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TV-14 CC
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3.3 out of 5 stars (60) IMDb 2.4/10

Mitchell (Baker) tough, hard-nosed cop who single-mindedly pursues a pair of drug dealers, who he hopes will lead him to the headquarters of a large crime syndicate in Los Angeles that he wishes to destroy. The pursuit leads to car chases, shoot-outs, action, and violence. A well directed actioner.

Joe Don Baker, Martin Balsam
1 hour, 37 minutes

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Product Details

Genres Drama, Action
Director Andrew V. McLaglen
Starring Joe Don Baker, Martin Balsam
Supporting actors John Saxon, Linda Evans, Merlin Olsen, Morgan Paull, Harold J. Stone, Robert Phillips, Buck Young, Rayford Barnes, Todd Bass, Jerry Hardin, Lillian McBride, Rob Narke, Sidney Clute, Duffy Hambleton, Carole Estes, Vicky Peters, John Ashby, John Ashby
Studio Reel Enterprises
MPAA rating TV-14
Captions and subtitles English Details
Purchase rights Stream instantly Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video)

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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Format: DVD
If you're reading this, odds are you've seen the MST3K version of the cruddy Joe Don Baker cop movie "Mitchell." This DVD is the uncut version, which includes about thirty minutes of scenes not in the MST3K version, as well as some alternate footage (find out what word Linda Evans REALLY wrote on Joe Don Baker's windshield). The uncut version has more scenes of Joe Don's oily, beefy body rolling around in bed with Linda Evans, a scene where Joe Don crushes a bad guy's hand in a car door, and, in the funniest scene in the whole movie, we find out what actually happened to John Saxon (dies in a fiery dune buggy accident). Buying this disc, I was kinda hoping that the plot would make more sense, but, Saxon death notwithstanding, the movie was still a muddled and confused mess. This disc should probably be recommended only to "Mitchell" completists (a very niche audience I must say).

The DVD from Brentwood presents "Mitchell" in a cropped 1.33:1 transfer. (Gosh, pan and scan? To think we're missing up to half of the film's sumptuous photography!). The print is faded and worn-out, and at one point, the Brentwood copywrite information actually appears on screen, so purists beware. The sound is particularly bad - much of Joe Don's deep, slurred dialogue is practically inaudible. There is a supremely ugly menu that has a big, distorted Joe Don Baker picture along with some funky '70s music. There are no extras, unsurprisingly. Bring on the Joe Don Baker commentary!

This release has some of the worst DVD box art known to man. The cover has perhaps the ugliest Joe Don Baker picture in the world, along with the priceless catchphrase (and I quote), "A cop with a gun, a drink, and no friends." Talk about a sales pitch, eh?
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By Alli on January 31, 2000
Format: VHS Tape
What can be said of Mitchell that hasn't been said already? Joe Don Baker lurches through this film, straining his belt buckle with his obscene girth and grinning drunkenly at the goings-on around him. I don't know if it was the producer's intent to have the hero played as a rotgut-swilling slob, but Baker's interpretation goes beyond the pail, becoming downright disgusting. Lumbering around LA in a beer-soaked fog, bedecked in what appear to be a clown's hand-me-downs, Mitchell is slow-witted, obnoxious, and just plain gross. As for the movie, it plays like a reel of rejected scenes from a knockoff of "The Rockford Files". Marvel at the interminable scenes of Mitchell dozing on the job outside Martin Balsam's house! Watch in amazement as Mitchell lies in his bed, besodden with filth as he guzzles the 20th beer of the evening! Laugh joyously at the witty repartee between Mitchell and his obvious intellectual superior: The Kid on the Skateboard (whose skateboarding skills leave plenty to be desired, by the way)! But, most of all, hold your lunch down as Mitchell befouls Linda Evans in what has to be the most vile love scene ever filmed. See Linda wipe crumbs from Mitchell's mouth! Watch Mitchell suavely hook a sixpack with his pudgy toe! Gaze in awe and wonder at the baby oil placed strategically on the nighttable! All this while Hoyt Axton mumbles incoherently about our titular hero set to music that sounds like a calliope played by an escaped mental patient. If you haven't ridden the stomach elevator by this scene's end, you are a stronger sort than I! Overall, see this movie (or the MST3K version)! I promise you will laugh uproariously between spells of nausea. And, while watching, take the time to enjoy a triple-decker sandwich and a Schlitz. That's what Mitchell would do!
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
The only redeeming quality about unlikeable Mitchell is his principals about the bad guys not getting away with the crime. Joe Don rises above MST3K with this uncut version containing brutal action and an explosive ending that delivers! Breaking up the slow pace and hard to watch sex scenes, is savage assaults from Baker coming off as a guy not to mess with. Joe Don won't be bought off as he relentlessly pursues a rich murderer, and another rich drug dealer. He dodges set ups by having a righteous plan "B" featuring a rock to cave in an attacker's skull, a shot gun blowing away two druggies (one off his motorcycle) and attacking a yacht with a helicopter while smashing it to bits with an air tank and more. To think I kept from watching this because of MST3K, depriving myself of an underrated Joe Don classic. The great John Saxon is totally slimy as one of the baddies. I had to look overseas for a quality dvd presentation of Mitchell thanks to the eternal damage done by the nerds at mystery science theater 3000(MST3K). Mitchell richly deserves its "R" rating showcase of Joe Don Baker rolling on and off of Linda Evans forcing her to drink raspy beer and leaving the bad guys bloodied and wondering what the hell just hit them. DVD from BCI is watchable. Warner Archives dvd audio and video is great 16x9 widescreen uncut version. No extras.
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Format: DVD
This film's greatest contribution to entertainment was as fodder for the movie riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). The film follows a detective who, by way of blundering oafishness and childlike naivete, manages to follow an investigative thread from a breaking and entering/ self defense shooting case, to a drug running/money laundering case involving the lawyer who's house the B&E occurred in. His investigative method is basically to eyeball the scene of a crime for a minute and then blatantly disregard the orders of his superior officers to follow up on the hunch he developed while doing so. The film never gives a strong enough justification for these constant acts of flagrant insubordination and leaves the viewer wondering why the heck this guy is still a detective, especially after the numerous extreme violations of people's rights. Another brilliant moment is when Mitchell directly approaches one of the suspects in the case, with no knowledge of the individual's actual involvement (he's simply been assigned to conduct surveillance on the guy), learns absolutely nothing as a result, and blows his cover too! This means nothing of course, because Mitchell will solve the case by pure manlines and the convenience of a moral righteousness that does not permit self doubt or evaluation. He even gets his own silly theme song while having sex, which MST3K "nerds" justifiably immortalized as the ridiculous garbage it is. Throughout this journey, Mitchell never really shows us that he has the mental capacity to actually accomplish the amazing feats of police investigation he is constantly pulling off.
Having said that, I can't bring myself to give this less than three stars. As ridiculously stupid as this movie is, it's still fun to watch.
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