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February 16, 2016
This may be one of the worst (right down there in the gutter with Linda Harvey's book) on LGBT issues.

I am glad I did not pay for it -- a friend sent it to me.

There are just too many problems with this book. First, the editing is atrocious. Hillary and Eda should be ashamed of their work. Grammar, punctuation and a GLUT of !!!!!!!!!, and more !!!!!.

The chapter on science is appalling. The adherence to theories of why people are gay that got tossed out in the 1970s is shameful. The author missed the point on Kinsey's contribution to the conversation of human sexuality, ignored the power of the feminist era and missed the importance of the time in the history of the US after WWII. No academia here at all.

Pile on that the lingo, and the debased language to describe sexuality and you have a mess.

This author needs to hear the stories of LGBT Christians who are all around him rather than basing his narrative on one guy he became friends with.

Badly composed, badly supported, poor pastoral advice, and terribly simplistic and juvenile writing.
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