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Style: Canon PGI-250 XL Black Ink|Change
Price:$24.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on June 7, 2014
and do the math...these are Extra Large/Capacity tanks, they have twice the amount of ink as the regular tanks... The prices change, at times its higher other times lower... I buy it when its lower but don't just check the price of this one compare it to individual CMY XL tanks. Last week when I bought the 3 pack it was a dollar cheaper than buying the tanks individually, this week I checked and its a dollar more! Buy XL tanks, they're the same size as the regular but hold considerably more ink and last more than twice as long therefore contributing a little less to landfill...
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on February 12, 2014
I did a little research using adjusted cost per page when the products were bought at Amazon and the bottom line is, it is cheaper to purchase individual XL tanks for the 4 color tanks than it is to purchase a 4 pack of the regular ink tanks, despite the seemingly great looking price of the 4 pack.

You can basically stop here. From this point on I go into detail, including some math, as to how I arrived at this conclusion. If you are interested in the background, please feel free to read on.

At the time I wrote this, I saw on Amazon that they are selling packs 4 regular ink tanks, one of each color (Y, C, M, BK) for $37.94, which is about $9.485 (bear with my fractional cents here, there's a purpose) making it cheaper per ink tank than Canon's list price of an individual regular ink tank of $11.99. So it got me thinking, is the XL really cheaper than the regular-sized ink cartridge 4 packs? Canon's list for the XL tanks are $17.99 and Amazon cells the same XL ink tanks for $16.99, some XL color ink tanks on Amazon at the time I wrote this are even cheaper at $15.06 per cartridge. I did the math at the more costly $16.99 to show there is a savings at this price, meaning there will be more of a savings for the XL color cartridges that cost $15.06.

Let me explain with math:

I found a web site review of the MX922, that actually broke down the retail ink tank cost to a per page price. At Canon retail prices, the regular-sized ink tanks cost $0.166/page (16.6 cents/page) and the XL at retail cost $0.128/page (12.8 cents/page). Now that gives me a baseline to which I can figure out the cost per page of Amazon's price on an individual tank in the 4pack vs. an individual price of an XL tank on Amazon.

The math goes along these lines:

Cost of the regular tanks in the 4 pack when bought on Amazon is: $0.136 per page
a.k.a., 13.6 cents per page compared to Canon's retail on the regular tanks of $0.166 (16.6 cents/page).
[If you want the math, here it is: (($0.166) x ($9.485)) / $11.99 = $0.136]

Cost of the XL tanks per page when bought on Amazon is: $0.121
a.k.a., 12.1 cents per page (rounded up the last digit) compared to Canon's retail on the XL tanks of $0.128 (12.8 cents/page)
[If you want the math, here it is: (($0.128) x ($16.99)) / $17.99 = $0.121]

Canon regular tanks bought in the 4 pack at Amazon costs 13.6 cents per page
Canon XL tanks bought at Amazon costs 12.1 cents per page (even less for the XL tanks that cost $15.06)

Bottom line:
Despite the great price break of the 4 pack, it is still cheaper per page to buy the individual XL tanks.

The baseline prices of retail Canon ink tanks were done in a review of the MX922 printer and the review included the printer's ink usage cost for the different size tanks. The review was conducted by a third party meaning their website is outside of (and for that matter). Amazon rules say I cannot provide a link to the external web page that reviewed the product and it's per page price testing. All I can say is, those really are the results of the research and I did this cost break down in this review because I am in need of purchasing all ink cartridges and am now going to be buying all individual XL ink tanks as a result of my research into the Amazon cost per page breakdown. I thought I'd share what I figured out in cost savings since this stuff is pricey to begin with. 12.1 cents per page is still pretty pricey, (ouch!), but my printer is about out of ink in each of the tanks that came with it. I have to bite the bullet and purchase the XL tanks now (I need to do more grey scale printing to save on buying all the color tanks every time!).

Hope this helps!
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on June 6, 2014
I love these XL cartridges. I just ordered a new set of 5 and opened this XL Black right away because mine was empty. UPS delivered it and I noticed the cartridge was warm from traveling in the hot UPS truck all day. I opened the packaging the way I've opened hundreds of these Manufacturer cartridges-- all the plastic, the pull offs, the twist or pry offs, etc. When I removed the orange ink cap, low and behold, black ink flew everywhere. All over my clothes hands rug and table. I don't know how much was lost, but it probably seemed like more than it was because of the shock factor. It finally cleaned off my hands using Greased Lightning. Nothing else would even touch it. So, the moral is, if the cartridge is still warm from the truck, best to wait a little while and open the orange ink cap CAREFULLY and SLOWLY.
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on July 4, 2014
I ordered this item but I used the pull down chart that is connected with this item. It did not show my printer as
being compatible so I made connection with the chat line and they were not sure either but they told me to
go ahead and order it and if it did not work it was free to return.
It is exactly the same as I had in the printer. I have a Cannon wireless MX922.
I copied a test sheet that came with the printer and it copied it perfectly.
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2015
I do a lot of printing, so I really appreciate having the XL size option for the Canon ink cartridges. I was a little puzzled at first why the 251 black cartridge wasn't included in the pack, but the printer really doesn't use a lot of that ink. I go through the PGI-250XL black cartridges regularly, but not the 251. So, getting the three color cartridges together in an XL size is very helpful and keeps printing costs down a bit. The colors are beautiful and the print quality with the MX-922 printer is really good. I'm very happy with both the ink and the printer.
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on July 1, 2015
When I ordered this cartridge, I thought I was getting a CLI-251 XL GY (see description above), which holds 11 ml of product. When I received the product, I was disappointed that it was a standard size which holds 7 ml. While the picture shown is a standard size, the description clearly says "XL". I am not sure why Amazon allows these discrepancies to exist, especially when it is not in favor of the customer.
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on September 15, 2015
The XL packs are well worth buying as they are a better value than the non XL ink cartridges.

I have a Canon MG6300 and I like it a lot. I love printing pictures with this printer but the standard cartridges seem to run out quickly. I bought the XL cartridges to save money and give me more prints per use. I wish that they had a 4 pack XL that included the grey ink as it is used a lot in color printing for adjusting the colors so it runs out just as quickly. It can be purchased by itself but including it in a 4 pack would be nice.

I have noticed ink levels after numerous 5x7 photos is still at max level so I am impressed with the ink volume in these XL cartridges. They also fit perfectly in the printer so compatibility is not an issue. I would say that these cartridges should be your first choice when replacing your Canon printer ink because they have added value and reduce waste. Highly recommended.
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on July 27, 2013
I like this XL cartridges i get more then twice the amount of pages out of them. Yes they cost little more but, you get more use out of it. Its just annoying when you are printing or copying and the printer is out of ink.
size does mater
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on September 20, 2015
I currently own a Canon PIXMA MX922 which came with regular ink cartridges. Since I have a tendency to print a lot, the ones that were included with the printer at the time did not last me long.

Seeing as how I was previously using an older Lexmark printer for over 10+ years, I had absolutely no idea that XL cartridges existed. Luckily, the first place I checked was on Amazon and discovered that they do indeed exist. They hold a bit more mL than the regular ones (22 mL compared to 15 mL).

The only real drawback is that they're a tad bit more expensive than the regular ones. But, the XL cartridges will last you longer and you won't have to buy one immediately. I wish I had known about them a long time ago.

Anyhow, I highly recommend you buy these instead of the regular ones in the future!
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Okay, let me break down my star rating here so it makes sense.... this ink is fabulous and as inks go it is a 5 star product. So why only three stars? Two reasons really.... the first and most important is that I just really don't think it lives up to its XL status. There just does not seem to be all that much ink in these tanks to merit such a label. I go through them like they're water. While it is true that I have been known to print many 8.5x11 photos, I still think that something labeled XL should last more than 30 or 40 prints. These often don't. The second is that each tank is a bit ridiculous in its pricing. I mean seriously. At the prices they charge for ink, Canon should be throwing in the printers for free. Its pretty insane.
I understand why so many people go for the cheap 3rd party inks. Believe me I've been tempted. I have a hundred dollar month ink habit. Totally ludicrous.

One other important point about this ink.... I've been using these particular inks for a couple of years now and I've already described that I do a great deal of printing and have probably gone through 30 magenta tanks at this point. I have NEVER had one clog on me. This is impressive. Not that ink tanks should clog, but many of them do. Not these.

So there you have it.... Great ink but not so very cost effective and you don't get all that much. And the prices keep climbing. Is there some sort of ink shortage someone forgot to tell me about?

BOTTOM LINE: I highly recommend this ink but I understand the need to look for less expensive ink. I will stick with canon ink but it gnaws at me that this one ink tank is 20% of the cost of the printer. Honestly I would love to give it 3 stars because of the cost factor but the ink is just so good I can't bring myself to do it.
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