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on February 24, 2012
The i-BLASON Case for ipad2 is amazing and it's a perfect fit for the ipad2!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Seriously, this case will not disappoint! It is an exact fit for the iPad2, every opening, port & button is perfectly lined up, including the camera! Before I purchased a case and cover, I thoroughly investigated not just what I thought I wanted the case & cover to do, but what all was available for a case to do as I knew there were many, many designs out there and I would have the case for a very long time. My main goal was to find something that protected the front and back of my ipad from wear and tear as I really want to protect my investment. I was also looking for a case that would provide a more secure feeling grip as I personally find the iPad to be quite slippery to hold. After looking at many cases one thing a lot of them seemed to have in common was bulkiness. It seemed that many of them were designed to have the iPad slide inside a portfolio type case that appeared to do a good job of providing plenty of padding for shock absortion should you drop your ipad but with that protection came a bulky, cumbersome and oversized looking case. I wanted protection for my ipad against accidental drops and falls but without the bulk! I wanted to be able to surf the net, play games or read a book on my ipad from the car, a plane, the sofa or my bed & a thick bulky padded "slide-it-in" portfolio type case with all the multi-level easel positioned backs seemed like it would be very unwieldy. I can say this much, the i-BLASON Case is NOT even the slightest bit cumbersome or bulky yet it provides wonderful versatility as well as protection for the iPad! Don't let its streamlined & simple look fool you into thinking that it doesn't provide shock absorption because it certainly does and I unwittingly tested that out a few days after placing my ipad in the new case by knocking it off an end table onto the hardwood floor. Thankfully my iPad survived the fall with no damage at all!! (whew!) Also as a side note, the i-Blason Case pairs perfectly with the Apple Smart Cover that I purchased directly from Apple. The 2 pieces work seamlessly together allowing you to easily use the Apple Smart Covers' fold-down easel for hands free typing or screen viewing and the Apple cover attaches to the ipad magnetically down the left side so it can be easily removed to allow use of the i-Blason Cover alone. The i-Blason Case is a perfect match color wise too to the Apple Smart Cover! The color is unbelievably spot-on and they really look like you bought them as a set when in fact they are from 2 entirely different companies! The price for the i-Blason Case is wonderfully priced too I might add at around $16.00. Overall, I had a fantastic experience with this purchase and I am 100% satisfied with the company and I HIGHLY recommend this product!
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on March 24, 2012
I searched far and wide on the Amazon site to find a Smart Cover compatible snap on cover for the back of my new iPad. This is one of the few that had consistently positive reviews and this cover deserves them :-) It does exactly what it claims to do. Fits perfectly on the new slightly thicker new iPad as well as iPad 2. Corners snapped into place and it's great. Perfect companion to Apple's Smart Cover and gives the back protection along with a slightly grippy texture which makes the tablet feel much more secure in your hands.

The combination of the Smart Cover for the front and the iBlason cover for the back maintains the overall thinness and sleekness of the tablet. The two products together add very little bulk. The iBlason cover is very light weight, but sturdy and well made. I ordered the translucent "Frost" and am very, very pleased with it. Almost looks like it's not even there :-)

All the cutouts for the iPad's buttons are perfectly placed and allow for complete functionality. Couldn't be happier with this item. Easy now to place the iPad into my shoulder bag without worrying about it becoming scratched. For added protection I have a Brenthaven StylePro iPad sleeve which accommodates the iPad with it's two covers in place. YAY! Would definitely buy again.

UPDATE: April 18, 2012
I take it ALL back! Sorry!, but after using this i-BLASON cover on my new iPad for only the past month it has begun to literally disintegrate at the corners with small chunks actually falling off making it useless. Really disappointing. I know how to take care of electronics and have never dropped/abused this cover in any way. Never even gotten a scratch on it, but the shell and it's coating are both coming apart on all corners. Begin as "stress" cracks which then go all the way thru the material and flake off in chunks. Have discarded this cover and am waiting for a similar product from Cimo (TPU material which is supposed to be more durable, but who knows....). The Apple Smart Cover and Brenthaven case remain like new and continue to do what they're supposed to do :-)
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on December 1, 2012
I can't even begin to describe how amazing this case really is.

I was very skeptical of the case prior to purchasing as I had never heard of this manufacturer before; however, I can honestly say that I will never own another case (back cover only).

I went with the black one as I have a black leather Apple SmartCover and this is the perfect compliment/supplement to that. It covers every possible open space of the back of the iPad but leaves everything else perfectly accessible.

The feel of the case itself is what sold me on it. Smooth to the touch, but incredibly durable. It's not like your usual plastic-coated case that will show signs of wear the minute you set it down on your table. This thing seems to absorb any impact/scuff with ease. I use my iPad all day, every day and this thing has not missed a beat.

I am debating whether to order another one, just so I can be sure I will never be without one should they ever stop making them.

For reference, I have mine installed on the 3rd generation iPad (The "New" iPad).

I would buy this product again, and again, and I would recommend it to anyone.

***UPDATE*** October 28, 2012 ***UPDATE***

I've had this case on for almost six months now and my love for it has only grown stronger. This is unlike any other case (back-case-only) I've ever owned.

It doesn't leave any marks on the device itself, where other products will often leave little rub marks causing the part of the metal it touches to be a little shiny. You take this case off and it looks like the device hasn't even been used. Exactly the way a case is supposed to be.

I've been using it in conjunction with my Apple Leather SmartCover and everything meshes together just as it did the day I got it (not like the metal would really change...).

Finally, this case has held up to six months of use. Bear in mind that I am very easy on my devices, but just as every human, I make mistakes. I've laid it down on metal and stone tables and while the marks are visible at first, a few rubs with your finger and they are gone. Vanished. Extraordinary.

I would buy this case again, and in fact, I bought my girlfriend an identical case (in grey) just a few months ago. Truly an exceptional product.
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on March 24, 2012
It absolutely breaks my heart that I can't write a glowing 5+ review for this product.
I looked at so many other back cover reviews and this one started out as wonderful.
Got my new ipad on Friday, March 17th (woo hoo) and by Wednesday of the follwing week I noticed one hairline crack in one of the corners. There is no reason this should have happened, it just appeared. The Ipad was never dropped, bounced, thumped or bumped and is kept in a padded Vera Bradley case when it's not in my very careful hands.I did not have to force it on when I put it on, everyting was fine for a few days. I was worried this would happen from previous reviews so it was not unexpected, though I was hopeful mine would be different.
The case fits the new ipad BEAUTIFULLY. The corners fit exactly flush with the sides which allows the smart cover to fit perfectly flush on the screen surface, a complaint of many of the other back covers of the reviews I read. The frost cover allows the inscription and the apple logo to be seen on the back, and the feel is non slip without being gummy. In my opinion, everything else about this cover is more than perfect. I am not going to return the cover and just assume the risk that after time the other corners will crack as well.I can live with that. Hopefully they won't break off. Right now it is just a hairline crack not getting any worse and I don't need to take the cover on and off to accommodate the ipad dock, so maybe it will not worsen(always the optomist!!)I think having a case that causes the smart cover to sit a bit off the screen is a worse fault than having hairline cracks in the corners.Personal opinion. But I will add updates to this review to chronicle the condition as we go along.
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on December 24, 2012
I bought this case about six months ago and it has been perfect. I like my cases very minimal, just enough to protect the device without covering up all that lightweight technology u paid so much for. This fits that bill and provides good protection. Color matches my gray Smart Cover perfectly, all holes line up. Materal has a hard silicone feel that I really like. Some complained about the Smart Cover not sticking to the back when open and flipped around, the answer to that is just take it off. I didn't think I would do this, but if I'm going to use the ipad for a while the Smart Cover pops right off and the ipad and iblason case are very comfortable to use by themselves.

So.... my only complaint with this case may be a deal breaker. Just like some of the other reviews mine too is cracked. Took a while for this to happen, but now two of my corners have small cracks that im sure will grow bigger. The problem, I think, has to do with the way the case holds on to the device at the corners, the material it's made from, and the way people carry the ipad. For me it's natural to pick up the ipad with one hand. When doing this its very easy to apply a bit too much pressure on the corner of the case (the corners stick up ever so slightly higher than the body of the ipad). This is when I saw the first crack. Not sure when the 2nd one came. I think the corners are the kryptonite for this case, and of course that's where you natrually put pressure when picking up the ipad. I'm very gentile with my stuff, iblason needs to make this case stronger somehow.

That said, my case hasn't fallen apart yet and I'm still thinking of picking up another one of these as a replacement. Really like the case, maybe one of the clearish ones will be stronger....
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on March 11, 2012
I purchased this to go with the light grey smart cover I purchased for my iPad 2. I had gotten a smart cover last year on the iPad launch day but after ten months it was showing serious wear and tear. I got the new cover from Amazon and looked around for something to protect the back of my iPad 2 so I would have to keep putting it down on the cover to keep the back from scratching up. After looking at various reviews I decided to give this back cover a try and I have to say I couldn't have been happier with my choice! This back cover perfectly matched the smart cover and the fit and finish would make someone think it came from Apple and not from i-BLASON, it's that good.

Besides being a perfect fit to the iPad 2 and matching the color of the smart cover it also helps maintain a good grip on the device. My number one complaint about the form factor of the iPad 2, and my only complaint in fact, was that the slimness and weight of the device could lead to hand fatigue when holding it in portrait position for long periods of time due to the back of the iPad being so slick. The outer material of the i-BLASON case takes care of this and hardly adds any width to the overall combination.

Two minor issues, which are no where near enough for me to stop using the case, are that it is not possible to put the iPad 2 in its dock while the case is on and that when you prop the iPad 2 up on the folded smart cover it makes the iPad stand almost straight up. Again, these are not major issues for me, I simply would either take the iPad out of the case if I needed the dock or more often than not just disconnected the dock and hooked the cable straight to the iPad while leaving it in its case. Most times if I had a reason to dock the iPad it was to charge it rather than use it and with iOS 5 and iCloud many of the reasons I would dock the iPad to my Mac became moot, I could sync my data wirelessly either via Wi-Fi or from the iCloud servers.

The case has held up well after almost three months of use and when my new third generation iPad arrives this coming Friday, March 16, I plan to order another back from i-BLASON as soon as they are ready to ship in another week or so!
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on June 16, 2012
We have 3 of these for each of our 3 iPads in the family. I got the first in gray for my iPad2. Then my wife got the blue for her New iPad (some would say iPad3). Finally just a week ago my daughter got one in the neutral frost color for her New iPad. There's a lot to like about this product and there are some subtle design changes evident on the newest frost colored unit for my daughter's New iPad. My gray and my wife's blue are compatible with the smart cover and were obtained in color to match the smart cover. All 3 have just enough tacky feel to prevent the iPad sliding off many more tilted surfaces than it would without it. This also makes the iPad much more secure in the hand. It doesn't add appreciably to the bulk of the elegantly slim iPad. The fit of the product is exquisite. Every port is accessible. My daughter's translucent frost shows the Apple Logo and all lettering on the back. If hers were personally inscribed this would show to fine advantage. Hers has another notable design advance. It sports a lip to cover the magnetic hinge of the smart cover so that you can pick up the iPad by the smart cover without dislodging the magnetic attachment at the hinge. I think this is a real plus. Yes, to remove the smart cover she must remove the i-Blason product. But my wife and I have had the magnetic hinge release awkwardly with the potential of dropping the iPad. We looked it up and my daughter's is
i-BLASON SoftGel 2012 New iPad 3 Case Smart Cover Compatible (3rd The latest Generation iPad HD back cover only) (Clear). If you look closely at the description you can see that it "anchors" the smart cover.

Yet after only a few weeks cracks have appeared in the plastic in the corners and are extending to the middle of the back of the cover of my wife's baby blue i-Blason. It still provides some good corner protection but without the elegance that it had only a month ago. My gray i-Blaison has some cracks opening too but though my cover is months older and has seen harder use the cracks are still subtle. Now I notice that the item is called the "i-Blason iPad 2 Case". My slightly slimmer iPad2 is putting less stress on the case explaining why my wife's New iPad is cracking its blue i-Blason iPad 2 Case faster. So even if you pay attention (as I failed to do) to getting the i-Blason compatible with your iPad2 or your slightly thicker New iPad (3rd generation) you may still get some corner cracks like I did after a few months of use.

I just looked at my daughter's still less than a week old barely used i-BLASON SoftGel 2012 New iPad 3 Case Smart Cover Compatible (3rd The latest Generation iPad HD back cover only) (Clear).
No evidence of even a subtle corner crack with my magnifying specs.
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on April 8, 2012
Bought this case for the wife's iPad, Her favorite color is pink. Started with the Smart cover from apple. After realizing how rough my wife is with her iPhone I decided to get her a back cover for the iPad. Looked everywhere, Wolly-World, Target and on-line. Luckily I came across this case on Amazon. Case said to be a good fit with iPad Smart cover. A lot of cases state the same but end up being to tight or to loose very few fit just right. The one's that do fit just right tend to be more expensive. Some where in the range of $30-$50. Well, I pulled the trigger @ $16 I wouldn't loose to much if it didn't fit properly, besides my main concern was the front smart cover and that I already had. Once it got here I put the case on. It was a little tight going on, but once on, it stayed on and didn't come off. That was about a month ago and the case shows no signs of cracking around the corners as others have stated. Now did the Smart Cover fit? You bet your booty. The two seem to be made for each other. The i-Blason iPad 2 case fits PERFECTLY with the iPad Smart Cover. Would I recommend this case if you have or are going to buy the iPad smart cover? Yeap, @ $16 I'd say go for it!
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on April 13, 2012
I would wholly recommend this case to anyone who is searching for a thin, frost colored iPad back cover for the new iPad or iPad 3rd generation. As other reviewers have stated, this product does fit the new iPad. It is a tight fit but not a "forced" fit. I have had no problems in taking it off and putting it back on several times to test out how it holds up. There are no developed stress fractures or breaks in the materials. I have a hard time envisioning that happening as the materials is sorta of a "soft plastic" that has just enough give to prevent it from snapping in corners.

As I mentioned, the fit is perfect. I really have no complaints as, unlike similar frost colored products, this does not appear to attract any finger prints and I can't envision scratches becoming a problem as they're hidden by the frost look.

The back cover works seamlessly with the smart cover and does not, in any way, affect a screen protector (if you have one installed). All of the cutouts match up perfectly...including the camera cutout.

I would suggest the seller change the description on this item to let people know that this fits the new iPad.

I should also warn everyone that, I had contacted the seller and they were honest enough to let me know that, while the frost colored one would definitely fit the new iPad, the other colors will not. I'm not sure what the reasoning is for that but it's worth mentioning here.

The only reason I went with this cover over the new iPad 3 version is that this back cover allows the front smart cover to be removed....the new version of this case locks it in place.
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on May 7, 2012
I bought the i-BLASON back cover (black) in January when I first got my IPad 2 and at first I loved it. It fits perfectly with my Smart cover, is very slim and lightweight, and has a great smooth feel to it.

However, within 2-3 months, there were cracks on two of the corners, which got progressively worse until one of the corners bent and snapped off completely (despite super gluing it back together at one point). I am EXTREMELY careful with my iPad. I take it to school with me everyday, but have never dropped or dinged it once, and I keep it in a super padded carrying case at all times when I'm not using it. My point being - I was not overly rough with the case. It seems to break down with light wear and tear over a few months.

Also, it scratches relatively easily. The scratches aren't extremely noticeable, but if you are a perfectionist like me, you will notice them.

Overall, for the price this product is not bad. I got about 4 months of solid use out of it and am now at the point where I need to replace it. It did a great job of protecting the back of my iPad while it lasted. Since this was the first back cover that I tried for my iPad, I don't plan on buying the same product again, with hopes of finding one that might last a bit longer.
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