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on August 14, 2013
This mount is very sturdy, easily customizable, has an INCREDIBLY strong suction cup, and it fits my somewhat large Nokia Lumia 925 very easily. In about two months I haven't had any problems with it falling off or losing suction.

The one problem I did have was that it caused some damage to my dashboard in my brand new Subaru Impreza. The mount did stick very well to the dash (other reviewers reported problems) and I left it in place for about a week to test the position. When I decided I didn't like the placement, I moved the mount to the windshield but unfortunately it left behind a ring of compressed dashboard rubber which isn't residue or sticky but is pretty upsetting. I was hoping that with time the rubber might spring back to look like the rest of the dash but it seems that the ring is there to stay. The dashboard in the Impreza is a sort of rubbery non-slip surface, and where the mount was attached the rubber is now less grippy and shinier than the rest. I know it could be worse and it is purely cosmetic damage, but I am sad that a $20 mount has caused this kind of damage to a brand new $20,000 car. I have uploaded a customer image.

The mount is a good product, but I will be using it only on the windshield from now on. The ring continues to haunt me.
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on July 10, 2012

-Best car mount I've had so far for the iphone 4s. Usually car mounts won't accommodate cases for the iphone and it's a pain to have to remove it to dock the phone. This is great because it accommodates my skin case, my silicone case my otterbox, basically any case I have on my phone.

-When they say one touch they mean it. I only need one hand to dock my phone when I get in the car. no more fiddling around while driving.

-Suction sticks, even in hot weather the suction has not broken or melted

-Price for something that is simple and just works, 20 bucks with S&H included is a bargain.

-the side buttons feels a little flimsy. If you are rough with your things this may not last as long. I would say that I take care of my things fairly well so I don't see this as a big problem. I gently place my phone on the mount so I've had no problems with it breaking.
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on December 4, 2014
I bought two of these. The sticky suction cup stuck like cement to the dashboard and caused significant damage.
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on July 7, 2014
I hope this review will be helpful.. I can't tell you how much I regret this purchase.
(Pls see my pictures for proof)

This put a huge indentation in my brand new car's dashboard. It fell off after about a month and then I saw the irreversible damage. Its been 3 weeks and the circle is still there. (I was hoping it would pop back) Not only has the indentation gone away.. that sticky residue also have left a discoloration on my dash.

Please don't do this to your car unless you don't care of the dash or you use it on the window. I am heartbroken to have done this to my brand new Porsche.

I wish amazon did not put the customer images in a spot where they are harder to find .. I would never have purchased this, if I had seen some of the other customer pictures with the same experience as mine, but I can see that Amazon is also trying to help the seller and themselves to make the sale.. In the future, I will definitely seek out the customer image page spot to view photos.. especially, when it concerns my car :)
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on January 14, 2014
The iOttie One Touch is a well built universal holder. We have one for each of our cars. I don't think there are many phones this thing won't hold, except for maybe the "phablets" from Samsung. The suction cup is not constructed of normal material. It is very soft, as to conform to a dashboard with crevices and small perforations. It holds like nothing I've seen before to glass. If you intend to use it on a windshield and take it down frequently, you may get frustrated with the residue it leaves behind. It comes off with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel, but it needs cleaning every time you take it down. Do not use it on a dashboard. I tried it quickly on one of our older cars and after only 30 seconds of attachment I had a difficult time removing it and could tell it left some minor damage on the surface of the dash. I can only imagine what would happen if it sat there in a hot car or for an extended period of time. If I could find another unit built the same exact way but with a normal suction cup, I would throw these all out and replace them in a heartbeat. It's a 4.5 star product if it weren't for that unnecessarily sticky cup.
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on September 5, 2013
To keep this mount from falling off the makers made the suction cup extremely sticky (like glue) and made it pull much harder than necessary. As a result if you have a car with soft-touch material on the dash this will probably damage it, perhaps permanently. It will make a circular indentation on the dash and pull off the finish when you remove it. Volkswagens seem to be the most vulnerable. My brand-new, three-day-old GTI now has an ugly circular mark on the dash right in front of me when I drive and it eats me up inside. Please, avoid this product.

I've contacted the seller to see if they will help me fix it but I haven't yet received a response, will update when I do.
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on April 5, 2017
My original rating of the iOttie Easy One Touch was going to be 3 stars until - read on...

It turns out to be an excellent mount. My initial experience was mixed. The "sticky" pad really is sticky, at least so far. The sticky pad, along with the suction mount, actually, sticks better than I thought it would (time will tell, in the end). It, also, is nicely adjustable. I mounted it on the windscreen, due to the fact I was worried about damaging the dashboard material, and it stuck like a crazy.

It does have an issue, with some phones, especially in with some cases. The locking side arms are not designed for smart phones with certain cases. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4S with an i-Blason rubber case which was too thick to be properly grasped by the arms. My phone would not sit properly within the locking arms. I was worried it might fall out, under the right conditions. Then I switched the mount (with some effort, because the sticky pad really sticks - that's not a bad thing, unless you want to move it often) to my wife's car and her iPhone, with no case. It works quite well, in this setting.

I contacted the folks at iOttie and inquired if they had a mount that would work for me. They responded that the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount might work. I received it the other day and was quite pleased with its function. It holds my phone plus the case very well. It also came with a sticky dashboard pad. which I haven't used yet, that is supposed to protect the dash from the ravages of the suction mount. I was leery of using the telescopic extension aspect, due to some reviews regarding its stability. So far I have found it to be acceptably stable, I haven't encountered any severely rough roadways, yet.

As with the iOttie Easy One Touch, it is very adjustable, including being able to slide the phone mount part, a bit, in either direction independently from the bottom feet. this makes it possible to easily attach the power cord to the phone.

So far I LIKE it (Why 4.25 stars? Nothings perfect, although their customer service has proven to be, so far). iOttie's customer service has been quick to respond, with concern and resolution.
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on February 4, 2015
I bought three of these in October of 2013. Initially, I put one in each of my three vehicles. Now, fast track to today. I went to remove my IPhone from the mount in my truck only to discover that the suction cup was melting around the base of the mount onto my dash. I had to pull it off and then use my nail and some Windex to clean the dash. It left a ring on the vinyl surface. I have not checked the other two cars yet, but you can expect me to remove them from the dash. The suction cup goes bad after a period of time. If you are going to use it, you have to mount it on the glass. Even then you should expect that it will fall off eventually, in a year or two, or perhaps sooner. The product is somewhat noisy when you use it. It is the spring mechanisms that make noise. It worked well for the period I had it. The suction cup is where the manufacturer failed. I do not know if the ring on the dash is permanent or not. I will check back letter and let you know what the final outcome was.
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on December 29, 2013
Preface: I am always blatantly honest about my reviews, and I never post photo/video's. I am going to be posting a video for this one - it made that big an impression on me.

Cons first (kind of):
From the advertising and reviews, I thought I would be able to stick this to something that I wasn't. The vertical piece of plastic in Chevy Trucks (2001 Silverad LT Z71) where your "air bag turn off" switch is....but I think that has more to do with the creases/spaces and type of plastic used (the finish on the plastic is like sandpaper - guessing the cup can't get suction / seal on it). This isn't iOttie's fault, it's Chevy's. That's the only con.

Holy crap - make sure you position this properly before peeling the back off the suction cup and pressing to the window. I mean it. Figure it out, hold it up, use a friend if you need to and make sure the angle of the arm and the rotary-cup is perfect before sticking it. If you don't; you are going to have a helluva time getting that suction cup back off. It has a slightly sticky substance on it from the factory and an arm that sucks the sunction cup up. Before even moving that arm, you are going to find you need a) strong fingers, b) a screwdriver or putty knife, and c) a warm interior/windshield to get it back off. This isn't a bad thing - this is always the complaint I've had about mounts, even mounts that cost twice what this one costs. After I peeled the damn thing off and re-stuck it, it once again would NOT budge even a little bit. It's literally the best suction unit I've ever witnessed.

The thing that holds your phone is genius. When you push the clicky tabs to release your phone, and little "nub" pops up in the center of the backing. When you want to mount again; you line up your phone and push it....CLICK. Phone isn't moving.

Referring again to being blatantly honest I will tell you I've never said this about any product of any kind before but I'll say it about this: If I could give it 8 stars out of 5, I would. Maybe 9. It's that good of a product. If you are looking for a mount, stop comparing prices and features. This is literally the only mount you'll ever need again (unless you buy a new car - as you may not be able to get this mount back off. Again; that's not a bad thing).
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on October 12, 2013
I have tried this mount with 2 different items, my iPhone 5 and my GPS, both items that, according to the product description, it should have been able to handle with ease. And on no less than *3* different cars. Yet after a few days in all cases the weight of the items caused the mount to become unstuck and topple forward, a couple of times in heavy traffic. Which to say the least was disconcerting, not to mention dangerous. So I'm giving up on this one. Which is really too bad, since I love my other, smaller Ottie which works perfectly.
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