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on September 9, 2013
After putting 150 hours on the bulb I think I have a good idea how much I like this projector. Keep in mind that this projector is not in the same class as a $5,000-$20,000 projector so if you are comparing it to those you are in the wrong place. This is compared to the Optoma HD lines or the Epson Powerlites. I had an Epson projector before this (I have posted comparison pictures of the two) so I really wanted to get an Epson but then I realized how gigantic the powerlite line is and did not want something that big (I think they a little more than twice the size of this with the same picture quality.) I love the Epson brand and my friend bought the 8350 for his theatre and it looks amazing, after comparing it to this I could not see any distinguishable difference in picture quality so the size of the 1070 made me prefer it over the 8350. Next I thought about the Optoma HD20, its a little older but still a great projector. I bought one for my father in laws theatre room and it looks fantastic. He has it on a 100" screen so it is a little hard to compare it to my system. I decided to go with the 1070 because of the lens shift; the HD20 took a lot of work and perfect placement to get it setup. Now to my set up.

I have a 120" electric Favi screen on my wall. I used the Peerless PRGUNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - Black (best mount BTW don't get any other mount!) and it keeps it close to the ceiling, there is about 3 inches between the ceiling and the top of the projector. It is mounted at 13' back, which was the farthest I could place it for my 120" screen. With the mount I used and the lens shift it only took me about 15 minutes to get it perfectly calibrated, I even had someone comment on how perfect it looked on the edges while watching a football game last week. I have it hooked up to receiver with 5.1-surround sound. My room is fairly light controlled I have three windows with blinds on them. During the day it does let some light in but you can still watch anything on it just fine. I even turn off my lights and open one of the blinds sometimes to let a little light in while I'm watching. As far as picture quality goes I am really impressed, but also it depends on the source being used. I have three things hooked up to it:

1. Dish Network Joey - For the most part its good but broadcast only goes up to 720p (it lists as 1080i but resolution wise it is the same as 720p it just has better interlacing but that's a whole other article). 720p video stretched that big you get some artifacting sometimes. Our couches are 15' away from the screen so you notice it the closer you get to the screen. Overall very watchable and very fun to watch games on, we love sports a lot at our house.

2. Apple TV 3 - I use this to airplay content from Plex and I use the apps on the Apple TV. Airplay with Plex looks great, the apps that stream video on the ATV3 look much better than the Dish signal. I got rid of my ATV2 and am now using only Plex on my ATV3 and it works great.

3. PS3 - This is where the projector really shines. I can use Plex (I'm a huge Plex fan!) with DLNA on the PS3 and it looks stunning. Pop a blu ray in and it looks as good a picture as being at the movie theatre, people are impressed when they see the picture. I think some people have in mind that a projector is grainy and not very good quality compared to an LED or Plasma but projector technology has really advanced. Video games look great as well. I mostly play the Show 13, and COD four player split screen is really fun because its high quality and you each get your own TV basically when the 120' screen is split up in four. I also have been using the PS3 to watch 3D movies since it is the only way I can play 3D .mkv rips.

To end I will list my pros and cons. For the price this is a fantastic deal and an awesome addition to complete our theatre room in our basement.

Good picture
Lens shift (only up and down no sideways)
Easy placement
Good throw distance
Nice menu
Highly customizable calibration settings (I have a free calibration from Best Buy so they are going to come do a professional one for me)
Excellent picture
Easy to program to universal remote
Inputs switch much quicker than compared to the Epson 8350 or Optoma HD20
Lots of inputs on the back if you don't use a receiver
12v switch to connect an electric screen or other automated systems to it.

The fan is a little loud; I put it on high altitude because I am at 4400 feet. I only notice it when a video is absolutely silent, if there is any noise in the video I can't hear the fan.
Small light leakage. If I had this enclosed it might bother me more but so far I have never noticed it while watching any video and neither has anyone else. I only see it when I am looking at the projector trying to notice it.
I turned off the high altitude mode because my basement is pretty cold, I ready that high altitude mode is to help keep it cooler. Since turning that off it is much quieter.
Lens cap is tethered to the system. I will never take this down and have no need to put the lens cap on so I would like to be able to stick it in my remote drawer with all my remotes I never use.
Long wait to turn back on. With all projectors I think one of the main downsides is that your room is very dark when watching a video. It can be hard to see the remote buttons if they don't light up. I have accidentally turned this off a couple times because I thought the power button was the volume button on my universal remote (hitting it twice turns it off). You have to wait about 5 minutes to turn it back on.
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on January 31, 2013
The BenQ W1070 is an amazing little box. All of the features and performance are in this little box that projector enthusiasts have had to (and still do!) pay thousands of dollars in other projectors. To get the features and performance that this projector provides at this price point is a regular joe's dream. And the best part is that a nit picky videophile like myself will not feel like he has compromised performance for price. Folks are trading in their $3,000 plus projectors for the W1070 based on performance alone.

To back-peddle a bit this was the situation I was in.... I have a big air duct/bulk head going right through the middle of my theater room which has given me problems of what projector I could use. I was forced to use a short throw 720p projector (GT750) that had 3D. It was great for what it was and it served me VERY well for about a year but it was only 720p + no zoom + no len shift +... you get the idea. Placement flexibility was VERY limited and 720p wasn't that bad but you could definitely notice especially when there was text on the screen. And there is text on my screen all the time with how much sports I watch.

For quite some time I had hoped that a 1080p 3D projector would come out that fit my space needs. The W1070 was a godsend! Even if I didn't have the tight mounting space I would still get this projector.

I ceiling mounted the projector with an Atdec ceiling mount found here on Amazon and fine tuned the picture position using the Test Pattern buried in the W1070's menu. For the novice mounter, you want to make sure that your measurements in relation to len and screen position are precise before you mount the projector. For the price, the Atdec ceiling mount did a great job allowing me to fine tune angles and picture position. The wiring was simple since when I finished my basement I ran the HDMI and power right over where I had planned to mount the W1070.

For those of you with lens shift/offset questions. My setup includes the following. The top of my screen is 15" from the ceiling. The center of the W1070 lens is about 8" from the ceiling. I have the lens 8'4" away from a 100" screen. I needed the top of the projected image to be 7" below the center of the lens at 8'4" away. I set the lens shift all the way "Up" on the W1070 (which is "Down" if ceiling mounting") and that got me the EXACT offset I needed for the image to sit square. Very happy and relieved that my previous calcuations were correct and didn't have to resport to image distorting digital keystone and zoom. Keep in mind that this projector has an offset so the image will be projected UP if table mounted and DOWN if ceiling mounted. for a 100" screen at 8'4" away the range of offset places the bottom/top of the image approximately 2.5" - 7.5" inches above/below the lens depending on how you mount it. This is crucial to know how it will affect your placement options.

In classic Pro/Con fashion after about a month with the projector here are my impressesions.


-Colors are AMAZING on this projector. There is a reason it is ISF certified. The colors are fantastic out of the box but are even better when calibrated. I have mine setup on Cinema mode with Brilliant Color set to ON in EcoSmart mode and the Gamma set to 2.2. That is the best combination of brightness/color/ and contrast for my setup.
-Sharpness and clarity are amazing. with 1080p Blu Ray content I was blown away with the clarity and depth of this projector. I also have a Darbee Darblet to help enhance depth and sharpness (highly recommended) but even without the Darblet the clarity and sharpness blew my old projector away.
-Brightness is GREAT! This is a bonafide light cannon. With Brilliant Color and Smart Eco on with the Gamma set to 2.2 I can watch pretty much anything I want with pretty good contrast with the lights and lamps on in the room.
-Black levels are above average. This projector will not get inky blacks like $10k projectors will but this holds its own. I was very impressed with the contrast and black levels on dark scenes and equally impressed with how much shadow detail was preserved in dark scenes. Huge improvement over previous projectors I have owned.
-3D on this projector will blow you away. Not only is 2D content bright and clear but the 3D on this projector utilizes new 144hz technology to make it extremely smooth. With gamma controls to control brightness and contrast I found a 1.8 Gamma setting to be just right. I watched Avatar and Tron in 3D on this projector and was blown away by the strain-free viewing experience. I got the Sainsonic 144hz DLP-Link glasses for cheap on eBay and they work very well. Just make sure the L/R sync is correct otherwise it will cause eye-strain.

I don't care for...

-I wouldn't consider audible fan noise a con on this projector... its just not SUPER quiet like on larger beasts of projectors. I wasn't expecting this on this projector so I wasn't disappointed. In complete silence you can hear it... I've never noticed it while watching content so that is what matters.
-For the first week or so there is a faint smell from the fan that is basically from the bulb burning off manufacturing residue. Its not strong and not a bad smell. Just an electric metal type of smell. Its gone now and I expect this from any new projector.
-Light leakage isn't great. This would be my only official gripe on the projector. With it being so small there are less chambers and places for the light to go in the projector. This results in a fair amount of light leaking from the fan exhaust. This is emitted to the right of the image when table mounting and to the left if ceiling mounting. The good news is that there is nothing leaking on the image but on a dark scene it is noticeable and I have placed a small piece of paper to block it. (See pics) There is also a halo of light on the ceiling from my ceiling mounted W1070 - this is from the lens assembly and I suppose you could resolve this by fixing a lens hood to the lens. I don't notice the halo when watching content and my ceiling is White White so it is more noticeable because of that. I'm fine with the halo but the fan light leakage had to be taken care of.

I really do love this projector and the small gripe with the light leakage I have with it was not enough to have me not give it 6/5 starts if I could... especially for the price.
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on November 30, 2015
A good solid buy, I am very happy that i bought it. It surpassed all my expectations for a projector in this price range and than some. This is my first home theater projector. In a dark room this projector is as bright as a tv. The picture quality is perfect and there is no input lag. Lets put the review in points.
1. In a dark room it's better than a normal 1080p tv
2. The colors are perfect and blacks are dark (The picture will amaze you).
3. The picture quality is breathtaking till like 140 inch screen (That was the biggest wall i could try on 11' wide and 6' high)
4. The fine is super quite, my xbox one makes more sound.
5. Gaming is so much fun and i have not experienced any lag. I played call of duty, Fifa, Forza and my fav kinect sports(on big screen its the best).
6. The sound is good it's loud enough to watch movies and play games, I personally have it hooked to am AV receiver.
7. The test button on remote help you place the image exactly where it should be. Very helpful.

1. The biggest problem I found was there is no vertical keystone. You have to keep the project exactly in front of the screen. Can not place it on a side table. Benq w1075 solves this issue but not this one.
2. It leaks light from front and sides, not sure why this defect made into production can be an easy fix. if you notice light on you roof or sidewall and it's from the projector.
3. Sometimes it's too bright for it's own good. One scene in which actor looked at the sun was so washed out because the projector filled the room with so much light.
4. Does not have a usb port on the back, can not power a chromecast or amazon stick from the projector.

1. It's very important to have a dark room, a room where you can control light.
2. Sports any sports look so much better on a projector over a tv. It's just incredible.
3. If possible the walls of the room should be of dark color. White walls reflect light impacting image quality.
4. It works well on a white wall, screen is not a must have.
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on October 19, 2013
This projector has far exceeded my expectations. I cannot describe how amazing the picture quality is when watching a 1080p blu-ray in a dark room. If you're looking for something under $1000, then this is the projector to go with. This is a great projector for a first time buyer; it will not disappoint!
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on July 27, 2015
My wife and I had just decided to get into the world of home theater projection (moving up from a 59" plasma) and were really looking to get a good unit with great value. We've also had back luck in buying items that weren't very future-proof in the past (hello DVI HDTV), so we didn't want to spend a lot of money if it ended up being obsolete in the near future.

Anyhow, we spent a TON of time researching different projectors and kept coming back to the BenQ because of the quality of the high ratings. Every reputable review we read spoke very highly of the BenQ's performance and gave it top marks in the bang-for-your-buck category, which is exactly what we were looking for.

We've been nothing but thrilled with this purchase. The setup was straightforward, including flipping the image for a ceiling mount, and calling up various color and image settings. Other than a few minor tweaks though we were pretty satisfied with the out-of-the-box configuration. Being able to bring up the positioning grid was helpful for ensuring a good square picture and filling the entire screen.

The sound out of the speakers is horrible of course, but anyone who would expect to be able to use just the sounds from their projector speakers on a large screen is dreaming anyhow. We use the projector on a 120" screen and it projects beautifully, even with some ambient light in the room. We have good curtains over the windows, but some light gets in anyhow, and unless light is shining directly on the screen, there's never any issue seeing the image clearly.

The complaint I have - and it's not even enough for me to remove a star - is that the throw distance on the BenQ doesn't have quite as wide of a range as some of the others. Because of the length of our home theater room I would have liked to be able to move the projector back about another foot, but with throw ratio didn't allow for this on "only" a 120" screen. It's still behind where we sit, so it's not a big deal.
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on September 16, 2015
I can not say enough great things about this projector. For the price I am simply amazed at the color and brightness. I continue to be blown away at the quality of this machine. I have it mounted on the ceiling 12 feet from a 129" diagonal screen. It's small, quiet, and amazing. The throw distance may be too short for some peoples taste though. For instance, mine is mounted just above my seating area where most people would prefer it behind.
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on October 11, 2014
A co-worker convinced me to switch from my 51 inch plasma to a projectors. After months of research and thought, I settled on this one. This was my first projector and I had serious budgetary restrictions on what I could spend. And I love it. I went from a 51 inch screen to over 120 inch screen (my wall)!! I may never watch a movie in a theater again, except mine!! I'm blown away by the size, color and clarity of the images and that is without a screen (something I'm definitely going to work on next). This is my first projector so I don't have a lot of experience or knowledge, but this is amazing. 3D capable, but glasses come separate so I can't comment on its 3D performance.

Out of the box settings are great. I used a Video Essentials Calibration disc. In my humble, non-expert opinion, the factory settings are great. It seemed that the factory color settings were very close to spot on using the included color gels in the disc. The projector has a very thorough, if not intimidating, amount of settings you can adjust. I basically stayed away from them in fear of messing something up. However the unit has a restore default settings option in case your tweaks go to far and you forget the original settings.

I have the projector on a book case directly behind the primary seating area. While fan noise is noticeable if you listen for it, it has not detracted from the experience. I imagine that will diminish once I get it ceiling mounted.

As other reviewers reported, there is some light leakage from the fan vents. I have not been disturbed by it. Purists may be bothered, but as a first time projector owner, it is not an issue for me.

I have not played much with the vertical shift option. Based on my limited experience, I'm not noticing a great deal of up or down movement off the image.

Remote control has lighted buttons, a definite plus for watching in a darkened room and you're wanting to adjust settings and what not.

The projector comes with a speaker. I do not use it because I have a home theater system so I can't comment on the sound quality. But I imagine if you're thinking of a home theater projector, you already have your sound system set up.

My first night with it, I invited friends over to watch Captain America: the Winter Soldier. My friends were blown away by the size, color and clarity of the image (remember, no screen, just the wall in my basement). I was blown away as well. I saw the movie in the theater. This was my second time seeing it - now in my home. My friends kept saying, I can't believe that's just your wall and we're in your basement.

I'm truly in love with this projector. Picture and color quality is great. There are some difficulties with black levels as revealed by my calibration disc but this may be an issue inherent with projectors. If you're looking for a budget projector, definitely look into this one. Great bang for the buck. While there may be projectors that out perform this one, based on my research you will definitely pay more for them. Considering that flatscreen TVs of a comparable price don't even come close to the image size this projector can produce, if you want a big picture, definitely consider this projector

UPDATE: I have since mounted the unit to the ceiling. Vertical lens shift works and does provide a noticeable shift up and down. It is in a slightly awkward place on the top of the lens and requires a flathead screw driver. It wasn't a problem reaching it when it was sitting on a table. But now that its mounted to the ceiling, you will need a step ladder or chair to reach. Fan noise has improved with its overhead placement but not entirely gone. It is mounted a few feet behind and directly above from the primary viewing seat.
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on May 17, 2017
Works awesome! Love that it looks sooo good. I was debating which one to get and am glad that I purchased this one. The picture quality is perfect and it is very bright and the colors look amazing. Hooked this up to my laptop to view my photos for in person viewing and these look so clear and vibrant and the words and pricing look great and are easy to ready. I have this set up though as a dedicated home theater and am extremely happy with this unit. This was replacing a 10 year old unit and a small portable unit so maybe it looks so good compared to those but you will not be disappointed. I have never experienced a unit that ran in the 1000's but for us it is great. Just wish there was a simple button to switch to 3d. the 3d button goes directly into the menu but then you still have to select the correct option. Also, the mute button is also a shortcut to the menu option and you still have to select off. It would be nice if it was a one click button that mutes like all tvs. Its only a bother because it will unmute each time you turn the unit on and off so since this is for a movie room I like to have it always on mute.
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on March 13, 2016
Overheating problems have started after about 3 months use. Unit is hung from the ceiling in my basement so it is neither short on air nor in an abnormally hot environment. Turning on high altitude mode has helped delay the temp shutdown.
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on October 23, 2015
This is the first projector I've ever owned and it was very easy to learn and get used to. The quality is much better than I thought it would be even though I read all about it before buying. No amount of pictures online can show how good the picture quality is. It's almost as if you have a giant Lcd Tv there. I was not educated about the distance and screen sizes before buying this so I had to figure out where to put this in my room as my room did not have the proper space for the screen size that I want. I wanted to 100-110" screen which would require me to place the projector about 12' from the screen. The only place I could put the projector was about 13-14' away, which would produce a 120-130" picture. I tried 110" on my white wall and it was amazing. I give the picture a 9.5/10

Important approximation:
100-110" screen, ~12' away
120-130" screen, ~13-14' away

These are rough approximations and not 100% accurate. If you want a more accurate calculation go to Google and type in "BenQ Calculator," they have a help tool to help you calculate the layout and distance of their projectors.

Because of the size and space limitation I decided to get the BenQ HC1200 instead. I will do a review on that when I receive it and test it.
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