Customer Reviews: Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones [CD/DVD Combo][Deluxe Edition][Explicit]
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on January 8, 2013
i had some small doubts that they would top their last album but black veil brides have proved me wrong.
wretched & divine is without a doubt the album this band was created to make,
from start to finish wretched & divine has a style that only BVB could pull off with such aplomb.
especially shocking was the fact that the single in the end which is a song i love isn't the best song on the album,
which just goes to show how well BVB have managed to create this masterpiece that stands as a testament to their talent
listen out especially for jinxx's skill with the violin used beautifully in track 10 OVERTURE.

to all BLACK VEIL BRIDES fans who haven't yet bought this album get it bought now you will not be disappointed,
to all non-fans buy it any way it's a work of pure genius that can never be repeated.

just for some clarification the deluxe edition which i bought does not contain the movie as some fans seem to believe
it contains a dvd with behind the scenes footage of the making of the album.
unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a release date for the movie yet at least not to my knowledge.
hopefully it will be soon though.
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on January 8, 2013
Excellent technical performance, with a science-fiction theme reminiscent of Heinlein's "If This Goes On -" a 1940 short novel included in the 1953 compilation "Revolt in 2100". The album became less reminiscent of the novel in the second half, but the mood is still there for me.

The more symphonically-styled numbers reminded me in a positive way of late King Crimson, early ELO, and recent Stratovarius all at the same time. I've rated only 4 stars because parts became repetitive. My ideal remix of this project would have fewer repeated lyrics and be 5-10 minutes shorter overall.

The sticker on the front identified "In The End" as the featured track. Personally I thought "In The End" wasn't distinctive enough. I think "Shadows Die" and "New Year's Day" are the standout tracks from this album.
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on January 8, 2013
Every decade of rock has its monumental concept epics...the 60's had Sgt. Pepper from the Beatles,the 70's Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare,the 80's were laced with classics from Iron Maiden like "Seventh Son",tales from King Diamond,"Operation Mindcrime" from Queensryche,the 90's had the trilogy of Mr Marilyn Manson's ode to the devious and early 2000's had "the Black Parade" from My Chemical Romance....and now people u may enter "Wretched and Devine". Everything u love about this charismatic quintet with its melodies and anthemic rebellious ways are here and so much more. A battle for self worth and pride flows from each track bleeding angelic beauty with sinister flare...all the while taking us on a spiritual journey of self awareness and personal uprising. Jake Pitts and Jinnx use their duel guitar playing like swords in duel of strength and percission while Ashley Purdy and Christian Coma nail down the bass n rhythm section like a solid tank moving over all in its path..and Andy's lyrics and vocals hit you straight in the pit of ur soul and mesh with your heart and mind evoking emotions u may not have known u had. The guys blend their background vocals and makes that bvb sound u know and love come out in each and every track...In 3 dayz I see this band live and can only imagine if their albums move me what will I experience this album people. The wild ones have risen for sure and are waiting to have their voices heard.
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on January 9, 2013
The slightly new sound from violins&pianos create a chilling atmosphere which is balanced by the rock music&Andy's charming voice. The songs transition beautifully and the lyrics are just breath-taking. Definitely the best album I ever heard.

The only flaw in an otherwise flawless album, the song "Lost it All" features Andy's gf (Juliet Simms). Due to Juliet's very raw style of singing, I feel that song lacked the beauty&balance, and (imo) Juliet ruined the song.
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on February 8, 2013
Black Veil Brides certainly have not been wasting any time making an impression or they name known. The band helped bring back the idea of theatrical bands with a visual image and they've been working at a fast pace releasing albums and touring in a quick succession. BVB are receiving a lot of love and hate but they've been making their name known regardless and moving up the ladder. After debut We Stitch These Wounds (2010) and follow up Set The World On Fire (2011) the Brides have returned with this time a concept album. I think a concept album is certainly a bold step for the young ambitious band, instead of delivering another 12 rock songs they went in a different direction and added elements of storytelling and orchestration that make for a grandiose project. Today's bands aren't exactly doing concept albums that much anymore and to the younger audiences a concept album may seem like a farfetched idea and you run the risk of alienating your fan base. I for one, am happy about the band not playing it safe and it makes me respect them that much more. Suffice to say, it isn't exactly a straightforward Rock effort like the first two but I think it gives the band a larger musical scope and it adds dimension to the music proving concept records can actually work (Pink Floyd's The Wall, Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime, The Who's Tommy and the list goes on...). I applaud them both for daring to attempt this and for the collect of songs they have given us in Wretched and the Devine: The Story of the Wild Ones.

The album starts with the introduction of ''Exordium'' but truly begins with ''Bulletproof'' a fast, hard driven song with a hearty and fierce chorus that sounds like a blend of the band's last album, very effective. ''New Years Day'' to me is not quite a let down but it just doesn't really do anything for me. ''Wretched and the Divine'' the title track is more adventurous but fails to excite me. Thing pick up from here. "Devils Choir" is one of the highlights of Wretched and Divine for me because it introduces orchestral instrumentation which makes the song go in an unanticipated direction that works surprisingly well, yet still rocks. Major thumbs up on this one. ''We Don't Belong'' is one of my most played songs so far; it's uplifting, infectious, strong and ridiculously catchy. It almost instantly makes you feel better. It has that Industrial Metal type of introduction before kicking into high gears, definitely one to watch for. "Resurrect The Sun" is another excellent track and I rank this among the catchiest on the album and of the BVB catalog to date, I could see this as one of the potential singles and it is one I keep going back to. ''Overture'' is the lengthiest instrumental or non spoken track. The violin is beautiful and haunting and it replicates ''Resurrect The Sun'' while giving an entirely different feel and not being repetitive, this one works to full effect. ''Days Are Numbered'' is a noticeable track and has some great verses. ''Lost It All'' is one of the album's obligatory ballads. I enjoyed the band's previous ballads and this one is no exception (although I prefer ''The Mortician's Daughter'' and ''Saviour'' still). It may be a ballad but it's one of the most powerful songs on the album. I like the violins and the woman's voice towards the end they really bring the song in another dimension. ''Done For You'' is another ballad, more personal this time and works very well except that it's a little too short for me to be really effective. The single "In The End" is fantastic and extremely catchy with a chorus straight out of the 80s Glam bands, a real fist-pumper and crowd pleaser it sticks in your head, rocks, and has a hard driving beat.

Then there are brief spoken and instrumentally driven tracks who tell part of the story and helps set up the songs. Some of them are very short and don't add a whole lot or cannot really be considered what most of us would call songs but overall Wretched and Divine works with this. "Overture" particularly shows flashes of brilliance with Jinx playing the violin. (classically trained as it turn out). Some may be taken aback a bit by some of the orchestration found on this record. "Violins and orchestration on a BVB album?" , I say why not? I doubt that even if fans don't enjoy certain of these, they can't overlook them and enjoy the rest of the album. Personally I think the "F.E.A.R Transmission" tracks add a certain mood and create and atmosphere that enhances the listening experience as a whole. I think what the album is missing is a great ballad. We Stitch These Wounds had ''The Mortician's Daughter'' and ''Carolyn'', Set The World On Fire had ''Saviour''. I just don't think that ''Lost It All'' is quite on par with those .but that's just my opinion I could very well see other loving this one.

I won't delve into the story behind the album as some have already done that, but I have noticed that there definitely seems to be a religious theme throughout. The concept of the album is basically what the band has always been about: standing up for yourself, facing your bullies, not giving up and finding inner strength. Except this time it's wrapped around a story. Also the band's sound has become slightly more commercial with time and each album, they go for the big choruses and singles and there is nothing wrong with that. as long as the music continues to be this good

What could have been a left turn for the band went very right. I still have a special attachment to the Brides' first album but Wretched and Divine is amazing, has terrific songs, a concept that actually works and it all ties in together nicely I'd say if it isn't their best it's a great effort. Some of their fans might have preferred a more straightforward release but I think this was the band's chance to do something really special and perhaps even gain more credibility. In the few weeks I've owned and listened to it I ended up enjoying the album immensely so therefore I will give it a high rating, not full marks but darn near close 4.5 out of 5. I was really impressed and surprised.
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on January 10, 2013
We purchased this CD on Amazon as it was received b-4 even being available in Stores-none of our Local Businesses even carry what they consider "The Devil's Music". As a 46 yr old mother of 2 teens, I see nothing wrong with the BVB,nor their Lyrics or music-The Bible Belt (where we live) and their so-lld Miniaters need to "get with the times"!
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on December 12, 2014
I have really enjoyed listening to this cd. awesome vocals and lyrics. looking forward to getting their new cd. if you have not heard this cd it is worth listening to as well as adding to your collection.
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on January 10, 2013
amazing. pure gold. that is all. this album tells a story not only through lyrics, but through instrumentals also. its not like coheed and cambria where the story is complex. youd think in the end was the best song on the album, but nope. every song had me. great way to mix orchestrated music with their hard rock style. i would definitely suggest getting this album. its worth the buy
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on November 14, 2013
I first heard "in the end" on the local modern rock station, and thought it decent. Found this listed for $3.99 a few weeks back during Halloween and snagged it. Glad I did. This is a very good rock album. For a band that's not been around long they have a surprisingly distinct sound. Not saying original. It's fair to point out the influences of glam metal from yesteryear found within. Each song on here is catchy, and the guitar work is serviceable and complimentary. Other than the goofy "we are the persecuted/underground" thematic spoken word fillers between the songs, this is pretty tight. I dig it!
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on August 1, 2013
Happily, BVB have left the screamo influences behind--I've never understood the appeal of throat-shredding roars/growls. The band's strengths play to heavy/melodic instrumentation and clean vocals. The music is intriguingly listenable. In content, the two words that describe this album best for me are "idealistic" and "young"--probably showing my age, but the idea of a charismatic rebel inspiring alienated youth to rise up against Orwellian oppressors primarily on the basis of their teenage angst makes me smile. If you've got a fondness for youthful idealism and heavy melody, or just want a soundtrack for your dreams of mascara-and-leather heroism, this fits the bill.
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