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December 22, 2014
Kurt Schuett's work, Insurgency, is a hypothetical debut novel, which primarily incorporates various aspects of urban thrillers, suspense, actions and horrors, as well as political conspiracy. According to Schuett, the country appears to be in actual decay, and the citizens nurturing a feeling of complete hopelessness. This perception actually makes the tale rich with elements of political unrest. This is specifically manifested in the level of anti-state developments and complexities thus making it a lifelike thriller. Schuett actually proves to be outstandingly brave with his writing, especially regarding this particular work of fiction. Protagonist Alan Schulz is a character well created by the author to represent the everyday graduates, who cannot find good jobs yet have personal grievances against their immediate societies. Kurt Schuett paints Alan, a young law-abiding citizen turned a serial murderer in the City of Chicago.

Kurt Schuett also creates a creepy and unnerving inner-city environment where nobody is considered sacred. He depicts Chicago as a dark and daunting city with hard-hitting tales, particularly characterized with turmoil, conspiracy, street riots, and murder, among many other evils in the society. Worst of all are the experiences of the central character, which has been dragged unintentionally into the midst of all these unnecessary mayhems. The sequence of actions in the book is well-fashioned. For instance, there is a number of sincerely shocking moments, which are somehow capable of instigating fear in the readers. Other than the fast-paced actions, Schuett's characters, both villains and heroes alike, also make both emotional and timely observations about both the modern and future United States of America. As a result, all enthusiasts of horrors, thrillers, suspense, actions, as well as political conspiracy are expected to enjoy the debut novel.
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4.8 out of 5 stars