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August 15, 2014
Alan Schultz is your everyday graduate. Can’t find a good job, has his own personal grumblings with society, and is very, very OCD. So maybe Alan isn’t the everyday guy, but he was a character that Kurt Schuett really created very well. Alan was a character that I enjoyed reading about and irritated me as much as he entertained me, which any personal in the real world is sure to do, so thumbs up for a strong protagonist.

Alan is thrown into the middle of an underground domestic terrorist group after he is roofied at a local bar and boy do things get turned upside down for Alan. A massive underground movement has begun with a little help from a new street drug called “Red Phase”, a drug that turns people into wild, cold blooded killers. Alan, with the help of his attorney friend George, must race against time, the law, “The Brotherhood” and the elements, through Chicago, to see if they can stop the terrorist group from overthrowing the government and casting our country into the shadows of total anarchy.

Insurgency was a bit slow out of the gates for me. Schuett does a beautiful job of being descriptive, but in my opinion, sometimes less description is more. Once you get passed the “underground” you’ll start to notice the book really digging its claws into you. Schuett becomes braver and bolder with his writing and Allan Schultz becomes what I feared he’d become from the get go; an innocent man trapped in a whirlwind of calamity in which he’s forced to do terrible things.

There are a few scenes that are a bit vague that require some rereading in order to understand, but it’s a part of the book that you can really look past. The story is so rich with political depth and there is a level of anti-government planning and intricacy that truly makes this a thriller…and a realistic one at that. In the world we live in today, anything can happen, especially very scary things, and Schuett has truly proven to me that he is a master of putting pen to paper in Insurgency.

I anticipate the follow up to this novel, especially after that jaw-dropping ending. This is definitely a book worth reading and I recommend it to any lover of political fiction, suspenseful thrillers, or action adventure!
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