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on August 31, 2016
While it may seem strange to get excited about a vacuum cleaner, I am THRILLED with this one!

I have owned janitorial companies for years and have been reluctant to try a backpack vacuum. I've always heard that they are awkward, heavy and don't do a very good job of cleaning a carpet. I'm happy to say those reports couldn't be further from the truth in this case.

This unit has so much suction that it will lift up area rugs while vacuuming. We stand on them now so they will stay in place and WOW do they come clean. It's very easy to maneuver while wearing the vacuum and areas that we had to go over two and three times with a standard vacuum are now clean after one pass.

I had some concerns about the noise level bothering my employees, but it's also much quieter than I expected. Honestly, it's quieter than our conventional vacs.

Here's what really impresses me... EFFICIENCY! When you own a janitorial company, time is money. This machine has cut my payroll by almost 25%! Rooms that took an hour to vacuum, are now being done in 30-45 minutes. I can tell you first hand that saving 15-30 minutes per job adds up quickly!

The price of this vacuum is incredibly reasonable. When you compare it too the Wide Area Windsor vacuum that I just replaced with this ProTeam unit, I can honestly say I'll never buy another Wide Area vac again. I paid a little over $400 for this vacuum, versus $2,500 for the Windsor Wave.

After using this vacuum for almost 2 months, I'm ready to buy another one for a new cleaning contract we just signed. This will be my go-to vac from here on.

I do have ONE complaint. The wand that the unit comes with is less than stellar. The plastic connector that holds the floor tool on fell off after about 3 weeks of daily use. I contacted customer service and they sent me to a local vendor who replaced the entire assemble the same day and at no charge. I was very happy with their speedy response to my emergency.
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on September 15, 2016
This is the best vacuum ever! I use it for my floors, counters, ceilings, walls and even my garage and deck. The suction is great and since it is a HEPA vac I don't have to worry about stirring up more dust. I had an old one that I bought at a yard sale...(no telling how old it was) and it lasted me 15 years of hard service (cleaning houses and vehicles). I actually bought my new one before the old ones motor quit because I was so afraid to be caught without the Pro Team Super Coach Vac. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure and get the horse hair brush for your hardwood, tile or laminate floors. The rubber one that comes with it doesn't do as good a job.
Wendy Mead
Atascadero, Ca.
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on January 3, 2016
I own three of these and would be surprised if I ever find another product that surpasses the ProTeam brand. My wife and I offer residential and commercial cleaning services and have never been disappointed by the performance of our vacuums. With these backpacks your arms and wrists do not suffer even after several hours of vacuuming. Reaching under chairs and tables and sofas is a breeze, Reaching ceiling corners--from where the odious spiders love to challenge us--is not a problem at all. Changing the bag and washing the filters is also quick and swift. I've tried extension cords from other sources but the one provided by ProTeam seems to work the best (I don't know why... but it is less prone to tangling and to becoming kinked). We purchased the additional backpack to put it to exclusive service at a residence where the homeowner had had a stem cell transplant--rendering the immune system inactive--and were confident that this vacuum would effectively maintain the sanitized environment that was required. It did not fail us and we would like to think that it contributed to our client's speedy recovery in a dust-free environment.
In summary, we love the quality of this product. I can't opine as to the company's customer service: we've never had reason to call them!
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on March 13, 2015
if you are a professional cleaner this is your floor machine. Outside of high pile carpet this will do it all. I recommend the floor brush attachment as it will remove and corral more debris on hard floors while stimulating carpet fibers to remove more dirt on rugs. Also the x over floor tools scratches the hell out of floors so get the brush
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on July 9, 2014
We have vaulted ceiling and this vac makes it easy to reach all corners. The suction is very good and the hard floor piece is larger than most and the accessory pieces are useful. The top of the hose swivels, so it moves around with you. When the straps are fitted correctly, it is comfortable. I am a 5'6" 130lb female and have no problem using the unit. Care must be taken to avoid bumping items behind you, if you are not accustomed to a backpac vac. I had to add a bit of adhesive where the corrugated hose fits into the solid piece on top, as it worked loose when I reached above to vacuum. Bag access is from the top and is easy. The cord is very long, which is nice. I wish there was a way to make it retractible, but assume it would add too much weight and length to the unit. Overall I am very happy with this vac
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on April 19, 2015
I bought the older version in 2013 which was great too, but the older version felt like the straps would dig into my shoulders and the clips broke easily. The new model has more comfortable straps, the clips hold on better and the overall feel is much better. I have problems with connecting the vacuum to the cord, the cord on the vacuum is just to small and way too far back. I either have to connect it while its not on my back or look awkward by trying to get it into place. Also, I feel like the cap comes off a little bit more easier than my older one.
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on December 11, 2015
It's a good back pack Vac, I have owned two others in the past, they last a long time,
they pay for them selves many times over.
There is only one thing about this Vac I don't like,
the black rubber tub keeps slipping off the pip,
just not a good fit there.
I just put up with it, maybe a good jip tie would help
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on June 13, 2016
Great vacuum if you have a hardwood floors in your house., makes it a lot easier and faster to clean.
I've been using them for last 10 years commercially to clean offices I only went through two of those, still using the second one, as long as you change bags on time and filters, but now I got one to clean our home, had it about for one month works as advertised!!!!
But for those who's doing research on them;
1) Vacuum kind of on the heavy side,
2) Afterwhile your back starts sweating because vacuum blows out warm air at the bottom of it,
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on February 2, 2017
This vacuum cleaner is very effective and efficient, and allows me to get a lot of vacuuming done in short order. The only complains I have are that the hose occaissionally pops off from the machine when bumped, and the tools are awkward to reinsert into the loops on the belt while wearing the machine.
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on May 15, 2015
It's so powerful that its sucks everything (literally everything including socks) in. The handle is very light (for the hands and arms) and versatile (turns in many ways). I bought it after seeing the janitors at our office building using it. Even though it is expensive and my wife was against buying it, now that I use it to clean the house, she is not complaining.
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