Customer Reviews: iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer for iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod Touch
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Customer Reviews

2.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 25, 2011
I have completed over 200 miles of riding with the iBike Dash + Power (the power meter variation of this product) and am thoroughly impressed and pleased with it. I am posting this review because I believe in the company, the products, and have a very closely related version of this product.

Cycling has its share of gizmos. iBike earns it keep and is a great product. For those that are looking for power measurement the options are few and costly. This system works flawlessly with the iPhone. I believe iPod Touch (have not tried) would find that this is a great way to use the iPod Touch. I just completed a 75-mile ride and the iPhone battery and the backup iBike battery lasted the entire ride (could have easily lasted for a 100 mile ride in my view) with the cell phone and WiFi radios on and working. For beginning riders you'll appreciate the simplicity of iBike. I have seen good applications and this is one very good application. You should like it as much as I do.

For iPhone and iPod users the iBike is a great answer. It does the job. It makes you a more informed rider. It puts your iPhone/iPod to work. It protects you iPhone/iPod. And it makes you look forward to doing even more on and off your bike like viewing your own custom screens and viewing your data on your laptop post ride. Think through whether or not you really want another device laying around like a cycling computer. In my view it is best to use your iPhone and ride with it where you can see texts and quickly catch up on email at stops. It is just a great answer for cycling.

For riders that are checking out other power information systems my view is that the iBike+Power works. It does what it needs to do and does it well. This system is thought through and has good workmanship. I have not had any issues and have given one to a nephew who also loves the system.
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on September 25, 2011
Hey Shack, it's too bad you have to bash a product to promote your own. Why can't you just write a decent review. I'm off my soap box.

I've used a regular iBike for years on my race bike but really like the "CC" for my hybrid. I've used this cycling computer for a few months now and I'm very pleased. Lots of bells and whistles, tons of data if you want or just enjoy a simple view. I got rained on hard and my iPhone stayed bone dry. Easy to read, easy to use and reasonable battery life. A bit big, but solid as a rock. I'm actually thinking about getting another one for my wife's Electra cruiser.
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on November 14, 2011
I am a solo physician who must keep my iphone with me at all times, so I loved the idea of killing two birds with one stone with iDash. The waterproof case securely transports my phone and alerts me to calls while riding. The iDash combined with the iPhone GPS, provides all of the ride data I need, in a big graphical Apple-like format, that is far superior to the numeric only data on the Garmin, Cyclops, etc.
I also have a Powertap hub and wanted to be able to gather that data as well. Initially iDash was lacking in its ability to display that data in the ways that I wanted, but after communicating with the company, a revision was released that cured 75% of my issues, with a promise to continue working on the others. This occurred within a 2 week period - excellent response! They also fixed a data bug that I found in sending data to Training Peaks, and now my coach can see all the data he needs, on par with the Garmin or CycleOps.
I love the flexibility to modify the software and the responsiveness of the iBike team to improving the system. The iPhone format allows more flexibilty than any of the other units I compared it with.
At this point, there are just a few minor improvements that I can imagine to the Power data display (smoothing mostly, since as all power meter users know can be very jumpy) , but I feel sure iBike will add these in time.
My final test will be to crash the bike and see how the system and my iphone hold up. Will post update when that occurs!
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on December 14, 2012
I have given up on this application. I bought it about 6 months ago. When it works it is great. When it doesn't it is totally frustrating. First, the case fell apart completely when I hit a rough patch of asphalt. Luckily I was able to catch the iphone before it fell, otherwise I would have lost it as well. The I Bike folks were very nice and sent me a replacement. The replacement was defective and would not let me calibrate. Another call. Another nice person who sent a replacement. This replacement could be calibrated, but the wind speed measurements were always off. (Yes, I zeroed it out each time I used it.) That meant the power calculations were off and useless.

Other problems: I had the stem mount and it caused the star nut to loosen and once again the case and phone fell, creating a very dangerous situation. Fortunately I was just riding up an incline so my speed was somewhat slow. Had to abort the ride to get the star nut replaced since it is a safety issue. Obviously there has been little thought given to the reliability of the stem mount regarding the star nut issue.

Battery life was abysmal. I bought the spare batteries. Their life was even worse.

Finally I gave up and bought a Garmin.

I will say on the few occasions that the ibike worked, it was great and gave valuable data. The shame is that it was unreliable, and on a couple of occasions dangerous. I would not use one if it was given to me free. Seems like they brought it to market too quickly without enough testing. A real disappointment.
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on October 15, 2012
I got this from my husband as a birthday gift and I love it!

It was super easy to install (there were on screen videos) and it fits very securely on my handle bars. I really didn't want anything that I was going to have to struggle with before every ride. Don't have time for that!

The screens are really easy to read while I'm riding which helps me to be able to stay focused on traffic. I love that I can take an emergency call if I really have to without losing any ride data. It's great to have access to maps, GPS & weather while I ride as well. I get a lot of use out of the calories and the ride comparisons. It keeps me motivated to ride a little longer and to push myself a little bit more each ride.

We watched the waterproof video on the web site. It was one of the key features that sold us on the product. Before I took it on the road I tried it for myself (dunked it in the pool with tissue paper in the case). There wasn't a drop of water in the case.

It's a great bike computer and training tool. Now that I have it, I wouldn't ride without it!
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on June 2, 2012
The case is built well and looks to be pretty near waterproof. Solid hard plastic and seems to hold it nicely and steadily. The real issue I have with it is internally...the software. It has to be used with the iBike app(s) to be functional, it's not like I could swap it out and use Wahoo Fitness or RunKeeper or something else and still track anything but GPS. Plus I had to sync with their software on my computer, something that looked to be a good twenty or so years behind everyone else. So three stars for the solid case, but I would have kept it (I returned it) if I could have used other apps with it.
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on September 26, 2011
I have been riding with the iBike CC since its inception. I love this product, and the setup is a breeze. The iPhone will walk you right through the steps of set up. I've contacted the company for some ride support, and was elated to actually talk to real people, not recordings. Their customer support was A+++. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a great cycling computer that is actually fully waterproof, as many others out there are NOT.
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on January 26, 2012
I didn't quite understand how it would all come together and work, so I just had to trust a little bit. Once I got it, though, It has exceeded my expectations. There's a thin plastic over the touchscreen which is fully functional. Literally just plug it in and it starts working. Mount everything to your bike and you'll be off. There's a cool quick release and safety screw to easily and quickly remove the iBike from the bike mount so you don't have to worry about leaving it when you run into a store or something. So far I love.
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on September 26, 2011
Since installing the Idash CC on my bike I have been able to greatly improve my cycling in just a few short months. Product does what it says and more. I find the workouts to be well targeted, and highly effective.
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on December 26, 2011
I so wanted to love this as I like the design with the internal spare camera style battery and a single hinge so much better than the design of the Wahoo Fitness bike case but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my phone to line up with the doc connector inside and I don't have needle nose pliers long enough to get in there and try to adjust it. The one I bought came with rails for both iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4. Neither set worked for me. Even with no rails I couldn't get the phone all the way in. Since I couldn't get the phone in or close it, I never found out if it worked and returned it.

I use the Wahoo Fitness bike case with Ant+ which works perfectly. It also let's you use your camera and headphone jack. The external spare battery with external wiring on the Wahoo Fitness case is no where near as elegant as the battery offering from iBike but if the device doesn't work at all, who cares.
I assume that the one I got was the one that escaped quality control and that others are fine.

My understanding is that the iBike hardware works only with the iBike app and vice versa. The iBike app looks cool but it won't work with my Wahoo device. While the iBike app looks cool, I wouldn't not want to invest in hardware that can run only 1 app. Wahoo hardware runs any app (except iBike but that's not Wahoo's fault).

When all is said and done, I've concluded that ANT+ rocks but the iPhone makes a lousy bike computer. As soon as I switch to a different app, my cylcing app stops reading the ANT+ sensors. I assume that's a limitation of the iPhone because all the cycling apps I've tried have that problem. I've never been able to use the iBike app but with my Wahoo device so the only thing I can say is that the demo looks cool and the stats look easy to read.

I'll keep the ANT+ sensors on my bike and my Garmin watch on my wrist. I'll probably invest in a Bontrager ANT+ computer and use the iPhone only if I get lost.
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