Customer Public Name
Art (Forge/Pine) Mr. Nathan Carroll
Art- Mrs. Nichole Simpson (Lingle/Northside)
Cougar Academy- Lindsey Walters
Cougar Academy-Erin Marinkov
Cougar Academy-Jamie Deffibaugh
Cougar Academy-Leah Comiskey
Forge - Speech- Mrs. Paulina Seibert
Forge 1st Grade- Mrs. Mary Clements
Forge 1st Grade- Mrs. Patricia Early
Forge 2nd Grade- Faith Carter (Mrs. Ryan Warner)
Forge 2nd Grade-Mrs. Heidi Cox
Forge 3rd Grade- Mrs. Brenda Wasilewski
Forge 3rd Grade- Mrs. Carrie Twaddell
Forge 3rd Grade- Mrs.Heidi Kajder
Forge 4th Grade- Mrs. Kristen Teaman
Forge 4th Grade- Mrs. Michelle Luciotti
Forge 4th Grade- Mrs. Shannon Maurer
Forge 5th Grade- Mr. Joshua Brinser
Forge 5th Grade- Mrs. Abby Hall-Balkarran
Forge 5th Grade- Ms. Abby Anderson
Forge and Northside-Special Ed. - Mrs. Paulina Seibert
Forge- First Grade- Mrs. Holly Folkemer
Forge- Guidance- Mrs. Lauren McGrady
Forge- Nurse- Ms. Judith Robinson
Forge- Reading Specialist - Mrs. Jennifer Blystone
Forge- Reading- Mrs. Megan Ressler
Forge- Reading- Ms. Sharon Colpo
Forge- Special Ed. - Miss Morgan Kelley
Forge- Special Ed. - Mrs. Bethany Oleyniczak
Forge- Special Ed.- Mrs. Tara Garber
Forge- Special Ed.- Ms. Amy Morneau
Forge-2nd Grade- Mr. Warren Miller
GIfted (All Schools) - Mrs. Donna Foran
Health/ PE- (Forge/Northside) Mr. Ryan Brooks
Health/P.E.- (Lingle/Northside) - Mrs. Karen Szobocsan
Health/PE- (Forge/Pine) Mrs. Kelci Milne
Itinerant Learning Support (All Schools)- Mrs. Michelle Berliner
Library- (Forge/Pine) Mrs. April Sibbach
Library- (Lingle/Northside) - Mrs. Janelle Simmon
Lingle & Northside- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Bell
Lingle- ELD Teacher- Mrs. Valerie Carroll
Lingle- Fifth Grade- Mr. Jason Koch
Lingle- Fifth Grade- Mrs. Jennifer Smith
Lingle- Fifth Grade- Ms. Kellie Kreider
Lingle- First Grade- Mrs. Amy Speece
Lingle- First Grade- Mrs. Jennifer Kyper
Lingle- First Grade- Ms. Julie Ibberson
Lingle- Fourth Grade- Mr. Mark Zimmerman
Lingle- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Dawn Yingling
Lingle- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Shauna Garcia
Lingle- Guidance- Ms. Erin Hicks
Lingle- Kindergarten (CA)- Mrs. Erin Condran
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Amy Henry
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Jackie Boltz
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Jennifer Honicker
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Jill Sensenig
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Laura Fitzpatrick
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Melissa Groff
Lingle- Kindergarten- Mrs. Paula Norton
Lingle- Nurse- Mrs. Courtney Fackler
Lingle- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Katelyn Talmadge
Lingle- Reading Specialists- Mrs. Rich
Lingle- Second Grade- Mr. Caleb Purcell
Lingle- Second Grade- Mrs. Brianne Cole
Lingle- Second Grade- Mrs. Erin Rose
Lingle- Special Education- Mr. Appel
Lingle- Special Education- Mr. Bradley Clemens
Lingle- Special Education- Mrs. Cathy Schrecengost
Lingle- Special Education- Mrs. Gina Riess
Lingle- Special Education- Mrs. Pratt
Lingle- Special Education- Ms. Cheyenne Rodriguez
Lingle- Third Grade- Mrs. Ellen Gay
Lingle- Third Grade- Mrs. Janet Stewart
Lingle- Third Grade- Mrs. Sandy Kepler
Music (Lingle/Northside)- Ms. Olsen
Music/Band- (Forge/Pine) Mrs. Kathleen Reese
Music/Band- (Lingle/Northside) - Mr. Gregory Brandt
Music/Choir (Forge/Pine) Mrs. Alison Williams
Music/Orchestra (All Schools) Mr. Kuntz
Northside- Fifth Grade- Mrs. Julie Mackneer
Northside- Fifth Grade- Ms. Rayanne Hawk
Northside- First Grade- Mrs. Alicia Brinser
Northside- First Grade- Mrs. Keanna Walters
Northside- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Jennifer Cruise
Northside- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Tricia Bruce
Northside- Guidance- Ms. Jennifer Pascale
Northside- Nurse- Mrs. AmyLea Yingst
Northside- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Ashley Edwards
Northside- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Katelyn Talmadge
Northside- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Terri Brier
Northside- Second Grade- Miss Emily Stephens
Northside- Second Grade- Miss Unju Pak
Northside- Special Education- Ms. Alison Blouch
Northside- Special Education- Ms. Cherie Pederson
Northside- Special Education- Ms. Courtney Ingold
Northside- Special Education- Ms. Michelle Berliner
Northside- Third Grade- Mrs. Anne Johnson
Northside- Third Grade- Ms. Megan Frazier
Pine - First Grade - Mrs. Shelly Hunt
Pine - First Grade- Mrs. Sherry Weaver
Pine - Nurse- Ms. Lauren Seward
Pine- ELD Teacher- Ms. Andrea Wagner
Pine- Fifth Grade- Mr. Gregory May
Pine- Fifth Grade- Mrs. Alexandra Rausch
Pine- Fifth Grade- Ms. Nicole Harner
Pine- First Grade- Mrs. Nikkia Fullmer
Pine- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Beth Wolfe
Pine- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Denise Caton
Pine- Fourth Grade- Mrs. Noelle Conrad
Pine- Guidance- Ms. Jennifer Kotay
Pine- Reading Specialist- Mrs. Mary Manlove
Pine- Second Grade- Mrs. Alyssa Crum
Pine- Second Grade- Mrs. Jillian Brandt
Pine- Second Grade- Mrs. Susan Fair
Pine- Special Education- Mrs. Melissa George
Pine- Special Education- Mrs. Samantha Caroway
Pine- Special Education- Ms. Amber Miller
Pine- Special Education- Ms. Olivia Arnold
Pine- Third Grade- Mrs. Jennifer Reed
Pine- Third Grade- Mrs. Nancy Heisey
Pine- Third Grade- Mrs. Sarah Line
Social Workers (Elementary) Dr. Amanda Musser
Speech-(Pine/Lingle) Ms. Leanne Snyder
STEM (All Schools)- Mr. Tyler Frantz
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Art- Mrs. Nichole Simpson (Lingle/Northside)
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