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on March 26, 2013
Like most hard rock, it depends on your taste as to whether or not you will like an album. I like to set a baseline by listing some contemporary bands that are closest to what I like and what this album is like.
What I like...
Heavy side: Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Stone Sour
Soft side: Black Stone Cherry, Pop Evil, Aranda
What I hate...
Metro-Rock: Evans Blue, Incubus, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate - any band that jams, then when the lyrics start, power cords end and the singer decides to wine like a little b!tch
Too-Hard: Anything where you can't understand any of the lyrics

I put it in the same category as Stone Sour's latest LP - about four or five really good songs, then a bunch of throw-ins. They span from MetroRock to Blink 182 metal to standard mainstream raging. Sadly, there isn't enough of the latter and too much of the former. I'm holding out hope for their concert at Rock on the Range in a couple months. Below is a blow-by-blow account of the LP.

Breaking Point starts the disc off nicely with Boba Flex-style rage. This means it rages, but not like ATR, so don't get too excited. I'm interested to see how this track is played live. Will they take the Emphatic route and rage their border-line MetroRock songs, or will they go the Evans Blue route and Incubus the heck out of it? We then come to Truth Hurts, which sounds a lot like Breaking Point with about a whole note rest between songs - played out. The third track takes us to the radio hit Temper-Temper; I'm a fan of this track.

Track four, P.O.W. takes BFMV to the MetroRock side of the world. You could pick this track up and place it on a 10 Years album and definitely think that 10 Years weenie is singing it. Track five, Dirty Little Secret, follows the trend of MetroRock, and it has zero chance of keeping this ranger entertained in concert. I'm pretty sure I will be leaving BFMV if POW and Dirty Little Secret are played back-to-back. Leech comes in to save the day sounding like The Amity Affliction. This would have been welcomed had they screamed hard-core like Amity Affliction, but I'm over the whole Blink 182/hard-rock sound. Kind cool that they can make a track with a totally different sound, but when that sound is a knock-off version of a border-line suck-sound, it doesn't work.

Knowing their CD was failing, they pulled in WWE act - Fozzy. Fozzy's antics were subdued, but Dead to the World is actually a descent track. I think they should have been slotted this at track four. Once you've heard three straight offal, and I mean offal, tunes, you aren't in the mood for the mandatory slow song.

Riot is next, and the radio hit is this ranger's favorite tune at track eight.

Track nine, Saints & Sinners, brings us a Volbeat/Ramstein type opening with hard power cords and thick bass, then some standard thrash metal. I'm excited to hear this tune in concert - much like Breaking Point at track 1 - it has the potential to really rage, but they could MetroRock it up too. There's a line that says "Saints, are you ready to rage? I wanna hear your thunder!" I think they'll mean Rangers as Saints; we'll see.

Track ten, Tears Don't Fall, Part 2, brings us to another filler song. They always say the sequel is worse than the original. I hope so, because this is another The Amity Affliction-type song. Tired.

We then come to a shaky song - a parenthetical. Livin Life (On the Edge of a Knife) is a solid (thrash metal song), especially after a punk/metal tune. The LP ends with another bracketed parenthetical, Not Invincible [*]. This one isn't solid, but semi-solid. I also respect and asterisk and brackets for a song title.

The CD ends with a nice bonus I wish more bands would do - two live tracks that are both five minute-plus tracks.

I vaguely remember them at ROTR 2011, and they were pretty good as I remember, but I remembered Evans Blue being good at ROTR 2011, and Evans Blue were Incubus-light this past fall in St Pete. I literally fell asleep standing up. This won't be tolerated at ROTR 2013.
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on February 27, 2013
This band started with a lot of momentum and looked on the verge of major things but have really hit the brakes with their last 2 releases. Much like 'Fever' this disc has some very good riffs within, but they are scattered between juvenile lyrics, some cheesy, formulaic choruses and over processed/ produced music. Too clean (though the guitars are sharp) attempting to sugar coat the weaknesses within.

I would actually like to know why this band and label believes that catering to a teenage crowd (especially lyrically), that does not exist, is a good idea?. Popularity is great, but now they should face what they are. Too old for this standard fare and challenged lyrics. I mean just go for it at this point, IF you have it in you. The side project 'Axewound' was much better than this with 1/3 the distribution. I think they would be surprised what an actual sincere, heavy release would do. But maybe they cant get on the same page for that and keep compromising, who knows.

'The Poison' was a solid disc. Unlike many, I liked 'Scream Aim Fire', thought it was the roots of what might be a strong Metal band with growth potential. It had different elements, yet had growth over 'Poison'. The last 2 releases look like a band desperate to try and make something happen on their major label, that just doesn't work. Doesn't sound sincere to me. Its like they have the ability but keep catering and hoping and holding back.

But as stated, it has a few good tracks, the riffs, many of them, are strong and if you can stomach the cheese lyrics and liked 'Fever' for the most part, this is for you.
If (like myself) you were hoping this CD would be vindication after 'Fever', it really is not. Simple as that.
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on April 27, 2017
A gift for my daughter, she requested this CD.
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on April 10, 2013
The first time I heard this, there were a few songs I liked, but was dissapointed overall. I've been listening to it off and on since it first came out, and it has really grown on me. I've been a fan of metal in all of it's forms since Iron Maiden, and the 80's bay area thrash scene, to grunge, punk, alternative, all the way to brutal death metal. When it comes to music, one should not discriminate unless they want to miss out on some really good music. For the style of metal BFMV play, this is a great album. Good songs, good melody's, and moments of pretty heavy awesomness. No it's not death metal, but these guys aren't a death metal band, so don't complain about it not being heavy enough. Take it for what it is. Good music. The cover of Whole Lotta Rosie is rock n roll at its finest!
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on March 4, 2013
This is an OK effort by the band, but it in NO way stands up to their previous work. I get the sense here that they were trying for something a bit more "friendly". That is NOT what this band has been about in the past. It remains to be seen if this will be a turning point for them. Happens to metal bands after a while...and is what killed Metallica...eventually when you have made enough money, what do you get to be angry about? Imagine it for a sec by inserting screaming voice to the following lyrics: "My private jet broke down and my Ferrari's on the supermodel won't bathe me in my solid gold sink!"

Kinda looses something doesn't it? I am hoping that this band finds their inner anger again. It is sure not here.
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on March 30, 2013
I love BFMV. I find every other song on this album a bit wanting or run on (where's the screaming? the changeups?), but it's still overall great stuff. This isn't "their earlier albums were better" hipster-ism - many of the songs (Temper Temper, Breaking Point, and Dirty Little Secret) sound like could have been composed and performed by any other metal band and you'd never know the difference. Differently, Bullet's signature combination of hard riffs, rough but tuned vocals, and hundred-note melodies'and'solos are strong in tracks like P.O.W., Saints & Sinners, and Tears Don't Fall (Part 2). Overall, quite enough to satisfy and worth the buy if you like metal/rock.
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on April 5, 2017
good album i like it
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on March 2, 2013
The first time I listened to the album it was alright compared to the previous albums, but after listening to it a couple of times I love the album. I did notice that it is nothing like their previous albums, but either way when you hear any song on the album it is still clearly Bullet. I can hear Matt's accent more in the songs and I hear the same style in the instrumental aspect of the music. Maybe I am just a huge fan, but I feel this a solid album whether comparing it or not to Poison, Scream Aim Fire or Fever. They have tried to have a different "theme" (or whatever you want to call it) with every album and I feel that has been accomplished.
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on April 10, 2013
Bullet has always delivered great music, but this one misses the mark just a tad. The Poison is without a doubt their standout album so you can't compare this to any of their other music. If you try you will be disappointed. This has it's own blend and feel, but my only argument is if you are going to have a badass album cover you better deliver some way harder tracks!
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on March 18, 2013
This album was absolutely terrible in comparison with other BFMV albums. No wicked shreds, no wicked drums, nothing to get the pulse going. The lyrics sounded very cookie cutter and there didn't seem to be much emotion or thought put into them. If you like Nickelback or your basic rock you hear on the radio this album will probably suit you. As a die hard fan of BFMV this is a complete disappointment and wasted cash. I barely made it through the album. The only thing that kept me going was the hope that there was one song that would wake me up and make me remember what this band used to be.
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