Customer Reviews: i-Blason Apple iPad Air Case (5th Generation) i-Folio Smart Cover Smart Case- Black
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on November 13, 2013
I was looking for a sturdy, yet light-weight cover for my iPad Air, and spent hours combing through all of the options out there.
I wasn't interested in a keyboard, but wanted a way to protect the screen when i toss the iPad into my bag.
This cover fits well, and contrary to another review, the sleep/wake function of the cover works fine.
Very happy with this cover.
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on November 16, 2013
Ok this case is high quality and feels great in hands. Wake function works perfect with covers and when u roll back front cover for stand it attaches via the magnets, making it sturdy.
With this high quality case u get some added weight, the whole purpose of getting the air was to keep product light weight but this seems to add half the weight that I lost from switching from ipad 2 to this one back on. There r magnets that the front cover clicks to when closed so the front cover doesn't slide all the time n turn screen on and off n kill battery, so that is great. Wish when front cover was flapped to the back, it also attached in some way. It only attaches when u roll the cover in stand position. So for the price n lifetime warranty it was a great buy but the added weight is the biggest con. I also hope the strong smell of glue goes away over time.
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on November 12, 2013
Edit: 11/21/13 just found out today that you need to turn the sleep/wake function on in Settings. This function does indeed work on my case. Sorry for the faulty review. 5-star case here.

Just received the iPad air version today. I love small cases like this, with no protrusions sticking out on the corners or sides, and no material covering the bezel. This case is extremely light with a soft textured plastic-type material backing and a microfiber material interior. The iPad snapped into place perfectly with no wiggle room; tight fit. The casing sits below the shiny aluminum edging Apple uses, which is a big plus, because the case stays out of your way. Looking at your ipad air with the case on you can hardly see the case, save a thin strip on top which serves as the place the magnet attaches to in order for the cover to remain securely closed.

Negatives: has a strong, strong paint odor to it (think the smell of a spray paint can being used).
If it doesn't go away in a couple days, i'm trashing it. This odor disappeared within a day.

Edit:11/12/13 just noticed the sleep/ wake function doesn't work. Not a big deal for me.
Edit: 11/13/13 the paint odor has disappeared. Adding a star. Sleep/wake function doesn't work
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on November 12, 2013
This case is perfect for my new Air. The fit is perfect. All buttons are accessible. It is sturdy but lightweight. The wake feature works just like an Apple case. Compared to Apple's version, this case is just as functional. Aesthetically, it looks really good.

I originally picked up a Zagg case with the keyboard attached but did not like that with that setup you cannot use the Ipad flat, nor can you use it vertically without removing it from the case. That case is also somewhat heavy, negating a reason I got the Air in the first place: less weight. ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Air (Black) So back it went.

Instead, I bought this IBlason case as well as a wireless bluetooth keyboard.Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac/iPad/iPhone When I don't need to work, I can simply carry the Ipad alone in this case. When I need to type a lot (work), I have the keyboard to take with me. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

This case does have a strong, almost potent new car/manufacturing type smell to it when you open it up. But that fades after it is out of the package.

Otherwise, this case is a no-brainer.
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on November 18, 2013
1. Smooth exterior made of plastic or nylon which makes it easy to put or take out of a bag. If you travel international, then this is a big deal as tablets are treated like laptops and must be examined/X-ray separately by security.
2. Interior is cloth lined which will not scratch your iPad Air. This is important as many cases in this price range don't have this.
3. All holes are aligned perfectly. The Lightning Connector and speakers are open, as well as the volume and mute buttons, but the camera and microphone have cut out holes that line up perfect.
4. The case is sturdy without being too heavy.
5. The auto sleep/awake functions perfectly without flaw. The case has magnets to hold the cover closed.
6. The cover is tri-fold and supports the case without any issue in landscape mode.
7. The iPad Air is secure and will not come out, but the bezel is exposed and looks very clean. The fit is perfect.

1. The iPad Air LTE version with this case weighs 720 grams; this makes the iBlason case 242 grams. The iPad Air LTE version by itself is 478 grams. This does take away from the light weight aesthetics.
2. There is a metal trim piece that holds the cover securely and when folding it back, like a magazine or paperback, the cover sticks out a bit which is uncomfortable to hold. You then have to fold the last 1/3 back.

Overall for the price this can't be beat. The Apple iPad Air case is really the only alternative for the iPad Air, but not for $80.
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on November 14, 2013
Bought this for my new iPad Air for a total of $6.97 and was a little worried it would be too low quality. And unfortunately it is.

- Price (but if I bought it for the price it is now, $14.99, I'd list it as one of the cons)
- It functions well as a stand and the wife already likes it to use Facetime (only reason why I'm not returning it)
- Sleep/Auto-Wake function works
- It appears to be good at protecting the iPad Air (not tested)

- Clunky. The front cover is horrible and it isn't good to use the iPad with it. It keeps getting in the way, doesn't matter the position it is.
- The back cover doesn't align perfectly with the iPad Air.
- The back of the front cover came with a really strong glue smell.
- I've had this for one day now and I think it is more slippery than the iPad Air without the cover. The back cover is really, really slippery. I don't feel confident while using it.
- This metal thing in the front cover that sticks to the magnet in the edge of the back cover is just awful. So ugly.

I don't recommend buying this cover and I'm definitely buying another one of better quality.
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on November 30, 2013
This cover is of really good quality, sturdy, and attractive looking. Please note there are three panels with two even sized, one a little narrower, just like those sold by Apple, so the case is very easy to fold up and down!
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on November 13, 2013
This case is a fantastic value for the price. It does not add a lot of weight and seems to be well made and gives the iPad a nice sleek look.

The only negatives are that the case does come with a strong odor of paint on it. This is probably because they rushed to get these cases out in line with the iPad air release. The odor is fading with use. Also, the cover is kept closed with a metal tab. The metal edges could potentially scratch the screen of the iPad if it was jostled around in a bag or backpack. An easy fix for this would be to also use a screen protector as I do.
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on May 2, 2014
I was torn between a 3 and a 4 star rating, but decided to be generous as I like it enough to continue using without looking for a replacement.

I found the quality fine, and I can wipe the case itself clean. My iPad Air fits well and I can indeed access all the controls easily and hear from the speakers just fine. I like the look of it well enough; to me it doesn't look, or feel, cheaply made.

There are, however, a few issues I have with it:

1. Though not a heavy case per se, it does add about 50% to the overall weight of an iPad Air. It was more of an increase than I expected, even though I had checked the relative weights ahead of time.

2. I don't have a problem with the sleep/wake function from closing and opening the case. However, I always 'feel' like it's not really going to sleep, and that makes me want to peek, and then it wakes up again. Maybe I'm just neurotic, though.

3. I have a hard time balancing it like in the photos. I typically use it in landscape mode, and will make a triangle with the base to keep it slanted at a 70 degree angle or so. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what, but the thing seems to slide around sometimes and doesn't feel entirely stable.

Despite these issues I'm generally pleased with it. For me, it's not the perfect case, but it's fairly good and doesn't make me want to look further.
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on November 16, 2013
Bought this case at the same time I purchased one by another manufacturer that was more expensive. At the price, I knew the risk of it being subpar. I am so glad I took a chance! The case is beautiful! Sleep/awake functions perfectly and the stand created when folding the cover back is stronger than any other one I've owned, past and present.
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