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Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier in Black
Color: Black|Size: 200 Square Feet|Change
Price:$209.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 9, 2017
I bought it to clean the air in my attic after I did a massive remodel. Dirt, sawdust, and who knows what was up there... and this did a great job cleaning it out. Below is a picture of one day's washing.

I gave it 5 stars when I first wrote the review, unfortunately, 4 months after I received the air purifier, it stopped shutting off when it ran out of water. I still like it, but I have to make sure it is always filled with water or it continues to run without it.

I tried contacting the company about the defective product, but they never contacted me back. The product is still under warranty, but that doesn't mean anything if the company never returns your emails.
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on May 17, 2015
We purchased this in January 2015 and used it for the remainder of the cold dry Michigan winter. We had the air washer running 24/7 in our bedroom at the level 2 setting. Definitely did it's job of filtering the air as we found plenty of sediment in the bottom of the air washer every two weeks when we cleaned it. We added a gallon of water to the washer every day and noticed a huge improvement in the moisture in the air. The device is well made and easy to clean.
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on February 17, 2016
I'm still not sure what to think about this thing after using it for about a year.
Does it humidify?
It's questionable, maybe more like maintains the humidity levels from dropping too fast. Why do I say this? Because I don't see the humidity levels drop or spike when I'm not using or using the unit. I have a pretty fast reacting hygrometer which detects the changes in 30 minutes max.

Does it clean air?
For sure it does, simply because the water in the tub gets dirty. But how big of a radius does it really affect? I'm not sure, I have no proof either way.
My nose never said "ohhhh this air feels so great" when I would walk inside the room where it's used. But I keep using it, in good part because it's so universally praised, and I paid for it.

I had mine for close to a year. First few months you could keep it in the bedroom where we sleep. But then it developed this clickity/clackety noise, stuttering clicking sound. That made it not bedroom quiet. I tinkered with it a lot, read tips from Venta themselves, and various advice on the internet and this collection of reviews. It's successful for a few hours but the clicking always returns. So during day it's in our bedroom and during night in the living room. Usually on #2 setting.
So while it's humidifying and air cleaning properties are just my subjective opinions, this noise is definitely a disappointment.

My first big gripe is how Venta marketing makes you think it's low maintenance.
OK how, compared to other humidifiers I guess?
Still, how?
It takes same amount of work adding water daily and cleaning if not more.
My warm mist humidifier I'd add water daily and clean it once a season to get rid of calcium deposit.
Venta takes adding water daily, cleaning every couple of weeks, and at least once a season I disassemble it to clean the fan housing.
And the basic cleaning is not that quick either.
You have to clean both the plastic cylinder and the tub. Depending on how dirty the air was, the tub needs to be rinsed or scrubbed.
The cylinder is the worst part.
I would soak it in vinegar and then run it under water from the shower with a very strong jet stream and the slimy gunk would fall off it the plastic cylinder for half hour. A lot of it. The cylinder would be completely coated with it.
Well that was before I started using the water additive.
Then I decided to give this additive a try.
It works! For cleaning part at least, someone here noted how it became much more effective as a humidifier as they start using water additive. I haven't noticed a difference. At least nothing that would make me say "wow it's so much better now!"
But with cleaning it helps big time.
After a couple of weeks the plastic cylinder has barely any of that slimy gunky stuff.
OK so that became quick and easy.
But there's added cost. And you're dumping the additive to the water stream.
I'm not a chemist but is this really that eco-friendly as other blurb of their marketing makes you think?

Then there is a slight deception from Venta. Or maybe an honest mistake?
When you buy a bottle of additive it gives a standard measure of 3.5oz per application.
But then I remembered, when I bought this thing it came with a sample.
Well what do you know?
On the sample bottle it says LW15-25 is using 1.75oz and LW45 is using 3.5oz.
Does this bit of info exist of the 35oz bottle?
Just says "One dose of Water Treatment Additive is 3.5 fl oz equal to one black marking on the left hand side of the label"

Mistake or tricking the consumer to spend twice as much $ as they need?

On the Venta site it says:
11 reasons people insist on Venta Airwashers
Can never over-humidify: true but in a sarcastic-ironic way, not in a way "we'll bring a humidity where it should be but too much of it"
No filters no trash: true but you're dumping water additive to back to the water supply
Hygiene no more germs: I got sick twice this season while in the last ten years I either get sick once of not at all, but it's hard to be objective on this.
Low maintenance: compared to my warm mist humidifier totally false as I mentioned in my review above
Use very little power: true but is there any benefit compared to every other humidifier of similar capacity? So if you're doing the same job as every other guy how is that the advantage for you that you decide to market yourself with?
Eco-friendly: same as No filters, no thrash line, you're dumping water additive back to the water supply stream, how is that Eco-friendly?
Extremely simple to use: true but same can be said of just about every humidifier, OK this is getting repetitive.
Very simple to clean: false, in my opinion, you have to clean the tub, the plastic cylinder and occasionally the fan housing
Easy to fill with water: true...whatever
Made in Germany: true and it's nice to see Germans keep their manufacturing in their country, the downside is the price at least 5 times and probably more of the humidifier of similar capacity
Premium quality: true but just because I don't wanna come across as a nit picky thrasher of the Venta Airwasher, on the other hand what's so premium about it? It's plastic and none of it has a Rolls Royce feeling. It's impressively designed and put together but we're accustomed to see that from Germans, I mean they are truly the kings of industrial design.

So there you have it, I hope I didn't just completely waste a couple of hours of my life and someone will actually read this.

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on December 16, 2015
We have been using Venta Airwashers for many years and this was our 5th unit. It came with an improperly assembled disk-stack that caused a loud thump on every revolution. I contacted customer service and was told that this part was not covered under warranty despite the fact that I enclosed a photo showing the obvious manufacturing defect.

The customer service representative said it was probably 'damaged in shipping'. A rather amusing theory since it would require the disk stack to somehow become magically unglued and mysteriously re-glued back together the wrong position. He said since it was within 30 days, he would only charge me shipping.

Sorry Venta. We purchased this unit based on 15 years of experience with your (formerly) excellent warranty service. But your 5 year warranty is now down to 1 year - and you don't even honor those terms.
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on December 31, 2015
[Update - 01/23/2016]
So the temp dropped quite a bit here the last couple weeks, regularly between 20-30 degrees, with the furnace running quite a bit to keep the house warm. With that said, the Venta struggles to keep the house more than about 28-30% humidity, but I still find that is better than if we had no humidifier. I also discovered that filling every 24 hours was not enough in this case, with the unit running dry a few times, causing build up of calcium deposits. When I went to clean it this time, I had to change my cleaning technique. I rinse everything except the motor with warm water first, then fill the lower housing with about half a tank of warm water, and add about a cup of vinegar. Then I use a sponge to rinse everything down with, starting with the upper housing, motor blades/gear housing, then the disks, I just install in the lower housing, spin around several times, and then wash out the lower housing. This seems to get things pretty clean, and then I just rinse everything off with warm water, and allow everything to air dry for a couple hours.

I have since switches to filling the Venta in the morning and evening, so that it remains as full as possible during the day, to reduce the build up of calcium. Other than that, it still seems to be running great, and doing a good job!

[Initial Review - 12/31/2015]
After having this unit in my Amazon cart for nearly a year, on Black Friday, I noticed a rather large price drop, so decided to take a gamble, and get one. The reason I hadn't bought one, is because I kept going back and forth between this and the almost 6x cheaper Honeywell Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier. I just didn't like the idea of replacing filters all the time, and it seemed like some of the reviews weren't that great on this unit, even though I remember an electronics company I used to work for, had one of these in their hardware lab.

So every year in the winter, our 3400 SQFT house ends up with humidity down in the 10's, I know because I bought a humidity sensor last year just to monitor it. We encountered a large amount of static electricity, dry skin, and dry throats/noses over the past several years, and got tired of filling the ultrasonic humidifier we had in our bedroom, only to experience the same issues through the rest of the house.

So I was looking for the largest evaporative humidifier I could find, to try and humidify the whole house, without installing a whole house humidifier in our furnace. Even though I'm sure those can be used reliably, I didn't want to chance it with our furnace units on the second floor, right above our kitchen. Once the LW-45 showed up, I immediately got it setup, which just involved removing packing material, pouring water in the lower housing, adding the water treatment additive, and installing the upper housing. Once it was plugged in, I just had to push the power button, and select a fan speed. Pretty easy.

I had read some other reviews, and some of them mentioned when using these, to place them as close to a return vent for your HVAC as possible. I located mine in the dining room, out of sight for the most part, and let it do it's thing. The humidity upon turning the unit on was only around 30%. After about one day, it was already up to 35%, and a second day, we were hovering right around 40% on a consistent basis. I was pretty impressed. The humidity sensor was placed in a room opposite the Venta, just to get an idea how far it was traveling. I relocated the humidity sensor to our bedroom, which is almost three rooms away from the current location of the Venta. In this room, I see a range of 33-36% humidity, so it seems to be working well, getting throughout the house. This usually requires a full fill of the Venta every day. It will run about 1.5 days before running out of water.

One thing I started to notice though, is the real oak wood floor where the Venta was sitting, felt kind of sticky on the sides where the fan pushes air out, with socks on. I relocated the Venta to the area between our kitchen and breakfast area, while not ideal for the return vent, I didn't want any chance of it ruining our wood floors. After a few days, the sticky feeling seemed to go away, so perhaps it was just extremely humid air on the floors...

Cleaning, the part we all hate, right? Well, most of the negative reviews on this product seem to be centered around cleaning this device. Since Venta recommends every 10-14 days, to clean the unit, I decided to stretch it, and go exactly 14 days, so it always falls on the same day of the week (I setup a recurring reminder on my phone). I was kind of dreading it, thinking it would be a hassle, but actually only took me a total of about 10-15 minutes. I just unplugged the unit, removed the power cord, and carried the entire unit to the bathtub. I rinsed out the lower housing with warm water and a sponge, and then ran warm water over all the areas of the disks. You really can't scrub the disks because of the way they are built, but do not think it is all that necessary. I then used the sponge and warm water to wipe down the fan blades, and the gear teeth that drive the disks. Once that was done, I rinsed off the upper housing with warm water and a sponge around the fan opening. That was it, then just let it air dry for a few hours, put water back in it, and the WTA, and was good to go again for another two weeks. So far I have done this process twice, and there was just a little bit of calcium built up in the lower housing, but nothing that wouldn't come off with a little work with the sponge.

Even though I've only had this unit for about a month now, I can tell you that if you just run it 24/7, it has a less chance of getting gunked up, than if you only turn it on at certain times. If the disks aren't moving the water around, the calcium has time to build up on all the stationary surfaces, and make it very difficult to remove. If the disks continuously move, this seems to happen less. It is my recommendation that if you aren't wanting the humidity for whatever reason, just run it down lower in water level, and turn it on low. Although with this kind of humidifier, you really can't over humidify, so the beauty of it is, you can really let it run all the time.

I plan to update my review as time goes on, just to see how long the unit lasts, and continues to preform. It concerns me a little that the warranty term has been shortened significantly than it used to be, but I've also seem recent posts of people getting repair parts out of warranty, so we will see. I would really expect a machine this expensive to last at least 5-8 years with good care, which would be a yearly cost of around $50-80 a year, just for the machine.
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on September 16, 2017
i dont know how to clean it,I tried a lot of methods and it didn't work
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on August 8, 2016
This is the second Venta Airwasher I've purchased. I bought the LW25 earlier this year and the LW45 arrived today. Every good thing you've read in the overwhelmingly positive reviews of this humidifier/purifier is true. Every element of this device is superb and when I had a question on opening my LW45, the answering operator at the toll-free number easily guided me through the issue. Details, briefly, on my experiences with the two units:
1. Securely packed. They know what they're doing in shipping at Venta.
2. Quality components. When I read in reviews before purchasing my first unit things like "built like a tank", I was a bit surprised when it arrived and wasn't enormously heavy. "This is just a bunch of plastic parts," I thought. I know much better. Everything about this unit is sturdy and solid (without being bulky). Everything that needs to fit precisely ... fits precisely. Everything that needs a bit of operating space (like the rotating disk stacks) has exactly that amount of operating space. Simple operating instructions and minimalist buttons and lights. When I needed to open the upper housing on the bigger unit, there are two buttons to push on top of the unit. When you push them, the panels unfold with origami-like precision.
3. So quiet I initially doubted it was actually running. The LW25 has 2 speeds and on the higher speed, you can barely hear it. The LW45, designed to purify and humidify an 800 square foot space, has 3 speeds and on the 3rd speed, you can hear it hum a little.
4. Does what it's supposed to do. I live in Arizona and dryness and lack of humidity are an issue, along with a few allergy-intense periods (for me). I don't know how to quantify the ABSENCE of allergies and dryness in the air, but those things are absent. We also had some intense issues with pet odors. I had the LW25 in my home office and, after the pet-odor situation got so hit you walking into the house, I temporarily moved the LW25 to our central family room/kitchen area. This was the medium unit and our house is pretty wide open so I didn't know how much of a change to expect. Someone with a much more sensitive sense of smell than me told me after one day the difference in pet odor was substantial. After nearly five months with the first unit, I immediately ordered the LW45 for that large, open area.
5. Maintenance is simple. Easy instructions, easy to wipe or sponge or squirt clean. Easy to add the water treatment additive every two weeks. Easy to fill. If you don't put water in and the tank empties, it stops running and a red light goes on.
6. Customer service was great. No recorded message, no impersonal call center, no transferring around to tech support, or need to have anyone call me back. The operator was courteous, understood my problem (a red light went on when I first plugged in the unit). She quickly and carefully suggested I open the upper housing (and walked me through that), unplug the power adapter from the unit, replug it in, and try again. It worked immediately.
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on August 13, 2015
Use to humidify child's room in winter. I have used several humidifiers over the years. Seems like they only last about a season then don't work the next year. We would get white dust on everything despite trying every suggestion out there. At one point it was so bad with the dust it was clogging the filter on the home furnace causing issues and extra wear with it.

This guy is simple, we use tap water, follow the instructions with chemicals. I was most concerned with having to get chemicals then mess with mixing and so on. It really is not like that at all. Fill the water add a couple drops and done. At the end of the season run the cleaning solution and put it way. I keep a cheap humidity monitor in the room just for reference. This unit was consistent and maintained a good balance. In the long run this a much better unit and lot less cost consider the hassle of yearly replacements.
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on March 31, 2018
I really wanted to like this unit and hoped it would live up to the positive reviews. After receiving it, being dissatisfied and then re-reading the reviews, the trend was clear -- the negative reviews site real measurements of humidity and how little the Venta impacts them. The positive ones remark about how quiet it is and how much better people feel after using it.

* It doesn't clean the air - search for other (outside of amazon) reviews of this system that measure the change in air quality of this system. They literally say that the unit performs about as well "no air purifier at all". I am not exaggerating.
* The fan speed is too low to circulate air in even a modestly sized bedroom - the manufacturers of wick style humidifiers aren't dumb, they don't want to make a loud system, it's that one needs airflow to evenly effectively humidify a room.
* The fact that it consumes water so much slower than wick based models is also telling - it's simply not moving moisturizer into the air.
* On the plus side, the small amount of white noise may help you sleep.

I'd say this unit is as good as having nothing at all - but in a head-to-head with nothing it a) costs money b) uses electricity c) requires maintenance d) requires regular use of weird chemicals from Venta
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on August 8, 2016
I had to finish my review cause I saw someone said this doesn’t work: BULLCRAP!

I have a humidity meter in my room (good cheap one you can also get on Amazon): you watch the humidity go up when it’s on, fall when it’s off, nothing else to it!

This is a very good product. I’ve had it for almost 3 years now, and another family member has as well. I purchased it based on research, and don't imagine there is a better air cleaner / humidifier.

It’s a simple design, and cleaning is not too bad (use their cleaner, or occasionally a bit of CLR on a paper towel for heavy build up).

It will keep your room cleaner (you will see proof in the water...filtered or distilled), and increase the humidity (a must in the winter if you have sinus problems).
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