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on September 19, 2012
I had looked around for a solution for our vacation and being able to share the audio from our tablet for movies or music while on the airplane. The main feature that I wanted was independent volume control between myself and my wife as I have a tendency to listen to music louder than she does. I had read reviews of others not having good range when adjusting the volume, not the case with this one. The range is very good and is linear in its control and works as I had hoped. It made our flight much more enjoyable. The only think I would like to see is it be about 25% smaller, but I will always accepts performance over sacrificing performance with a smaller footprint.

Overall, if you are looking for a really good splitter that works the way it should--- this one is it. We also used it with an iPod nano and it also performed great, so no problems with lowered powered items.
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on January 9, 2018
I'm so tired of Bluetooth connectivity problems. This thing is great. Every port is an input AND an output. And I don't have to do anything in a phone app to get it to work.

I have it plugged into my Echo Dot on my bedside table. From there it splits into one line going to the stereo/speakers, and the other line goes to my headphones. So I can turn down the volume going to my loud speakers and turn up the volume going to my headset and I don't bother anyone at night.

Also, this is really cool, I can unplug my headphones and plug in a standard 3.5mm cable from my phone's headset line and listen to audio from my phone on my stereo speakers. The switch works both ways. It can send and receive audio from any port.

The one thing that's a little confusing is the direction you spin the dial to turn the volume up or down. If you have the 2 female ports at the bottom then down is down. You have to turn the dials away from the female plugs to increase the volume. So, if you're using this with a phone or mp3 player and your headset jack is on the top of the unit then the dials may seem backwards to you.

I really like that it is small and has dials instead of buttons. The area where the cable goes into the switch is solid hard plastic. It's not going to wear out anytime soon. And it doesn't need power. You don't have any extra cables to plug in. But that means the volume is not amplified. The dial is more of a "dimmer". It goes from full volume down to no volume. And when it is at zero, you hear nothing. There's no line noise, hum, static, or anything like that. It's like pressing the mute button.
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on January 6, 2016
Great headphone splitter that I picked up for a recent trip through the US in a car with my family. I wanted something so that my sister and I could both listen to the sound coming out of the laptop that was serving as our media command center for the next 18 hours.

When I received this package, the box was fairly small, resembling that of a headphone container you would see at best buy: a small, rectangular box that was no bigger than a deck of playing cards. I received the box with no scratches or dents to either the product or the packaging.

The product itself does the job, allowing for two male headphone jacks to be connected into a single female port. We used this all throughout our trip and into our next trip as well.

One of the nice features with this adapter is that it allows you to adjust the volume up and down on the actual splitter, as opposed to just the device itself. We did notice that the noise was bit quieter when it was plugged in, but we were still able to fully make out the words of the Adam Sandler movie on the screen. All in all a great adapter that I would purchase again once this one breaks.
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Finally, something that will allow my husband and I to watch movies together on the iPad while traveling! We bought this for a trip we just took to Thailand. 24 hours of travel is a long time and we watched a lot of movies and TV shows, but my husband is going deaf from listening to so much rock music as a kid (my theory anyway) and needs the volume up way higher than I do. We were constantly battling over the volume before this! It's so nice that we can now set our own volume levels at whatever we want! This worked like a charm. It seems well made, came packaged nicely and on time and is really easy to travel with. I'm a big fan. Just know that the volume control on this device will negate any volume control you might have on your individual headphones. Highly recommend this product!

And for the record, I did NOT receive this product free or at a discount. I paid full price for it and am writing this review just to help other people who pay full price for stuff too!
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on June 14, 2017
As far as I can tell. this little thing works like a charm! I read the reviews on most of the other types with the classic "Y" configuration, and the complaint was fairly universal that the volume on the opposite side changes when one or the other volume control is moved, and that the sound quality suffers as well. Not so on this little gem! I hooked two completely different style headphones up to this unit for a test, and both pears worked perfectly. There was no discernible fluctuation in volume on either side, nor any quality loss. So I am very happy that I chose this model instead of the other "Y" style!
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I got this so I could have two stereo speaker system outputs for one device, i.e., my tablet or phone or laptop, because my one set of portable speakers is better on treble sounds and my other portable speaker has great bass tones, so, using this splitter to plug both speaker sets into a single device, I can use both sets of speakers at the same time and even adjust independent volumes for each speaker set. My result is a very enjoyable and totally portable sound system, using my bass speakers as a subwoofer of sorts ahaha to compliment my higher range speakers. True stereo output goes from your device to both speaker systems you connect. Output volume loss is slight when using two speaker systems, but is negligible considering the use of two speaker systems simultaneously on the one device. Very happy with this, great build quality and great sound output. Highly recommend!
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on June 12, 2017
I just received this today. So far, it works well. I've had two other splitters fail on me after a month or less. The plastic covering makes this splitter appear as if it will last longer, so I hope it does. The only reason i dropped it a star is due to the description. It says this is 2.4 ft. Clearly it isn't. Thankfully the other cord I bought makes it work fine without the extra length, but just letting others know who don't look at the tech details prior to purchasing.
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on June 28, 2017
I needed a way to control the volume on a small external speaker I hooked up to my TV. This adapter worked great even though that application is not what they were originally intended for. Other in-line volume controls in the same price range were just too flimsy....this splitter is built solid!
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on July 4, 2016
Works with two Apple headsets for listening to music, or with two different types of headsets. I plugged in new apple speakers and bose quietcomfort 15 and both worked perfectly.

Dual volume control is really cool. Each headset is about the same volume at maximum level (difference due to the individual headset, not the device). The volume control has a wide range - it's easy to make micro adjustments.

This little splitter is going to be awesome for long plane flights with people sharing a movie or music from whatever device (inflight movie, laptop movie, ipod, music from smartphone).
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 10, 2014
Updated 6/6/2017 - just ordered a third one! they hold up and work flawlessly! the first one we purchased is going on 7 years of daily use and still great! nice to see a company follow the old rule/saying, "it it isn't broke don't fix it." the design, materials are spot on.

i have a difficult time sleeping so i use my ipod or phone to help me finally get to sleep. problem i found was no matter the device NONE would enable me to turn the volume down low enough for sleeping purposes. i tried two other brands splitters even a more expensive "monster" brand but NONE helped at all for low volumes. these however, finally a set that allows me to turn down the volume low enough so i can get to sleep but not so loud as to keep me awake. if getting control of low sound volume that your device doesn't do on its own, look no further than the iluv 2-way splitter.
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