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on April 29, 2017
These screen wipes are a must for all touchscreens, including in the car. It is very reassuring to know these are certified for aircraft and manufactured in the USA. I also use them on our phones and remotes around the house. After cleaning my laptop screen, I use the wipe to keep the keyboard clean. Great product! I've purchased wipes made in China before and noticed the better quality of the ICloth on first use.
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on January 30, 2017
Lets face it, keeping a smart phone, iPad, computer screen clean is a great idea but difficult to maintain. I've tried a number of wipes made for these kinds of screens and they never do the job right. And, after a time, the wipes dry up. Update - 10/19/17 I ordered these again because they work so well. Like them very much, nice soft wipe.

I've accepted that my screens will always have to be cleaned because once I touch a screen I leave trace. I've managed to control myself and not go crazy over leaving finger marks all over the place. However, there comes a time when I must clean the screens! I like the I iCloth screen wipes because they do the job and they are nice and soft. The instructions say to wipe outward and not in circles which works great. These are the wipes for me because they do clean the screen and, so far, they haven't dried out. P.S. They're not wet when you use them, but they do work well.
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on February 17, 2016
At first, the claim "contains alcohol" concerned me, then the maker sent me a link that elaborates on the subject to assure me that their product contains only the 'good' alcohol. I finally felt comfortable enough to try one, as cleaning gorilla glass was never a concern of mine, but cleaning the rest of the plastic body of my mobile phone was. The result was amazing, just enough wetness, just perfect water-to-alcohol ratio, perfect no-streak and zero residue outcome. This is the holy grail of all electronic wipes. Maker should stress more that this is not just for screens as most modern screens are made of super durable glass anyway, but this is safe for ALL (or most) electronic materials in particular plastics! This will be a more crucial selling point in my opinion as no one wants their phone to discolor, become brittle, lose its gloss, etc... The cleansing solution is only 1/2 the battle, the cloth material is the other 1/2. This is just perfect. Also, I'm passionately anti-Apple, so i-anything leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but still 5 star performance. Go Android. FOREVER! :D
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on June 9, 2014
I bought the 100-pack version of this product when I bought a new tablet/laptop hybrid.

When I first used this product, I was reminded that some of the reviews said this product is on the "dry" side--THIS IS TRUE! If you think about the level of moisture that comes with a pre-moistened alcohol pad, for example, this product has only about half of that moisture. To be fair, it is likely that the "dryness" is by design. For most electronic equipment, and for touch screens specifically, you probably don't want a lot of moisture left on the device from a cleaning product.

When I used these cloths, I found them to be very effective. They removed even difficult spots/smudges on my old MacBook (not a touch product), although I did need to use two cloths to clean the 15" screen fully. The cloths work well on my Samsung Vibrant smartphone as well.

In sum, I would say that this is a highly effective product, but expect it to be on the dry side and expect to use two cloths for large or heavily smudged items.
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on July 11, 2017
These wipes really are the best. I use them on all my electronics - Cameras, computers, phones Ipod, car radio etc and everything comes out looking beautiful. BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND that dust under a microscope looks like boulders on a barren landscape. Once you've slid your paw across that screen you can't ever take it back. So for best results always use a duster first to get that stuff off THEN use your iCloth. Remember People we are civilized so we never use our hands to wipe the screen and spit will not help..... Its time to pull yourselves out of the swamp and embrace your electronics. iCloth is the way.....lovin it
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on August 7, 2016
I like these better than the Awesome Wipes I bought on Amazon; the Icloths are bigger and wetter, so one wipe can clean a tablet or desktop screen. The fact that they are individually wrapped is a huge plus, as you can tuck a few into your purse, laptop case, even glasses case. Incidentally, these work VERY well on cleaning smudgy reading glasses.

It would be nice if you could buy these in a smaller quantity.... I did not really need 100 of them. That said, I've been sharing with family and friends, who've been happy to take them, so I probably will get to the bottom of the box sooner than I thought. I will definitely buy more at that time, but I'd like a box if maybe 30 or so rather than 100.
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on March 9, 2016
Plenty of solution in the wipe to clean a 15 inch laptop. Haven't used it on the desktop monitor as that never gets touched. They really do clean and have never left a streak and the screen dried pretty quickly. I generally use them on my Kindle as it gets pretty grungy. The only drawback was there were so many - bought them as they were the best bang for the buck so to speak but I really didn't need so many. I will say that after a long time the packets have kept their seal and I have never opened one to find it was dried out.
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on March 29, 2017
It's what I needed a long time ago. This is exactly what you need to clean avionics screens. I have seen people use all kinds of incorrect cleaners and mess up screens. There will be one of these in my flight bag until retirement.
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on May 11, 2017
I guess there is probably mention of the size of these wipes somewhere in the product description, and I have to take credit/blame for not looking closer, but the wipes are tiny. Very tiny. And the ones I got were not very juicy. They seem to be lacking in the amount of moisture one would expect for such a product. I ended up using two of them to clean a little MacBook Pro 13" screen. I ordered a 100 pack thinking it would last me a long, long time. But I have dual 30" monitors for my MacPro, five other family computers and several large screen TVs. Due to their tiny size and slightly dry feel, I can imagine they will be used up fairly quickly. The price for 100 was not cheap, so I feel like I made a mistake in ordering this product. Besides the economy of it, having to manage to hold several of the miniature wipes at once to clean a screen is really too awkward for me to mess with. Some Windex and a couple of Bountys is much easier. And if you do it right, it doesn't streak. I gave two stars because I didn't read the specs, which is my fault, and from what I can tell, they don't streak. I guess if you have little hands and a little screen, they could be ok. But, as long as I am "telling it like is here", I gotta say, they smell like the wipe your nurse uses on your arm before she draws blood. I am suspicious that the solution is nothing more than rubbing alcohol.
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on October 14, 2013
Am I ever delighted to have discovered these little cloths. They work incredibly well and are small, lightweight, and easy to have on hand in my purse, knapsack, fanny pack, or desk drawer. They are just slightly moist - enough to wipe off grime without streaking. They leave my iPhone screen super clean. I love them.
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