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on August 15, 2014
As a single bachelor, I'm always self conscious about the box of tissues sitting next to my bed on my nightstand—on both sides—whenever guests or "guests" find themselves in my bedroom.

Any man (or woman) with morning allergies knows my distress: without fail, every morning between 6:30a and 7:30a, my nose randomly starts running; no matter if I'm awake or asleep. If I'm lucky, a series of sneezing fits are thwarted by my countless purging of nasal juice into these tiny square tissues, strategically placed within arms reach. Usually, I'm not so lucky.

(I should note that I already have an air purifier in my bedroom that runs non-stop utilizing Filtrete filters. Even so, my ailments persist.)

A coworker informed me that adding a HEPA filter to her bedroom helped eradicate her very similar morning affliction. Without hesitation, I purchased this filter as a last ditch effort to help me not only sleep better, but breathe better. So far, the results have been promising.

Filtration: Because I am unable to actually see with the naked a 0.3 micron particle of dust (which, by the way is 1/25,000 of an inch—for reference, the human eye can generally see dust particles at approximately 25 microns in size), I cannot say for certain that the filter works, but I can definitely feel it. Within the first day I found myself breathing easier and freer. This feeling lasted well into the night, without any stuffiness or congestion that typically occurs during the middle of the night. The ease of breathing as very noticeable, so obviously, the machine is picking something up from the air that my non-HEPA filter isn't.

Re-usable/Washable: I have not had to wash the filter yet, but the biggest draw to this machine was that the HEPA filters (there are two in the 30" unit) are washable. Additionally, you can add carbon filters (not washable) to remove any odors from the room. These have to be replaced every few months. According to the instructions, you clean the HEPA filter with a vacuum the first three months, then the next three months you wash it and continue so forth. This feature will surely help people save money from buying new filters every few months, or every year. By comparison, I'm spending roughly $120 a year on filters for my non-HEPA.

Functions: I love that it has several speeds and an additional ionizer (it positively or negatively charges the air to help attract dust particles or some-such). There's even a button with a tornado icon above, which is perfect for hardcore purifying–such as during cleaning or vacuuming the house. Additionally, as I mentioned above, you can add carbon filters to reduce odors (perfect if you have cats, because dogs don't stink quite like a litter box).

Look: Functions aside, the filter looks great. I have the large one, which can look a bit bulky, truthfully, but what I love most about this filter is the ability to stand it horizontally or vertically. When placed vertically, it looks like a normal tower fan, or space heater, or even a speaker. When placed horizontally, it really looks like a bass speaker. It's very nicely designed and doesn't look god awful against modern household stylings.

Sound: Some people might say this is unit is loud, but honestly, I don't notice that much of a difference from the sound of a ceiling fan or a box fan. It's white, ambient noise, that can actually hum you to sleep. The higher the speed, the louder the sound, so I generally keep mind at low or medium, and I'm able to sleep through the low hum.

Overall, an excellent, and stylish investment. Functions, Appearance and Sound aside, what I appreciate most about this air purifier is now I can remove those pesky boxes of tissues from my night stands and avoid judgmental, ridiculing eyes.
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Review for the small filter (two stars):
The large filter is great, see below. However, the small filter has very little power and is good only for a tiny, tiny room only. Our smaller bedrooms are 12x11, and that is too big for the small filter. It just doesn't move enough air. Always go with the big one.

Review for the large filter (five stars):
This filter has made a difference in our home. With pet birds and dogs, our home was getting dusty. Combine that with allergy season, and we knew we had to do something. The "lifetime" HEPA filter is what attracted us to this product (plus it was on sale on Amazon). This unit has four fan speeds (low, med, high, turbo), and it has an ionizer that can be turned on or off. There are three layers of filters: A black prefilter, the HEPA filters, and a black carbon filter (which needs to be replaced very three to six months).

I can say conclusively that this filter has made a difference in our home. We still have the dust since this cannot perfectly circulate all of the air, but all of us have seen a marked improvement. We are careful to vacuum and clean the housing and the filters once per week, which helps too. The HEPA filters do indeed clean easily (we vacuum them once per week and wash them once per month).

How does the unit look? Not bad. We have the large unit in our family room and the small ones in our bedrooms. You can place it vertically or horizontally. We tried both and we prefer the vertical mount.

Areas for improvement: The blue indicator lights on top are a bit bright, especially for a bedroom. Blue LEDs are all the rage on electronics. but it needs to be toned down. Also, there is some air intrusion to the sides of the HEPA filters (as evidenced by dust along the sides of the filters and on the edges of the carbon filters. This needs to be tightened up to take full advantage of the HEPA filtration. I plan on going to a hardware story for some window gaskets to fill those gaps.

Conclusion: An excellent filter that looks pretty good. Only time will tell if the HEPA filter is truly a lifetime filter. I will update my review as needed to comment on filter life. For now: Recommended
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on May 29, 2015
It's a great product. Powerful, silent, versatile, stylish. You can use it vertically, or horizontally for added stability and safety. Multiple stages of air cleaning: pre-filter, 2 HEPA filters, 2 carbon filters, ionizer, five motor speeds. The sound is that of moving air, very soothing and robust. You can't hear the motor. I used to be plagued by dust, dust mites, fleas, but this air purifier took care of that combined with proper cleaning, dusting, vacuuming. I think it also cuts down on humidity, thus cutting micro bugs off at the knees, as the larvae need lots of water in the air plus a diet of adult bug feces in dust to thrive. Also, less humidity means less heat in the summertime.

Four big problems though: 1) It arrived well packaged, but had a sizable scuff mark on top of it, and another on the bottom. 2) Their website is not up and running and it's taking for ever to do so. 3) The carbon filters must be replaced every three months and they are impossible to source. I ended up buying a generic sheet of carbon-dust infused cloth and had to cut it to size. 4) And the kicker, on month five the controls started misfiring: the fifth, high-power speed is dead. When I set it to 5th speed, it makes a groaning sound. When it's off, it keeps turning on and making weird sounds. I am still using it, but only on speeds 1, 2, 3, and 4 and have to unplug it when not in use. Any suggestions?
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on March 30, 2016
I've had this for a couple of weeks now. Arrived quickly and was well packaged. It's actually a nice looking item. Since you can use it vertical or horizontal that makes it versatile. I have to say that it seems to clean the air very well so far. Our sinuses have eased up quite considerably and my plants are growing fast. I'm glad the ozone is 'optional' because I prefer not to use that feature. It's very easy to use and is so quite on the lowest setting but it really isn't that loud on '1' or '2' (fan speed) anyway. We've been quite happy with it so far. Because it's so new we haven't had the need to change/clean the filters yet so that aspect of this product will be reviewed when that time comes.
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on November 24, 2015
Product worked very well for about 4 months and then one day it would not turn on. The warranty was honored and we received another model as a replacement. I think this model worked better than the model it was replaced with. Almost everyone in our home has some allergies and the product did an excellent job cleaning the air. When it stopped working we immediately noticed a reduction in air quality.

When we reached out advising this model had stopped working, the customer service agent advised they had quite a few complaints about this model breaking down. I wish it still worked, but was pleased with them honoring the warranty.
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on July 29, 2015
It has now been over a year that I purchased 2 of these and through my recommendations my parents and my brother also purchased one and even theirs are still running strong.
These units pick up quite a lot of dust if you don't wash them regularly you can see the accumulation of dust is quite significant. The only part that isn't washable is the carbon filters which need to be replaced and I'm just replacing it now well over a year after purchase. With a cat and a toddler running around the house this unit does a great job keeping the odors at bay as well and not to mention the wonders it has done for my spouse's allergies. We have one placed near by the cat's litter box and the other in the bedroom and currently those 2 are enough for our needs but we might need to get another soon as we are moving to a bigger place but at least I don't have to shop around for one anymore for my air filtration needs I'm definitely purchasing this unit again.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because of its design, the intake is the nice looking side, the fresh air comes out the side that doesn't look as nice so I feel like my choices are either have the fresh air blow into the wall so the nice side is visible or expose the unfinished side in order to have fresh air blowing my way.

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on March 29, 2017
Very pleased and satisfied with this air cleaner after two years. Especially fond of the filters which only requires vacuuming and soaking in soapy water to clean.
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on December 24, 2014
About 3 days in so far so good. It runs out of box but you can put the optional carbon filters in if you want. When I tried I could not get the door to shut it kept bouncing back VERY ANNOYING. Eventually after many tries I got in on but there is a gap between the door. It'd be perfect if not for this problem and I am not sure what the problem is here.
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on April 23, 2015
I will probably buy another one for the bedroom if it goes on Lighting Deal again.
This is the best bang for the buck, especially considering filter replacement cost.
My allergies are clinically bad at times, mostly pollens/spores. This one actually works well if I am sitting pretty much in the discharge air flow of it. Saves me from big sinus headaches.
Others' "diffuser" types are MUCH LESS effective here when the spores are swirling heavily in the atmosphere. I can sit in a narrow (at about 3 feet away) hall of clean airflow that literally keeps out the allergens by force, even on a patio or with a window open. Old or drafty places are much like a patio. You seal the windows but the house itself leaks plenty. So I like the direct discharge.
All of these things are noisy at higher fan speeds, even the very expensive ones. It is not an issue compared to my health.
Has all the features. Turbo boost is really just the highest fan speed. Ionizer (I don't us that too much, but it's there). Snap on the foot base, plug it in, and use it.
Note: it came with 2 separate carbon filters in it.
The easy way to install the carbon filters is put the unit on my lap, push the slide lock on top of the unit to release the grill, pull out the 2 HEPA filters with my fingers, lay the carbon filters down, put the HEPA filters back on top of them, and snap the grill back on.
Took a whole minute to do after I looked at the filters for a minute too. The Velcro holders for the carbon filters were unnecessary, and one of them was missing anyway. I think it might have been difficult to set the HEPA filters back in place if the extra thickness of Velcro had been under all that.
Looks great from the intake side. It seems odd to me the discharge is the "ugly" back side. That's the side I keep pointed at me. Not really ugly, just lacking the pizazz the "front" intake side has.
Another odd way it does things I did not see in the "manual" paper: when the front grill is snapped back ion place (if it is plugged in) a green LED blinks 3 times up on top meaning that the air filters are not clogged. The lights normal function is when the button is kept pressed until they blink (while the unit is running).
There is a white caution label in PAINT on the lower corner. It should have been another removable label, or on the onside of the grill.
5/12/15 : My sinus are great forecasters of storm fronts since plants release spores at those times to be carried on the winds. This afternoon I wasn't paying much attention to the weather radars. I got up from the purifier zone and immediately felt the swelling start, and some machine-gun sneezing. I think that is a testament to it's effectiveness. If your house seals up well then it will work that much better for you. I dunno about particle counts, but my health is my best indicator.
Or you can spend $900 for the big name ones, and literally hundreds of dollars for filters every year or two.
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on July 19, 2015
It's quiet and has enough settings to make me feel like I have turbo or light options without confusing me. It gets louder the higher you turn it up, so you can adjust it. I'm not really sure what the ionizer thing does. I assume it makes stuff in the air heavy and therefore easier to filter, maybe? Not sure, but I tell the neighbor's annoying kid that always wants to fondle my action figures with sticky fingers that we're all made up of ions and that the younger you are the looser those ions are, so when I turn on the ionizer he has to stay away because his skin might become elastic and his guts will fall out. Now there are no more 'missing' accessories to my action figures. Thanks, Claritin!
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