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on September 7, 2012
Ok, so let's get one thing out of the way right now..for the price, you really will be hard-pressed to find the same amount of technology in such a small form-factor!

The next closest option at this size is using your smartphone, which perhaps many of you may not know offers several apps in either iOS or Android that will allow it to work with your PC/Mac-YMMV

So back to the KP-810-18V from iPazzPort! (note I will use the word 'remote' to refer to it throughout):

It really has several amazing features that places it well above the current crop of mini-wireless keyboards:

1) UPDATE AS OF 9/9/2012: Confirmed to work plug & play with PS3- Brilliant performance of touchpad & keyboard-see details at end of review!
2) Stereo sound via 2.5mm headset as well as mono sound through built in speaker
3) Microphone input via direct built in mic of remote or via 2.5mm headset with mic attachment
4) Backlit keyboard for use in the dark
5) Pretty comprehensive iR controller: Allows memory of several options for two iR controlled devices and runs without the main power on

6) Plenty of convenient and powerful options built in the remote to utilize an easy browsing experience like:
a) 4 way navigational mouse key
b) Dedicated left & right mouse keys
c) Multi-gesture touchpad (two finger tap is middle mouse button and scrolling gesture is built in as well)
d) A rocker switch on the side that is really great for use on long web pages/docs for fast vertical scrolling
e) Several dedicated application control buttons (see next point).

7) Dedicated Function Fn key + F1-F7 keys:

Fn+F1 on/off backlight for keyboard
Fn+F2: volume down
Fn+F3: Volume up
Fn+F4: Volume mute

An important note right here to add for other users right here regarding the F2-F4 volume functions. I was stuck on trying to figure out why these functions won't work for the PC when I had the remote in my hand until I realized that F2-F4 functions are tied to the sound drivers of the remote itself and do not control any general application sounds.
Of course, you can use the touchpad for that easily enough but I finally realized the easiest way to get volume control for PC apps is through keyboard shortcuts, hello!
So just to list the alternatives for Windows Media Player, you can press the F8 key directly on the remote to lower volume, pressing F9 directly increases volume and finally, pressing F7 mutes Windows Media Player sound.
So that is an easy enough work around and I realize most people would use other media players too so for that I recommend using Google as VLC and many other media players also come with keyboard combos you can utilize.

Continuing with the Function dedicated keys, the following work thankfully directly with most media players (tested on WM player & VLC):

Fn+F5 - Previous track
Fn+F6 - Play/Pause track
Fn+F7 - Advance track

8) Removable & easily available Lithium battery used in Nokia phones BL-4C


Additional notes from usage that I feel are important to know is that while in the photo shown here and the remote you get will show a chamber within the removable battery space where you can place a USB dongle, the USB dongle that actually comes with the device WILL NOT FIT in there.
I found out after contacting the manufacturer that they needed to increase the size to a full size USB dongle to better relay higher bandwidth for streaming audio functions and that seems to make sense. The dongle is more or less a full flash drive length but thankfully is very slim. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'd do if I lost mine so I would recommend you be careful with that as without the USB dongle all you have is a fancy looking iR remote.

Also, one of the other issues users may run into is the fact that the touchpad is so small you will end up wanting to change the mouse speed settings but as Windows 7 doesn't offer profiles, what to do?
Thankfully,there are plenty of optional software controllers that can modify your various mice settings to stick with a particular device and this is useful so you have different speeds of mouse movement etc with a full mouse and different settings with the tiny touchpad on the wireless remote.
Here I can recommend Mouse Speed Switcher which is nagware but works really well and I am planning on buying it after the trial period as it's only $15 or so. I first tried "Automatic Mouse Switcher" as it was freeware but it didn't work at all so I can recommend the former as I am using it happily now. It is really simple after set up you can simply click on the taskbar icon to switch up to 5 different profiles so the mouse you are using works accordingly. It actually provides an auto detect option too but I haven't found that to be reliable so I simply click mouse 1 for my Logitech MX revolution and 2 for my iPazzport remote.
You can also download other great controller freeware programs like Scrybe (user-assigned multi-touch gestures) and X-mouse button control which is a very strong and versatile program that allows your mouse buttons to control just about anything on the computer and is functional through various means besides mouse buttons (mouse cursor location, window location, application specific etc). Unfortunately it offers no profile settings so for me speeds of mouse being the main issue, I am happy using Mouse Speed Switcher for now and will see whether I want to buy after my 30 day trial or not.

Another important note about the supplied headset & headphone port on the remote:
Sadly the headset port is sadly 2.5mm which was dropped as a standard quite a while ago in favor of the common 3.5mm so I wish the manufacturers could have considered this. Perhaps they are trying to saving space but anyway I am now trying to find a good 2.5mm male to 3.5 female adapter that allows for stereo left & right audio channels & mic input so if anyone knows of a good adapter please leave it in the comments.
Decent 2.5mm handsfree headsets can be had for cheap so I may just get a dedicated headset for it but would prefer to use my quality Sennheiser headset (3.5mm) with the remote.
As far as the supplied headset goes, you will get stereo sound out of it but I haven't found the mic to work at all.
Also, it is just plain cheap as they come and you really cannot expect it to give good quality or last very long.
Upon first use of the supplied headset, you may feel the pin is not going in all the way as it meets with strong resistance 2/3 of the way in. You have to firmly push it in otherwise you will not be able to utilize stereo sound. It does insert fully into the port though.

Finally, I would like to comment on the sellers I bought this remote from "TOMTOP Group Limited," who were amazing with their customer support and very patient the first few days of ownership with all my questions about the remote. They tried to find out as much as possible for me and were always able to reply within an hour and at most half a day. They offer a 1 yr warranty for this remote so it is definitely worth buying and is incredibly useful for its size.

I highly recommend trying it out!

UPDATE: 09/09/2012 : PS3 Compatibility Confirmed!!
I am happy to say that I plugged in the wireless keyboard USB dongle into my PS3 original (fat style) this weekend to test out the compatibility and the touchpad and keyboard work brilliantly.
What was really awesome was being able to use gestures for every move you need to make on PS3 menus. I really didn't try for gaming as that is of course best left to original PS3 controller but was really impressed and prefer this remote over Sony PS3 controller for Menu navigation, photo/movie viewing etc. The gestures work really well on this tiny touchpad and are super smooth to use during movies, typing in search windows & with the way the Sony PS3 menu structure is set up.
Of course I did try audio knowing it wouldn't work as the audio is linked to audio drivers so I can confirm you cannot use audio features on the PS3 with this remote but the keyboard & touchpad work brilliantly and are PLUG & PLAY straight up!

Also, I ordered some 2.5mm converter adapters this weekend via Amazon and one 2.5mm headset and will post my updated review to indicate what might be a good option for those of you also wanting to use a quality headset with the remote.

After repeated purchases of many different adapters all of high quality and double/triple ringed for stereo sound as well as microphone, I found to my dismay that not a single one worked in stereo sound for the remote.
While I was doing this, I made some really serious attempts to get in touch with iPazzPort regional US offices with no reply but fortunately was helped very thoroughly by the good people at the MAIN HQ of iPazzPort production facilities in China.
They kindly explained to me that there was no audio adapter they knew of and unfortunately this remote is pretty much relegated to the cheap-O headphones it comes with due to the very unique port and headphone jack they have custom designed in order to save space.

I did mention to them how incredibly dated and basically stupid the idea was to use 2.5mm as even without their own issues of a longer jack etc, the 2.5mm standard seem to vary considerably.
I explained that the 3.5mm standard now used everywhere is much more standardized to work with everything and they did say they will definitely consider this for a future production of similar style remotes on iPazzPort line.

So if you are looking for the audio function of this remote via headphones for Skype chatting or quietly watching movies in bed etc please remember you are going to be limited the supplied cheap-O headphones (think 25c bubblegum toy worthy) BUT I can confirm a proper left & right channel on them.
!Also!, keep in mind if you lose the headphones or DONGLE, you are basically SOL and would need to contact the company for spares, if they even have any.

Barring that issue, the audio does stream to the remote speaker just fine and the remote itself also has a mic so you can use it almost like a telephone if you wanted.

Still a great remote overall for PC use and HIGHLY recommended!
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on March 15, 2013
Amazing Gadget, Ideal for a home theater PC type setup the Mouse buttons take a bit ti get used to, the touch pad is spot on. (may have to change the mouse speed to preferred speed), Great Range I am about 15 feet away from dongle and still works. I have not used the Mic and speaker function.

As it is this product its great and at an outstanding price I have seen less functional somewhat similar products for far more, but...
a few suggestions for a future revision.

1. a secondary set of mouse buttons on the left side of the remote.
This would make this an nearly perfect gadget, as moving and dragging files can get a little tricky in its current button lay out,
but would be worst if the mouse buttons were on the left side instead, dragging files and icons would be perfect but regular clicking would be not optimal. only way i can see to fix this is a second set of mouse buttons on the left side to.

2. have the gyroscope/air mouse type sensor built in to it to like their older simpler models but with an on of switch because the touch pad portion is very usable but it could greatly benefit from having both ways to move the cursor (maybe take out the mic and speaker which i am probably never going to use) This would make it 99.9% perfect.

3. Ad a few more costume buttons on the AV side of the remote to program more functions from other IR remotes. May be 6-8 more, and it would completely replace all my remotes. making it 100% perfect.
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on May 27, 2013
This little guy is my third mini keyboard in a couple weeks and the one i am going to stick with. Seems they swapped the non-standard headphone jack for a standard one, YAY!! Don't expect great quality sound from the speaker or the headphone jack at distance however. Given it has these features which are absent on other keyboards it's hard to quibble except that the price reflects these features.

I had some minor issues with the remote at first and then realized this was due to problems learning in ambient light. Hide under the covers with this bad boy while programming it and it will work like a charm. Not having to use a separate remote for my tv is one of my favorite features.

Pros: (redundancy may be intentional...)
Range is pretty good. Keys are comfortable. Over-all shape and size more comfortable than competing products, the smooth bezel on this especially makes it comfortable to hold. IR Remote. FN keys are very useful. Backlight. Speaker and mic. IR Remote. It never misses keystrokes like the QQ does. IR Remote!

Limited range for audio features. IR remote sensitive to ambient light when learning.

While I absolutely love this product, I cannot give it 5 stars due to the fact that not all features are rock solid and when you are approaching double the price of competitors.
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on January 20, 2014
I got this to replace my Lenovo Mulitimedia Remote N5902. The N5902 is solid, but I wanted to control my PC and TV from the same remote. I feel like this remote is a definite step forward from the N5902.


The touch pad is more accurate than the N5902 optical sensor and the controller feels very natural in your hand. The keys are a bit larger than the N5902 and you get more keys, but the iPazzPort keyboard is a little more awkward to type on, especially on the right side where the extra length for the touchpad gets in the way. The red backlight on the iPazzPort is decently bright and stays on vs the N5902 which goes out after a few seconds until you type another key which I find annoying since you have to hit a key before you see what key it is.

If that was the end of the feature list, it would be about a tie, but the iPazzPort gives you IR remote functionality. I found programming the remote a bit finicky, and the instructions were not quite correct and in broken english. I had to exit programming mode for each key I programmed instead of being able to program them all in one go. However, it didn't take me that long to program all the necessary functions. Now I can control volume, power, and source input on the TV with the same remote.

I find the microphone very useful as well. I use if for google voice searches in chrome. It cuts down the amount of typing I have to do and is a pretty neat feature. The microphone was the main reason I went with this remote and it was well worth it. The mic quality isn't great, but good enough for my purposes.

I can't speak too much on the battery life yet, but I like that the rechargeable batter is easily replaceable and is a standard cellphone battery.


I wish the arrow keys rotated with the touch pad. They are in a perfect position to be used when held as a remote, but everything is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees so up is on the left.

The IR functions are a bit limiting. I wish it had dedicated IR arrow keys as well as dedicated volume and channel buttons. I should also mention that the IR buttons don't work with the PC unless you have special IR hardware.

The headphones pictured do not actually come with the remote and the 2.5mm jack might be hard to find equipment for.

The usb receiver does not fit in the remote even though there is a space for it. I imagine they reused the same body as a different model that had a smaller receiver that did fit.


There are many options out there, but I'm pretty impressed on what this remote has to offer. I was tempted to go for one of the remotes with built in air mouse, but I'm pretty satisfied with the touch pad. This was the only remote I found that fit all the following criteria.

1) Full keyboard layout (F# keys, etc).
2) Integrated IR TV remote.
3) Backlighting
4) Microphone

I was tempted by the iPazzPort Universal remote which has more IR functions, but lacks mic and speaker and looks pretty gaudy to me. There is also the Rii mini i13 which has more IR functions, looks nicer, and has a mic and speaker, but it lacks backlighting, has a limited keyboard layout, and uses air fly instead of touchpad. I can't comment on it's quality, but you might want to check out the Rii if you're looking for more Universal IR remote functions. For me though, I only need TV control so the iPazzPort Voice is just about perfect, minus a few minor gripes.
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on February 15, 2013
This thing was advertised as having headphones and the audio doesn't work. There was another wireless keyboard/mouse combination I liked and it was cheaper but this one was advertised as having audio. I have plenty of headphones and there is no audio signal, the drivers are configured properly and indicate audio is going out, but I receive no audio.

Update: I purchased a new Android set top box, and now everything on the iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard works perfectly. I apologize if my review cost this excellent product any business.
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on January 30, 2016
Bought this mini keyboard to work with my Intel Compute Stick. Chose this model because of the built-in audio features like mic for voice chatting. Unfortunately the battery doesn't charge. Tried several different ways to charge the battery overnight, with the power switch on and off. Nothing works. Never got a chance to try out the audio features to see how well they worked. Returning to Amazon today for full refund. Another example of poor quality control at the manufacturer. Won't be buying any products from iPazzzPort again.
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on April 20, 2013
I did not receive an iPazzPort. Mine did not have Unisen or iPazzPort marked anywhere on the product or packaging. Furthermore, I don't see anywhere on their official site a mention of KP-810-18VR, just 18V without an R, don't know if that means something like a way of not completely getting sued as the manufacturer.

This did not work when I plugged into my PS3 as one user commented, and I'm assuming that is because it is not the authentic product, but that can't be verified yet. I will update when my replacement comes.

There is a weird buzzing sound that comes from it when you listen closely. That surely shouldn't happen.

What a frustrating and disappointing experience.
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on May 19, 2013
I ended up returning this item but I still give it 3 stars. I used it for a week or two and I really like the concept of a tiny keyboard for controlling my HTPC from the couch. Unfortunately this particular item didn't work well for me. I was trying to control my Mac computer from about 10' away. The quality of the trackpad and microphone didn't seem to be that great but the item is fairly inexpensive. I had intermittent and jittery tracking so that was the main reason for the return. I do have a lot of RF devices so maybe it was getting some interference. Regardless, it is really small and convenient for controlling a HTPC but I would consider trying a different brand or product line from this company.
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on July 23, 2013
I'm using with an HTPC and every time I turn it on it defaults the audio to this device and I have to switch it. The problem is even if I disable it the next time I turn on or awake the PC it finds the device again and defaults to it. And if I wait to plug it in after I turn on the PC...well same thing of course. I should have bought the one without the headphone jack so maybe the PC wouldn't recognize it as an audio output device.

The touch pad is very glitchy. It has the ability to switch orientation so you can hold the unit more like a traditional remote, but that doesn't work very well. Also, every time I scroll to the edge of the touchpad area and then move my finger back to scroll further the pointer snaps back to the point where my finger contacts the touch pad. So it is like a 3 steps forward 2 steps back kind of thing. Takes five attempts to move 4 inches on my screen. Extremely frustrating and essentially unusable for me and my purpose.

On the other hand...having full keyboard functionality within XBMC is great, you just have to be mindful of the fact that the cursor buttons don't change orientation with the touchpad. The IR function on the reverse side works great as well and with a little clever setup you can control the most basic functions on multiple devices rather than just the two for which it was designed.

If you plan to use with an HTPC and will only occasionally need to enter text, you're better off figuring out a way to use a remote. (might I suggest flirc). If you want the ability to browse and skype on the bigscreen then you're better off with a full size type wireless keyboard. This thing is just too annoying to be useful.
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on May 22, 2016
The keyboard and mouse work great! As a school teacher it allows me to move around the class room and still control my computer.
The microphone and speaker do not work to well but I have no real need for this thought I would use it if it worked well enough to do voice to text but it doesn't.

Over all I would recommend going with one with out the microphone and speaker but I am still very happy with this product

P.S. it is hard to find directions to program the remote control. The trick is you have to point the 2 remotes at each other so this product can pick up the signal.
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