Customer Reviews: DreamFoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable Mattress, Queen
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on April 27, 2014
My review is going to be a little different than most others. I own the expensive Sleep Number Cal King mattress and the ultra-affordable DreamFoam 12 in 1 Queen mattress. I waited to write this review until I had tried all 3 settings. I slept on it for 2 weeks. The reason I bought this mattress was I needed it for the guest bedroom and for when my wife kicks me out of the master bedroom.

Here’s my situation. I have a bad lower back so I needed something that was really firm. In addition, I didn’t want a mattress where I was the only one who could use it. My dad is in his 80s and his old bones need something soft. I wasn't about to throw $3,000+ on another Sleep Number.

I can adjust the level of comfort within 5 minutes.
When my spouse rolls over, my side of the bed doesn't move so I remain asleep.
The hardest setting is pretty firm. I don’t wake up with any pain in my lower back.
The medium setting will work for almost anyone. With the medium setting, I still don’t feel any pain in my lower back.
The mattress covering is really good! Better than my Sleep Number.
SUPER awesome for pregnant women.

If you and your spouse want two different settings like soft and firm, you’ll probably have to use the medium setting. While this isn't too much of a con, it’s the only thing I can think of.

There is way more bang for your buck with the DreamFoam 12 in 1 mattress. Take it from me, I own both the Sleep Number and the DreamFoam 12 in 1. There really aren't any drawbacks with this foam mattress. Oh, and that general nonsense about people saying foam mattresses get hot, it’s not true; at least not with this one.

If you have an extra $3000+ laying around to throw at a Sleep Number, go for it. But you’ll get way more value out of this product. The reason I’m giving them a 4-star review is DreamFoam Bedding didn't think of this 4 years ago when I was buying my Sleep Number and because of the con I wrote about. Other than that, I HIGHLY recommend buying the DreamFoam 12 in 1.
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on June 23, 2014
With apologies to Gene Autry. Note that it is not memory foam - it's regular urethane foam (which I prefer) in 3 layers. And, despite the advertising nonsense, mathematically you can only get 6 combinations with 3 layers - not 12. And, realistically, some of them are duplicates. You really have 3 choices, medium soft, medium, and medium firm. Do you really need more than that anyway?

EDIT: We loved the first mattress we bought, so we just bought a second one. It's DIFFERENT!

With our first mattress, the top blue layer was squishy-soft, the middle white layer was medium, and the bottom red layer was a bit firmer. With this second mattress, all 3 layers have the same medium firmness - just different colors. What's up with this??? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

EDIT: The following refers to the first mattress we bought.

It comes with the softest layer on top which feels great to me. I find this mattress to be quite comfortable. I sleep on my side and hate the pain in my hip from firm mattresses. It feels great when on my back too.

I don't know if the foam will last the guaranteed 10 years but it probably will. If it doesn't, are you really going to ship it back to AZ? No, I didn't think so.

The mattress does not have handles - probably because there's no internal steel springs to attached them to. The side fabric is quite thin and would not provide a base for handles. It's not a heavy mattress so you really don't need them.

Also, despite instructions to the contrary, the mattress inflates right away and you can use it that night. And, no odor.
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on February 15, 2015
This is more informational than review. I've had the mattress for a little more than two weeks and am still trying to find the right combination for me. Today we decided to flip the mattress over to try a different combination and found mold on the bottom cover, which was wet. Turns out sweat will go through the mattress and can pool if your mattress is on a solid surface. So either make sure your mattress has airflow below it or use a waterproof mattress cover.
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on October 19, 2015
This is my 1 week review - I'll add to it in a few months.
I was considering buying a sleep number bed until I found this awesome guy. Any foam bed should be on a platform, but it's super easy to make on of your own. I just placed a 3/4" plywood board on top of my existing bed spring. Most big box hardware stores will even cut it to size for you for free. I do plan on making a base for the bed so I can take advantage of the extra storage room underneath.
Unpacking: Was no problem, even by myself. There was a faint smell as expected, like a freshly painted wall. I opened the box in a large room, the only way I could smell it is if I put my nose right by the mattress. The smell was gone in a few hours. The mattress quickly expanded and was full sized in a few hours. I slept on it later that night.
I'm a side sleeper, 155 lbs.
Soft side: I slept on the soft side for a few nights and found it to be too soft for my comfort. No problem, just flip the mattress over.
Form side: This side was very firm, not quite like sleeping on the floor but close. Still not my cup of tea though.
Changing layers: I did this by myself and the whole process took 10-15 minutes. Not quite a quick 5 minute job. I was a little OCD and tried to get the foam layers to line up exactly the same all the way around.
Just right: Goldilocks here found medium to be perfect. I'm sleeping on the plush side of the mattress cover, with the medium layer on top, firm in the middle, and soft at the bottom. This gave me just the right support without sinking in too deep.
With my 15 year old spring mattress, I kept waking up in the night with joint pain and had to roll over. On every configuration I tried, all my pain was gone. I only picked medium out of personal comfort. A sleep number is great for trying different settings, but is completely useless once you know what your number is. Once you find what layer of foam you like, you never need to change it.
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on June 24, 2014
Quality of materials and construction is terrific. Really nice outer cover. Comfort and ability to customize are just what we were looking for. Price is excellent for what you actually get. Take care when moving the inner layers to adjust firmness. On the Queen, they are a bit heavy and grippy and you could pull apart the foam if you grab and tug too hard. Would give 5 stars if the Queen came with the layers split down the middle, just the King is. We took a sharp, $10 electric meat slicer and carefully measured, marked, and cut the layers down the middle. We placed the foam layers back in with the factory edges to the middle. Presto, customized for two separate sleep preferences. I have already recommended this same mattress to friends and would buy another if we need one. Worth the price and taking the chance on a sight unseen purchase.
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on August 23, 2014
I was a little skeptical at first to order a mattress over the internet. Amazon made it easy and shipping was fast. Over the last three months we have really enjoyed this mattress for two reasons, quality of materials and customizable comfort. I am impressed by the breathability of the material. The sides help circulate air around the different types of foam inside this bed to remove excess body heat. The heavy duty zipper allows one to unzip and zip numerous times without the worry that it will break and never go back. The first two weeks we were changing the configuration of the foams every other day. Completely satisfied with the use of quality materials.
My daughter sleeps on this bed nightly or whenever she wants to relax as teenagers do homework or social media. She finally settled on the configuration of firm on the bottom, soft in the middle and medium on the top. This gives her the custom setting her a good night’s sleep. We receive visitors from out of town every month who like a firm mattress. This mattress allows us the flexibility to accommodate their comfort level as well. We just flip the mattress over and they love the firmness the mattress offers. This was a great idea. Thanks R&S Mattress, we love this product.
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on December 16, 2014
I loooove this bed! We had bought a bed in a box mattress originally that felt amazing in the show room but when we had the new one delivered, was a totally different feel. Much harder and so hot! Then I saw this bed on Amazon and had to try it and I love it! My husband sleep on a firmer side and I sleep on the softest one. The firm side is firm too it is not a soft option at all. I sleep so good every night and never get hot on this. I would have to say the only con is it IS a pain to switch the comfort around and sometimes we get a lump In the middle of the mattress when the 2 sides become dislodged. It's an easy fix though and this mattress is worth it!!
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on August 5, 2014
As another reviewer wrote, this mattress cannot even come close to being even remotely close to a medium firm, much less a firm mattress, no matter how you arrange the layers.

We just moved across the country and ditched our old bed in the process leaving us to sleep on a cheap air mattress for a month before we bought this mattress, based on the stellar reviews. I can only guess that most of those reviews are shills. This has caused more back pain, sciatica, and poor night's sleep than the air mattress. I couldnt tell any difference between the recommended soft and medium pad arrangements, We tried the suggested firm arrangement which still wasnt much better. I decided to arrange the pads in descending firmness from top to bottom (firm - medium - soft) bus the mattress is still causing us pain and difficulty sleeping, The only reason I gave it two stars is because it does seem to have a reasonably good build quality and if someone likes a super soft mattress it could work well, but if your expecting a mattress that can achieve a level of firmness approaching a medium or higher you should by all means look elsewhere.
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on June 10, 2014
Bought based on reviews and the advertised ability to adjust the firmness.

Delivery time from the vendor DreamFoam Bedding was reasonable. Packaging (vacuum packed and rolled up in double layer plastic before boxing) was adequate to ensure a safe and clean delivery. The package is NOT light, it IS a queen size foam mattress!

When you start removing the plastic (and lose vacuum) make sure you have enough space to easily hold a queen sized mattress and give yourself maneuvering room (move night stands, etc in advance). It "inflates" quickly, so when you start be ready!

Initial problem - wrong size was delivered.:^(

Vendor response - quickly recognized the problem, and was very quick to send out the correct size. No excuses, or evasions; just a quick and effective response to fix the problem. :^)

Excellent customer service. Replacement product received and in service att.

The product itself met expectations, and my experience to date matches the majority of the other reviewers. Very comfortable and supportive.

Just for info, I adjusted internal foam pads to the firm setting - top-down red>blue>white.

Excellent company to do business with...
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on February 3, 2015
All the combinations never made the mattress even medium firm. My back hurt like hell and I slept really "hard" for the two months that I tried it. I ended up giving it to my daughter, who loves it. It just didn't work for my needs. Very easy to switch the layers around and well made cover.
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