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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2008
A more appropriate title for this book might have been "Dreadnought Fire Control" as that represents at least 90% of the contents. Very little is devoted to "Gunnery" and almost nothing is said about "Guns" - and even that small amount is unreliable, even to the point of getting the caliber (bore size) of the weapons incorrect in at least two instances.

As in many of Dr. Friedman's works, this book has a good deal of nomenclature data on what model of equipment was carried by a particular warship, which may prove the most useful part of the work. It is in the area of how this equipment operated and worked with its crewmen that the work falls down. I now know what mark of rangefinder was used by British and USA battleships, for example, but if I relied totally upon this work I would know little about how well they performed under various conditions and what "sailor alts" were performed on them to rectify their faults.

I also have to note that secondary and AA fire control are virtually ignored, with the exception of listing what type/mark of rangefinders or analog computers were used to control them. However, there is pitifully little about how effective these were in performing their job.

In brief, this is a useful work for reference purposes, but it could have been much more.
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