Customer Reviews: i-Blason Cell Phone Case for Galaxy Note 3 - Retail Packaging - Black
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Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on June 12, 2014
I read a lot of reviews for this phone cover and decided to get it anyway. First off, it fits perfectly.The rubber shell goes on and a touch loose. Once you put on the hard rubber case its solid. Doesn't slide and feels stable. I was initially concerned with the holster because I read that it was hard to use, hard to get the phone out so I tested it. Off the belt it slid out with no issues. On the belt if you don't know how your phone is oriented, it could be a problem but as long as you know which way to actually pull it, slid out no problem. Maybe it is the case they sent me but I actually love it. As far as adding bulk to the phone, I have big hands which is one of the reasons I got this particular phone, but it does add a little bulk. That being said what do you expect? When you put a case on anything it adds bulk. It is not as bulky as a otter box but then I don't plan on dropping my phone from 20 feet. It's a nice case that provides good protection and a way to carry it outside of your pockets. If you want to wear skinny jeans and put a phone in your pocket to look cool, get another phone. Otherwise realize that you got yourself a phablet and treat it as such.
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on October 9, 2013
I was a little skeptical about this purchase, and to be honest I was buying it as an interim case until Otterbox releases a Defender for the Note 3. However, I was really surprised at the quality once I received it.

Well designed and surprising quality for a decent price. If you are looking for an inexpensive case for your Note 3, these are well worth the money!
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on October 16, 2013
Nice case. seems sturdy. exactly as the seller listed. Well built, actually dropped my Note 3 the first day I had this thing, it landed face first on concrete from standing height. (Oh God, why?!); picked it up and no damage seen at all!. Whew! Nice price too.
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on October 31, 2013
Excellent delivery time, product was what I expected; I use it for work as a REALTOR and the clip and stand are a must! Love it!! When I first went to the kiosk at the Mall they told me they would not get in the cases for 2/3 weeks. When I asked if they had red colors they said no and looked at me like I betrayed them to Verizon colors. I thought, Amazon has EVERYTHING, let me go hunt around. Whalla! There it was and here I have my new clip on case. I'm a happy shopper of Amazon once again! Thank you for always being there Amazon.
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on October 24, 2013
I got my Note 3 the day it came out, and there were too few choices for cases. I am one of those people who always orders an Otterbox the day I get my phone, and that just isn't an option yet. I ended up getting this one, but I'll probably still get an Otterbox when they come out. Since I have owned 3 Otterbox defenders, I feel confident in doing a comparison between this one and a hypothetical Otterbox for the Note 3. Seems a lot of people are looking for that interim case as we wait for the Otterbox, so that's how I'll focus this review.

Pros compared to a typical Otterbox defender.
1. Much slimmer profile. (similar to the Otterbox commuter, but with a face protecting belt clip like the defender.)
2. Stand. Yeah, I've gotten used to that really quick.
3. Easier to remove for battery changes.
4. No built in screen protector. (We all prefer that naked screen feel, or the feel of a high-end stick-on protector to the Otterbox screen protector.)
5. The rubber part feels sort of silky for some reason.
6. Doesn't stick out as far when clipped on.
7. It looks prettier. (I've only had it for a day and already two people have commented on it...I have the black version.)

Cons compared to a typical Otterbox defender.
1. It isn't as sturdy. I'm not saying it isn't sturdy, just that you don't get that "I could drop this from the top of a roller coaster and be OK" feeling that you get with a defender.
2. You cannot put the phone backwards in the clip so the screen is facing out. Whenever you take it out of the clip to use it, you are stuck holding a big clip in addition to your big phone.
3. It slides into the clip rather than "clipping" in. Removing it from the clip requires a little force, so it is hard to leave the clip on your waist when you do so. This combined with the fact that you can't flip the phone around in the clip while you are using it can be a little awkward.
4. No built in screen protector. (yeah, both a pro and a con) That built in protector on a defender isn't pretty, but that's not what it is there for. You won't have that added dust and drop protection without it.
5. The silky rubber can deform a bit when you are clipping the hard plastic around it, so you have to sort of mush it to get it to sit right. It isn't hard to do, but you don't have to do that with a defender.
6. There are no rubberized covers for the ports.

So my overall impression is that it is a good interim case, and sort of midway between a commuter and defender in the Otterbox series. I feel secure throwing the phone in a bag with the face protected in the clip. I'll probably get that defender when it comes out, but I'll probably still use this one some too.
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on October 5, 2013
Case is great, just as expected, it's not bulky but still looks and feel like it can take some drops no problem.

The plastic ridges on the back are great for grip, as the note3 is rather big, this is nice.

I've only been using this case for a few days now but I have no concerns about it.

The holster on the other hand is not like the holster that you find on the otterbox or ballistic style cases, it does not hold the case/phone with any type of retention- meaning the phone in the case has to slide in/out of the holster, which I personally don't like, but I've never preferred to use a holster anyway, so I'm not dissapointed really.
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on November 4, 2013
I first have to say that this is my first review, and my first smartphone. So I don't really have anything to compare it to. The cover case seems to do a good job, but I've been babying my phone to the maximum. It fits well except for the hole for the power port on the bottom. However this kinda works out for me because of how huge the plug is on my Verizon branded car charger. Would recommend.
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on November 17, 2013
Looks good and seems protective. I like to wear my phone on my belt so I bout this because it has a holster. That's where to product earns it's poor rating. If you want to be able to quickly and easily remove your pone from the belt clip portion of the case you will find it virtually impossible to do without both hands and several seconds. The silicone edging, though protective, makes extraction from the belt clip holder far too sticky. You have to slide it forward through the case almost 3" before you can pull the phone free of the belt clip holder and the time you are pushing it forward the silicone is resisting and the whole clip is sliding forward on your belt until it hits a loop and provides resistance. If you only care that you have your phone tightly secured on your belt but don't need to take it in out routinely to use than you will dislike this case as much as I do.
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on June 12, 2014
I usually keep my phone in my rear pocket, so I needed a case that could protect my phone should I sit on it. This does a good job of doing just that, holds the case nicely and has provided protection from some drops that I've had so far. While the belt clip portion of the case does not get any use from me, it is really hard to get the phone in and out of the clip. But I have had to use it when I've had to throw my phone in my book bag and it does protect it from bumps and drops, although I may alter mine and remove the belt clip part. In all this is a great case and the built in stand in a nice touch.
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on November 7, 2013
The unit itself is quite sturdy, however the combination of the soft neoprene type rubber that cradles the phone, is too soft and when it is inserted into the holster, the rubber buckles and binds a bit, making it really hard to push all the way into the holster.
I stated that it is okay, but that is all I can give it because of the difficulties. I wish the rubber were a bit firmer. Also , once assembled i.e. the soft rubber shell is held in place by another piece of hard plastic that holds it firmly, but only at two points on the two sides of the phone, thus the edge reveal of the rubber on the phone is uneven and does not look all that good.
Looks sort of a device with poor quality control. All in all , the case works, however, once this phone has been around long enough for competitors to increase the number of variations for cases, I might look for a different case.
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