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on January 31, 2014
I've tried several different products and they either broke, vibrated too much, or kept falling off endangering my charge cord. This one does none of those things. I attached it to the windshield months ago and haven't have to fool with it since I don't even attempt dash board attachment with anything. Unless you have a '57 Chevy with a metal dash, it just isn't worth the effort with any suction device. It is stable and doesn't vibrate so much as to make the GPS function on my iPhone difficult to read. It is very adjustable - damn near science fiction. Insertion or extraction of the phone is simple due to its rather ingenious design.

And just in case you wondering, which you may be - it works perfectly fine with a phone in a case. I use an Otter case (which is pretty thick) on my iPhone 4s and it is perfectly fine - I expect it would work with a series 5 as well - there is plenty of width available and the tabs squeeze down to whatever you put in there and hold tightly. Narrowness could be more of a problem but not likely on any smart phone.

The engineering on this device was very well thought out - it actually works.
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on October 11, 2015
Playing with it I can see how it would work and I liked the concept. However in practice I'm not a fan. I can get it to stick on the dash but after letting it sit for only 30 minutes I was wary about the stickiness damaging the dash; so I removed it and lo and behold it left a nice mark. I originally had planned to put this on the center console, but unfortunately it's not quite sticky enough to hold itself to the vertical dashboard. Since I can't have it on the windshield due to state regulations that leaves no other possible places for it, so I'm probably going to give it to someone else to use. Kind of disappointed it didn't work, but that's not really the fault of the product, I can tell that it's well designed but there was just no way for it to work in my car (Acura RSX).
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on June 5, 2013
This cradle is great! It feels sturdy, the suction cup means serious business and very sticky (Not the gross, leave residue behind kind of sticky. The good kind, if such a thing exists).

It is very intelligently designed. It can be turned and tilted in a bunch of different ways and then locked in place that way. It does not drift or droop at all which locked in an unconventional position.

I really enjoy the way this thing snaps into place when you place your phone into it (I am using an iPhone 5)- it grips onto the device well enough that it does not slip. Clicking the buttons in on the sides to extend the arms so you can pop your phone into it is a breeze and sometimes I catch myself just doing that and putting my phone into the cradle just to feel and heard the satisfying "click" of the arms closing down on it.

Also, the bottom of the phone is exposed so you can charge your phone while it is docked (For iPhones - all-/iPod touch at least)

I purchased this because I bought a new car. Unfortunately (No fault of the cradle), the cars dashboard is kind of narrow so I can't really place cradle anywhere on the inside unless I place it on the windshield or on top of the dashboard, which would look weird since the dashboard is raised kind of high (2013 Chevy Malibu). If the suction cup base was smaller I could probably make it work- but no worries.

I am actually using this thing at my computer desk now. I snap my phone in, plug the charging cable and i'm in business. But I may move it back into my car for long trips.
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on April 23, 2013
I was a little worried that this wouldn't work well in my Odyssey. But I am really happy with this product. A few people posted pix of their dashboards with round dents from the suction cup. My dash is hard plastic, so it is not a concern for me.

The first time I put it on the dash I didn't pay attention to the fact that I put it on the groove line, so it ended up falling off. I cleaned the suction cup off and a spot on the dash further back and placed it again. The thing has been on for several months now and has not moved. Not even when my mom put her iphone in it and yanked the cradle around. Yikes!

So, spec-wise, I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII with an Amour Hybrid cover and it fits just fine in the cradle. And I have an '04 Honda Odyssey and the holder is mounted on the dash. It hasn't moved and my phone stays put. I'm very happy with this product. I will try to post a pic of it in the car.
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on December 29, 2015
I use this for my S5, and it fits perfectly even with a slim case. This mount is sturdy and easily adjustable. The suction mechanism stays tightly on the dash, yet can be removed without damage (don't just yank it up though, disengage the suction then wiggle it loose). The arm mechanism allows lots of tweaking to the exact positioning. It can extend fairly far. The one complaint is that the back screw that adjusts height occasionally needs to be tightened, especially if you insert and remove your phone frequently, but this is not a big deal. I never got the appeal of car mounts until I got this, and now I feel like I can't live without it. Don't mess around with your phone while driving, buy this and be safe!
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on November 30, 2013
Works really nice, has been sticking to my dashboard for months and I didn't even use the super suction thing it has, I just stuck it to my dashboard and it hasn't budged. You can rotate your phone however you want, very flexible positions, you just loosen the knobs, move it how you want, then tighten them. The two prongs on the bottom don't cover anything important on my iPhone 5, can easily charge in the car.

The way it holds your phone is two spring loaded arms on the side. There is a button in the middle that your phone covers, and to lock your phone in you simply put your phone into position and push (which pushes against the button), then the arms snap in and lock your phone in. The arms are padded so you don't have to worry about your phone getting damaged. When the arms clamp down, two button-esque things pop out right below the arms (you can see them in the picture). Simply squeezing these in towards your phone resets the springs in the arms and releases your phone. The whole process of securing and releasing your phone can be done with 1 hand, which I love.

My only complaint is the two prongs that hold the bottom of the phone don't lock very well, so if you have your phone sideways they are kinda awkward to use. But it's a minor complaint.
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on June 26, 2014
I got one for my SUV... Then my boyfriend started using it when his SUV broke down... I have caught him trying to pry it off my windshield several times now... I digress... The way you can tilt and position your phone is beyond awesome!!! But the awesome sauce on the side is that the suction cup is eternal... It won't budge. My STRONG 6'5" and 334 lb boyfriend can't pull it off!!! I can't get mine off which is FABULOUS since ANY cellphone will fit... You're committed!!! So, I am going to have to buy 3 more of these because my boyfriend and I are professional drivers (one for his personal SUV and two for our work vehicles)... I love the convenience and safety features the best but you will like it for your own reasons... Purchase this without fear, you picked the right car mount!!!
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on December 6, 2014
I really like this mount. I was able to mount it to my car with a ProClips USA Dash Mount and Ball Mount Adapter. It looks bigger than it is when using a Note 4. I currently use a Wireless S-View Cover on my Note 4 and this holds it fine. The one hand mounting and unmounting works great. Tested using other small phones like an iPhone 4, iPhone 5S and it holds those as well without issue. Although I am not using the suction cup on my setup, it does look like it holds super steady. Being able to move the bottom arm is a good idea. The Note 4 camera is not obstructed by the mount. I do wish that iOttie offered a Qi Wireless version of this product. While they do have a Flex variant, it does not have the same one handed option for removal.
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on October 4, 2012
I have tried several smartphone car-mount holders. This is the best of them all.

The rubber base has a very sticky coating on it, which allows this mount to be vacuum-mounted even on the rough surface of the dashboard vinyl padding. This is a much more convenient and easy-to-reach location than mounting it on the windshield. You can still mount it on the windshield if you prefer, but I really like it mounted on the top surface of the dashboard.

The capture-and-release mechanism for the smartphone itself is also the best. Just press the phone against the back of the mount, and the spring-loaded "arms" snap into place to hold the phone. Just squeeze the side buttons behind the phone when you're leaving the car, and the arms retreat to release the phone. Nice!
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on April 26, 2012
While travelling in Australia I noticed that all the car services had some sort of windshield holder for their iPhone. So coming home I did a bit of research and came up with the one from iOttie. The holder is packaged well with both windshield and dash mounts. So you have your choice of how to mount. I use the windshield mount and it works well. Solid suction, easy to use, holds my iPhone 4S very well. I have it mounted on the left side of my dash, so it is easy to access my phone. I have built in Blue Tooth so I am totally hands free.

I was even able to hold two phones in this holder. As I have a business and personal iPhone. Both are secure while driving down the road. Now this is not the way to hold your phone because you do not have access to both phones, but one phone you do have easy access to view text and e-mails. (please do not text while driving)

I'd recommend this holder if you are looking for some way to mount your iPhone to your dash or windshield. There are no extra cables hanging down, which is also a plus. However, you would have access to plug in your car charger. So no problem there either.
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