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on February 18, 2014
I continue to be baffled by the reviews that say "the best season ever!" and "loved every episode!" Nonsense. Like every prior season, Season Five of The Clone Wars is a mixed bag. I would even go so far as to say this year's bag is more mixed than the last -- meaning not as good or compelling. Season Four had a lot of variety and a lot of interesting and intense episodes (some stand-alone; others part of a series). Almost all of Season Five episodes are parts of series -- looooong series (3-4 episodes), and not always that engaging. I watched these with my 8 year old son and (sometimes) 6 year old daughter. We were pretty bored by the opening episodes, and the group of episodes with a band of misfit robots on a secret mission commanded by a loud-mouthed tiny guy were mostly obnoxious (until they found and rescued the clone, which heated things up and brought the series to a welcome end). My son really enjoyed the series with the young Jedi in training (naturally). We kept waiting/wondering when Darth Maul would show up again, but it seemed like we had to wait until the season was almost over. Ahsoka wrongly accused and on the run was an interesting twist, and I had a feeling Ventress would re-appear, but overall there were no episodes as engrossing as the Season Four Mon Calamari or Umbara series (my all-time favorite).
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I'm a little depressed that as for now this looks like the final season of this entertaining series and with a decent cliff hanger too, also it was tragic that many fans of the show know we lost a talented actor Ian Abercrombie who was the voice of Chancellor Palpatine. Some people feel the CGI animation is to childish to be taken seriously but I disagree,while not the realistic CGI version we've seen with the PC Games of Star Wars:The Old Republic the animation for the series was good and the action and story was also entertaining throughout the shows run.

Hopefully with Disney getting the rights to Star Wars we may see a continuation of the series later on though I do hope they keep it at the same level of drama and action instead of truly making it a kids series. Still for fans of the series or just those looking fora good show here's one to try out just a suggestion for newcomers though, get the first season as some of the show's storylines will confuse on what's happening with the main story and with the characters as well.
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on August 12, 2013
The fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars improved on its predecessors in every way. The storytelling quality of each arc emulates the passion and effort that the crew puts in to bring us the best possible Star Wars we can get. This season is also the most satisfying to long-time viewers since it brings closure to a lot of stories that have been ongoing for a long time. If you have never watched any of the series, DO NOT SKIP TO THIS SEASON. If you are new to The Clone Wars, I would advise purchasing Season One or the Complete Box Set, which contains the entire series in all of its five-season glory.

To try to analyze the season in its entirety would be a difficult task so I will break it down by arc...

The Onderon arc:

This arc served as a continuation to a plot thread introduced midway through Season Three. While sneaking behind enemy lines with Padme in an attempt to end the Clone War, Ahsoka is introduced to the idea that the Separatists aren't evil. This concept is embodied by Lux Bonteri, a boy Ahsoka's age and the son of Mina Bonteri (a Separatist and old mentor of Padme's). This storyline began as a political intrigue to show the effects that propaganda have on each side's soldiers while also serving to demonstrate to kids that not everything is black and white. An episode in Season Four also continued to deal with this friendship and also chose to deal with Ahsoka's feelings towards Lux being more than platonic. The arc that kicks off Season Five brings this story to a head, when her feelings for Lux directly contradict her duties as a Jedi. The arc plays out in a very cinematic fashion (as all five arcs in this season do) and it leaves Ahsoka with much clarity about relationships, as her story continues to build.

The Younglings arc:

This is Star Wars! Many will critique this arc for being childish when the only "childish" thing about it is that the protagonists are, themselves, children. If you are looking for The Clone Wars to feel like the original three Star Wars films, this is the story for you. It puts Ahsoka in the mentor position and this serves as her penultimate story arc. The children have a base adjective that will help you tell them apart (if you're not one to keep up with Star Wars names). This arc serves as a standalone, besides the appearance of fearless pirate leader, Hondo Ohnaka. This is a great arc to watch in preparation for the BONUS CONTENT, which follows up Season Five, since Hondo remains central to the "Rogues Gallery" aspect of The Clone Wars and he has had dealings with a young Boba Fett in previous seasons that are acknowledged towards the end of this arc.

The Astromech arc:

Don't be discouraged by the lineup of characters that we follow in this arc. There are some lessons to be learned in these episodes. Again, they are extremely cinematic and Stephen Stanton really brings a lot of weight to the pint-sized colonel, Meebur Gascon. This arc completely stands alone from the rest of the episodes and is a great ride (especially when all watched together).

The Maul arc:

Darth Maul?! I thought he died in The Phantom Menace! Go back a few seasons, get caught up, and then you won't care about reading a review of this arc. After the end of Season Four, you'll just watch it.

The Ahsoka arc:

I am hoping this eventually gets its own Blu-ray release so I can review it as a film because that's what it is. This arc remains my favorite piece of Star Wars media since Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars has always been my favorite movie franchise and for many reasons. But making me cry has never been one of them. This arc succeeds, for the first time, at making me cry at something Star Wars-related. It's a great feeling and not one I would expect to get from this series. This arc also features an appearance from the best character to come out of The Clone Wars (she was mysteriously absent from the Maul arc).

Please buy this season and you will be genuinely entertained. UNLESS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN ANY OF THE CLONE WARS. Then, go watch from the beginning. This show deserves a lot more praise than some of the movies in the cinema from the last five years.
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I love the way the episodes were arched together and answered questions left unanswered in previous episodes and even from the movies. I like the fact that the Jedi have to decide to defend one of their one or turn their backs when one of the Jedi is accused of killing a suspect in custody at the Jedi Temple and they believe the evidence of the word of the Jedi and in the end because of their unbelief in that person they leave the Jedi Order knowing that the Jedi cannot be trusted with the way they turned so quickly to believe what they saw and not the person's words. Also most of the season is winding down and leading into the third movie and explains a lot of what is shown in it.
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Enthusiast: Star Warson September 27, 2015
Almost the end of the line for a series that brought so much great backstory to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and introduced new fan-favorites like Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. The series was never too dumbed-down for kids, and never too dark or gory to keep kids away. Conversely, it dealt with complex issues of war and heroism and sacrifice in a way that would keep adult fans interested. Get the whole series!
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on May 15, 2014
After hearing so much about the technical issues people have talked about this release, I waited a while before taking the plunge and buying it. I am happy to report that, at least in my case, that the problems that initially plagued the season 5 blu ray (audio sync and incompatibility with certain disc players) seem to have been resolved. The discs played just fine for me, and there was no apparent problems with the sound. I am totally happy with my purchase. My only complaint is the shoddy packaging, which is the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five. Seasons one and two were gorgeously packaged and loaded with great artwork and production info. Seasons 3-5 appear to be done on the cheap, which is very disappointing. That one minor quibble aside, I would definitely recommend this to any Star Wars fan out there. Season 5 had some of the best storylines of the entire series. The Darth Maul/Deathwatch story arc was fantastic, and the season ending arc with Ashoka being framed for murder was very powerful and emotionally charged, considering that this is a show aimed primarily at young people. It does not dumb down its material or condescend to its audience. Indeed, I think the Clone Wars is one of the strongest sci fi shows of the last few years, both in terms of production and the writing. It is better, in my opinion, than much of the live-action sci fi television out there right now.
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on January 11, 2014
I think this series would have continued on for at least one or two more seasons if Disney hadn't bought Lucas Films. This whole series, from beginning to end, has been a master piece in story telling, presentation and technical superiority in an animated series. I applaud the efforts of everyone who took part in bringing this series to us to enjoy. I wish each of them much success in their further endeavors and look forward to seeing their further work in the future.
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on March 5, 2014
I love the Clone Wars series and the final season was great. The price was right and I received the item as promised. My only beef is disk 2 of the Blu-ray set has some sound sync issues. The characters speaking on screen don't match the sound coming across. Its not old Kung Fu movie kind of bad, but it is noticeable and detracts from the experience. My research showed this was a production issue and I'll need to get a hold of the manufacturer to resolve it. However, I see enough other people have experienced this I wish there would have been some kind of heads up. Its not really Amazon's problem but if defective products are out there customers should be warned. Overall, this won't keep me from ordering something in the future.
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on December 28, 2013
It's the fifth and final season of The Clone Wars. I've said it before, I'll say it again, this show gets better by the season. We started season one a little young and grew up along the way, both in overall graphics and look of the show as well as storyline. The team involved kept in mind their audience is growing up along the way. So...Season 5. A series of multi-episode storylines. L-O-V-E IT! Not a bad episode in the bunch. Definitely worth the admission price, so to speak, to watch this. Hard to even speak to how well done everything is this season. Actually watching the final episode as I type this. This is, I think, a fitting end to the series. I, like I am sure most fans are, wish this would go on forever. They did manage to resolve most, if not all, of the storylines, by the finale. Just wish we had another 100 seasons of this. Watch this, love this, buy the entire series and watch the glory that is the Clone Wars. Vive le Clone Wars! May the Force be with You. Always.
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on April 14, 2017
I don't know how they could have made this any better. I hope there will be additional season. I'll definitely buy it
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