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on December 16, 2013
This is my third steam mop. I'm kind of in love with steam mops - they are easy to use, not cumbersome, and they typically do a great job sanitizing and cleaning my floors. In fact, the deciding factor in buying my house was that it had stone tiles and laminate and I could steam mop them. The other house we were looking at had hardwood floors - steam mop abilities made this decision for me.

I know, I'm weird.

But I digress - I first owned - AND LOVED - a Haan SI-70. It was quiet, slim and knocked out the whole house (at the time, 1100 sq ft) on almost 1 tank. However, it kicked the proverbial bucket within 6 months. So I bought an Oreck Grab-It and Steam-It. It was horrible, clunky and loud. I only used it once and it left streaks all over the house. It had to go.

So, I did more research and settled on the B&D 2-in-1. Plus? I clipped a coupon right off Amazon's site and instantly got $30 off! Thanks, Amazon!

Got this sweet baby in the very next day (OK - so I saved $30 but spent $13 on one-day shipping - I told you I'm steam mop obsessed and wanted to use it asap!).

I used it the day I got it and I was amazed at the amount of steam that this thing produces - it was literally billowing out of the machine. This could be a good or bad thing for you - depending on your steam level preferences. I loved it. You didn't have to push a button to get it out - you just set it at the top and it goes! You can push a button for a steam boost if you are working on a tough spot/stain. I did that a few times.

- This thing is slim - not clunky at all
- The steam billows out freely, no need to push a button
- Detachable tank so you can steam EVERYTHING - I used it to clean the tub and countertops!
- The mop pads got totally clean in the washer - all the nasty dirt came out and they were bright white again
- Settings can easily be changed at the handle
- Steam mop will shut off when you pop it upright so if you have to refill the tank, it won't be steaming your floors within an inch of their life while you get the cup to refill it

- Kinda hard to push around, to be honest - took some of my lacking arm strength
- Detachable tank it awkward to use - there are two buttons to push and it feels weird to push those and them steam and wipe - it could just be my lack of coordination though
- Tank is rather small - I had to refill it three times for two rooms - could be because there was so much steam coming out.
- Tank is not removable - you have to fill it up with a cup. I'm not coordinated and got water all over the floor.

- I used both pads on two rooms in my house - they got FILTHY. They were totally brown and gross. This is a good thing...but pretty ugly for me. Guess my Haan wasn't as awesome as I thought...

I have a toddler and 3 cats - it is very important to keep my floors germ free and super clean. When I first moved into my house - I thought the previous owner must have cleaned her floors with wax because their was a nasty film on the laminate. I've slowly been breaking it down and cleaning it off with my steam mops and this one did the best job of it so far!
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on January 7, 2015
I was looking for a steam mop for a relatively uncluttered marble floor. Had high expectations from the product and probably should have paid heed to the other reviews on the product.

1. Product assembly is quick and even without reading the manual, easy to operate.

1. The product lasted all of 5 minutes before it stopped working. Repeated attempts at getting it to work proved pointless.Returning it as a result.
2. Leaves wet streaks and the efficacy of the cleaning seems doubtful.
3. Construction leaves much to be desired. Product has a plastic trap door for the water inlet that mysteriously came off on first attempt to open.
4. Pushes dirt around and leaves thin lines of dirt even after a vaccum run has been done before the mopping. Perhaps not entirely avoidable but an observation nevertheless.

Would recommend staying away from the product and looking at higher review products if you are in the market for a steam mop.
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on March 17, 2014
I ordered it after researching steam mops for a few good weeks. I had a cheap Dirt Devil Easy Steam Mop for about two years, but it was not happy with it. To its credit, it still works after all this time.

Soon after receiving the B&D steam mop, I assembled it and was both shocked and impressed by how massive it is. I am 5'3, and it almost reached my shoulder. The steam head is wide (I love it compared to my old DD; fewer passes needed to cover an are) and the pivoting mechanism is great at reaching under and in between furniture. The pad gets dirty throughout, not just along the edges (like with my old DD). The quality of your cleaning is given by the number of pads you have available. I live with my wife in a rented old 525 sq ft, 1-bedroom apartment--no kids or pets. The floors are hardwood and vinyl. We vacuum beforehand, and we need at least five pads to clean the whole place properly--and at least two for the kitchen, and one for every other room. We are not cleaning fanatics or germophobes--but the pads get visibly dirty and, if we don't change them, dirt gets moved around and floors streak. The cheapest I have found them are as spare parts on the Black & Decker website, and ~$5 +shipping (I got 4 more).
The major reason why I bought this mop, though, is for the 2 in 1 feature, so I can clean my bathroom. It makes it easier to clean the sink (with the hardened toothpaste that always sticks to it) the toilet seat, and all the little corners that get neglected. I can clean my entire bathroom in less than 10 min, and as I don't need to use as many cleaning products, I'll have more space under the sinks, and maybe even save a little. As a bonus, I got to clean the mirrors and the oven (the later, for the first time in more than a year).
I got buyer's remorse when I first got it, because it seemed really cumbersome at first, but now I think I can grow to like it. I feel my apartment is cleaner.
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on August 7, 2015
I had been using a Shark steam mop for the last several years. It up and died on me and of course my knee jerk was to get another Shark as I really like a light weight steam mop but my better side said take a moment to look at the competition. I selected the Black & Decker 2 in 1 as I thought that a hand held steamer would be very handy but it never actually occurred to me to do windows with it until I saw the squeegee attachment. My French Doors on the patio haven't looked as good since I they were installed. It is 10 times faster and the job is much much easier. See ya Windex I just don't need ya. I also used the hand held steamer in my shower to attack the grout and general build up on the tile. Again they came out sparkling with much less effort than I had spent scrubbing and rinsing. The special attachments and the power of steam is simply better, faster and easier.

Now to basics. This is mop is superior in all ways to the Shark. The head is larger and much more maneuverable. The button to give you an extra burst of steam when you need it (like on a steam iron) is much more convenient than having to pump the handle up and down as you do with a Shark. I thought the extra weight of the unit might bother me but it really didn't as I wasn't constantly pumping the handle. The larger head and the ease with which it turns and twists actually got the house mopped down faster. I have porcelain tile through out so I can't speak to the other settings on the mop for wood and vinyl, but this was not an option with my old Shark.

My brother-in-law has a condo on the beach. He is manic about keeping the sliders and porch deck cleaned off from the salt spray. The condo rules don't allow cleaning of the balcony area unless it is raining so as not to bother units below. I am getting him one of these for Christmas so he can clean his windows and balcony deck whenever it suits him as there is no water run off to bother anyone.
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on June 30, 2015
This was a great purchase! I use it once a week and it cleans my floors well. I have a lot of traffic: 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and I live in the countryside which means dirt and dust are always tracked it.

It's not perfect: The mop does leave streaks and it would be cleaner if I was mopping on my hands and knees with a special floor cleaner. That said, it cuts my cleaning time in half (I can clean 900 ft. of flooring in 15-20 mins). Also, I love the fact that I'm not using chemicals, only hot water. Per the manufacturer's recommendation, I do use distilled water as I'm on well water.

I did "splurge" and I purchased the accessory kit as well. I use it for my bathrooms, tile, and kitchen surfaces. It's also a great timesaver.

Happy Cleaning!
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on August 4, 2016
I have had this steam mop for 2 years and used it on many different types of surfaces: stone tiles, artificial wood floors, real wood floors, and carpets. Overall, it has worked well and I would highly recommend it.

- I like the different modes for different surfaces. It also includes an attachment to help it glide better when you are steam mopping your carpets
- It comes with other attachments, if you’d like to use it to steam your baseboards, clothes, or anything else.
- I like the heat pad, so I can rest it on there if I’m interrupted mid-steam.
- It heats up quite quickly. I was worried that it would take a while to reach temperature and I would have to find a way to contain my steam mopping excitement in the meantime
- It comes with two pads, so you can swap out for a fresh one after you have done the bathrooms. The idea of spreading that stuff around the rest of the house makes me a little squeamish
- The power cord is nice and long, so you don’t need to keep switching outlets as you move around. It also has good cord-holding plastic so you can wrap it up again.

- It doesn’t usually do a great job cleaning the stone tiles in my kitchen. I’d probably be better off just using a regular mop. If your house looks like a Game of Thrones castle, this mop probably isn’t for you.
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on June 5, 2014
Great product, fun to use, exceptional customer service. I couldn't ask for more!

I read through lots of reviews before choosing this model. Some items to note in my experience:
-I really didn't find it hard to push at all. I have vinyl and laminate floors.
-The two pads that came with it were plenty for my needs. I use one for the kitchen and one for the dining room. I have three big dogs, sometimes with muddy feet, and a pad in each room did a good job absorbing dirt without pushing it around.

The mop heats up super-fast (seconds), the settings are intuitive, and it's fun to be able to actually see it working as the dirt lifts off the floor with each pass. The results are squeaky clean floors that you can feel good about walking on.

I am about to embark on using the hand-held to clean the shower and noticed my squeegee was damaged so I called the B&D customer service line. They were helpful, courteous and professional, and my agent immediately apologized, took my name and address and promised to send another right away. No hoops to jump through, no pictures required, no proof of purchase - just my word. Love it when companies make it easy for the customer!

Even my teenage daughter has volunteered to clean the floors on multiple occasions with this device - now THAT'S pretty cool!
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on October 21, 2013
I've had the Black and Decker Steam month for a few months, and had I done the review after the first use it would have been 3 stars, as the mop did clean my hardwood floors well, and the hand held unit (especially the grout cleaning brush attachment) worked well. About a month later, after returning from vacation, I got out the steam mop, turned it on and absolutely no steam, either from the mop head or the hand held unit. I called B & D Tech support and they did some basic trouble shooting, confirmed I had followed all the instructions perfectly, and concluded the unit was defective. Since it had been more than a month since I purchased it thru Amazon, they gave me the name and location of an authorized repair facility close by. At this point, my review would have been either a 0 or 1 star. I carried the defective unit into the B & D repair facility, they recorded the model #, date purchased, my name and address and said it would be approx 10 - 15 business for it to be repaired / returned to my home address. Imagine my surprise when 2 days later, a new B & D 2-in-1 Steam Mop appeared at my door!

I unpacked the new one, had it working in a few minutes and it has worked great every time I've used it since. My current review of the B & D Steam Mop is 4 stars, as it cleans the hardwood floors, ceramic tile and bathroom grout very well. I only have 2 observations that prevent it from being 5 stars. (1) Suggest a trigger lock be added to the hand held unit to help with "finger fatigue" that occurs from holding the trigger for extended use. (2) Suggest adding additional velcro to the mop head to keep it held down flat.

Bottom line is the unit works very well and has replaced all my other methods of floor, tile and bathroom cleaning.
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on December 31, 2014
Just received it today 12/31/2014 and it is dead on arrival. The steamer basically does not output any steam whatsoever. All it does is make the steamer device itself extremely hot. Still pretty hot after 30 minutes of it being unplugged at this point.

Waiting on amazon to ship a replacement now. I would also note that it seems impossible to detach the handle after it is attached. If I cannot get this thing detached, it'll make putting it back in its original box also impossible. Opened a support ticket with B&D regarding that particular issue.

We'll see how all this goes, but not being able to use this thing out of the box when their manual says that they test all these in the factory before packaging does not bode well for the quality assurance.

Update 1/3/2015:
I have received the replacement from Amazon, and the steamer in this one works as expected. Tried it out, and I can at least say that the floor does feel cleaner.

B&D not making it possible to detach the handle is still a very lame design decision. I guess I'll just find a bigger box to ship back the DOA product.
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on February 14, 2015
Good design. Attractive features ON PAPER but completely useless in practical life. Wouldn't loosen even light stains on floor. Steam is no where nearly hot enough to do what a burst of hot steam would do. I put my hand 1 inch away directly in front of the steam nozzle without any extensions or added brushes and all I would get is luke-warm moisture. I tried it a few times over 1 week period hoping it would work right the next time. I waited varied amount of time after 'ready for steam' light ... from few minutes to half an hour ... thinking it probably need more time to warm up to steam properly ... still the same result. I returned it.
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