Customer Reviews: i-Blason ArmorBox Hybrid 3 Layer Defender Case with Built-In Screen Protector for iPod touch 5G (Black)
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on November 10, 2012
I have used OtterBox cases in the past for my iTouch iPods. Since OtterBox has yet to make a case for the V5 iTouch I decided to take a chance on this one which is 50% less then an Otterbox case. First let me say I ordered it on the 7th of Nov. I took the standard delivery service and it arrived this morning the 10th of Nov. I made sure the exterior surface of my iTouch was clean, dry and fingerprint clean. I left my screen protector (made by same company) on the iTouch. The fit was a bit tight because of this but was do-able. The top back portion then snapped easily into the front section. Then the soft rubber case easily fit over the hard shell. From a distance...well even up close it looks very much like an Otterbox case. All of my connectors fit into all the cutouts. The only problem I had was getting the wrist strap installed but only due to the fact I left my screen protector on. I believe if it wasn't on,I would of had enough space to slip the strap eye in-between the case back and the iTouch to get the hole in the strap started over the strap lug. All in All I am very satisfied with the case. I will update this review if I come across anything I missed or if it fails in the long run. At the price I do wish I had bought a colored case as well.
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on November 28, 2012
As this is the Holiday Season at the time I write this review, I want to begin with an off-topic point regarding Amazon's order/delivery service. I placed my order during the late evening hours of 11/27 and I received my i-Blason ArmorBox Series iTouch 5G iPod Touch 5G 5 5th Generation Hybrid 3 Layer Silicone Case with Hard Shell Inside Case With Built In Touch Screen Protector Film Case - Black via UPS just before 10:30 AM, the following day (11/28). I qualified for the "Local Express Delivery" service which was *far* less expensive (total S/H for "Local Express Delivery" was just under $10) than having the item shipped overnight. Kudos to Amazon for offering that option!

In general, I'm very pleased with the i-Blason ArmorBox case. The two-piece unit arrived completely assembled, sealed in a clear plastic bag with no labeling other than a bar code at the top of the package. There were no assembly instructions included with/on the packaging, nor was there any company logo, etc printed on the packaging.

The first component of the 2-piece unit is a unibody, silicone shell that fits snugly, but is flexible enough to easily remove from the hard plastic, inner shell. This inner shell also has a clear screen protector attached to the inside of the cutout for the front. The hard plastic shell snaps/unsnaps into two pieces (front/back) via 6 raised nubs along the perimeter of the shell. When snapped together, these raised nubs serve as "anchor points" to lock the silicone layer in place. With the silicone layer in place, these nubs are nearly completely flush with the thickness of the silicone layer (they are just a fraction of a millimeter taller). There are also two nubs (one on either side of the HOME button) that lock the lower front of the silicone layer in place. These are completely flush with the thickness of the silicone layer. The cutouts in the silicone layer for the iPod 5's front facing camera, rear camera, mic and strobe, strap, as well as for the Apple logo ALL fit snugly and neatly around the raised cutouts of the hard plastic shell.

All buttons (Power On/Off, Volume Up/Down) line up *perfectly* and are the same height on their silicone case as they are on the iPod itself; in other words, they share the same "feel" as they do without a case. Also, the cover flaps for the docking port and the headphone jack open/close easily and also remain flush with the body of the cover when closed. This is due to a really well-thought-out design element to create raised "walls" in the hard plastic shell, around these ports. These walls support the silicone covers by holding them in place and keeping them flush.

You can probably tell that I'm pretty impressed by the attention to detail regarding the design of the ArmorBox. It really looks great on my iPod 5 without adding too much extra bulk (i.e. the "baby bumpers" at the corners of the i-Blason Armadillo case, or the added, thick protection of an OtterBox case). I don't plan on dropping my iPod 5 off the roof of a house and I don't believe Armageddon is just around the corner... I chose the i-Blason ArmorBox because I want a case that protects both the screen and the iPod when sharing pockets with keys, coins and other junk. I also wanted a case that provided a more stable grip (the aluminum can be pretty slippery in your hand). This case is just right for me.

With both the hard and soft shells in place, the case adds about 1/8 inch of thickness on all sides of the iPod 5. This is enough added thickness that you can lay your iPod (front or backside) on any surface and know that neither camera lens, nor the screen will get scratched. The easy grip of the silicone layer, as well as the added ~1/4" of thickness both layers create, make a better gripping experience for me. Although Apple boasts about how thin the iPod 5 is, I find that coupled with it's extra height, the darned thing is just too easy to slip out of your hand. This case fixes that problem.

So what's bad about the ArmorBox? As mentioned in another review, you cannot attach the wrist strap "on-the-fly". You absolutely *have* to remove both shells, attach the strap, then feed it through the cutout and replace the two shells.

This is due more to Apple's design of the strap, really. In order to get the darned thing on, you have to lay it flat against the body of the iPod, slide the larger part of the eyelet over the nub, then pull the eyelet forward so that the smaller part of the eyelet slips around the peg. I can't think of any cover that will accommodate that particular procedure, unless its design leaves more of the body of the iPod exposed in that area. (That doesn't mean there *isn't* one... I just haven't seen one yet!)

For me, that's a non-issue. I never plan to use the strap. What *IS* an issue however is the clear, built-in screen protector. Although the protector is made of clear plastic, it has refractive qualities that create tiny, tiny speckles of colored light when the iPod's screen shines through it. These speckles are most evident against a white background (like a new document in Pages), but they are readily visible on *every* lightly colored screen element. When you move your hand, the refractions change color, so your screen appears to be twinkling with tiny, tiny colored lights. For me, this is AWFUL. This refracting effect really negates the beauty and detail of the retina screen. Your beautifully detailed retina screen will look like an RGB monitor from the 80s (remember how those had tiny rainbow-like pixels all over the screen???)

As mentioned in another review, it's very easy to remove the built-in screen protector, I just haven't used this case long enough to decide if I'm too annoyed by the twinkling yet... Part of the reason I bought this case (and not just a regular bumper-style) was for the added screen protection. These refractions are *very* noticeable, however. I saw it *immediately* after putting the case on. For the price I paid through Amazon ($14.95), I still feel like I've bought a very good iPod case (even if I have to remove the protective screen), hence the missing star in the rating. You may feel differently, though!
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on November 10, 2012
The iTouch 5 is considerably thinner than my previous iTouch and so are the materials of this ArmorBox compared to an OtterBox. The materials are about half as thick. However, it should offer great protection to my new iTouch compared to the other options currently available. The case is approximately twice as thick as the iTouch 5 alone. I bought this because it had a hard plastic inner case with the built in screen protector and a silicone outer shell like an OtterBox. If you are expecting it to be as sturdy as an Otterbox, it definitely is not. I plan to upgrade to an Otterbox if and when they become available. I plan on using the iTouch daily for at least three years so I am willing to sacrifice thin for sturdy.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********BE SURE TO REMOVE THE THIN PLASTIC FILM FROM THE CLEAR PROTECTOR SCREEN. *************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE 8-27-13 Opted not to replace with an Otterbox. This is one tough little case that keeps out the sand, sawdust, and everything that finds its way into a pocket while camping, fishing, and working around the house. The iTouch 5 and the case have survived several drops onto concrete from a height of approximately 40 inches and nine months of daily use (still intact).
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on January 9, 2013
I found one of the best multi-layered cases to protect my 5th gen iPod. For two months I've used the black case. It fits perfectly, charges without removing case, outside rubber material is soft, collects a some dust in my pocket. Protection with hard case underneath I would rate a five. Tonight I pushed out the front screen protector, removed a little edge glue by pulling , and what a difference. The front protective screen distorts the retina display by slightly pixilating it, so I noticed reflections of colors on small print. I replaced this with a tech armor HD screen protector. I am now fully pleased with this modified set up.
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on November 30, 2012
I was pleased at the affordability of this case and it appears to be well- made.
Design aspect already mentioned in reviews - in placing the ipod touch in the case, it was tough to get the portion of the iPod w the strap button to fit in the inner shell - the area w the strap button slightly elevated the height of the iPod there (strap needs to be installed prior to assembling case.) Was concerned I could damage the device by forcing it but managed to get the plastic case to receive the device.
sed tweezers prior to that to pull the camera strap through the opening -
yes, I like that strap accessory. :)
All together, it fits quite nicely, gives a good hand grip, still fairly lightweight/streamlined,, built-in screen conducts touch well, and again, very pleasantly affordable. I'm using the solid black over a blue touch, which gives a nice frame effect.
Def has that otterbox vibe.
Add-on : I agree with reviewer Sibelius: to say the screen protractor detracts from viewing quality is an understatement - will be removing it in order to apply something of appropriate transparency quality.
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on February 11, 2013
The clear plastic screen protector has a somewhat poor resolution as compared to clear plastic sheets. So, I ripped off the plastic sheet that came with the product, and installed a Tech Armor Screen Protector sheet onto my IPod Touch 5 that is working absolutely wonderfully. I can confirm that it is nearly impossible to use this product and use the strap on your iPod Touch. I got around this issue by cutting a section of the plastic away to make it easy for the strap to slip through. Had I not done this, it would've taken so much pressure to push the iPod into the plastic housing that it could have damaged my device. Would I get this product again? Yes, but to make it usable for me, it would have to be altered, and separate screen protectors would need to be applied. People who don't use a strap and who are happy with less clarity then one would get from a high quality screen protector would love this product, because in all fairness, it is otherwise superbly engineered to protect your IPod.

Once -- just once would it be nice for the designer of a product to actually use their product first before offering it to the public. If a few minor changes were made, this would be one of the finest cases on the market.
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on February 6, 2015
This is a great OtterBox alternative for your iPod touch. It provides enough protection for my 12 month old daughter to play with, drop on the ground, put in her mouth and just have in her hands. The front facing camera and the rear facing camera are not blocked at all and the home button is accessible. All the parts including the charging port, the headphone port and the speakers are protected very well. I recommend this case for all iPod touch owners.
review image review image
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on December 30, 2014
I have only had it 3 days, but it was very easy to put my new iPod in, perfect fit, does not interfere with the operation, and so far seems to exceed the Otter Box case I have on my 4th generation iPod in quality. It is much easier to use the on button, for lack of a better word. I have read 4 star and below reviews that comment on the screen protector and problems with light, but have only tested it briefly and only inside my house, so I can't speak to that issue. It helped that I got it at a bargain price by choosing black, and I have ordered a different screen protector of supposedly tempered glass. Great product and good alternative to the Otter Box, not that most of their products aren't excellent as well.
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on February 7, 2015
Very good case for the money. I can understand everyone's frustration installing or removing the case.
But it is a real simple secure mechanism. If you look carefully at the clips you see one side is solid and one side is slotted, that's the key!
With your finger nail you simply push the tab in the slot and it's open. Hold a little pressure while spreading and releasing the clips.
It fits perfect, the silicone cover has a velvet feel and does attract lint and dust but wipes off easily.
Oh, I didn't like the supplied built in screen protector at all. I removed it and applied my own directly to the screen and now it's a pleasure to use and have the security of a well built case.
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on July 7, 2013
This came with no instructions. Don't laugh but it took me a few minutes before I figured out how to open the case. The black rubbery/vinyl cover has to be pulled off the plastic case which also includes the built-in screen protector. Once I figured it out, it took less than a minute to slip in the ipod and put the case back together. It's not hi-tech; nay, it looks almost medieval with the added bulk. But this case gives me peace of mind - granted I haven't tested it by intentionally dropping it onto a variety of hard surfaces. I'm pretty sure the case will protect my overpriced music player.

One huge plus is the buttons on the case line up perfectly with the ipod buttons. Zero issues with the volume control, home button or on/off button. The screen protector also doesn't seem to hinder the touch-response. Haven't used it outdoors yet so not sure if there's much glare but under office lights it is a-ok.

The cons are minor. It's not cute, pink, or razzle dazzle. You can access the earphones and lightning charger by removing these little 'flaps' without having to remove the cover. Useful, but you might opt to cut off the flaps altogether. For those with sensitive olfactory perception you might find this smells plasticky, artificial (or worse). This isn't a glamorous case but it's just right for people who just want a protective case.
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