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on December 28, 2013
Having just returned home from a trip with my new Kindle Fire HDX 7, I have to say that I am perplexed by the negative reviews from people who say that their Kindle does not fit this case and that the holes for the speakers and controls do not line up. My guess is that those people either (a) are trying to use this with the Kindle Fire HD 7 (it only fits the HDX 7), or (b) they are putting the Kindle in upside-down, or (c) they were sent the wrong item. First of all, this case measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" when closed. If your case is bigger than this, you got the wrong item. Second, there are four cutouts on the back of the case, two for the speakers and one each for the power button and the volume control. If you can't see the speakers and the controls when you put your HDX 7 into the case, you put it in upside-down. Another way to check is to see if the camera lens is visible. If it isn't, the HDX 7 has been put in upside-down.

Once the HDX 7 is put in the case correctly, it works just fine. Closing the case automatically puts the HDX 7 into sleep mode. The USB port and the earphones port are easily accessible, as are the power button and the volume controls. Including a stylus/pen and an elastic loop in which to stone it is a nice plus. Inside are slots into which you can put a credit card and driver's license, a useful feature for air travelers now that you need a credit card to buy drinks and something to eat on most flights. It beats having to dig through your wallet or purse.

I deducted one star because the stand is not quite as sturdy as I would like. You have to press down on the front of the stand or it will tip over backwards. Once you get the hang of it, it works reasonably well.

Mine had a slight odor when I opened it, but it dissipated quickly.

For the price, this case is a bargain.
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on April 3, 2015
This item is exactly what I wanted.I looked at several other cases for my Fire HDX 7" and the all were missing the strap on the inside cover, that when opened, enables you to slip a couple fingers in to help hold my tablet in place without having to maintain a tiresome grip over long periods. I rarely used the stand for my tablet. Almost all the time I am holding it in my hand. Most cases are designed to only allow you to use them as stands if placing the tablet on a flat surface. This case works nicely as a landscape stand for my tablet in an angled position and a portrait stand in the straight upright position. This case has the added feature of a comfortable hand holding strap to enable me to securely hold my tablet in either portrait or landscape position for extended periods of time without my hand tiring.
The case is nice looking and has some features I will probably not use, such as the credit card holder slots. There is also another little slot inside the cover for hold something. I am not sure what it is used for, but would guess maybe a pen could slide though this and be held securely, but would then be in the way of closing the case cover on the front of the tablet.
The tablet does has a magnet built in to turn the tablet on when you open the cover. This is a neat feature not available on previous tablets I have owned and I will need to get used to using this new feature.

Summary: This is an excellent value for a case and had all the features I was looking for, plus some added extra features costing about 1/4 of the other cases.
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on December 17, 2014
The case is very snug on my kindle HDX 7. No worries about it slipping out and should I accidentally drop it I know it's protected secure enough not to nick or scratch my device. Corners are sufficiently protected, no extra bulk, nice and slim in size and if I want to purchase a pen later I have a holder for it. I did quite a lot of research on some of the more popular cases, for instance the origami and although it looks nice and sleek you have no protection should you drop it since the only thing holding it is a magnet that isn't as strong once it's jerked as if to simulate a drop to the floor. I wanted quality and the added protection from occasional accidents with a reasonable price and I have that with this case. It's leather and sturdy and contains no strong scents.....but if it did it wouldn't bother me since new leather smells tend to taper off over a short time. I'm quite pleased with my case and so glad I chose it. Oh..almost forgot one thing I really like how it magnetically closes securely and has sleep/wake function.

****UPDATE***** 12/21/14
I still love the case overall but in the few days I've had the case I notice when I turn my kindle off and then back on again by the way the cut outs are with how the kindle has to be set within the case itself your kindle will actually be upside down from the initial kindle fire logo on boot up, but of course once it's finished the auto rotate won't really make much of a difference after that. It's a minor annoyance but not so much to want to go through the whole ordeal of returning and exchanging etc. I still love it but for that I will give it four stars. My tablet is still very much so protected and safe in the event *knocks on wood* it drops.
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on December 12, 2013
It may not be the best cover on the market, but it is absolutely the best cover at the price or anywhere close to it on the market. It's well made, attractive, easy to use. It turns the Kindle on and off, as it is supposed to. All of the plugs, buttons etc. are easily accessible. If there's any problem it's caused by the design of the Kindle, not the case. The color selection is fine. Mine is a nice warm red. I've had this same case for my previous Fire and I liked it so much I bought an extra so I could swap colors. An excellent value and a good cover.
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on April 3, 2014
I recently (and stupidly) lost my 1st generation Kindle Fire and so was in the market for a cover to go with the HDX 7" I bought as a replacement. This i-BLASON cover offered me the best combinations of features and price.

An attractive (I bought the black) book cover-like case.
A secure hand loop, pictured above. This was an essential for me, as I don't want to drop the Kindle should I start to doze off while reading.
A cover that puts the unit to sleep when closed and activates it on opening. Minor convenience, but nice.
Good price. I don't get people paying $50-$70 for a simple tablet cover.

No strap closure. My old cover (Marware) closed with a zipper. This cover has no secure closure. I would have appreciated at least an elastic strap to keep the cover from opening in case of a drop.
No real padding. The old Marware cover had some.

Overall, this case is the one I settled on after looking after several, including sleeve models. While not perfect, I think it's worth the money paid and would recommend it until something better (with a zipper closure) comes along.

Note: I read in the reviews some people complaining that the folding cover wouldn't hold the Kindle at a good angle for video viewing. I thought this was a problem, too, on first working with it, as the Kindle would make the stand top-heavy and fall over. I realized the problem came from me pushing the cover too far into the slot. Doing it only part-way helped, and now the Kindle stands at a good angle. I do worry about the problem coming back, though, as the slot flap loosens over time. I'll post here if it does.
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on December 9, 2013
After receiving the 3rd e-mail message from the seller to do so, the following review is submitted:

Overall, as a protector for the Kindle Fire HDX - the case is adequate for the purpose, and worth what I paid for it. The extras... not so much. The *only* extra I actually use is the stylus loop. Of the others...

I don't know why it was thought that it would be a smart idea to store one's ID and / or credit cards with the Kindle Fire HDX, but to me - the two slots serve no purpose. If it weren't for the fear that there's a hole behind the holders, I'd use a seam ripper to remove it.

SD holder - since the Kindle Fire HDX doesn't use one, there's no reason I can see to have such a holder.

Elastic Hand Strap - I don't bother with it, though I can see how some would find it helpful. Same for the Flipstand.

"Bonus" i-Blason Stylus/Pen Combo - If I hadn't already had one, I'd probably have used it... until I'd gotten a replacement. As it was, I gave it away because I prefer to have the stylus tethered to the Kindle Fire instead of just clipped there when not in use.

The final annoyance with the product is it's orientation in relation to the Kindle Fire HDX. Yes, the Kindle Fire HDX has an orientation sensor - but my expectation is that a protective product should be made to conform to the Kindle Fire HDX's "usual" orientation - camera to the left - instead of requiring the Kindle Fire HDX to conform to the protector.

Others have noted that their cover had a distinctive odor - mine (black) arrived with a slight scent that did not last beyond the second day out of the package.
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on December 16, 2013
The product title says this case is designed for or at least compatible with the Kindle Fire HDX 7. It is not. It is a generic 7 inch tablet case that in no way was created with the HDX in mind. The tablet does fit in the case, although loosely as it is too roomy so it slides around. Most importantly there are no access points for the power button, the volume control buttons, or the micro usb port for charging. This renders the case useless unless you plan on removing the kindle from the case in order to use any of these functions. The HDX's back face design requires special device specific cutouts in a case as the angled buttons can not be easily accessed from generic open cutouts at the bottom and top of the case.
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on January 15, 2014
This case was a real disappointment. The first thing we noticed was that our new 7" Kindle HDX did not fit particularly snugly in the case. It slid around quite a bit, particularly up and down. Worse was the fact that none of the access openings in the case matched the location of the function ports on the Kindle. The power button hole on the back was no where near the power button on the kindle. So with the kindle in the case, the power button was not accessible. Next, the opening that should have provided access to the charging port did not line up. Charging the Kindle in the case would have required forcing it into a position that might well have resulted in damage to the charging port and/or the cable. And the opening that should have provided access to the audio/headphone port was also misaligned. So to use any of these functions, one would have to remove the Kindles from the case. What's the point of having the case?

We should also note that we know we had the Kindle in the correct orientation because having the kindle turn on when the case was opened worked only in one of the two possible orientations. As delivered,we can't recommend this product. It's access openings needs to be better aligned with the ports on the Kindle HDX for this product to be useful.
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on December 3, 2013
This is by far the best case I have seen for my Kindle. I have tried more expensive cases but they are either bulky, poor fitting, or added weight. The fit ifor this case is perfect for my HDX model and the added weight is nearly none. I feel the grip on this case is nice and I believe it would sufficiently protect my Kindle for a "reasonable" drop. The handle should set a standard for all cases as I have found it greatly increases my comfort when reading. The magnetic closure works well and always puts my Kindle in standby mode. Not sure why I would ever need any of the pockets but they're there in case I ever want them. If I could change anything about the case I would like to have something to keep it flat together when fully open and I am not using the hand strap, maybe a snap or velcro or something. Not that big of a deal though. All in all this is a great case and I recommend it for Kindle Fire HDX owners.
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on August 27, 2014
After using for several weeks, I do love it! Was initially concerned about some of the reviews but decided to try because I found a positive review with some explanation and because price was so good. The kindle cover purchased for my first kindle was fine and lasted as long as the kindle but it cost $50. The cover for my HDX is better at a fourth the price! I have sensitive eyes but had absolutely no problem with 'something' coming off the fact, it had no odor at all.
The leather looks great and the style offers more protection for the kindle. I was initially concerned that it would come open in my bag because the case doesn't have a clasp but this has not been a problem at all. I had never used a stylus and so didn't know that I needed one! I found doing email on the kindle too much trouble but it is much easier to reply using the stylus. Fewer embarrassing autocorrects from clumsy fingers!
This case is well worth the money and I would recommend it to my friends and family
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