Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 64GB Firma ZN F80 USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Gray Aluminium (SP064GBUF2F80V1S)
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Capacity: 64GB|Style: USB 2.0|Change
Price:$17.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on March 27, 2014
I own both this flash drive and the Kingston DTSE9, which is very similar (capless, all-metal design). Both are great drives. I think this drive may have a slight advantage in long-term durability, since supposedly the DTSE9 suffers from a problem where the metal casing separates from the innards of the drive (though this hasn't happened to mine). In terms of putting the drive on a keyring, this is definitely the superior drive... the thinner loop works much better on a key ring. However, the flare of the loop may obstruct USB ports that are located side-by-side (ie the ports on many laptops). The DTSE9 does not obstruct other ports. Both drives are pretty good-looking, but this drive wins out because the Kingston has a dissimilar metal that lines its loop, making the inside of the loop look jagged. As far as fit goes, my DTSE9 is better... it fits perfectly in all USB ports I have tried. This Silicon Power drive is always very snug in the USB port.. sometimes so tight as to be concerning. There are two reasons that I ultimately like this drive better than the Kingston. First, this drive is waterproof. A lot of flash drives will survive water, but I like that this drive explicitly states that it is waterproof. The other reason is heat. My DTSE9 gets very hot, while this drive hardly gets warm. I don't think the heat is really damaging (silicon can get pretty hot before it is damaged) but I still prefer to have a cool drive.

EDIT: failed catastrophically after one year of light-medium use. I am pretty disappointed considering I have had generic "freebie" flash drives that lasted longer... I noticed something was wrong when the drive started to have a very noticeable "seek time" when browsing for and opening files. I feared the worst and tried to copy my files off of the drive. The copy errored out. I used Unstoppable Copier to get as much as possible off of the drive. Some stuff recovered okay but most of the photos were corrupt and wouldn't open or had large color bars across the image. Tried reformatting a couple different ways including with Diskpart, but always received I/O errors. Meanwhile, the four DTSE9 drives that I carry daily have not given me any problems, and they get used/abused much more than this drive ever did. Don't think I will trust Silicon Power with my files again.
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on March 25, 2013
I ordered the 64 gig version of the Silicon Power Firma ZN flash drive and the similar, but smaller Kingston Data Traveller USB drive. The Silicon Power flash drive is very nice. It fits on my keychain very nicely with a key hole that is perfectly sized to allow wiggle room when using the flash drive with keys still attached. The Kingston flash drive is much smaller, but that makes it hard to handle and it doesn't have any room for your key chain loop to wiggle when you use it still connected. The Silicon Power drive is fast, works great on my Mac and PC as I have it formatted with the factory FAT filesystem. It has held up well for the last three months on my keychain and shows virtually no signs of rubbing against my other keys. I agree with another reviewer who mentioned that the photos make it look like it is curved. It is absolutely flat and actually tapers where the loop is, which makes it fit on a keychain even better. I do find it AMAZING that I am able to carry around 64 gigs of storage on my keychain. Years ago that was a whole stack of hard drives.. many years ago it was unfathomable to have that much space, much less own it for $40. We are the Jetsons! What will my kids have access to???
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 10, 2015
This is the best USB drive I have ever owned. It is fast. It is durable. It has a great functional design. And it is affordable for a product of such good quality.

I do not need a ton of storage, but rather I need a USB flash drive that is capable of standing up to mobile usage. Life happens and life can be hard on electronics. Many USB drives have poor functional designs...whether it is a case that is not durable, a bulky frame that makes it hard to fit in some USB ports, caps that get too loose and then fall off, or flash memory of disappointing quality, they all can contribute to loss of productivity. I once lost critical data when the key ring attachment broke off from the flash drive and the flash drive was lost. That was a total and complete nightmare, and it ultimately costed me time and money.

These Silicon Power Jewel drives are excellent flash drives and they meet my needs in every way. The case is built from metal, so it does not crack like plastic and has good crush resistance. There is no cap to lose, and the design can account for the dust buildup from being cap-less. Rather than coming with a keychain ring, the flash drive IS the ring, in a solid 1-piece design (for obvious reasons this is a huge plus for me.) With a super, super small profile, fitment is easy and these do well if in a hub that does not space the ports very far apart. With shock and water resistance, the SP Jewel drives are ready to withstand the conditions that can come with mobile usage.

With a functional design that is very please, flawless performance so far, fantastic data transfer speeds, and reasonable pricing, I highly recommend these Silicon Power flash drives.
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on October 5, 2015
I was really impressed when I received these drives. They really are a great form factor and the all metal design was actually much more impressive than the images show on Amazon. I opened one, plugged it in and tested it out. The speed of these drives was also quite good for my needs. Crystal DiskMark shows up to 128MB/s Read and up to 12MB/s Write on my system. I opened all of the drives and labeled them with my Brother label maker so they can be prepped for end users at my company. These were for the IT techs to carry around useful troubleshooting tools on their keychains.

A few days later, I began setting up these drives with the data they required. This is where I ran into problems. I ended up with 3 out of 10 drives that did not work. (2 of them have bent pins inside, and one of them refuses to format). I can’t be certain that these drives came with bent pins, but I can be certain that I’ve never had USB pins bend or break on me in the 16+ years I’ve been using USB devices. Whether the pins bent while I was inserting them (on the first day of use) or they came that way… I see some issues here. Either these drives have a design flaw, or insufficient quality control. I pretty much expect the remaining 7 drives to potentially face similar issues once I distribute them to my end users.

I contacted the manufacturer via Amazon and (after a few days) I was told they have a life time warranty and I should fill out an RMA form. Upon submitting my RMA, I was informed I would need to pay return shipping and send it via Registered post, express delivery, or courier. The cost and hassle for returning a couple of $6 items, hardly makes sense. I decided to cancel the RMA, trash the broken drives, and mark this down as a learning experience. I saw several other reviews mentioning such quality issues, but as MOST reviews were good… I figured I was making a good choice. I would have used Amazon’s hassle free returns, but since I threw away the packaging on day 1 (like an idiot)… Lesson learned.

With a 30% failure rate on my first day of use, I cant recommend that anyone buy these drives in spite of the great exterior design. If you still want to take a chance on these, I recommend the much higher capacity drives. At least this way, when you need to take advantage of the warranty, the hassle and shipping become worth it on a $40 or $50 drive.
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on September 21, 2013
If you're going to buy an aluminum usb key, BACK UP FREQUENTLY.

I think these things COOK until the chip is dead. It only lasted 4 months. This is the 2nd aluminum cased USB that has died on me. No other usb drives HAVE EVER DIED except with these metal ones.

I think the heat is too much and I suspect that's a standard problem with these types uf usb flash drives
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I read up on many flash drives at the 32-64gb levels. I found the 128gb ones did not seem to please enough discerning customers at Amazon. I opted for a smaller USB 64gb 2.0 one, yet the largest (to date) made by Silicon Power Firma at 64gb, for three reasons. If you want a metal one, ensure you check the Silver Gray option.

1) Sturdiness. It is tough metal and not plastic, so there's less to chip off or wear away. Obviously, the ring attaches to a keychain or lanyard.

2) Design. No cap to lose or slide to wear off the wrong way. Although I hate not having this covered up, it's recessed enough (one hopes) for the protection desired.

3) Price. This meets my needs and is competitive with other brands.

I plugged it in. It fits very firmly, with less wiggle room than a conventional design. Insert and remove it carefully. P.S. While my laptop would not (IE platform installed by my workplace) recognize the set-up, I simply opened up the drive as one would any USB device. I dragged files in and they transferred easily. This is a small size, a bit less in thickness and length than the USB type with a cap, so I recommend anchoring it to a keychain and keeping it off the other keys and metallic items to minimize scuffing or bending, but I'll reckon it's made to last.
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on December 31, 2012
Ordered the 32G version. Ran a benchmark on it, and it is able to write at 15 MB/sec and read at 30 MB/sec for large files (posted screenshot). Very fast! The picture makes is look as though the stick is slightly curved, which it is not. Also, the picture conveys a higher quality finish than is actually on the unit. But it does have a very slight "heft" that feels like quality. I like the design which I hope will be a long lasting and ever available keychain dongle. Since it is so new I can't speak to its reliability in this use.
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on September 19, 2013
This Flash Drive is simple, basic and reliable. I'm a routine and avid Systems Adminstrator, and routinely use flash drives for work and play. Here is the reason. Most flash drives are enclosed in a package that allows for sliding in and out, or flipping to protect the end. With use, these will crack, bend or break and often affect the ability for proper or full insertion. As well, many are bulky and will not allow for multiple drives to be inserted either above or side by side without some rubbing. I originally bought these drives for my kids to use with their XBOX live profiles. Before they would only be able to place one drive or I would grab an extender cable to allow room. With these, I can fill all the ports and no drama. You know the story, one kid wants to play, removes the other kids, next thing you know they are all grounded and the XBOX goes in the closet (maybe not for you, but definately in my house).

The large capacity allows me to load multiple mini OS's for troubleshooting or laptop rebuilds. Great products.
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on June 1, 2015
I would have rated this a 4, so I will start with the positives. This is really quite nice. I ordered the USB 3 16gb. It's pretty, physically very durable, and works great on a keychain. Being USB 3, it's really fast.

Unforutanetely the finish has a tendency to flake, scrape, and rub off. My main issue turned out to be that this drive crapped out on me at a very important time. I go to college and I had several pivotal files on there with no backups. It went from completely fine to virtually dead overnight with no trauma whatsoever. The USB interface was recognized, but any drive or filesystem could not be found.

My troubles didn't end there. This was just outside the manufacturer warranty for defects. Now they make a big deal about a lifetime warranty, which is true, but it has one hoop. Files on the drive link you to their website where you must create an account, giving them lots of personal information, and sign up permanently for newsletters etc. in order for the lifetime warranty to be valid, and it must be enacted before the original warranty expires.

Overall, this was really great until it all went down the drain, and I got screwed. Thankfully it was reasonably cheap so it wasn't a financially painful loss, but my files were irreplaceable.
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on September 8, 2014
I really like the all metal body design, it feels very sturdy and is great for throwing on a keychain. Really my only problem is that the data transfer speeds on it seem to be very low. I tested it out and typically got less than 4 MB/s write speeds (on a Mac with the drive formatted as HFS+). This is in comparison to about 30 MB/s for an old external HDD I had lying around. Basically I am just disappointed by the transfer speeds and besides that it's good.

UPDATE: I reformatted the drive using a master boot record (MBR) partition scheme and it seems to have increased the speed significantly. If you find the read/write speeds are low, check the partitioning/formatting and find something that works well on your machine!
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