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on August 18, 2011
Just got this today and played around with it for a while. I was thinking of buying the iP9 last week, but am so glad I didn't because this one has been listed on Amazon since then at almost the same price.

I've tested the alarms, which work as they should. While the unit itself has the 2 alarms similar to the older version of this (iP9), the app, which is free to download through the app store, can have many more alarms. The features I really enjoy on the app are being able to choose "bedtime" music, and choose specific songs to play to fall asleep to or wake up to, and you can even set the volume on your individual alarms. The app also has things like the weather displayed on the alarm screen, which is always nice to know when you wake up. What I also really enjoy about this when compared to the regular iPhone alarm is being able to set the time for the snooze. The unit comes with the docks to support multiple devices, but I like that I can also plug my iPhone in without there being a dock since I have a pretty thick case on my iPhone. Another great feature is that by the press of a button on the device, you can sync the time on the clock to match your iPhone time. The one con I have found in the few hours I've had this is that the time does not remain synced, but is not off by more than a minute (this is stated in the user manual as well).

Overall, the fact that I can set the alarms and more from an app makes this alarm clock definitely worth it. The sound quality is also really great and doubles well as speakers in the bedroom.

The app is called iHome+Sleep (FREE), and there is also another one that you can use to wake up to internet radio stations (iHome+Radio) which costs $2.99, although I haven't tried that one out yet.

UPDATE 11/29/11:
I've had this for a few months. I'm not as impressed with the App as I was at the beginning. I've found bugs in it and it's failed me a few times (luckily I was never late). The alarms on the unit itself work very well. Maybe I just haven't figured it out perfectly, but the app alarms haven't really worked smoothly for me. Regarding other things...I love the nap feature that is both on the app and the unit. Also to note, the alarm DOES go off when the phone is on silent.

I reduced the stars I gave it from 5 to 4 because of the app, but I still recommend this iHome, especially since the former version that has fewer features is more expensive now as it's being phased out.
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on November 6, 2011
I am a speaker "connoisseur." Therefore, I know and have used many speakers before. The i-home is a great product for so many reasons.

1.) It is very small and fairly light.

2.) The system has a form of an operating system, that can be updated through your ipod or iphone.

3.) There are adapters so your generation or type of ipod/iphone will fit nicely.

4.) You can set 2 alarms, with advanced settings such as:
- the time
- choose weekends/weekdays for it to go off
- alternating buzzer or a choice of a digital am/fm radio station
- can set a volume for the radio alarm

5.) Day Light Saving setting

6.) there is an mp3/auxiliary jack on the back

7.) great sound quality for the price!

8.) Equalizer that changes:
- treble
- bass
- Turn off/on 3D sound
- 3D sounds fills the room
- gives the music for depth and quality

9.) easy to set up

10.) Digital clock and radio

11.) Change the brightness for the LED screen

The Sound:

The sounds is great for what you are paying for. The speakers can be heard from my room on the third floor in the kitchen on the first. The iHome has the great 3D sound setting and Reson-8 speaker chambers with a bass export on the back. Therefore, the speakers music fills the room and the bass has some punch. I have hooked up mine to my dual subwoofer, so the sound is phenomenal. I have actually replaced my old sound system for the iHome and my woofer! Though, these are small speakers, so don't expect to get too much bass with these. They are perfect for alarm clocks, but if you want to use it as a speaker system, use a subwoofer and attach it to the iHome via the 3.5mm aux jack on the back. A problem is that the treble can be a bit "tinny" for a few songs, but only on 3/300 songs on my mp3 player does that happen.


I would recommend this product to anyone looking for one of the best alarm clocks on the market (especially for the money)! If you would like to use it as a speaker system, i would recommend adding a subwoofer, since the small size of the speakers tend to indicate less bass. This is probably one of the best products (that have to do with music) I have ever purchased.
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on June 14, 2012
UPDATED: 12-12-12

After reading a bunch of reviews and comparing prices and all sorts of other research, I settled on this clock radio.

So far I am incredibly satisfied.

The sound is great. This thing gets LOUD and sounds pretty good for a clock radio. I'd gladly use this at parties or other events for indoor music playing at my house. The only thing that could be better is bass, but for a clock radio, it's great.
The remote makes sense and works well.
The buttons on top are placed logically and work well.
The display is a little bright, but what would you expect with a blue/white LED?
The dock plays sound from other apps. (So far Spotify and Netflix)
The radio reception is great out of the box. Didn't even attach the antenna.

Even more important:

This dock works flawlessly with my iPhone4s WITH my Otterbox Commuter series case on it! I was very happy about that.
Also, the "app-enhanced" part is awesome. This gives you the option of setting way more alarms and lets you choose specific songs from your library. It also allows you to set specific snooze times for each alarm, which is something I never knew I needed but now I love it. It even lets you choose specific volume for different alarms.

As I said before, I've only had it for a day, but everything does exactly what it is supposed to and I am even more satisfied than I expected.
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on August 20, 2012
This unit had exactly the features I was looking for, which are surprisngly hard to find. The main thing was two alarms that could be set to go off only on weekdays. So, I was happy enough with that. The quality of the sound it puts out is also really quite impressive considering its size and cost.

OK, here are my three VERY minor gripes: #1) Why can't the clock auto-sync the time when an iPhone is connected? Seems a bit odd to have to push a button (also needs manual adjustments for time zones and DST). Certainly not a big deal because it's not something that needs to be done often, but come on. Obviously, those buttons need to be there for those who don't have an iPhone to dock, but if you do have an iPhone, it really should auto-sync. #2) I would like more flexiblity on the dimmer. The dimmest setting is ok, but even a little dimmer would be nice. Hey, why not a photosensor that adjusts automatically for day and night? Also, when setting the dimmer, it only goes one direction. For example, if you're on the lowest setting, the next click is the highest setting. To get back to the lowest setting, you have to cycle all the way through again (i.e. there's not "back" button). I ended up having to count that there are 6 levels, and when I counted to 6, then stop. #3) It seems the alarm shutoff button should be a little larger than the other buttons. They're all the same size, which I guess looks nice, but from a useability standpoint, it would be nice to be able to find this button by feel. Maybe the thinking was that the button shouldn't be too easy to hit, and accidentally turn off the alarm when you don't mean to. Alternativley, have the alarm shutoff by holding down the snooze button for 5 seconds. Our old alarm clock worked that way and it was a nice feature.

Of course, if it had these features, it might cost a few more bucks, but I would have paid $100 for this as-is. Anyway, maybe if the iHome people read these posts it will give them some product improvement ideas.

One other tip I will add for those who may not be aware, you can buy a 30 pin male-female extender cable so you don't have to plug your phone/ipod directly into the unit. Amazon sells them for ~$15, but based on the reviews, I decided to get mine from CableJive (no, I don't work for them). The cost was about double, but I'm hoping the quality makes it worth it. Just do a Google search for "30-pin male to female dock extender for ipod and iphone." This not only solves the problem if your phone case won't fit in the unit, but it also makes it easier to pickup and answer the phone in the middle night if you need to. Also saves wear and tear on the docking station; cheaper to replace a cable if you need to, instead of replacing the whole unit. Kind of surprised iHome doesn't sell this as an accessory. I checked their site, but didn't see it.

Overall, I'm very happy with the unit, and would definitely recommend it.
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on February 16, 2013
I bought this for the first time at a Walmart. It was ok, average to "decent" sound for an alarm clock, the remote had a very limited angle even with new battery. Unfortunately it fell down 2 feet on the carpet and its iPod connection broke.

So I ordered the "new model" from Amazon. What I received didn't look as a "new" model at all. It was less than the previous one, looked and felt cheaper, and the screen was defective. I returned it while I had already ordered the Sony, which prooved to be twice as good at the same cost.

I think there are two categories for alarm clocks:
a) Cheap for people who just want an alarm clock with a radio/iPod connection.
b) Expensive for people who want all the above, plus very good looks because they also have an expensive bedroom set. Nobody would object to paying even $250 to have something really nice in quality and looks.

I do not know which category is this one. Cheap looks, average quality, yet it's not in the "low price" category... 3 stars for the sound quality, 2 stars for all other features.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 17, 2013
We chose this unit because we were looking for clock/radio/dock that is small enough to sit easily in our bed' headboard. This iHome unit fit that bill.

I am impressed by the sound quality and intuitive design of this iHome. I didn't have to wade through a manual to set the time, figure out how to set an alarm, set the display brightness, shift between modes, play an iPod, etc. Thanks!

We use this unit with iPod nanos, and we have not had one problem with them. We are Android phone users, so the iPhone APP is irrelevant to our needs, and I can't address that function (or dysfunction) in this review.

The sound quality is good for this small unit. I would happily award it 5 stars if it weren't for one thing...

...that one thing is that the blue-white light display is just too bright for use in our bed headboard. I know it the brightness can be adjusted, but even at its dimmest setting it's still too bright for our taste as a bedroom clock radio. In fact, when we go to bed we cover the display with a book, magazine, or tissue box so it won't wake us up in the night.

You see, we used this unit to replace an old clock/radio, and that radio had a red LED display, which was perfect for us.

So I am happy with the design, controls, modes, and ease of operation of this unit, but it loses one star because the display can't be dimmed enough.

4 solid stars.
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on January 24, 2017
I have had this product for about 6 years now, and I have to admit I do not use the remote any where as much as I thought I would.

Additionally with the new inventions such as the Echo and other items which are easier to set for alarms,...this just isn't as cool as I thought it would be.

Shortly after getting this my iphone 4 stopped allowing me to participate in phone calls, and well I replaced it with a droid...so there it sits, completely out dated and it's kinda required to make the clock PLEASANTLY functional. yes all of the functionalities are there with out the phone, or ipod - but it's a bit more cumbersome. I do like that when the power goes out for short periods that the clock and phone function together to not loose the date, time, and alarm features.

Perhaps I would like this more if my iphone 4 could update, but due to the ios that is on the phone I just haven't been able to get the app to update to something more awesome.
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on September 24, 2011
I'm not one for traditional alarm clocks, but it just wasn't working relying on my cell phone all the time anymore. So when I got a new iPhone I decided to get an alarm clock that would charge my iPhone, play music, and more importantly, wake me up! This clock is great! The iHome app that you use is very customizable and simple to figure out. I can set a million (okay, maybe not that many) different alarms for different days, and each of them can wake me up in a different way. It's easy to choose between the standard "Buzzer" sound or one of the stock sounds, the radio, an iPod playlist, or just a specific song on your iPod/iPhone. It's wonderful!

My only issue with it is the fact that I can't change the volume of an alarm while it's going off. I can hit snooze a ton, I can have my favorite songs wake me by gradually getting louder before playing at the level set, but once ON pushing the volume buttons on the alarm or my iPhone make the device get quiet while I'm pushing the buttons, but then it goes right back to where it was set. It's fine, but just takes time to get used to, so make sure you don't set your alarms to max volume if you have anyone else you're trying not to wake up!

This has been a wonderful product for me, and I'm very happy with the purchase!
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on August 20, 2016
I have owned this iHome since April 2013 and I still like it. In the beginning, I used the radio quite a bit, but not after the first few months, and not because there was anything wrong with the radio. It's just that my spouse and I do not share the same taste in music, and I learned quickly that it's not a good idea to test marital harmony by having Toots Thielemans plays loudly in my radio at the same time Light My Fire is ringing off his cell phone. Since then, the iHome is just an alarm clock and an iPod recharge station and I'm content enough with those two functions.

I also invested heavily in Bose QC headphones. Yes, they are awfully expensive, but not as much as separate living arrangements.
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on August 1, 2012
I wanted a Iphone friendly clock radio that would charge my Iphone at night and play my music and pod casts. I also wanted an AM radio so I could listen to the traffic reports and news while I get ready for work in the mornings. I was a little surprised when I couldn't find a good variety of AM/FM radios that worked with the Iphone. I think I know why now, when the Iphone is plugged into the radio everything works fine except for the AM reception. Obviously there is an interference issue, which I assume is the reason that most of these types of radio/chargers don't come w/AM. This isn't a huge problem for me since I now usually charge my phone at work and only attach the phone to the radio when I've had my fill of AM radio.
The other slight negative is that the speakers aren't quite as loud as I would have liked. The're loud and clear but I would have liked them to be a little louder.
The positive aspects include the nice modular look, sturdy feel, and the various apps that are available to interact w/ the phone and clock radio.
Bottom line: I would recommend this product to someone but I would also make sure that he/she were aware of it's limitations.
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