Customer Reviews: The Parking Spot Escalation
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on June 14, 2013
This year, TBBT became a ratings phenomenon, reaching the 20 million viewer mark when "The Bakersfield Expedition" first aired. That was one of my top episodes. Now, with all the nerdy stuff that STILL is in the show, I don't understand why people still have such a problem with it. Amy and Bernadette are STAYING. The girls have given the show new life and the show would've dropped off and tanked at the end of season 3. At least, unlike season 5, Amy stopped with her "lesbian" comments towards Penny. There's still plenty of nerd stuff. And people still complain. They are never satisfied. Also, Amy and Bernadette are female SCIENTISTS.

The season started off kind of subpar with Howard floating around in space, apparently miserable and the butt of the other astronauts jokes. There were a few funny moments but glad they didn't stretch it out too long. Sheldon says "He went to space a boy and returns a boy-sized hero," followed by Howard screaming like a little girl as they plunge back down to Earth. Poor guy didn't get the welcome back that he really wanted, and also, wouldn't shut up about being in space either. The show picked up again in that very episode with a guys vs. girls game night which was hysterical. We had a stretch of superb episodes after that, like Stuart's Halloween party, (and Leonard showing Penny an awesome hologram in the lab) Sheldon and Howard fighting over Sheldon's parking space that he never uses, Penny teaching Howard how to fish and put a worm on a hook, Howard and Raj trying to figure out Sheldon's secret routine in a room in the university basement, and of course, the guys going to a comic convention in Bakersfield, and stopping in the same field that they shot the original Star Trek TV series--dressed as the principal characters, and getting their car stolen. And the Bob Newhart episode, where he plays Sheldon and Leonard's childhood TV idol "Professor Proton." And in 2 episodes, we are introduced to the university's human resources lady, Mrs. Davis, who's African American, and Sheldon makes a few racist comments and gives her a few very inappropriate gifts (he's obviously unaware of how bad these things are) while buttering her up to get picked for the open tenure position. And of course, there were many other great episodes, but those are my top season 6 ones.

Also, Amy and Sheldon's "relationship" starts to open up a bit more, and Sheldon makes a very shocking statement, that it's a possibility that he'll sleep with Amy someday. Penny's reaction is priceless. Howard finally moves out of his mutha's house, and Raj meets a girl who's also socially awkward. And Penny goes back to community college, to prove to Leonard that she's not stupid.

All in all, this season has been EXCELLENT. Many people agree it's been the best one since season 2 or 3. The show recently cleaned up pretty good at the Critics Choice Awards, and hopefully will win even more awards in the future. After what was season 6, they definitely will.
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VINE VOICEon January 29, 2013
When this show started out I thought it would not last beyond a season. Four super-smart "geeky" guys who love to go to the comics store and love to quote Star Trek and debate philosophical issue regarding superheroes trying to connect with the unreachable hot blonde next door. Well the writers of this series keep coming up with new and hilarious new avenues for this show that never seems to get boring.

What is always constant among these characters is both their hatred towards Sheldon, the self-centered egotist who slings insults without a second thought and whose mind that can solve string theory, cannot fathom the most mundane things regarding human interaction. As each of the characters has an innate desire to slay this "major annoyance," they are also inexplicably drawn to him, no matter what "detailled contracts" he makes them sign or iron clad rules he makes them follow (each day is assigned a specified meal and activity).

The stories keep evolving for the better, whether it be learning that alcohol can allow Raj to talk to girls, having a Wil Wheaton/ Sheldon Cooper rivalry, finding the perfect woman for Sheldon via an on-line dating service (Amy), having Sheldon and Penny sing "Soft Kitty," having Raj's parents appearring only via Skyppe or whether it's knock "Penny," knock, "Penny," knock, "Penny!"

And now the show is into its sixth season and nobody cares that the elevator is still out of order! Some of the best scenes happen when they are walking up or down those several flights (how did they move that Time Machine up the stairs?).

TBS seems to have a few nights of marathan episodes each week and I can watch them back to back without getting bored. While a show like Modern Family is funny, the shows seem to all be the same and the characters have not really evolved since the first episode. With TBBT we see Amy evolving to becoming more human and little by little we see Sheldon start to change (he did get jealous of Amy's date with Stuart). Penny has learned to accept Sheldon's quirks and occasionally Raj will slip and talk in front of a girl sans alcohol. I don't think we will ever see Howard's mother on-screen though but we do know that the two people that tame Sheldon are his mother and his twin sister.

I hope the writers can keep up the excellent job on this show for seasons to come and that the actors realize what they have now and don't decide to jump ship just yet.
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on March 16, 2013
This is the first comedy I have seen in a long time that does really make me laugh when I'm watching it. And I mean, my sides hurt I laugh so much sometimes. I love all of the quirky characters, the stories range from silly to touching, and all of the actors perform seamlessly. If you're feeling blue or cranky, give this show a try - it should cheer you right up!
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on November 7, 2013
I can honestly say this is one of the funniest shows on TV! It is nothing short of brilliant, and each season not only delivers, but gets better and better - if that is possible! Even the peripheral characters are amazing - Laurie Metcalf gives an absolutely hysterical performance as Sheldon's Bible-thumping Mama, whereas Christien Baranski is superb as the ever-cold, ever-frigid mother of Lenonard. And who can forget Mrs. Walowitz - who can be heard constantly yelling uncouth remarks at poor Howard, while we get to see Raj visit with his parents who are most concerned about him finding a nice Indian Girl. There is nothing better and I can always count on this show to make me laugh non-stop!

But I have to say that this season worries me a bit~not as funny as the previous seasons. Hope this is not a sign of material getting stale.
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on December 24, 2012
Sheldon makes my day. This is the kind of show that can be watched many times and you laugh as much the second time as you did the first !!!!
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on January 7, 2013
The Big Bang is the best comedy series on TV now. Dr. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons carries the show. The other stars in the show each bring their individual personalities into the show and make it a true success like other comedy series of the past (Seinfeld, Friends). Mayim Hoya Bialik who plays Amy Farrah Fowler does a remarkable job as Sheldon Cooper’s friend who is a girl. The sixth season continues to bring you great episodes week after week. Well worth the watch.
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on July 7, 2014
Maybe it's because I'm a computer guy (read: nerd) who likes World of Warcraft and other games. Maybe it's because I'm dating a gorgeous woman who is the girl of my dreams. Maybe it's because I wish I was as smart as Sheldon and had such little regard for what others think of me.

I don't know what it is... but this show is probably my all-time favorite.

The interaction between the characters is more complex than what appears at the surface level, and the chemistry between them all if fantastic.

The writing is done very well, the jokes are clever and the dialogue is always interesting.

If you watch some of the extras and see the actors not in character, you really gain an appreciation for how good they really are.

Wonderful show... great props... great writing... great acting... great sets... always entertaining and funny.

Also, I love how they're eating all the time... that's pretty much when you interact with your friends the most.
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on June 1, 2013
I'm quite sad to report that I found the sixth season to be an order of magnitude lower in quality than any of the first five seasons. There were some decent moments in season six, but I never had to be on the lookout for just moments in prior seasons.

I think that it is mostly the writing that has suffered, and some poor character development. The actors mostly seem to be up to snuff, they just have less to work with. The show hasn't fallen off a cliff, but it is on some gravelly road.
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on May 4, 2014
Pretty much every episode delivers, as it has since the beginning, and you only grow more and more attached to this group of goofballs. Penny continues to ground the group, Sheldon continues to be a loveable pain in the ass and Bernadette makes me laugh with every line she says. The picture is great, and the sound very clear. I feel like I'm in the audience, laughing along with the laugh track. The extras are a lot of fun to watch as well. You can tell that every one really likes working with every one else and is having a great time, except for Johnny Galecki who just seems to be a little... well... off in real life. Maybe he's just really shy out of character.
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on April 15, 2014
The show still remains one of the top comedies. This 6th season is fast paced and funny enough but spends even less time on the "science" that made the first three seasons so interesting. Opting instead for personality based gags, the characters become more flat. Still, the show works.

This set is holding out on us in terms of special features, no doubt awaiting a "complete series" edition. Still, the quality is high enough that if you didn't want to justify a blu-ray purchase you could get by. After all, it was filmed in HD so the transfer doesn't lose too much unlike the first few seasons.
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