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on August 14, 2015
I worked with iBoss for over 5 hours (spread over a period of 3 weeks). I could not get the router activated. First, I could not buy the key on-line, there was no mechanism that worked that would allow it. So they sent me a key for $59.95 (1 year subscription) by email. Cutting and pasting it in the routers home page did not work, the router would not accept it. Finally, support told me that I had to disconnect the iBoss from the Verizon FiOS router, and sure enough it took in the key (who could have guessed that). Once the subscription was in, you had to activate the router. So you go to the home page and hit "activate" and it sends you to the iBoss home page. Well, once there, you have to enter "submit" but, lo behold, there is no submit button. Duey at iBoss told me "we know about the problem and will fix it soon", he did not know what "soon" meant and had no idea what I should do next. I was told, "well, what can I (meaning iBoss support) do". End of story, I asked for my subscription money back. Then I asked for the router to be returned and they told me that I should call after 9.00 am CA time. I said, sure. Then when I called a few days later they told me, "no money back for the router". Btw, there is no phone support for this, you have to call the iBoss Professional line and as a special favor they will answer your questions but will push you to email support which is useless. On a different note, the down load speed is half the up load speed and both are about half of what a Verizon Actiontec router can do.
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on April 6, 2016
The iBoss is a terrific product for safeguarding home internet use. With the iBoss, I can create effectively up to four different "groups" for monitoring traffic - one group with no filtering, for parents' computers, a "default" group with keyword, category, and other filters (and a sleep schedule) for other devices, and up to two separate filtering groups for devices my kids use (again, with keyword, category, and other filters and a sleep schedule). For an example of where this has come in handy, I have 1 older child who is responsible with internet usage, and 1 younger child who is not. I can set all of the devices my younger child accesses to the strictest possible settings, and allow more freedom & responsibility for my older child (and more yet for Mom & Dad). For houses with shared devices, you can also create user accounts with passwords and separate filters/schedules - we haven't needed to do that, since we don't share devices, but it's good to know we could if we had to.

We love that the iBoss is not device dependent (try finding a software-based internet filter that works on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc.). We don't have to worry about what kind of new device is brought into the house. If it's on the network, it's filtered.

CAVEAT - the WiFi capabilities on the iBoss are a weakness. We experienced weaker signal and longer connect times. We worked around this bu buying a $45 wiFi router and using it in WAP mode (so not as a *router*), then we turned WiFi off on the iBoss. WAP mode is important, as it allows the iBoss to still be in charge of assigning/remembering MAC addresses on your network (which is crucial when you're adding devices to groups). Also, you need a $55 yearly subscription for the iBoss to filter. For us, it's worth it. This is a powerful tool.

Improvements I'd like to see:
-better WiFi, but this can be worked around
-more NAT/NAPT/Port Forwarding options. The ones the iBoss has are fairly simple. But many households won't care about this
-recognize more than 15 devices. Note that you do NOT need to recognize every device in your house - unrecognized devices get put in the "Default" group. But to put a device in any other group it must be "recognized". In this internet of things, 15 can be reached pretty rapidly
-support for filtering in whitelist groups apart from just keyword filtering. You can set a "whitelist" and even allow a group to access ONLY whitelist domains, and you can even subject whitelist domains to keyword filtering...but it doesn't appear you can subject a whitelist to category filtering. If a site your child wants to visit has mostly OK content, but might have some adult content, you'd have to enter every adult word you can think of in the keyword filter list. The iBoss's plain-jane category filter can filter out "adult", etc. content - it would be great if we could use that same function on a whitelist domain.
-better logging. The iBoss tracks "access denied" instances, which is great. How about sucess entries as well, so we can see what the iBoss might be missing (maybe that's there, but I couldn't find it).

In short, we're really happy with this product. It took a bit of work to get it to do what we needed it to do, but not all that much, and the result is more than worth it.
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on April 1, 2016
My router has worked for well over 5 years, but it finally bit the dust. Otherwise, worked perfectly. Hardware, software, filtering. Very, very, very easy to use interface imo. So I do not understand those who have technical or configuration issues. HOWEVER, there is a design flaw. I wish they offered a Comcast compatible CABLE modem. Nothing stops a person from plugging an Ethernet cable into the back of the ISP modem. Or, if they licensed the service and technology to AT&T and Comcast as an option....I would not require two routers.
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on September 16, 2013
The Bad:
-If you logged into a user that has a specific website category blocked (like my kids) and you want to allow access, you need to logout, close that tab (or browser window), reopen, and login to the router as the different user.
-Setting computers to “Use default rules” does not work very well. I had several problems with this setting. This was solved by using the “Require user login on this computer” setting.
-Even after contacting support and trying several different settings (like User Session Timeout, and Session Timeout) the router will not auto logout a user. You must click Logout, or login to the router and go to each PC and Logout the user. Failure to do this will allow your kids to access whatever sites your user can access. If you accidentally close the tab/window, you you are probably still logged in.
-Router cannot assign an IP based off of MAC address. I had to manually set static IP addresses on my server and workstations. This won't apply to most users since most people use DHCP if you are not running a server.
-One time it lost power and reset to defaults (which it specifically says it should not happen). Make sure to backup the configuration.

The Good:
-Almost everything else. I have owned it for 1 year now and (despite the problems above) it is the best solution for the price.
-Better protection then a DNS service can provide.
-Filters all internet devices, not just computers.
-Each user can be limited to how much internet they can have per day, and what times it is allowed.
-Blocks websites by category and by keyword.
-Remote management works fine. You need to contact support to activate it.
-I have read several posts about slowing down the internet or wireless speed, but I have not noticed any difference between this and my old router. I don't have a 100 Mbps internet connection so I don't need a 100 Mbps wireless connection. It is still fast backing up video over the network.
-E-mails reports of violations and tampering.

Helpful Hints:
-Set all your homepages to the login page.
-When in doubt, login to the router to verify your user is logged out.
-On the computers your kids access use the feature “Require user login on this computer.”
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on December 28, 2015
I bought this as a method to help steer the internet browsing behavior of my two 11 year old sons. Setup was fairly simple but requires a subscription to a filtering service in addition to the hardware investment. The key problem with the device, as I saw in reviews but assumed technical ignorance in many of those cases, is that this device greatly impacts bandwidth for devices routing through it in a negative way. I have chalked it up to a $100+ (device plus 1 year subscription to service) mistake and removed it from my network.
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on December 17, 2014
After spending hours of time working with FamilySafe and iBoss support to set up the router it was finally concluded that it wouldn't work with my Cisco DPC3208 modem. My low rating is mostly due to the difficulty in getting customer support at FamilySafe. There is only one man doing customer support and it was rather difficult to get a hold of him.
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on May 14, 2015
Works well to stop kids from going to websites you don't want. Keep in mind the price on Amazon is for the router only (at least when I bought it). Then you have to pay an extra fee for filtering content.

Easy interface to use once you spend some time in it. Has an intuitive interface, too.
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on May 19, 2016
Throughout dropped from 60Mbps download speed to 13Mbps when I replaced my Watchguard firewall with iBoss home. However, blocking youtube or different categories is very easy to configure. It also has sleep time schedule to stop Internet access for three different user groups.
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on March 21, 2016
It will work well if you have a simple network. More complicated networks may require more skill to set up, but that was due to the complication of my network. I would also prefer Gigabit local network speeds. Over all it is a good product and would recommend.
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on June 20, 2015
Piece of crap. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT. This slows down the internet connection both wired and wireless.
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