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on March 29, 2013
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on September 30, 2015
We have had this game for several months and my son really likes it. He is 4 years old. I'm a kindergarten teacher so I really like it for the different skills that it teaches him: fine motor skills (difficulty can be altered by either leaving the wok off or turning it on), sorting by color and sometimes we sort the food by shape. It is noisy when you turn the wok on.
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on July 5, 2013
I bought this game for my son to help him with fine motor skills, sensory play and hand-eye coordination. The game, overall, is a lot of fun, and our entire family enjoys playing it. There are several cons I want other parents to consider:

1. The entire wok structure is very flimsy, especially once you put the batteries in.
2. You will have pellets everywhere, and I mean everywhere once the wok is turned on.
3. This game is best played on the floor rather than the table, it is constantly falling.

Is it a fun activity? Sure. Does it help with the child's pincer? - Yes. Will I recommend it to other parents - not so sure. I would look for another, more sturdy game.
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on December 31, 2013
I have two boys with mild CP that mostly affects their hands in the areas of coordination, fine motor, and strength, and this game helps them improve all three areas! The chop stick(tweezers) are just the right size and stiffness to provide a challenge developing their hand strength with the added hand-eye coordination! The is a perfect game! Even my older kids ages 10-15 all wanted a turn! It's harder than it looks but not so hard that my 7 yr old with cerebral palsy can't do it! He loves trying it, I would only recommend that you use it on the floor, or on a surface with a raised edge as it is unpredictable and will WOK off the table!
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on February 9, 2014
My 2 year old (now 3) has been obsessed with this game for the past year. He loves how loud and silly it is, he loves that the little pieces get everywhere, and he loved having little bowls and chopsticks of his own. The pieces are definitively tiny and wily and hard to keep track of (and out of my 7 month old'a mouth) but the game is tons of fun - even though he rarely plays by the rules. They just love sorting the little bits by color and pretending to make soup - highly recommended for older toddler through preschooler!
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on August 7, 2014
My older students love playing this cooperative learning game on Fun Fridays! We practice colors and we started out just having them use the tweezers (no cheating and using your fingers) without turning it on. Once we had that skill mastered, we added the difficulty of the Wok moving and shaking around. Lots of laughter! Fun game for little ones (ages 4 and up).
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2010
We purchased this game for my 2 and 4 year olds, specifically to work on fine motor skills in my 4 year old. This game is really fun for the kids. There are several ways it can be played to work on different skills (the children can pick up any color pieces, pick up only pieces that match their set, use with our without vibration, use a timer, etc.). The game also does what I wanted, which is to help with fine motor skills.
I am impressed with the durability and function of the game. It also has enough pieces that if a couple get lost, the game is still playable. Great toy that can help with skill development as well.
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on August 4, 2011
My little one just loves it! When we started, I did not turn it on so he can get use to the toy and coordination needed. After he got use to it....I turn it on and it got even better because it started to spin around gently and making the coordination more challenging.....Its a very fun toy and help a lot with motor skills, teaching color and selecting them. It does not work well on carpet and since it spins around, do not place it on a table because it will move slowly to the edge of the table I just use it on my tiles floor and have a great time teaching and laughing.
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on July 9, 2014
We love this product in our classroom. We mostly use it without turning it on because it is a bit loud in our class during center time. A fantastic way to practice fine motor skills as well as sorting and cooperative play.
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on January 6, 2014
So it's kind of a catch 22 this game. It's great for developing fine motor skills.
the complaint is that it does have many small parts and if you have a child who likes Runts candies, this might not be a good idea. Also when turned on it needs to be on the floor as it tried to dance right off the table.

so potential of lots of fun.
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