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November 19, 2004
I still have my original copy. It's very tattered and worn after the 100s of hours of reading and re-reading, but it remains an important part of my life. This book has had the most significant impact on my life than any other book I've read (not including the BIBLE).

Many years ago I fell into some very difficult times. I went from riches to rags. By a stroke of luck, this book jumped off the bookshelf and saved my life. It lifted me up, got me positive and helped me reshape who I was. It has been my source of strength ever since.

It taught me how to take my dreams and make them a reality. How I could focus my energy and teach myself how to become what it was I dreamed. It taught me how I could organize my life, make a decision about what I wanted to do with it, and go after my goals with persistence.

Itstead of being depressed, I could establish a state of mind that could overcome any obstacle and go after any desire with confidence.

Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful people of his time and extracted the secrets that made them rich, successful and happy.

I highly recommend this book. If you're down in the dumps, it will lift you up. If you're rich in money, but unhappy, it will show you how to refocus and join the riches of money with happiness. Or even if your life seems perfect, it will revitalize you and help you realize the potential you didn't even realize you possessed.

So pick up this book. The cost is insignificant when you see what it does for your life. It will change it forever. And the action pack reinforces the concepts and helps you apply them to your life.
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