
I can't help but write about this album. I LOVE xtina in every way-and have hated the so called bad reviews of this and that about her over the past few yrs...seriously gimme a break, this girl is the real deal.
She lives life fully, with no shame, is a good person and one of the BEST artists ever in music. She can SING better than anyone, can dance, is beautiful and is an amazingly GOOD person.
This album shows ALL of that. Literally there is not ONE track that is not great....
Her voice transends..the lyrics are heartfelt and some super fun...and the beats can't get better
The ballets will make anyone have a good cry
This album has been playing on my stereo non stop, because right now it is exactly what I needed.
I can only imagine there are probably tons of people out there and are in a spot in there life that need a great album like this to lift them up
It does that- go get it, give it out as gifts and rock out...
thanks Xtina, I love you....we all do and like you already know being who you really are is all that counts in life.
long live pop music baby
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on December 20, 2013
Let me first say that I am a huge Xtina fan, but I was somewhat skeptical of this album, as "Your Body" wasn't my favorite single of all time. However, I listened through it on Youtube and decided that it was worth a buy. And I was right.
This album has a very dance/pop feel to it, trading out some of her usual soul-pop for a more bubbly feel. She leads the album off with the etherial "Lotus Intro," which feels very electronic and smooth. The second track, "Army of Me," is one of my favorites, and it very much recalls one of my favorite Xtina tracks, "Fighter." The next two tracks incorporate an interesting blend of vintage soul and modern pop, and they are the only ones which echo her previous work significantly. Towards the album, there are several ballads, notably her song "Blank Page," which is one of my other favorites. "Sing for Me" is also well done, and it is a powerful vocal showcase for Christina. "Cease Fire" is also another favorite, and , in my opinion, one of the stronger tracks on the album.
It is worth getting the deluxe edition, as it contains some great tracks, the only questionable one being the sassy and direct "Shut Up." I definitely recommend this, as I think it was definitely Xtina's comeback album which didn't get the attention it deserves.
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on December 11, 2012
There are not many albums that I can listen to without skipping songs...this is one of the few that I can listen to the whole album and like or love every single song. The lyrics of the ballads are beautiful, meaningful and poignant and Christina delivers them with so much emotion, I can feel my heart wrenching with every vulnerable and pain-filled note. However, she still manages to bring a message of positivity and strength in most of her songs despite some pretty sad and dark subjects she addresses in these songs. The fast-paced songs are really fun and makes me want to dance to the beats...this album contains some of her best dance songs she's ever recorded. Bottom line is this album is amazing, gives me everything I want in music and her voice is of course one of the best voices of her generation and it doesn't disappoint on this album...her vocals are unbeatable here. I don't think any singers out there right now can outsing Christina.
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on February 22, 2014
Christina Aguilera never ceases to amaze with the range of her voice or her talent. I really never got to listen to much of her music when she was really at her peak popularity, with Genie in a Bottle, but ... being a child of late '60s & early '70s music myself ... was captivated by her voice when watching The Voice on TV. I listened to samples of her songs online & decided to purchase Lotus. Their are 17 tracks on it & I like them all. she hasn't disappointed this fan of hers.
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on November 24, 2012
Lotus is such an amazing album. It has a lot of great meaningful songs like "just a fool; blank page, light up the sky." We have such empowerment songs as "army of me, cease fire, lotus intro." Then we have some club banging songs as "let there be love, your body, make the world move." This album is great, it would not disappoint. This album is like stripped 2.0. If you really listen to the lyrics, you would understand what these songs convey.
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on November 24, 2012
this album stays pretty consistant with its sound, in my opinion. it really focuses on being a "fighter". the songs that made the most impressions on me were the lotus into, blank page, and just a fool. it's a solid album and if you're a christina aguilera fan i think you'll definitely like it.
the reason i gave it four stars was because while i know an artist's sound changes through time, i wish there was a little more soul like there was on stripped.
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