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on August 28, 2012
Bought this for the basement, which used to sit around 70% humidity in the summer. Arrived on time and in great shape.

1. It works extremely well to remove the humidity. I was advised to get the biggest unit I could. This was indeed good advise. It brought the large basement down to 50% humidity in short order and is keeping it there.
2. The pump function is super. Very well thought out. Exit is from the back, which is great. You push the special fitting (with hose) into the back of the unit and it automatically senses you want it to start pumping. No settings to fiddle with, it just knows. So nice to not have to empty the bucket.
3. The unit is attractive
4. The digital readout of temperature and humidity is great to have.
5. The controls are easy and intuitive.

1. It cycles way too often. I don't understand why it does not wait until the humidity has increased to a certain level, say 5% above your setting, then run till it is 5% below. That way it cycles less. Right now, it turns on when its just barely above the setting and turns off when just below. It cycles about every 3 or 4 minutes, runs for about 4 minutes, then shuts off, only to turn back on 3 or 4 minutes later. Since the fan is loud, its really distracting. No way to adjust this setting that I can find.
2. The fan is quite loud. Not much you can do about this and every other unit I have owned suffers the same issue. I would guess since that is the basics of a dehumifier. a big fan over a coil. Just be aware you are not going to be able to listen to mozart while this thing is on.
3. Even if you turn the fan to the low setting, it does not remember that the next time it fires back up. Right back to hurricane strength.

On the whole, its a good unit.

Followup - September 2013:

The unit suddenly stopped working after about 12.5 months. Bucket full light/alarm was on, even though I don't use the bucket. Nothing I could do to make it realize the bucket was empty. I called customer support and they were great (yes real people, located in the USA). After confirming that, indeed, nothing could be done on my end and that there was no service techs in my area, they agreed to give me a little grace on the 12 month warranty window and sent me a new one. It arrived about two weeks later and I was up and running again. This is a class outfit folks. I can't recommend more highly.
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on July 16, 2015
Had this product for a month. Worked fine the first two weeks on continuous flow then the bucket started filling up. Tried suggestions on various discussion boards including the reviews on Amazon. Gave up after two weeks and tried the pump systems. Thought it was working then same result. I am away frequently and the bucket dumping system isn't an option. Since the unit is near a sump pump didn't want to pay for electricity and future replacement of the internal pump. Called Friedrich and what other reviewers said, their customer service is non existent, is true.They suggested the nearest repair facility that was two hours away. Really? Called them anyhow and they are no longer in business. The product is made in China so their facility in Texas won't take it. Tried to return product to Amazon. Two days too late for that. Why won't Amazon allow zero stars? I read every review on Amazon before I bought and decided the good ones outweighed the bad before I purchased. Big mistake. If you do the same thing you do so at your peril.

**UPDATE** Bought it to a repair facility after only having the unit for about 3 weeks in early July. The drive was about 2 hours away. It was finally "fixed' in early October! They replaced a circuit board. Well it turns out that after plugging it in the problem still exists. Called the repair facility back a couple of times and they promised to call back but never did. Contacted another repair facility and they were more sympathetic to our plight. They gave me a number at Friedrich to call and they were also very responsive. The upshot was that they would send a new unit for free.

Friedrich is probably a good product but in the future If I purchase any dehumidifier I will ascertain where the repair facilities are located before I buy. Perhaps someplace like a local Sears.
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on August 27, 2013
I am generally happy with this unit which I am using to keep a small archival storage room at 45% RH. The 8' x 12' room is almost hermetically sealed with limited access and the machine collects about a pint of water every 3 days, so I have not run a continuous drain line.

The one problem I have seen is that if the temperature in the room gets too high (above about 80 degrees F.) the machine runs continuously with the RH reading on the display frozen above the shutoff set-point. Since the dehumidifier is a net heat generator, the space will eventually get so hot the temperature display will show an out-of-range error. Manually turning off the machine and restarting will make it recover its tiny mind. When restarted, the RH% displays a lower number which suggests there's a firmware bug that hangs the micro-controller and not a problem with the RH sensor.

I also have a larger Friedrich D50AP dehumidifier which displays exactly the same problem. Consequently, these machines have to be regularly monitored if used in a warm spaces and set to run continuously. Unfortunately, the D50AP has died from a slow coolant leak that is likely to have been the result of severe corrosion on one side of the machine's evaporator.

6-15-2014 update: For some months now, if my Freidrich D25BNP is set for continuous operation, when I check it the next day it will be shutdown and unresponsive to any of its controls and must be unplugged for some seconds and then plugged in again to make it functional. I now use the machine's timer function and set it to run for no more than 4 hours. Longer than that and it will usually become unresponsive again. It does collect water and I have separate hygrometers that confirm the room's RH is being maintained below 40%.
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on December 12, 2012
We have had humidity issues in our basement forever! We had an LG humidifier, Samsung which we purchased from Lowes, etc.. they seem to constantly run but to no avail! We would be dumping out water constantly but it always smelled like a basement (dirty socks). Decided to purchase this based on the great reviews and was impressed with the results!

We've had it now for about a month and it's been working like a charm! It was great to watch the humidity drop and notice the huge difference in the basement, the smell is gone and it actually is enjoyable down there. I actually hang laundry up down there and it's dry in like an hour - in the past, it would take about a day and have a lovely mildew smell.. ick! But not anymore :)

It's gotten the humidity down to the recommended % and has been holding steady. My husband loves that he doesn't have to dump water anymore! There is a tube that runs directly from the unit to our drain so it's foolproof! In regards to the noise, it's much quieter than our other inferior units and it's not distracting at all. For the money, I wanted to be blown away and I have been hand's down! It's worth the cost! And is an American company!! SCORE!

Update: January 2014 this is still going strong and working great! Our basement never smells like a basement and we have come now tot take this for,granted.

Second update.... January 2015 and it's still chugging along and doing a great job. Well done! Great investment!
Third Update: May 2015 and still as dependable and efficient as day we got it. Love it so much can't stop updating review praises :)

Third update:..... November 7, 2015.. still chugging along and working as great as it did from day one. I'm purposely updating my review of this so much because it really is a great product and an excellent investment.
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on June 13, 2013
After going through about 3 cheap dehumidifiers in the last 10 years, I decided to spend more and upgrade to a more powerful and dependable unit. So far, this Friedrich D50BP 50 Pt. machine is proving to be a real workhorse. I was looking for a dehumidifier that had a built-in pump, was portable, covered a larger area, and most importantly, was relatively quiet. I am pleased that this one met all of these standards. I have placed the unit in the basement hallway so that it can reach the back bedroom and bathroom as well as the front living room.

The small hose from the pump is draining into the shower which concerned me initially since it had to travel over several high spots. No problem. The tubing provided was over 6ft. Some of the reviews said that it was noisy. I don't find this true compared to the cheaper models you find at Walmart, etc. On the high setting, I can hear it running when I walk by the basement, but it's no different than a regular fan you would use in the house. On the low setting, it does not bother us when we're watching TV, which is only about 10 ft. away.

I set the humidity level at 45%. It took about 4 days to reach that level which is pretty amazing since my basement is very humid. Other cheap units usually run for a couple wks. to get to that level. Now, I've turned the fan to the low setting and I rarely hear it at all from upstairs. I enjoy the flexibility of moving it up and down the hallway if it gets more humid in the back part of the basement.

So far, it's been working great after a month. Check back in August for an update.
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on October 18, 2016
I have two of these units, purchased about a year apart. One is a little over a year old at this point and has performance issues. The amount of water drawn out of the air is a fraction of the new unit's capabilities. Additionally, the new unit makes significantly less noise than the older one.

After about 4-6 months of usage with the pump, I noticed that the color of the water being pumped was darkening, so much so it discolored the plastic tube that came with the unit. I knew something was wrong, but didn't investigate it at the time. I didn't use the unit much over the winter, so it mostly sat idle. When I started using it again over the spring and summer, I noted that even when using the bucket, the water was still discolored. This was strange, but I didn't investigate it further.

After this unit went on-sale, I picked up a second to help with the first since it was still operational, and would ease the work load as the space is rather large. The performance difference between the new and old unit is night and day. This is when I started to look into the issues with this my first unit.

Upon disassembly I immediately identified the cause of the discoloration of the water. One side of the evaporator coil was entirely corroded, and covered with rust. The internal reservoir had a layer of silt on the bottom and sides. The corrosion was only on this side, and only on the evaporator coil. I can only speculate as to why this is. However, since there is an internal reservoir which, by design, will always have water in it, it allows for significant opportunity for rust to occur. It's beyond me why this was done.

My second unit, I've inspected in a similar manner and found the same design being used. However, I know now that there will always be water inside the unit, and when it's not in use, the reservoir needs to be emptied. This is a rather simple task of manipulating the float sensor to operate the pump, until all of the water is pumped out. Then, the side needs to be left off (I'm probably going to cut a hole in the side of mine) to allow for the remaining water to evaporate (I have a fan blowing at it currently). Another option is to using the continuous drainage port, and tip the unit slightly back. However, this method could make a mess when removing the drainage plug, unless a hose with a valve is already connected to allow controlled drainage into a bucket.

I imagine if this is done regularly as well, then it will prevent the water from becoming stagnant, or being host to organisms. Reviewing the instructions, nothing is mentioned of this internal reservoir, or a need to empty it. I don't plan on the second unit having the same problems as the first as I'll be monitoring this more diligently.
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on June 3, 2015
It does the job, BUT it is noisy, the inside container needs frequent cleaning, the tube to allow automatic discharge into the sink or drain, leaks too much to use it, despite a new adapter. I was disappointed considering both the price and the automatic discharge was the #1 reason I selected this model.

UPDATE: I contacted the company and they provided me a new tube to go with the new adapter and combined they are now doing the job. I would still give it 3 stars overall because of the noise and cleaning, but at least I can use the automatic discharge feature.
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on January 21, 2015
I really like this unit. I bought the small one for my bathroom that has a small window but no exhaust fan. The unit runs very quietly. It sucks a lot of moisture out of the air rapidly. I use just the internal resevoir and the unit shuts off if the tank fills up. The tank is accessed very easily from the front as is the filter. The filter is easy to clean and the tank is easy to dump. The controls are right on top and easy to use. I usually just set the timer for an hour, get in the shower, and let the unit do its thing. As soon as I get out of the shower the mirror is clear of moisture and the bathroom is not hot from humidity. I get almost no mold growing in my bathroom now. I really can not think of anything that I do not like about the unit. I plan on buying the medium or large one for the main part of my house.
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on June 8, 2016
I have this in the finished basement and use the pump out to discharge into a clothes washer drain and it works fine. Keeps the basement very dry, runs on demand according to the humidity setting indicator and is very quiet with no vibrating or annoying sounds. The low speed setting is quite powerful and could be a little bit quieter, but still a manageable decibel level. Shipping was good and the package arrived in the retail box without any additional packaging, but was undamaged. I've had this for a couple months now and, at least at this point, would buy it again.
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on May 16, 2016
I picked this dehumidifier because of the built in pump and reviews. I've had 2 others over the past few years. We have a laundry shoot upstairs (of course never used for laundry). I made the mistake of thinking we could just run the hose up to thru the door of the shoot and that did work. It did for a while but ended up leaking after several months which I feel was my fault because the instructions say not to do that. After buying a secondary hose for the gravity drain and also using the pump (yes using both as a precaution), we drilled small holes thru the wall at the base that leads into the laundry shoot and this has since worked great. The only reason for the 4 stars is the sound. I'm not sure you can ever get a really quite dehumidifier in this price range but when working from home and on conference calls, I normally have to turn it off for a little while.
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