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May 2, 2014
Over the past 4 years, this water bottle has formed an inseparable bond with me. I carried this water bottle in the side pocket of my backpack throughout college. Multiple times, I whipped the backpack onto my back, sending the water bottle flying out of the side pocket and plummeting to the concrete floor. I watched in horror as it landed straight on the clear plastic top with a crash and bounced several times, hitting the floor and walls many more times. I thought for sure it had met its demise, but no...there was barely even a scratch. I have dropped this thing on sidewalks and streets, in parking lots, on ceramic flooring, and it's even fallen down the stairs. I am not proud of my reckless behavior with this water bottle, but nonetheless - It has not broken. It has not cracked. It has battle scars and scratches, but it is not deformed in any way. It keeps me hydrated and it is my friend.

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