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on January 16, 2015
When I received the matress it came rolled up in a box. To say the least I was worried. After cutting the plastic it blossomed into a cloud from heaven. I have been laying here for 30 mins now and I have no motivation to move. This was money well spent. I wish I had found it earlier because at this price it is a better bargain than any store I have come across.
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on May 14, 2014
UPDATE: After 10 months daily use, mattress has significantly less springiness in the center than the sides and is becoming pretty uncomfortable as a result. I would have liked to see more like two years, so I'm taking a star back. I should probably take more than one back, but I did really like this mattress while it lasted, and it is crazy cheap after all.

I'm a 180-lb (and tall) side sleeper, I purchased the full size, and I've been using it for two weeks. I bought it in a pinch just to use until I had time to shop around, but it is nice enough that I'm sticking with it. I will try to remember to update this review whenever it wears out.

I read on another site that these mattresses are made by the reputable Brooklyn Bedding. I do not know to what extent that is or isn't true, but it did arrive in a Brooklyn Bedding box. None of the four fabrics on what I received match the photo shown here (they are different off-white patterns/textures than shown), but otherwise it looks just like it. There were a few stray threads on the pillow top, but the overall construction looks sturdy to me, and everything seems way more durable than I was expecting.

For the most part, this pops right up after unrolling it, and doesn't change much at all after a few hours. I think the top part did keep expanding a little for a day or two, though. I measure 11.5" thick, not 14". There was a faint laundry-ish odor to it, nothing much.

It is pretty soft. Just about perfect for me, but a heavier/shorter person or back sleeper might find it sinks too much in the middle. Also, since it does not have a firm section around the outside edges like some more expensive mattresses do, if you sit on the edge it will REALLY sink - could be annoying with some bedframes. In any case, I think it is more comfortable than anything you can get for the price, especially shipped. I recently tried all the Ikea mattresses, and the cheapest one comparable to this in comfort was $150 more (WITHOUT shipping). So, unless this wears out absurdly fast, I'm 100% pleased. Keep in mind you really want a waterproof cover for any foam mattress, and the ones that don't sound like sleeping on a disposable diaper do cost a bit.
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on August 19, 2015
The reviews are a bit all over the place on this product,so hopefully I can provide a bit of clarity.

First, I ordered this short-queen mattress to replace a 13 year old crappy OE hard, non-cushioned mattress in my travel trailer. So, I wasn't looking for something to use daily. Some people here are using these daily, I suppose they might not last as long at as a $1,000 mattress, but that is not my use. We use our RV several times a year (total of less than 30 days probably) so I was not buying an expensive mattress for something with limited use, right?
As a point of reference, something lacking in MOST reviews: I am a 51 yr old, weigh in at 200 pounds and I have severe back issues (2 back surgeries since hit by DUI, constant Chiro care, injections and 3 neck surgeries) and I have a really hard time sleeping well!!! I don't know how I lasted 13 years an the OE RV mattress- that felt more like a box spring foundation than a mattress. My wife is 130 pounds and can sleep on anything.
We had a two week vacation coming up and I needed something better to sleep on. The local RV store had a $600 mattress that I almost bought, but decided to try this for half the price despite reading "mostly" good reviews.
FYI- there are plenty of photos in other reviews- so I am not adding any...sorry.
Unpacking was easy. It came rolled up in a box that was about 2'x2'x6'. My daughter and I carried it into the RV and carefully opened the plastic wrapping when the vacuum-packed mattress came to life. It quickly sprang to open and was pretty close to actual size in a matter of minutes. I did wait about 24 hours before trying it out (before our long trip). There was almost no off-gassing odor from the foam- something I was expecting. I have had mattress toppers that smelled horrible for weeks, but not this mattress.
The entire mattress and top padding was beautiful and well crafted. Some reviewers were not satisfied with the aesthetics- mine was as-beautiful as anything I saw in any expensive mattress/furniture store.
My first night of sleeping was fine. No issues, but really not a good test as I knew I would need several days of actually use. The first "test night" was good enough that I was not upset enough to box it up and return it.
It's now been almost two weeks sleeping on this mattress and I am VERY happy. I am sleeping quite well and very comfortable- probably better than my $2,500 Sterns and Foster double-pillow top mattress at home. I am not waking up sore or fatigued, like I do at home.
I guess you could classify this as a "medium" firmness mattress, but that seems to be so subjective (based on a persons size- right?)
Sure, it's true that sitting on the edge is hard to do since it's an all-foam construction- but that is not a primary feature I need in a mattress, although I am able to get dressed just fine sitting on the edge. First and foremost- I am sleeping very well for the fraction of any other mattress I could have ordered.
I am very pleased with my purchase decision. Great value, shipped to me in a few days, easily unpacked, looks like a quality mattress, and IT'S VERY COMFORTABLE for someone who has back issues!!
My only suggestion to the seller is to be more clear about return procedures if someone needs to return their mattress. Not me, I am excited I found something I be sleep on for just a few hundred bucks!
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on April 22, 2015
 Take a look at my video review for a closer look!

Looking for a budget-friendly queen mattress, I came upon the Dramfoam Bedding brand. I chose it primarily because of the affordable price. At $275 including shipping (with Prime) it's one of the most affordable mattresses around.

It ended up being a great deal and purchase for me. The quality of the materials is great. No factory smell on this Made In The USA product.

The mattress comes compressed and rolled-up. It comes handy because it makes it easy to move around even for a single person. It comes new and wrapped in protective plastic. Once you open it, the mattress expands to its regular size.

I measured the mattress and the dimensions are exactly: 79x60x11 inches. It fact, it is a bit thicker than 11 inches because of the pillow-top feature.

The pillow-top feature does add a big layer of softness to the already soft mattress. This is a product for people that like to sleep on very soft mattress. If you are used to sleeping on firmer mattresses, it might take a bit of time to get used to it. Either way, a great product for the price.

- Queen size
- Great packaging. Fast shipping (with Prime)
- Nice pillow-top feature for people that like soft mattresses.
- Affordable
- Quality materials.

- A bit too soft for my taste.
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on July 2, 2015
We ordered this "queen" mattress for our guest bedroom. It arrived shrink wrapped in a box, and we gave it 48 hours to "expand." After "expansion," it measured 74" by 50" by 9". Not remotely close to the size advertised of a typical queen mattress. As you can see from the pictures, it does not come remotely close to filling out our queen-sized bed frame. It looks very cheap and feels terrible. We called Amazon to return the item, and they refunded the item and had us donate it to charity. Definitely avoid this product at all costs. One star seems much too generous.
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on August 24, 2015
So I bought this because of the great reviews and the fact that my best friend got one. The one my friend got was amazing, soft but good support, and perfect for those who sleep on their back or sides. I was so excited when it finally arrived, but from there everything was a disappointment. Overall, if you get a non-defective product, it should work out great. If you have to return it for any reason, good luck cause it's gonna cost you extra.

Product Review:
I cut it out of the box and air sealed packaging, allow it to sit on a solid flat surface for 24 hrs, and it expanded about 80%. I had no idea what had gone wrong. I continued to let it air hoping that it just needed extra time to expand. Two weeks later and still nothing. The mattress had expanded more in the middle than the sides; I did try to sleep on it but I kept on slipping off every time I shifted in my sleep.

Refund/Return Review:
I contacted the manufacturer to see what I could do to get a refund/return. You can contact Dreamfoam by email or phone, they have an awesome customer service team. However, because I bought the product from Amazon, they don't provide refunds or facilitate returns.
When I tried to return the mattress via the Amazon online option, I had no idea how to get the mattress shipped back. The mattress would no longer fit in the box it arrived in. Amazon will pay for the shipping costs but not the container. A box to fit the mattress would cost about $50. I called Amazon and explained the situation. They made a one-time exception and gave me a refund without requiring me to send the mattress back. Which was really kind of them and saved me a huge hassle.

Final Verdict:
I'm going to buy direct from Dreamfoam, that way it's covered by their warranty.
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on August 8, 2015
This mattress is surprisingly pretty comfortable. It is soft and cushiony. It came in a box all rolled up like a sausage. I rolled it out on the box spring, that I also bought from amazon and constructed myself, and watched it rise up to the maximum thickness. We left it in the room for a least 24 hours before we had guests over to sleep on it. So far we have had three different guests use this mattress and not one of them have complained (ages 64, 27, and 25). The mattress was made in the USA and did have the harsh chemicals that come with buying a china made foam mattress. This was evident when I opened the box and it didn't spell like a factory.
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on January 12, 2015
Okay I'm very satisfied with the matress... It's amazingly soft!!! Very expensive looking... Plush but not too much.... Fell in love with the style. Comfort and how well it came to life!!! It came in a rather small box which made me worry.... But it grew!!! Lol u can just hear the foam...!!!! This matress requires no box spring of u purchased the metal box spring which is just a flat spring like frame that u put in your bed frame... Found it on amazon too.... Down side...??? Well I have a California King bed... Huge bed ... And it did not cover the full sizing of it width wise Cali kings are 72" this was about 70 and length calibis about 84 this was shy of three inches ... I was a little upset and I may still contact Amazon but other than that love it
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on January 3, 2016
I really wanted to love this mattress.

Received my first mattress, and it never fully inflated. I figured it was a fluke since there are many amazing reviews. I contacted Amazon, and they sent me another. I opened the second mattress, and gave it a few days to inflate. It never fully inflated; in fact it was worse than the first.

It's unfortunate that both mattresses were defective. The parts that fully inflated seemed quite comfortable.

I've attached pictures for reference.
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on January 7, 2016
For 85% off I didn't expect perfection, and that was the case. This is definitely not an expensive looking mattress. The foam is compressed when they mail and it did not decompress correctly. After a day, it was getting better. Since I decided mailing this back would be extremely difficult, I decided to see if I could fix this. The ends of the mattress stayed fairly flat, so I cut open the material around the foam. I found out that there there is a 2-3 inch material band that goes around the ends which was keeping it from expanding. I got that out of the way and checked all other sided to make sure this band was underneath the mattress. That has made this mattress usable. I simply sewed the casing back up. Pretty simple fix.

So if you have the same problem and aren't going to ship it back, you might try this and see if it helps. Thank you to all customers who responded to my question. I certainly appreciated it.
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