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February 16, 2017
This is more than a leadership book, it's more than a book, it's a guide to creating a meaningful life, it's about achieving your values and leading others to achieve theirs.

The book's tone is calm, non-imposing and has a fluency that is uncommon, a fluency that comes not just from mastering writing and thinking skills, but having actually gone through the process of figuring out what is important, what works, how and why. Instead of only presenting arguments and proofs about what makes a great life, the author shows you how to do so yourself. The skills you'd build are like keys that'll open powerful doors.

It's so well written that it's hard to keep it down and move on to practicing the exercises but the exercises are the way to make it work. If you were to skip the theory and move on to doing the exercises I bet you'd still tremendous results from it. The exercises are fun and rewarding; not tedious at all. At times they challenge you to get out of your comfort zone but never do they kill the joy of pursuing something important.

By means of simple stories some very complex ideas like awareness, emotions, values, achievement, discipline, empathy, efficacy, resilience, etc. are explained comprehensively. After doing the exercise these words take on a deeper meaning and resonate so much more with one's own experience. It is especially a game-changer for those who by default use analytical skills to deal with everything, now you get to systematically learn social, emotional, interpersonal skills that are equally powerful.
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