Customer Reviews: SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker, Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic
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on March 11, 2014
I have been using this product for a little over a week now and am pretty well impressed with it. The sound quality is on par with other Bluetooth speakers I've used, with the added bonus that it is water resistant. There is an attached suction cup that allows you to stick it to any appropriately smooth surface. It's been stuck to my shower wall for a week and hasn't fallen off. In addition to being able to play music (or other audio, like sound from a movie or TV show), it also acts as a hands-free speakerphone. Controls for play/pause/skip forward/skip back/power are all easily identified and accessible on the front of the device. The skip buttons double as volume controls if held down for a second or two, and the power button activates pairing mode if held down slightly longer. The microphone is nestled in between these controls, and can be seen as a small black speck/hole. There are also small holes around the rear of the speaker body so that sound can actually escape the enclosure. Don't worry, the speaker behind these holes is also water-resistant. The only thing that will happen if you get water in there is that the sound will be slightly muffled until the water drains out.

The speaker comes with an instruction sheet in English, Spanish and French as well as a charging cable which can be plugged into any USB adapter or computer USB slot.

Pairing the device was easy, and if you're familiar with Bluetooth pairing it won't be a challenge. If it's your first time, it still won't be too bad as long as you follow the directions. I shut the device down between uses, and a nice feature is that when I power it back up it automatically pairs with the last device I had connected it with. Not all Bluetooth devices do this, so this was an important feature to me.

This speaker has to conform to the laws of physics like everything else, so if you try to have a phone conversation through this while you're in the shower.... Well, technically it will work, but the person on the end probably won't be able to hear a thing you say - and you may not be able to hear what they're saying either. Similarly, music played over it has a hard time overcoming the sound volume and the raw audio chaos inside a shower. This speaker can provide the volume required, but doesn't sound quite the same. This shouldn't be held against the SB510, since a $10,000 audiophile grade system would also have trouble in this scenario (it could also get loud enough, but your ears would probably bleed a little). You can turn it up until you can hear it better in the shower, but the sound profile isn't the same and sounds slightly harsh in my opinion. Another thing to bear in mind is that EyeCandis stressed to me that the speaker is water *resistant*, not water *proof*. I'm guessing that this is due to the attached rubber plug/cover that sticks into the charging port. In most cases, the plug should be adequate to keep water out. Basically, don't submerge it and it should be fine. And while we're on the subject of the charging port, I should mention that it is not micro USB like almost every other mobile electronics device nowadays. Instead, it has an older style round pin similar to a Nokia phone I used to have. Keep the cord in a safe place (and maybe label it) or you'll be searching for a replacement. Another thing I should mention is that as stated above, the skip buttons also double as volume controls. If you try to change the volume by only a small amount, you may accidentally not press long enough and it may interpret it as a skip command. I got used to the correct timing fairly quickly and it really isn't a problem for me anymore.

Other thoughts:
Music quality outside of the shower is pretty darn good and the speaker is pleasant to listen to. If you have realistic expectations, I don't think you'll be disappointed (it won't fill your entire house with wall-rattling bass, nor will any other Bluetooth speaker). Call quality seems pretty good, too. My usual test for any Bluetooth handsfree calling device is to call my bank to navigate through their horrible voice recognition system. If I can enter my account number and get where I want to go without having to speak overly loudly and slowly, and without losing my temper, then the device is okay by me. This speaker passed with flying colors and I didn't have any issues. I've only made one voice call to an actual person with this, and they didn't mention any difficulty understanding me. Oh, one other thing - If you're going to use this to listen in on teleconferences in the shower, MAKE SURE you have your line on mute, or everyone is going to hear that you're in the shower. D'OH! You definitely don't want that.

As I said, the speaker sounds pretty darn good on its own, but to take advantage of the water resistant build, you might best use this speaker while taking a bath, in the kitchen, outdoors, in the shower (as long as you keep in mind the caveat I mentioned above and set your expectations accordingly), or in any other watery but not overly noisy environment. You could probably also use it while you're in the pool, but since it is not truly water *proof* it might be best to set it face up on the edge. If you used the suction cup and it slipped, water might leak in past the charging port cover and cause problems.

In conclusion, this is a solid speaker/speakerphone and the water resistant construction is a nice added bonus. At the current price ($16.99 as I write this, but that may change) it's an absolute steal. Enjoy!
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on May 17, 2014
I almost returned this because I mistakenly thought I had it on max volume with my phone volume at max and it was so quiet. I WOULD HAVE MISSED OUT! So it turns out that it has it's own independent volume control so that you can adjust volume in the shower when you don't have the phone near you, and it arrives from the factory at a low setting so I would never have known if I hadn't read the instructions.

Press and hold the "next song" button until it beeps to tell you the max volume has been reached. Then you can also control it with the volume on your phone if you want, but that's independent of the speaker's setting.

The sound is FANTASTIC at HALF the cost of even the cheapest other speakers!!! Man, I wish I had to shower right now that I figured this out!!! Lol
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on December 4, 2014
I loveeeeee this little guy. It works perfectly. The sound is great. Can't believe it was under 20 bux. I'm solo glad I bought 20 of them for each family member this Christmas. Very excited about this product. I just wish it ran on battery instead of having to take it off the wall and charge it.
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This shower speaker is awesome! It's small, portable, and contains all the essential buttons for music playback (except for volume). The volume is not incredibly loud, but loud enough to hear when you're in the shower and it won't wake up the whole house. You can answer phone calls with this, but in my testing, the person on the other end of the line had a hard time hearing me. Honestly I would only use the function to simply answer and say "Hey let me call you back in a few minutes".

Other than the volume being a little low, this is a great speaker. It's great for kids because most people just take their phone into the bathroom with them and end up getting water damage from the humidity in the bathroom. With this speaker, you can keep your phone outside the bathroom and still listen to a little Miles Davis while you do your hair!
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on March 19, 2015
This speaker produced some good sound. Unfortunately, that only lasted for a couple uses, because it no longer charges.

Edit: The seller got in touch with me after seeing my review. They asked me to not do an Amazon return and offered to send me a new speaker, free of charge. I took them up on it, but the new speaker didn't charge or even turn on. When I told them this, they offered to either give me a 75% refund or send me a new one. It was pretty clear that they do not do any quality testing before sending their products out to customers, and it was also apparent that they believed I was lying about receiving three defective products. There was never any offer to pay for me to ship the defective speakers back to prove that I wasn't lying.

Rather than take a 75% refund, I asked them to send me a new speaker. This one worked but the lights (blue to indicate it is on and red to indicate it is charging) did not work. I dealt with it even though it was difficult to tell if the speaker was actually charging. However, now the speaker interrupts my music with four quick beeps every 30 seconds when I use it. I can only assume this means "low charge" even though I charged it for two days straight; I have to assume because the product manual's troubleshooting section doesn't mention these four beeps at all.

Also, I bought one of these for my brother for his birthday and his doesn't charge anymore, either.
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on July 27, 2015
I was sent the SB510 Splash Resistant Speaker by Soundbot for an unbiased and honest review.

The SB510 is a Splash Resistant Speaker that can be used in any situations that are prone to water such as a shower without compromising too much sound quality. In the box there is the SB510 along with some instructions and a Micro USB Charging Cable. The SB510 is designed so that splashes of water will not affect its sound quality as the speaker is located at the back. It delivers reasonable punchy sound quality and a good amount of volume. The speaker is made of a hard and good quality plastic which makes it resistant to a few drops, bumps and scratches. Setup of the SB510 is very easy especially with the suction cup located at the back. After securely attached pairing to your phone via Bluetooth is simple and offers a reliable connection with a few metres of range. A feature that is great is that there are tactile buttons on the front that control volume, track, answer call and pause and play which are vital features if you intend to use this speaker in the shower. Battery life is quite good as it offers over 5 hours of constant playback time before a quick charge of around 2 hours is necessary.

One thing to note is that the SB510 is splash resistant and pretty good at that but is not a waterproof speaker, so don’t try submerging it. Whilst using the speaker in the shower, the sound can be a bit muffled as the speaker holes are blocked with water but it should drain pretty quickly.

Overall the SB510 is a great speaker to have in the shower as it delivers durability without sacrificing sound quality and functionality. All the controls are conveniently located on the front which is pretty useful. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
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on December 10, 2015
Had this speaker for a few months now and have actually been really impressed with it. We bought two of them to have for each shower. The one I am writing about gets used daily by my wife and my daughter to play music in the bathroom. They don't like taking it completely in the shower as it is only water resistant and not waterproof like the other one we bought, so it stays on the shelf in the bathroom. Tonight, it went to crap. The light is on on it, continuously and not blinking, and nothing will connect to it and it will not turn off. I'm pretty annoyed it didn't last long at all. I won't buy another one. I'm giving it 2 stars because I did actually enjoy it while it lasted.
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on September 16, 2014
Bought this for use in, shocker, the shower.

I read a lot of the reviews first and I found them to be very helpful. I have to agree with others. The manual such as it is, is largely useless. But the comments from the reviewers were all that I needed.

I have remembered to power it off every time when I am getting out. So far the very first charge has held up for several weeks of 20-30 minute showers. So the battery life IF YOU REMEMBER to turn it all the way off is actually really good.

The sound quality is just fine. Honestly there is enough noise from the water flow in the shower that anything small amount of loss in quality is fully masked.

The volume gets more than loud enough. As others have mentioned there is a control on the speaker itself. So I have gotten in the habit of turning up the volume on the source device completely and then controlling the actual volume level from the speaker itself. This works very well. When both the player is at max and the speaker is as well it is honestly too loud. Which is really nice. So much better to be able to turn it down to what you want then to be annoyed that you can't turn it up far enough.

I have it mounted on the side wall of the shower, so it gets some splash effect but no direct water. As I said after several weeks of constant use it works great.

Some reviewers here and elsewhere were annoyed by the non micro-USB charge cable. I took a good look at it when it came and the reason seems to be clear to me. The rubber "cap" that seals that off so that water can't get fits down in to the circular hole for the charging cable. I like the extra security that would likely come from that. The charge cable just plugs into one of my USB charging bricks and all is well. Personally given the fact that I only had to charge it once in several weeks, I have not found it annoying at all.

There has been a few things I would love to see added to this. The only one worth mentioning is that the controls are very rudimentary when watching a movie. It has a next and previous button that jump to other movies/shows. I would love a button press (single or combination) that performed fast-forward and rewind within the same playing show. If it had that it would be truly awesome. So if anyone else has discovered one do let me know.

I would highly recommend this little speaker for ease of paring, sound quality, overall volume, how well it sticks to the wall, etc. Except for a FF and RW option I couldn't ask for more.
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on March 1, 2016
I bought this because it was cheap and should be waterproof. I used it in the shower the first day and it works great.
The good things about this is that it connected to my Android and my wife's iPhone without any problems. The sound is really good for something under $20 but if you are really really picky go for something a little better. This will be great for the normal user though.
The one thing that I didn't like is that I can't control my phones volume from the speaker. It has its own volume, but it does have a nice workaround. Turn the volume on your phone up all the way then adjust the volume to your needs using the speaker volume. I even tried putting the speaker in my car and it was able to stick to the window through all the bumps.
It is fairly big, at least bigger than I thought. Nice sound for the price, and I got it a day before I was supposed to. I advise anyone looking for something of decent quality to buy this one
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on February 5, 2016
This is the 2nd unit I've bought of the same model number, although the new unit now has a micro USB charging port. The first unit I bought had the more fragile-seeming round "pin-hole" charging port, but it seemed to work fine until more recently, when the battery would charge, but would only last about 30-45 minutes. Since the original unit still appears to indicate, with the red light, that it's charging, but only runs a short time before the battery goes dead, I decided to take it apart & show other purchasers what's inside. I don't know if the battery pack can be replaced or if one is offered by the vendor/manufacturer for a reasonable price, but the cost of the new unit (I paid under $12) made the purchase of a new unit with the USB charging port a no-brainer.

Since I initially charged the new unit nearly a month ago, I've been using it every day in the shower, then pulling it off the shower door & continuing to use it for a few minutes while getting dressed - probably 15-20 minutes a day for about a month. On weekends, I'll often use it up to a couple hours a day, and I still have not had to recharge it since its initial charge. I probably should have run a timer each time I used it to get a cumulative time, but on the low side, I'd say it's been used roughly 11 hours total without a charge.

I won't go into every detail of the operation of the speaker, as many others have great reviews detailing how to skip forward & back & adjust the volume, etc. Suffice it to say, this is a great little Bluetooth speaker for the shower, table, and even out in the garage while I'm tinkering with the bikes or cars. I use it primarily for listening to podcasts, not music, so I can't say it has the best audio quality for music, but for the price & its intended purpose, it's great!
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