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on June 25, 2014
I've owned several humidifiers over the years and this is by far the least messiest one to refill. I've had humidifiers with filters and without filters and they all dripped or spilled when you lifted the container out to refill it. I learned to always, ALWAYS place my humidifier on a tray and keep a roll of paper towels nearby when refill time comes.

This is the ONLY humidifier I've owned that stays dry when I pick up the reservoir! Could have knocked me over with a feather the first time I needed to refill it - I though something was broken! When it comes to "neatness" during a refill - this humidifier rates 10 stars!

The reservoir is big (which I expected & wanted) and it's a bit of a tight fit in my bathroom sink - but the container stands up flat on the counter, so if you need to fill it with a pitcher there won't be any problems (unlike many a curved top I've fought with over the years).

When I first opened the box I thought - this is going to be a pain to clean (the MAIN reason I got rid of my last humidifier) -- until I noticed that it ... deconstructs. You can take the back tower assembly out of the bottom with just a twist of your wrist. Cool beans. No matter how hard I try, over years of use, a lot of grime/gunk/lord-knows-what accumulates in nooks and crannies that I just can't scrub out (who the heck designs those things - someone who never cleans one?!). I haven't done a deep-deep cleaning on this yet, but it looks like there's fewer nooks and crannies to worry about.

So...so far it's 10 stars...until it's one and - unfortunately - serious flaw. It's noisy. VERY noisy. All humidifiers gurgle from time to time. This one doesn't gurgle, it belches - loudly. Luckily for me it doesn't do it too often, although the first night I had it running I debated giving it some antacid tablets. I've had this running a few weeks now, and I must be getting used to it since I've stopped jumping up in bed every time it lets loose with a "big one".

When it's not belching, it's tinkling. Tinkle, tinkle, drip, drip, drip. Tinkle, tinkle, drip, drip, drip. -- All. Night. Long. -- It's kinda like sleeping next to a running faucet. Not "dripping" faucet - a "running" faucet.

Warning: I'm going to get a little indelicate here - if you have bladder problems, do NOT buy this humidifier!!!

I've learned to think of this thing as coming with an extra perk - a humidifier with a "babbling brook" sound effect recording (that you, unfortunately, can't turn off).

And even though it's the noisiest humidifier I've ever owned - I'm still keeping it, and I'm giving it 4 stars just because - if not for the noise - it would be the perfect humidifier!!
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on December 18, 2014
So disappointing. I was so excited to go filter-free that I bought two of these, in part based on the positive feedback. Both arrived on the same day, and from the start one had a very noisy motor. It was easy to compare with the two side by side. So I sent that one right back. Within ten days the second one began making the same loud, unsettling sound. It sounded like the motor was about to break down. Also, I suspect that I was shipped used humidifiers or ones that had already been returned. One, the instructions said that there were aroma therapy samples which were not included, and two, most yucky, one had an oily residue on it, like someone had used essential oil and returned it. The mist from the one I used for ten days was so heavy that it left water residue on a mirror in the room, so the disbursement of water is very thick and concentrated, instead of diffuse. On the plus side, it was easy to assemble and fill. But I do not recommend this at all. You're really taking your chances with it. For me, it was a complete waste of time and money, though Amazon is course great about refunding in cases like this.
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on November 16, 2013
This ultrasonic humidifier is an excellent choice for small room. I use it in a small area where plants are brought inside when the temperature outside gets too cold. An outlet is linked to a relay so when the furnace turns on, so does the humidifier.

The shape of the water container makes it easy to lift, position, refill, and replace. The seal is smaller and more reliable than humidifiers with 3"-4" seals.

The only drawback is the nozzle which is fixed in only one direction, forward towards the control knob. To direct the mist you must turn the entire unit in the direction you want.
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on March 9, 2017
I'd purchase a smaller humidifier of the same brand for the bedroom from a local department store and wanted to get a larger one for the living room/dining room open area after we experienced how quiet and effective the smaller one was, but our department store didn't have the larger model. I didn't want waste gas and time driving around the metro area searching for the larger model, so I checked Amazon and ordered it. It arrived two days later, and it works perfectly to humidify the larger living spaces. This one also is quiet, except for occasional burps as it intakes more water from the reservoir, but the noise is not unpleasant or shocking. I've slept right through it when I've accidentally fallen asleep while reading.

We did have to put this one higher off the wood floor surface than the smaller model because the larger one is capable on the highest setting of putting out enough moisture to dampen the floor. In my opinion, in addition to the health benefits, theses humidifiers help resolve the dry and dusty static we continually battle in our dry climate. I am so glad we purchased this, and our home and health are much better off using them.
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on June 5, 2014
This product overall seems to do the job but with some undesirable qualities. I purchased two of them about a month or so apart. The first worked as expected in the very beginning. But after a couple of tankfuls of water, it developed a noisy rattle when you first turn it on and it lasts for several minutes before it quiets down. Once it quiets down it is superb. It is only a few weeks old. I was pleased enough with it to order a second unit. The very first time I attempted to fill the tank on the second unit, I dropped the cap from the tank onto the bathroom floor and it split apart into two pieces as soon as it touched the floor. You could see the worksmanship that held the two pieces was shoddy. The inner piece which fits into the center of the outer part of the cap just fell out when it hit the floor. I dried both pieces and glued them back together and it is working fine so far but I have only filled the tank a couple of times so I cannot say for sure if it is really fixed. It seems so hard to find a room humidifier with a good rating, that I would recommend this product on that basis alone.
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The first one I was sent was defective, made no mist and made odd noises. Since I liked the design and price, I utilized the very easy Amazon return and exchange for a new one. The second one arrived in less than a week and performs flawlessly. It does make some noises, not loud, but noticeable, I wouldn't be able to sleep with it in my bedroom, but that is not where I need it. Very easy to fill and use. I would like a mist nozzle that allowed me to adjust the direction of where the mist goes, but this appliance doesn't do that. Large reservoir, no dripping when refilling, large water capacity minimizes the number of times for refills. Would order again, but would be prepared to exchange it if another defective one showed up. Amazon's exchange process is wonderful though and saved the day.
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on November 23, 2016
I use this as a plant humidifier and needed something with a turn knob on button so it could work with a timer. It works well for that and has a nice variable setting to get a different amount of mist. THe holding tank for the water is also one of the largest on the market so you don't have to refill as often. After a few weeks of use, mine broke though. I think it was the transducer that went out. Maybe it got dirty? Things like this happen. I called holmes and they sent me a new one right away. No issues. I didn't even have to send back the old one. That's customer service!
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on January 24, 2015
Short story: Definitely do not buy this product. I bought two of these, one in 2012, the other in Oct 2013. The one I bought in 2012 is still working just fine but the one I bought in 2013 is in the trash. I bought two smaller Safety 1st humidifiers a few weeks ago - one to replace the Holmes I threw out (which I have been trying to make work for the last few weeks) and one to save effort moving the other Holmes back and forth between the rooms I want to humidify day and night.

The one from 2012 is still working but the one from 2013 stopped working correctly, even after trying some fixes myself. As an engineer I have to say the later version is obviously the result of a cost-out program. Every component looks and feels different between the two models. For example, the water tank went from sturdy translucent plastic to flimsy transparent blue. The 2013 model tank dented easily during normal use while the other is still in new condition. Also, something went wrong with the float or fan on the newer iteration - it leaked badly recently.

I don't trust the Holmes brand anymore since the older one was obviously better. Today I threw away the newer one after it emptied an entire tank on my living room floor.

Finally, as you would expect, the price has risen on this model. In 2012 I paid $40-45 and $50 or so in 2013. When I was shopping for a replacement to the 2013 model I considered buying another HM2610 but the price was up to $55. Last I checked it was $60. So if you buy this product, you'll be paying more but getting less for it. This is what happens when shareholders, not product purchasers, become the "customer".
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on May 25, 2015
I think another reviewer mentioned that this thing is very loud for the first few minutes after you turn it on. They're right. For whatever reason, it grumbles at first. Then it's silent. No penalty in my review for that, because really, who cares about a couple minutes of noise?

Other than that, runs smooth and quiet. Adjustable mist. For me, the large tank lasts 2 or 3 nights (I only turn it on at night) with the knob turned to about 40%.

Update: I bought this in January of 2015 and only need to use it in the winter. That means it's been through about 2 winters, and still works great!
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on January 12, 2017
I have a 6x8' space for stringed musical instruments and needed a humidifier for winter months. I've owned 4 humidifiers prior to purchasing the Holmes unit and with the exception of one all 3 required a 2-3 refills over a 24 hour period. Moreover, a couple didn't really do a good job of humidifying the space - upping the humidity percentage by only a couple points. This Holmes unit solves both issues. I run it on medium/low setting and it goes for 24 hours without refill. It also humidifies to a level I require.

A bonus to this unit - as other reviewers have mentioned - comes at refill time. No drips or leakage removing reservoir and/or during transport to the kitchen sink. This is truly amazing since ALL my prior humidifies leaked and dripped during refill. Love it!

The unit is about as loud as a room fan running on low. White noise to me and barely noticeable.
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