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August 15, 2016
I have been using Vital Tones Adult ADHD Pro for 1 week. Although subtle, so far, I have noticed improvement in my cognitive functions. I "feel" better. I have paired listening to the 3 sessions with meditation. The meditating is also new for me. The 5th star is given because of the excellent, generous, kind and timely support given to me from Vital Tones. My email to them was sent at around 3:30am, very early in the morning, at least where I live. I started writing to inquire about the differences between the free app vs the Pro app. My email turned into a letter, explaining just some of the problems that I have and the situations I have buried myself with, in part, because of Adult ADHD. When I was a kid, ADHD was not really something people knew about. In my family, we were lucky to see a doctor for a concussion let alone for ADHD. I grew up and to this day, still having trouble because I have always felt so much smarter than I have performed. While my brother made As I struggled to earn Cs. I poured out a lot more in this email than intended and, again, much earlier than intended. I didn't expect a reply until later, if at all. To my surprise, they answered right away! They were very nice and not only helped me in understanding this platform but with all other questions I had asked. This therapy is not a placebo and it is not, by any means, a ripoff. I am excited by the potential this has and I look forward to using other types of sessions that Vital Tones offers for just about anything that I can think of. In the grand scheme of things, especially compared to other treatments I have tried, this is a true value. There are so many people, each an individual, so it is impossible to say that this will work for you. It is working for me. I have nothing to gain from this review. In fact, I am running behind by writing it. I am in no way affiliated with Vital Tones, except through my one email. I intend to send them more as I gave my word that I would check back in every couple of weeks to let them know my progress. Perhaps the most important thing that the person who replied to my email stated was, "We are not so much a business but an organization."
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