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on July 28, 2017
After tons of searching and reading reviews, we purchased this Hoover Air vacuum. We have had it less than 4 weeks and BOTH rollers have broken apart and there is a burning smell and awful noise coming from it. If they could fix the roller problem, it would be a great vacuum. Excellent suction and works well from hardwoods to rugs.

The rollers are $35/piece to replace... if I had to replace them both every 4 weeks, I would be broke! :(

**UPDATE: We have now gone through 3 roller replacements since June. I have diligently kept hair off of the rollers and not used it on rugs so it doesn't get "stuck" on anything. The belt side roller keeps breaking apart. Hoover will only keep sending replacement rollers. Super annoying
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on April 13, 2015
What a wonderful product. The Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 vacuum is just what i was looking for. Battery powered products are the wave of the future. From leaf blowers to vacuums, everyone is getting rid of their cords. I did a lot of research when looking for a vacuum that could meet all of my needs and finally settled on the Hoover Air Cordless.

The two lithium ion batteries it comes with are wonderful which gives you awesome flexibility with each battery having a good 50 minutes of run time. I have carpet and tile and the vacuum transitions onto both surfaces nicely. It also has a feature to stop the brush from spinning if you have soft floors that might be damaged, just by the push of a button. i can get up in the morning, pull out the vacuum and go over the living room, kitchen, and hallways in 10 minutes, walking from room to room without turning it off or moving a cord. Vacuuming the stairs is also simple given its light weight design and, you guessed it, NO CORDS! The only thing i don't really care for is removing the handle for the extension attachment. It doesn't work that well on furniture but i guess it would be ok for blinds or lights. The issues are that it significantly reduces suck power and also can leave the handle dirty. The handle of the vacuum detaches and plugs into an extension hose on the unit. But the opening on the handle where the hose attaches is exposed when it is its normal position on the cleaner. If you used it all the time i would imagine it would get kind of gross and need to be cleaned, as it will be right by your hand and visible while cleaning. still, its an amazing device, even without using that feature.

My wife and i purchased a Rainbow vacuum a few years ago and for those of you who have one or have seen one, know you can't just go vacuum something up in 2 minutes. I payed over $1500 for that vacuum and now purchased the Hoover air as a more practical cleaning tool for my home for quick clean ups, and i have the Rainbow for deeper cleanings. I do not believe the Hoover Air should be the primary vacuum i your home, especially if you are a crazy vacuumer type. I vacuum a few times a week, not 5 times a day as some of the other reviewers do. I believe with that much use then there is a good chance the Hoover will not last. It feels of good quality but doesn't feel any better than a normal bag less or stick vacuum. As much as i love it, i would not be surprised if i am repairing or pursuing a new one in a year or two. I'll do it though. Dyson reviews (at three times the cost) don't offer any more confidence in their product. Get the Hoover Air!
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on May 20, 2015
OMG! I am NEVER going to buy another corded vacuum after this! It is so light weight and easy to use that my 5-year old can use it.
This is what I love about this vacuum:
- No cords to tie you down! This is a HUGE convenience that you might not realize until you try this out
- Easy to maneuver! Turns corners easily, and glides under furniture with ease
- Its easy to maintain! The filter removes easily to clean, which you can do in your sink and let it air dry. This comes with an extra filter, so you can keep on cleaning while the other one is drying! The roller is easy to remove to clean up if you have people with long hair in your house like we do (or pets).
- Same amount of power as a plug-in. One battery will last me about 25-30 minutes. The suction power continues on until the battery dies, and then it just stops. There is no loss of suction due a dying battery. This one battery will allow me to vacuum the entire 2nd floor of carpet in my 2 story 1900 sqft house. with enough left to do the stairs! I also use it on the hardwood and tile downstairs and still does an excellent job!
- Its super light! I was able to use this on my stairs, as well as pick it up and use the swivel head brush to clean my ceiling fans!

This is an amazing vacuum, and would highly recommend it to anyone!!
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on August 18, 2016
I have had this vacuum for about 2 years. At first I thought it was fairly good. Although the plastic feeling of it made it the durability questionable in the long term. I can say that as far as construction of the canister part, it has held up. There is, however, one major part that keeps breaking. As documented by several reviews here already, hair and other debris get cough between the plastic piece that houses the bearing and the brush itself. This causes overheating from the friction of the brush turning and then melts the plastic. I even had smoke coming out of it at one point. This has happened to the original brush and the brush they sent to replace it under warranty. This is a major design flaw that appears to be ignored.
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on December 16, 2015
So I read the reviews, and went with the cordless. It was great, for the first 6 weeks. Then, it just seemed to slowly lose suction and efficiency over time. The suction in the wand/extension was not that good in the beginning but we were going to live with it. I went to turn on the vacuum last week and the roller brush would not work. Just out of the blue. I changed the battery, took apart the grill on the bottom and saw nothing. In the end, this was a POS. I have already ordered a replacement, a Panasonic, see if they can do any better. When I borrowed a vacuum from a friend due to the non-working roller brush, I was disgusted by what was NOT being picked up with this reviewed cordless vs. my borrowed vacuum. So, suction on wand was weak, the roller brush quit working, and the vacuum was not cleaning like a standard bagged. I am probably past any warranty, so I just lost $200 on the Hoover Air Cordless POS Series 3.0. Don't buy it.
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on November 11, 2016
So far so good. Replaced an Electrolux Ergorapido and the Hoover is far superior. Love the swappable battery feature and can do quick clean-ups in half the time. We mainly use to vacuum kitty litter after cat potty breaks and for other small messes. Does a great job on carpet and tile. The hard floor brush roll works great. So far have been able use 8 to 10 times (a few minutes at a time) before needing to swap the battery -- one battery charges while the other is in use. Would highly recommend the Air Cordless, especially at the Amazon price.
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on December 22, 2015
I just threw it away. I can not believe the positive reviews. Hoover is a good company so it is hard to believe they could come up with such a horrible design. I like the concept of battery powered and the battery life was fine. However, everything else about the unit is useless. Suctiion was marginal, only light duty and my needs are not light duty. Using any of the aboveground tools was made exceedingly difficut because the hose is screwed down. If there were some kind of handle so that you could hold it upside down while cleaning the ceiling fan, it would still be bad but understandable. It finally fell over one too many times and broke the clip that hold the handle/tube in place. That was the last straw. It went it the trash (batteries to be recycled) and the next vacuum will be a Shark.
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on April 20, 2015
I received the vacuum on time and in operating condition, except, one of the batteries will not charge. The charger does work as it successfully charged the other. The dead battery has been left on the charger overnight: nothing.
The vacuum itself works very nicely and I am sure we will enjoy the use of this unit once we can resolve this issue.

UPDATE: We communicated via the phone on the Tuesday after a Saturday delivery. Told the story and we were instructed to box up the entire unit and return it by UPS.

We only needed a battery!!


Wednesday A.M.: writing this review and the doorbell rings. FedEx with a new Hoover!!!! Seriously -- overnight.....

Immediately, I open the boxes (yes, boxes) to get to the area where the batteries are stored. Check the first one for a charge: Yes!
Check out the charge on the second: Yes!
I then placed a battery on the charger, which worked, and a battery on the unit and gave it test drive. SUCCESS!!!! On to 5-stars.
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on September 2, 2015
This is a powerful cordless vacuum that I have used every day on wood floors and carpet for the last 6 months since purchase. It is powerful enough for pet hair, lightweight, and I can vacuum my entire house (2300 sq. feet) with one battery. This is an excellent upgrade from the Linx!

Last week a wheel fell off and kept falling off, which led to the roller brush breaking off at the end. I called Hoover customer service Monday morning and explained my situation (see my note below for details). They sent the entire unit, minus the dust cup, all new, that arrived today, just two days later. The lady said I would receive it in 7-10 working days, but surprisingly it arrived in just two days! I was so relieved as I have pets and like to keep up with my house. I easily attached the old dust cup and handle to the new unit, added my battery and was good to go. Now, I would gladly give them 5 stars for this vacuum that has changed my life (lightweight, powerful and cordless), but when the wheel fell off I did a little research in the reviews here and discovered several people have had the wheels break for them too. Since it comes with a decent warranty and apparently they have awesome customer service, I am relieved for now, but I do have concerns for the future. If this is some kind of wheel defect, could it happen again? The replacement unit is slightly different than the original, with the power button being on the left side, the hose doesn't have the annoying clip of the original (so it is improved) and the box it arrived in comes with a different UK name for the vacuum, not Hoover. I am hoping the wheels on this one are improved, but they look the same to me. I will update my review over time if I find these wheels last longer.

I have been a longtime Hoover vacuum customer. I have the Linx (that continues to function that I've had for years, which is why I upgraded to the Hoover Air), the Hoover Steam Vac, and originally had the Hoover Platinum Lightweight. I do recommend the Hoover Air Cordless, but I want the purchaser to be aware it seems to have a wheel defect that can happen at any time. You should be covered for a while with the warranty, so far their customer service remains above par. The wheel defect could be a problem, but dang if this isn't the easiest vacuum I have ever owned. I would buy it again, if that helps.

Note: Customer service first wanted me to drive several hours back and forth for repairs. However, after a short discussion she told me they would ship the unit minus the dirt cup in 7 to 10 business days, which ended up being two days, making me very happy. Now, had she not done that, had she insisted on my going to a service center an hour away, I can assure you this review would be completely different, with 1 star, and my Hoover loyalty would have ended then and there. I am grateful she was reasonable and quickly helped me.
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on September 19, 2015
I bought this vacuum on July 15 -- 2 months ago. At first, I LOVED it. Battery life, perfect. Maneuverability, a dream. Canister size, perfect. Everything worked like a charm until dog hair started getting tangled around the brush end caps threads causing them to be worn out and damaged. As much as I cleaned the brush, this kept happening daily. Now, it is so bad that one of the end caps has melted stuck from the heat and I can't even remove it to clean. I consider this a FLAW that needs fixed. Why can't the end caps be part of the brush and not have to be screwed in??? The potential for this being an awesome vacuum is there, but the end cap design is horrendous which is why I have given this such a low rating. I have contacted Hoover after viewing this Hoover video on Youtube.

Aug 2016 Update:
I finally gave up on this vacuum since it quit working even with the new rollers. It is now sitting in the closet and instead I purchased a iRobot Rumba. I really wanted this to work :(

Update: I have called Hoover and their rep told me that the vacuum is not meant to be used with shedding animals. The rollers are not covered in the warranty, but I was able to order a different multi-purpose brush that should handle better at a 50% discount -- which I really appreciated. So -- if you are specifically buying this vacuum to use on floors with a lot of pet hair, don't do it :( I will continue to use on my hardwood floors since I love the convenience of being cordless and just be sure to clean the roller end caps more often.
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